Male Reproductive Dysfunction

JP Medical Ltd, 30 de mai de 2011 - 384 páginas
Complete updating of all fourteen chapters incorporating most recent information on the subject. History of reproductive sciences has been considerably enlarged with comprehensive review of the subject. Relevant anatomy of the male reproductive system has been illustrated with added diagrams. Endocrine chapter has been updated to help the postgraduate students of Urology/Andrology. Moreover, this would be a guide to the practicing endocrinologist specializing in reproductive problems. Recent advances in the management of erectile problems in males incorporated with illustrations. Basic information about the ‘Male Infertility’ has been updated to include the special role of obesity in male hypogonadal state. Chapter on varicocele has been updated with recent advances and added illustrations. An outline of the ART has been updated with additional illustrations for helping the andrologists and gynecologists to have working knowledge on the subject. Information in each chapter presented in tables and diagrams for easy understanding. Close to 1600 references on the subject with some as recent as November 2010 with approximately 150 colored line drawings, 50 colored flow charts and photographs, and 25 black and white photographs are the key features of the book.

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