Ahiman rezon: or, A help to a brother; shewing the excellency of secrecy, and the first cause, or motive, of the institution of free-masonry [&c. Followed by] A choice collection of masons songs


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Página 8 - Not the Red Arm of Angry Jove, That flings the Thunder from the Sky, And gives it Rage to roar, and Strength to fly. Should the whole Frame of Nature round him break, In It i line and Confusion hurl'd, He, unconcern'd, would hear the mighty Crack, And stand secure amidst a falling World.
Página 46 - Lodge shall dispose of their own Charity for poor Brethren, according to their own By-Laws, until it be agreed by all the Lodges (in a new Regulation) to carry in the Charity collected by them to the Grand Lodge, at the Quarterly or Annual Communication, in order to make a common Stock of it, for the more handsome Relief of poor Brethren.
Página 20 - Masonry being found in all nations, even of divers religions, they are now only charged to adhere to that religion in which all men agree...
Página 78 - They'll trust us on any occasion : No mortal can more The ladies adore Than a free and an accepted Mason.
Página 27 - There are three great duties which as a Mason, you are charged to inculcate — to God, your neighbor, and yourself. To God, in never mentioning his name but with that reverential awe which is due from a creature to his Creator; to implore his aid in all your laudable undertakings, and to esteem him as the chief good.
Página 77 - tis that, They cannot tell what, Why fo many great men of the nation Shou'd aprons put on, To make themfelves one With a free and an accepted MASON. IV. Great kings, dukes, and lords...
Página 78 - By each brother firm stand ; Let's be merry, and put a bright face on : What mortal can boast So noble a toast As a free and an accepted Mason.
Página 45 - Lodge repealed the article, and decreed that the Master of a Lodge, with his Wardens and a competent number of the Lodge assembled in due form, can make Masters and Fellows at discretion.
Página 33 - where two or three are gathered together in thy name, thou wilt be in the midst of them, and bless them.
Página 33 - ... or three are gathered together in Thy name, Thou wilt be in the midst of them: in Thy name we assemble and meet together, most humbly beseeching Thee to bless us in all our undertakings...

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