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8 Aug. 11 May

7 Ensign Gardner, from 5 R. V. Bn. Ensign Sadleir, from 63 F. rec. diff. with Licut. vice Johnston, cancelled 1 Nov, 1819

Campbell, hp. 1 F. G. 8

Lieut. and Adj. Crawford, from 90 F. O'Connor, from 88 F. rec. diff. with Licut.

Lieut. and Adjutant 3 Feb. 1820 Follett, hp. 97 F.
Ensign Skinner, from hp. 43 F. Ensign
vice Martin, cancelled


Resignations and Retirements.
Troop Quar. Master Jackson, from hp. 33

Dr. Ensign, vice Mac Math, canc. do. Lieut. Colonel Stewart, 3 F. G.
9 Lieut. Burke,from hp. 48 F. Lieut. do. Major Molloy, 27 F.
Stewart, Adjutant

do. - Captain Wright, 4 Dr.
Quar. Master Hogan, from hp. 14 F. Ens.
vice Nickson, cancelled


Appointment Cancelled.
Ensign Maclean, from late 6 R. Vet. Bn.

Ens. vice Fraser, cancelled i Nov. 1819 Ensign Cuppage, 50 F.
Quar. Master Sloane, from hp. 2 W. 1. R.
Ens. vice Komareck, eanc.^ 3 Feb. 1820


Gen. Hon. Sir A. Maitland, Bart. 49 F. Feb. 1820 Royal Artillery.

Sir D. Dundas, G.C.B. 1 Dr. G. and Rifle Gent. Cadet R. Luard, 2d Lieut. 8 Dec. 1819

Brig. at Chelsea College

18 Feb). H. G. Teesdale, 2d Lieut.

Maj. Gen. John Lindesey, formerly Lieut. Colonel
J. Gore, 2d Lieut.

5 F. Brighton

16 do. D, Dewar

9 Oct. 1819 Garrisons.

Lt. Col. Sir J. Bontein, hp. Kelso Regt. 25 Dec. Gen. Earl of Chatham, K.G. Governor of Gibraltar

Maj. Owen, 61 F. Up Park Camp, Jamaica 8 Nov. 29 Jan. 1820

Vallance, 73 F. Batticola, Ceylon
Lieut. Gen. Lord Beresford, G.C.B. Governor of

St Leger, 89 F.


Gomersall, hp. late 2 Gar. Bn.
Sir Brent Spencer, G.C.B. Governor

Capt. Butler, 1 F.
of Cork


Duport, Royal Art. Demarara 25 Dec. Hart, from 73 F. Governor of Lon

Lieut. Cameron, Adj. 1 F. donderry and Culmore


A. Macpherson, 59 F. Isle of France 11 May

Innes, 92 F. Up Park Camp, Jamaica Medical Department.

19 Nov. Hosp. Assist. Teevan, from hp. Hosp. Assistant

Jones, 67 F. Mullingaum

17 July 16 Dec. 1819.

Hunt, Royal Engineers
Kemble, M.D. from hp. Hosp. Assist.

Crouchley, hp. 85 F.

29 Dec. D'Arcy, hp. 91 F.

7 do. Beecher, 6 R. V. Bn.

25 do. Store-keeper General's Department. Ens. Tottenham, 1 F. Assist. Store-keeper General J. Hare, Dep. Store

Chambers, 6 F. Pisa

20 Dec. keeper General

20 Dec. 1819

Chamberlain, 24 F. Ghazepore, Bengal Tho. Broadbank Parr, As. Store-keeper Gen. do.

21 June Amos Lister, do.

12 Aug. do. do.

Lowe, 2 W. I. R. Gambia

Young, hp. European Gar. Company

Fredericks, hp. German Legion, Hanover

10 Jan. 1820 Major Buck, from 8 F. with Major Browne, hp. Paymaster Boyes, hp. 26 F.

Dec. 1819 98 F.

Quarter Master Parke, 1 F. Wallyah bad, Madras Brevet Major Milner, from 18 Dr. with Capt. De

28 Aug Montmorency, 4 E.

Assist. Surgeon Swindell, hp. 1 Dr. Gds. Amherst-
Wilkie, from 38 F. with Capt. Frank- burgh, Upper Canada
lyn, hp. 10 F.
Lane, from 84 F. rec. diff. with Capt.

