A Dictionary of Informal Brazilian Portuguese: With English Index

Georgetown University Press, 2003 - 701 páginas
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As in the ever-changing English language, Brazilian Portuguese is colorful and ever-changing in its gíria or slang (from the simply conversational to the vulgar) -- and advanced students are often only exposed to the formal or classic literary forms of the language. A Dictionary of Informal Brazilian Portuguese, originally published in 1983, remains a profitable reference tool to help bridge the gap between the classroom and the streets and contemporary literature of Brazil. Beyond students and researchers, this dictionary, containing over 7500 Brazilian expressions, will be invaluable to travelers, businesspeople, translators and others who are seeking insight into the rich nuances to be found in informal Brazilian Portuguese. Enhanced often with Portuguese sentences to place the words or phrases in context, this dictionary will reward the reader with the colorful inventiveness of the language -- and this is not bafo-de-boca (hot air!).

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