Yet More Studies in the Ancient Greek Polis, Volume 2

Thomas Heine Nielsen
Franz Steiner Verlag, 1997 - 262 páginas
A fourth collection of Papers from the Copenhagen Polis Centre, a collective whose "ulimate aim is to present a new analysis of the Archaic and Classical Greek polis ", through various wide-ranging and thematically specific investigations. This volume and the others in the series are released in advance of the publication of a general synthesis of findings, hence the thematic incoherence of the titles contained herein: Polis as the Generic Term for State, Hekataios' Use of the Word Polis in His Periegesis , and A Typology of Dependent Poleis (Mogens Herman Hansen) ; A Survey of the Major Urban Settlements in the Kimmerian Bosphoros (With a Discussion of Their Status as Poleis ) (Gocha R. Tsetskhladze) ; Emporion . A Study of the Use and Meaning of the Term in the Archaic and Classical Periods (Mogens Herman Hansen) ; Colonies and Ports-of-Tradee on the Northern Shores of the Black Sea: Borysthenes, Kremnoi and the "Other Pontic Emporia in Herodotos (John Hind) ; Some Problems in Polis Identification in the Chalkidic Peninsula (Pernille Flensted-Jensen) ; Triphylia . An Experiment in Ethnic Construction adn Political Organisation (Thomas Heine Nielsen) ; The Polis of Asea. A Case-Study of How Archaeology Can expand Our Knowlege of the History of a Polis (Jeanette Fors n and Bj rn Fors n) .

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Mogens Herman Hansen A Typology of Dependent Poleis
Mogens Herman Hansen Emporion A Study of the Use and Meaning
John Hind Colonies and PortsofTrade on the Northern Shores of
Pernille FlenstedJensen Some Problems in Polis Identification in
Jeannette Forsén and Björn Forsén The Polis of Asea A CaseStudy
Index of Sources for CPCPapers 14 by Pernille FlenstedJensen
General Index Including Names for CPCPapers 14
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