Commissariat Department.
Lynch, hp. R. W. I. Ran.

Assist. Com. Gen. Belson, Demarara 27 Nov.
Lieut. Ivers, from 8 F. with Lieut. Lord Bingham, Dep. Assist. Com. Gen. Howie, Jamaica 7 do.
hp. 3 F. G.
Usher, from 62 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.

Medical Department.
Macdonell, hp

Hosp. Assist. Cusins, Jamaica

14 Nov.


1 Sept.


THE mean temperature of February is considerably above the average of the same month * during the last four years, and the mean daily range of the Thermometer is upwards of

a degree less. The temperature, therefore, has been more equable thani s generally ex. perienced in this climate. The warmest period of the month was the 6th, 7th, and 8th, when the Thermometer rose above 50, the coldest was after the 18th, when the temperature of the night was frequently below 32. The mean of the daily extremes coincides exactly with that of 10 morning and evening. The fluctuations of the Barometer are somewhat less than the annual average fluctuations, and the mean height is fully 3 tenths higher than that of February for the last four years. The state of the Hygrometer indicates an unusually dry atmosphere, owing to the prevalence of cold north-east winds towards the end of the month. It will be found, on looking back to the first Number of this work, that there is a striking coincidence between February of this year and the same month of 1817. The difference both in temperature and dryness is in favour of the latter. From the mild state of the weather about the 7th, it was expected that the severe winter was to be followed by an early spring. These hopes, however, have been partially disappointed by the stormy weather that set in towards the end of February, and which still continues (March 2d,) with increasing severity.

METEOROLOGICAL TABLE, extracted from the Register kept on the Banks of

the Tay, four miles east from Perth, Latitude 56° 25', Elevation 185 feet.




THERMOMETER. Degrees. Mean of greatest daily heat,

43.3 Maximum,

7th day,

54-0 ....cold,


temperature, 10 A,M,
39.6 Lowest maximum, 3d

35.0 ........ 10 P.M. 38.6 Highest minimum, 7th

46.5 of daily extremes,

Highest, 10 A. M. 7th

52.5 ............ 10 A.M. and 16 P.M.

39.1 Lowest ditto,


32.5 ........ 4 daily observations,

Highest, 10 P. M. 7th

51.0 Whole range of thermometer,

246.0 Lowest ditto


31.0 Mean daily ditto, 8.5 Greatest range in 24 hours, 18th

16.5 temperature of spring water,

39.5 Least ditto,


3.5 BAROMETER. Inches.


Inches, Mean of 10 A.M. (temp. of mer. 47) 29.840 Highest, 10 A. M.


30.300 ............ 10 P.M. (temp. of mer. 47) 29.838 Lowest ditto,


29.420 ............ both, (temp. of mer. 47)

29.839 Highest, 10 P. M.


30.325 Whole range of barometer,

6.220 Lowest ditto,


29.150 Mean ditto, during the day, .103 Greatest range in 24 hours, 28th

.550 night, .112 Least ditto,


.045 ................. in 24 hours,


Leslie. Highest, 10 A. M. 25th

30.0 Rain in inches,

......... Lowest ditto,

0.0 Evaporation in ditto,

1.240 .......... Highest, 10 é. M. 29th Mean daily Evaporation,

Lowest ditto, 2d

1.0 Leslie. Mean, 10 A. M.

10.0 Anderson. P. of Dep. Highest, 10 A.M. 7th 46.0 ****................. 10 P. M.


............................... Lowest ditto, 25th 10.0

............................. Highest, 10 Þ.M. 7th 45.0 Anderson. Point of Dep. 10 A.M.


........................... Lowest ditto, 25th 20.0 ........................................ 10 P.M,


Relat. Hum.Highest, 10 Á.M. 3d 100.0 both,


............................ Least ditto, 25th 37.0 Relat. Humid. 10 A.M.


............................ Greatest, 10 P.M. 2d 98.0 ......................!!!*** 10 P. M. 84.6

Least ditto,

25th 59.0 both,


Mois. 100 cub. in. Greatest, 10 A.M. 7th .215 ............... Grs. mois, in 100 cub, in air, 10 A.M. .143

Least ditto,

25th .063 ...............10 P.M. .144

....................... Greatest, 10 P. M. 6th .208 .................. both, .144

***eveset.................... Least ditto, 25th .090 Fair days, 24; rainy days, 5. Wind west of meridian, 15; cast of meridian, 14.


