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Music Industry Standard Language: To fully understand the music industry we must learn a whole new language.

Terms used daily sometimes hold a different meaning in the industry.

This comprehensive dictionary will assist you in easily understanding the industries standard language.

The Definitive Music Dictionary provides beginners and seasoned professionals a definitive glossary of music technology and audio terms. It focuses on the defining of 1400 terms common in the music industry. For the layman, explanations of what each term represents is provided and is a great addition for any serious music library or reference collection.

Anthony has sat quietly in the music industry for 34 years.

With his studies in music science and practical theory, he has designed built and operated many home studios. He has composed and collaborated with artists of all genres since 1978. He takes the knowledge that he has gained over these years from the experts he respects, and offers to you a condensed version of the basic fundamentals, and principals that he feels are needed to succeed in this ever changing business world of music.

He has written thirty audio recording, production and marketing e books that will take you from starting up your home recording studio to final mastering and marketing your music. He hopes that the easy to follow yet comprehensive books will assist you in making educated decisions on properly designing, constructing, operating, marketing and living your dream within this amazing world of musical entertainment.

Volume1.102 -Volume 3.310 are fully illustrated and have direct links to websites. These hyperlinks coincide with sections that you are reading. You can to bounce between the site and section that you are reviewing without having to leave the page you are reading. Anthony recommends that as you read, you look into these informative sites.


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Founder and CEO of Black Oak Ridge Music & Video Productions Florida. Anthony’s background include 34 years as a recording engineer, music and science teacher, graphic designer, web designer and music producer on both sides of the border. Owner of BAJA Gift Emporiums, Flipside Theatres, Camelot AD Publications, he has directed notable charity concert events throughout the USA and Canada for over three decades. The original website designer and STEM Education Director of one of the world’s top water research and education sites Savethewater.org. his 1,600 published articles brought them into the top 1.5% world ranking STEM water education websites.He now brings his full expertise to Amusicguide.com which goes into full swing November 30th 2014. This website will host daily recording work shops and detailed instructions on how to think outside of the box when it comes to taking your home studio one step ahead of your competitors.

Anthony's environmental commitment of building and enhancing the Love the WaterTM website and STEM Tree of KnowledgeTM and OWLS TM Outdoor Water Laboratory SchoolTM program is a passion that he has had for over a year. He dedicates all his efforts when he is not recording into the expansion of environmental education programs. He researches and continues the daily publishing of the global water news that Love the WaterTM deem vital in increasing public awareness of water issues and concerns. Countless individuals follow his water and environmental research and news daily with 162 educational sites and 27 website newspapers syndicating his articles and research as of to-date. His musical work on Dance of the Macabre is soon to be released. By the way we saw Anthony smile once...but none of us had a camera

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