A Defence of Poetry, Music, and Stage-plays, Volume 15,Edição 3

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Thomas Lodge was a university man who made his living as an author in Elizabethan England. He never finished his law degree, but instead became a prolific writer in fiction, non fiction, drama and ... Ler resenha completa

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Página lxi - I FIRST adventure, with fool-hardy might, To tread the steps of perilous despite. I first adventure, follow me who list, And be the second English satirist.
Página 101 - Lacedaemonian mob were up, they commonly sent for a Lesbian musician to appease them, and they immediately grew calm as soon as they heard Terpander sing : Yet I don't believe that the Pope's whole band of music, though the best of this age, could keep his holiness's image from being burnt on a fifth of November.
Página lxvii - Rosalynde. Euphues golden Legacie : found after his death in his Cell at Silexedra. Bequeathed to Philautus sonnes noursed vp with their father in England. Fetcht from the Canaries. By TL Gent.
Página 13 - Silvestres homines sacer interpresque deorum Caedibus et victu foedo deterruit Orpheus, Dictus ob hoc lenire tigres rabidosque leones ; Dictus et Amphion, Thebanae conditor arcis, Saxa movere sono testudinis et prece blanda Ducere quo vellet.
Página lxxi - The Life and Death of William Longbeard, the most famous and witty English Traitor, borne in the Citty of London.
Página xxxvi - Stop shallow water still running, it will rage, tread on a worme and it will turne : then blame not schollers vexed with sharpe lines, if they reproue thy too much libertie of reproofe.
Página lxv - Love in my bosom like a bee, Doth suck his sweet; Now with his wings he plays with me, Now with his feet. Within mine eyes he makes his nest, His bed amidst my tender breast, My kisses are his daily feast; And yet he robs me of my rest: Ah, wanton, will ye?
Página iv - The COUNCIL of the NAVY RECORDS SOCIETY wish it to be distinctly understood that they are not answerable for any opinions or observations that may appear in the Society's publications. For these the responsibility rests entirely with the Editors of the several works.
Página 3 - Seneca) that the wrong is to be suffered, since he disprayseth, who by costome hath left to speake well. But I meane to be short: and teach the Maister what he knoweth not, partly that he may se his own follie, and partly that I may discharge my promise, both bind me: therefore I would wish the good scholmayster to ouer looke his Abuses againe with me, so shall he see an ocean of inormities which begin in his first prinsiple in the disprayse of Poetry. And first let me familiarly consider with this...
Página 24 - And surely if I may speak my mind I think we shal find but few Poets, if it were exactly wayd, what they oughte to be: your...

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While primarily remembered for composing the story that would provide the source for Shakespeare's "As You Like It", Thomas Lodge was a prolific author in his own right, who made prose fiction his chief concern. Son of a one-time London mayor, Lodge began his career as a lawyer but quickly found literature more attractive, perhaps because of the encouragement of his friend Robert Greene. Lodge was also a playwright. His first published work appears to be "A Defense of Stage Plays" (1580), an answer to the attack by Stephen Gosson, but the majority of his efforts were devoted to prose romances, such as "The Delectable History of Forbonius and Prisceria" (1584), "Scilla's Metamorphosis" (1589), and "Robert, Duke of Normandy" (1591). ''Rosalynde" (1590) is, like Sidney's "Arcadia," a pastoral romance, a form popular with urban Elizabethans for its idealized depiction of rural otium.

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