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BEATSON'S (Rev. B. W., of Pembroke Coll., Camb.) Progressive

Exercises in the Composition of Greek Iambic Verse. With a Treatise on the Dramatic Tragic Metrical System, the lambic Metre, and an Outline of Attic

Prosody. 6th Edition. 12mo, 3s., cloth. BLAND'S (Rev. R.) ELEMENTS OF LATIN HEXAMETERS

AND PEŇTAMETERS. 20th Edition, corrected and improved by the Rev.

G. C. ROWDEN, D.C.L. 12mo, 3s., cloth lettered. KEY to the above. New Edition, 12mo, 5s., cloth lettered. BOSWORTH'S (Rev. Dr.) INTRODUCTION TO LATIN CON

STRUING ; or, Easy Lessons for Latin Reading while learning the Grammar: with the Quantity of the Vowels on which the Pronunciation depends. 6th Edition, 12mo, 2s. 6d., cloth lettered.

This little work is intended to teach, practically, the use of the Latin Grammar and Dictionary; and while every care has been taken to remove obstacles, this Introduction is intended to call forth the latent energies of the mind by

leaving sufficient cause for the pupil's own exertion. BOSWORTH'S (Rev. Dr.) LATIN CONSTRUING; or, Rules

for Translating Latin into English. Illustrated by Progressive Examples from the best Roman Classics; with the Quantity of the Doubtful Penults, and the Mode of Reading Latin in our Universities and Public Schools. To which is added, a Full Account of the Roman Calendar, and the Divisions of the Day. 5th Edition, stereotyped, 12mo, 2s. 6d., cloth lettered.

It is the object of this book to point out to those who have a competent knowledge of Grammar, a general method of construing Latin without the debilitating aid of English translations. After attending to the rules, illustrated as they are by copious examples from the easiest and best Roman classics, the pupil will have no difficulty in taking up any Latin author, and

construing it with judgment and precision. BOSWORTH'S RUDIMENTS OF GREEK GRAMMAR, AS

USED IN THE COLLEGE OF ETON; with the quantity of the Latin and Greek Penultimate Vowels, on which the Pronunciation depends, and Explanatory

Notes in English. 4th Edition. 12mo, 4s., cloth lettered. CÆSAR’S COMMENTARIES, translated into English, by WIL

LIAM DUNCAN, Professor of Philosophy in the University of Aberdeen. 12mo,

78., cloth lettered. CAREY'S LATIN VERSIFICATION, simplified and rendered

Easy to the Young Student in a graduated Series of Exercises calculated to meet his increasing ability in the successive stages of his progress. 4th Edition. 12mo, 28., cloth lettered.

This book is recommended by the Rev. T. K. Arnold, as an Introduction to

his Latin verse composition. A KEY to the same. 12mo, 2s. 6d., cloth lettered. CROMBIE'S (Rev. Dr.) GYMNASIUM, sive SYMBOLA CRITICA,

intended to assist the Classical Student in attaining a correct Latin Prose Style.

6th Edition, enlarged. 2 vols. 8vo, 11. 1s., cloth. CROMBIE'S (Rev. Dr.) GYMNASIUM, sive SYMBOLA CRITICA.

Abridged by the Author. 5th Edition. 12mo, 6s., cloth. CLAVIS GYMNASII, editioni sextæ accommodata, sive Exercita

tiones in symbolam criticam, partim, sicut in veteribus extant, datæ, et partim, à Rev. Alex. CROMBIE, Latine redditæ. Editio sexta emendatior, et notis

auctior. 8vo, 6s., cloth. COWIE'S (Alex. A. M.) QUESTIONS ON CROMBIE'S GYM

NASIUM, adapted to the Abridged Edition; a Manual intended to save the trouble of the Teacher in selecting the necessary Questions, and also to direct the Scholar to those critical Observations which will form the Subjects of his Examination. 12mo, 2s. 6d., cloth.



betical Order; with copious Illustrations and Examples drawn from the best

writers. With an Index to the Words. 9th Edition. 8vo, 15s., cloth lettered. EDWARDS' EXEMPLA GRÆCA MINORA; or, FIRST SERIES

OF EXAMPLES TO BE TURNED FROM ENGLISH INTO GREEK: forming easy and progressive Exercises, illustrative of the Rules of Syntax of the Eton Greek Grammar, Rule by Rule: to which is added, in English and Greek, a Lexicon

of all the words. 2nd Edition. 12mo, 2s. 6d., cloth lettered. EDWARDS' GREEK DELECTUS; or, FIRST LESSONS IN GREEK

CONSTRUING: adapted to the Rules of Syntax of the Eton Greek Grammar; with Notes on some peculiar Passages, and a Lexicon Verborum. 5th Edition.

12mo, 3s. 6d., cloth lettered. KEY to ditto. 12mo, 4s. 6d., cloth lettered.

and a

Greek Plays by Edwards.
GREEK PLAYS, with literal Translation into English Prose, by
T.W.C. EDWARDS, M.A. 8vo, 58. each, sewed..

1. The Medea of Euripides. Porson's Text.
2. The Phænissæ of Euripides. Porson's Text.
3. The Hecuba of Euripides. Porson's Text.
4. The Orestes of Euripides. Porson's Text.
5. The Alcestis of Euripides. Monk's Text.
6. The Antigone of Sophocles. Brunck's Text.
7. The Philoctetes of Sophocles. Brunck's Text.
8. The King Edipus of Sophocles. Brunck's Text.

** The above contain, on the same page, the Greek text, diligently compared with that of Erfurdt and other Editors; a literal Translation into English Prose; the Metres, or Scanning; the Order; English Accentuation;

variety of useful Notes. PORSON'S FOUR PLAYS OF EURIPIDES, with an Index

Verborum to the Medea, may be had in One Volume, price 11., cloth lettered.—

The Index Verborum, separately, 1s., sewed. PHÆDRUS' FABLES construed, for the Use of Grammar

Schools. 12mo, 3s., cloth. PHÆDRI AUGUSTI LIBERTI FABULÆ ÆSOPIÆ, ad Editionem Schwabii, pene descriptæ. 18mo, 1s. 6d., cloth.

N.B.— This is the only Edition of Phædrus which corresponds exactly

" with the Phædrus construed for the Use of Grammar Schools.". SCHREVELIUS' GREEK LEXICON (VALPY's), translated into

English, with many new Words, and a copious English and Greek Lexicon, edited by DR. MAJOR, Head Master of King's College, London. 7th Edition, materially improved, by the addition of many Words, and by a large increase of Meanings; rendering the work applicable to a greater number of Authors, and leaving no desideratum for all the purposes of a School Lexicon. 8vo, 158.,


LATION INTO ENGLISH PROSE, the Scanning of each Verse, the Synthetical Order, a more free Translation, and a copious body of Notes, explanatory, critical, and historical ; to which are subjoined a VOCABULARY of all the words that occur in the Eclogues, and an Index. By T. W.C. EDWARDS, M.A.

Imperial 8vo, 8s., cloth. XENOPHON'S ANABASIS, in English, by SPELMAN.—Cyrus'

Expedition into Persia, and the Retreat of the Ten Thousand Greeks, translated

from the Greek of XENOPHON, by E. SPELMAN. 12mo, 4s. 6d., cloth. YEATES' CONCISE HEBREW GRAMMAR. In which the

Accidence is more fully illustrated by Tables of Paradigms of the Verbs and Nouns, than in other Elementary Introductions to the Philology of the Old Testament. New Edition, revised and Improved, by the Rev. F. BIALLOBLOTSKY, PH.D. Royal 8vo, 5s., cloth lettered.

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