The doctrine of the most holy eucharist as it is contained in the words of institution


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Página 35 - He gave it to them, saying, Drink ye all of this, for this is My blood of the New Testament which is shed for you and for many for the remission of sins; do this as oft as ye shall drink it in remembrance of Me.
Página 79 - English Churchman. THE SECOND ADAM AND THE NEW BIRTH ; or, The Doctrine of Baptism as contained in Holy Scripture. Fcap. 8vo. 8th Edition, price 4r. 6d. * The most striking peculiarity of this useful little work is that its author argues almost exclusively from the Bible. We commend it most earnestly to -clergy and laity, as containing in a small compass, and at a trifling cost, a body of sound and Scriptural doctrine respecting the New Birth, which cannot be too -widely circulated.
Página 78 - Perowne (Canon). The Book of Psalms. A New Translation, with Introductions and Notes, Critical and Explanatory.
Página 73 - COMPANION TO THE GREEK TESTAMENT. For the use of Theological Students and the Upper Forms in Schools. By AC BARRETT, MA, Caius College.
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Página 79 - The Sacrament of Responsibility. With the addition of an Introduction, in which the religious speculations of the last twenty years are considered in their bearings on the Church doctrine of Holy Baptism ; and an Appendix, giving the testimony of writers of all ages and schools of thought in the Church. On fine paper, and neatly bound in cloth, yd edition.
Página 75 - These Commentaries originated in Notes collected by the compiler to aid in the composition of expository sermons. They are derived from all available sources, and especially from the wide but little-known field of theological comment found in the ' Schoolmen
Página 80 - The New Testament for English Readers. By the late H. Alford, DD Vol. I. Part I. 3rd Edit. 12s. Vol. I. Part II. 2nd Edit.

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