..... both,


MeteoROLOGICAL Table, extracted from the Register kept at Edinburgh, in

the Observatory, Calton-hill. N.B.-The Observations are made twice every day, at nine o'clock, forenoon, and four o'clock, afterThe second Observation in the afternoon, in the first column, is taken by the Register



Feb. 1{



Very cold,


3{ A.33 4{A.35


VA. 35 21


22 M.301

Ther. Barom. Ther.


Ther. Barom.

Ther. Wind.
M.324 29.572 M.42
A. 42

M.31 29.917 M.40
S.W. Dull, fair,
,437 A. 43
Feb. 16

Dull & cold,


.776 A. 41
.564 M.42

but fair. 2

A. 40

N.W. Ditto.
.723 A. 41

.742 M.42

A. 41
M.26 .822 M.38

.751 A. 40

sunshine. Frost morn. N.W.

27 .822 A. 37

768 M.39
foggy day.

A. 35
.867 A. 39

N.W. Fair, cold. .739 M.37

Dull morn.
,512 A. 40

.965 M.36

Keen frost, sunshine day


.969 A.38
.552 M.39

A. 38

20 M.267 .999 M,37
.434 A. 39
Dull, fair.

Sleet morn.


946 A, 47 M.264 .431 M.39

fair day. Rain morn.

A. 38 .490 A, 43 )

fair day.

.751 A.38 }E.

Sleet & rain
M.38 .513 M.50

.569 M.38
.447 A. 49
S.W. Fair.


.657 A, 39 Cble. Dull, fair. SM.40 8 .437 M.50

A. 49
N.W. Ditto.

.367 M.39
.511 A, 49

Foggy day, A. 38 .320 A. 40 E.

rain night. 9

M.393 526 M.49 Fair.
A. 46

.355 M.35
.534 A. 51

Frost, with cold aftern. A. 30


.527 A. 36) 10 M.31 .588 M,50

snow A. 40

N.W. Ditto.
.689 A. 45

.644 M.35

Keen frost,
A. 35

N. E.

.980 A.35 M.34 hail. .571 M.45) 11

Dull morn.

A. 44

.999 M.35

26 .571 A. 16 )

Snow foren, slight shrs.

A. 34 30.110 A. 36

mild aftern. M.27

.131 M.36

Frost morn. A. 45


24 M.25


12 M,32% 5819 M.47} Cble

. Mild, sunsh.

A. 44 .829 A44

.103 A. 36
.705 M.45
A. 40 .735 A. 41
S.W. Dull, fair.

28] M.222|29.840 M.28
A. 331
.851 A. 36

Cble. Fair, cold. .999 M.41

A. 40
S.W. Mild, sunsh.

.371 M.38
.999 A. 41

A. 37 .293 A.36 $

Keen frost, .941 M.41s.w. Dull, fair. A, 40 .999 A, 41 )

Average of Rain, 1.216 inches,

N. W. fair day.

13 M.292 14 M.32 15 M.29





the eldest son of William Wilberforce, Esq. M. P.

to Mary Frances, second daughter of the Reverend July 23, 1819. At Madras, Mrs Simpson, relict James Owen, rector of Paglesham. of late William Simpson, Esq. a daughter.

At Bamborough, Thomas George Gregson, Jan. 1, 1820. At Rome, the lady of Henry Har- Esq. Warren House, to Miss Bogg. vey, Esq. a daughter.

24. At Turnberry Lodge, William Crawford of 18. The lady of Thomas Lauder Dick, Esq. of Littleton, to Jane Ronald, eldest daughter of Relugus, a son.

Charles Angus, Esq. Turnberry Lodge. 19. At Boulogne, the lady of Hugh Rose, Esq. At Bridgeforme, Archibald Wallace, Esq. of Glastulich, a daughter.

writer, St Andrews, to Miss Ann, youngest daugh23. At Edinburgh, Mrs Lockhart of Castlehill, ter of the late Dewar Lauder. a son.

