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great severity, and in this take the ordinary advices; though it may be a less rigour might not be insufficient: dixeißodinárov, or Arithmetical measures , especially of our own proportioning, are but arguments of want of Love and

of forwardness in Religion ; or else are instruments of scruple, and then become dangerous. Use the Rule heartily and enough, and there will be no harm in thy errour, if any should happen.

4: If thou intendest heartily to serve God, and avoid fin in any one instance, refuse not the hardest and most severe advice that is prescribed in order to it, though poflibly it be a stranger to thee; for whatsoever it be custom will make it easie. 5. When


instruments for the obtaining any vertue or restraining any vice are propounded, obferve which of them fits thy person, or the circumstances of thy need, and use it rather than the other; that by this means thou maist be ingaged to watch and use spiritual arts and obfervation about thy Soul. Concerning the managing of which, 'as the interest is greater, so the necessities are more and the cases more intricate, and the accidents and dangers greater and more importunate; and there is greater skill required than in the securing an estate, or restoring health to an infirm body. I wish all Men in the World did heartily believe so much of this as is true; it would very much help to do the Work of God.

Thus (my Lord) I have made bold by your hand to reach out this little scroll of cautions to all those, who, by seeing your Honour'd Name set before my Book, shall ty the fairness of fuch a Frontispiece be invited to look into it. I must confess it cannot but look like a design in me, to borrow your Name and beg your Patronage to my Book, that if there be no other worth in it, yet at least it may have the splendour and warınth of a burning glass, which, borrowing a flame from the Eye of Heaven, shines and burns by the rays of the Sun its Patron. I will not



quit my self from the suspicion, for I cannot pretend it to be a present either of it self fit to be offer to such a perfonage, or any part of a just return (but I humbly desire you would own it for an acknowledgment) of thofe great endearments and nobleft usages you have past upon

But fo men in their Religion give a piece of Gum, or the fat of a cheap Lamb, in Sacrifice to him that gives them all that they have or need : and unless He who was pleased to employ your Lordship as a great Minister of his Providence in making a Promise of his good to me, the meanest of his

fervants, (that he would never leave me no forfake me] shall enable me by greater services of Religion to pay my great Debt to your Honour, I must ftill increase my fcore, fince I shall now spend as much in my needs of pardon for this boldness, as in the Reception of those favours by which I stand accountable to your LordTip in all the bands of service and gratitude ; though I am in the deepest fense of duty and affection,

My most Honoured Lord,

Tour Honour's most obliged and

most Humble Servant,







The 5 benefits of this ExerCHAP. I.



Prayers and Devotions accorConfideration of the gem ding to the Religion and neral inftruinents and

Purposes of the foregoing means serving to a holy Confiderations, 31 life, by way of Intro- Devotions for ordinary Days, duction, Page 1

32 Sect. I. Care of Time, and the

manner of Spending it,. 4 CHAP. II. 23 Rules for employing our

time, The s'benefits of this exer

O ,

Sect. I. Of Sobriety in cisé, . 13 the general fence,

ibid. Sect. II. Purity of Intention 5 Evil confequents of Voluptuor Purpose in all our a&ti- ousness or Sensuality, 51

14 3 Degrees of Sobriety 52 10 Rules for our intentions, 15 6. Rules for suppreffong Volup8 Signs of purity of Intention, tuousness,

53 18 Sect. II. Of Temperance in 3 Appendant Confiderations, Eating and Drinking, 55

21 4 Measures of Temperance in Sect. III. The Confideration Eating,

and Practice of the Pre- 8 Signs and Effets of Temfence of God,

perance, 6 Several manners of the Di- Of Drunkenness, 59 vine Presence,

23 7 Evil consequents of Drun10 Rules of exercising this kenness,

60 Confideration, 25 8 Signs of Drunkenness,: 62

II Rules

Ons, &c.




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Ii Rules for obtaining Ten Content,



ibid. 8 Instruments or exercises to

Sect. III. Of Chastity, 65 procure Contentedness, 108

The 10 Evil confequents of 8 Means to obtain Content, by


68 way of Confideration, 119

7 Acts of Chastity in general, The Confideration applied to


particular cases,

ibid. .

5 AEs of Virginal or Maiden Of Poverty or a low fortune,



s Rules for Widows or Vidkal. The charge of many Children,




6 Rules for Married person's Violent necesities, ibid.

or Matrimonial Chastity, Death of Children, Friends,



10 Remedies against unclean- Untimely Death,



78 Death unseasonable, 137

Sect. iv. Of Humility, 62 Sudden Death or violent, 138

9 Arguments against Pride by Being Childless, ibid.

way of Confideration, ibid. Evil

or unfortunate Children,

19 Acts or offices of Humi-



84 Our own Death, ibid.

14 Means and Exercises of Prayers for the several Graces

obtaining and increasing them and parts of Christian sobri-

grace of Humility,

90 ety, fitted to the necessity of

17 Signs of Humility,


several persons, 140

Séct. V. Of Modesty,


4. Atts and Duties of Mode CHA P. III.

jy as it is opposed to Curi-


97 ORE

F Christian Justice, 145

6 Acts of Modesty as it is op:

Sect. I. Of Obedience to

posed to boldness,

our Superiours, 147

10 Aes of Modesty as it is op- 15 Acts and Duties of Obedi-

posed to Undecency, ence to all our Superiours,ibid.
Sect. VI. Of contentedness in 12 Remedies against Disobe-

all estates, &c. 104 dience, by way of Confide-

2 General Arguments for ration,


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3 Degrees of Obedience, 153 Religion,


Sect. Il. Of Provikon of that Sect. I. Of Faith, ibid.

part of Justice which is due The 7 afts and offices of Faith,

from Superiours to Inferi-



156 2 Signs of true Faith, 187

12 Duties of Kings and all 8 Means and Instruments to

the Supreme power, as Law obtain Faith, 190


ibid. Sect. II. Of Christian Hope,
2 Duties of Superiours, as


they are Judges,


The 5 a&s of Hope, 192

s Duties of Parents to their s Rules to govern our Hope,




Duty of Husbands and Wives 12 Means of Hope, and Re-

reciprocally, 162 medies againt Despair ,

7 Duties of Masters of Fa-



164 Sect. III. Of Charity, or the

Duty of Guardians or Tu-

Love of God,


165 The 8 acts of Love to God,

Sect. IÚ. Of Negotiation or

civil Contra&ts, ibid. The 3 measures and rules of

13 Rules and measures of

Divine Love, 203

Justice in bargaining, 166 6 Helps to encrease our Love

Sect. IV. Of Restitution, 173

to God by way of exercise,

7 Rules of making Reftitution,


as it concerns tbe persons The 2 several states of Love


171 to God,


9 As it concerns otber circum viz. The fate of Obedi-



Prayers to be said in relation The state of Zeal, 208

to the several Obligations 8 Cautions and Rules concer-

and Ofices of Justice, 177 ning Zeal,


II. Of the external a&tions of



F Christian Religion, Sect. IV. Of Reading or Hede

ring the Tord of God, 211

1. Of the internal actions of 5 General Confiderations cor-


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