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The Constitution of the United States.

With Important Public Documents illustrative of the Coon

tution. By JOSEPH Stokr. 12mo, Cloth, 90 cents. Henry Winter Davis's Speeches and Addresses

Speeches and Addresses delivered in the Congress of the Climat States, and on several Publie Occasions, by HIKET W NIER Davis, of Maryland. Preceded by a Sketch of his Lite, Pmihr Services, and Character. Br the Hon. J. J.CEZSWEn. . Senator from Maryland. With Notes Introductory me his

planatory. Portrait. Sro, Cloth, $4 00. Charles Carleton Coffin's Works Old Times in the Colonies.

Illustrated Sro, Cloth, 83 002, The Boys of "76. A History of the Battles of the Revolution. Instit t

Building the Nation,

Events in the History of the United States from u Earwntiva to the beginning of the We between the Sunes. DIE trated, ru luch, $30. The Story of Liberty.

Lluvit. 3w.Cluca. $370..
Helps's Spanish Conquest.
The Suapish. Cumquest in America, ut in Bulation. I

score of Sakurk, mi tu tin Garmerament i Caladies. BS SR
KHOE HELPS wois, tame, Cluci. : ERF CE *: it.

Barness History of the Thirty inch Congress

History of De Thiry Inc. mgress If the ital States
By WLAX B. BAINES I wa Ligiteen Steel Farm

Knu, Clui, 'N.
The New York Voitunteer Fire Department

Nork be Vintnteer Fire Department of New Turk Cies
Dx G o W. . Witi. Characteristiu Olusons

Vodes , Illuminatei mi siit.


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