At Kinghorn, Lieutenant James Nairn, R.N. Lady Petre, à son.

to Miss Sophia Sprunt, daughter of Mr James 28. At the manse of Kinglassie, Mrs Cunnyng. Sprunt, manufacturer there, hame, a son.

25. At Edinburgh, the Hon. Henry Robert The lady of G. A. Fullarton, Esq. of Fern- Westenra, M. P. to Anne Douglas Hamilton, hill, Berks, a son.

daughter of the late Douglas Duke of Hamilton At Newington, Mrs J. R. Skinner, a son. and Brandon. 31. The Viscountess Duncan, a son.

At Bellevue, Captain G. A. Veitch, of the The Marchioness of Sligo, a son and heir. Hon. East India Company's service, to Helen, Feb. l. The Countess of Clonmell, twin daugh- youngest daughter of the late George Hoggan, Esq. ters.

of Waterside. Mrs Patrick Robertson, a daughter.

At Plocktown, Lochalsh, Donald Matheson, 3. At Kirkaldy, Mrs Robert Kirk, a son.

Esq. of Achnadarroch, to Mary, daughter of Mr 4. At Ayr, Mrs H. D. Boswell, a daughter. Duncan M‘Rae, late of Conchra. Mrs Forrest of Comiston, a daughter.

27. At Glennan, Neil Campbell, Esq. to Matilda, 7. At Portobello, Mrs Douglas, Great King- daughter of the late Duncan Macdougall, Esq. of street, a son.

Ardintrive. 8. At Milsington, Mrs Scott, a son.

31. At Glasgow, Gavin Hamilton, Esq. of Mrs Terrot, Albany-street, Edinburgh, a Springbank, parish of Avondale, to Miss Nancy daughter.

Paterson, youngest daughter of the late William 9. At Peebles, Mrs M.Gowan of Winkston, a Paterson of Oldhill.

Mr James Stark, printer in Glasgow, to MaAt the Union Hotel, St Andrew's - square, ria, seventh daughter of the late George Kinloch, Edinburgh, Mrs Horrocks, a son.

Esq. Stonehaven. At Edinburgh, Mrs George Wauchope, a At Prestonhall, near Cupar Fife, Capt. Allan daughter.

Briggs, of the Elizabeth of Kirkaldy, to Miss Swan, 15. At, Leith, Mrs John Mac- daughter of the late John Swan, Esq. of Prestonkie, a daughter.

hall. 17. At Island Bridge, near Dublin, the lady of Feb. 8. At St George's, Hanover-square, the Earl Captain H. G. Jackson, a son.

of Uxbridge, eldest son of the Marquis of Angle18. At Hilton, Mrs Pearson of Myrcairnie, a sey, to Eleanora, second daughter of the late John daughter.

Campbell, Esq. of Shawfield, having been pre'At Newmains, Mrs David Syme, a daughter. viously married on the 5th August last, at Altyre, - At Edinburgh, Mrs Wemyss, Abbey, a son. in Scotland, the seat of her brother-in-law, Sir' w.

At Salisbury-street, Edinburgh, Mrs John G. Cumming, Bart. Gray, a daughter.

At Edinburgh, by the Rev. Dr Peddie, Mr 19. Mrs Crosbie, Northumberland-street, Edin- Thomas Craig, mason, to Stewart, second daughter burgh, a daughter.

of Mr Matthew Craig, Charles Street. At Lathrisk House, Fifeshire, the lady of At Inverness, J. M‘Lennan, Esq. of the colony William Johnston, Esq. of Lathrisk and Bavelaw, of Berbice, to Catherine, youngest daughter of the a son and heir.

late Reverend Angus Bethune, minister of Alness. Mrs Cathcart, Gayfield-square, a son.

9. At Inverary, Ludovick Cameron, Esq. writer 21. At Culloden, Mrs A. Gordon, a son.

there, to Miss Alice Macnicol, daughter of the de-- 22. At Edinburgh, the lady of William Ogilvie, ceased Reverend Donald Macnicol, minister of Esq; younger of Chesters, a daughter.

Lenmore and Appin. 23. Mrs James Borthwick, Abercromby-place, a At Devonbank, the Reverend William Brash, daughter.

Glasgow, to Miss Jane Dick, youngest daughter of Mrs John Wardrop, 103, George-street, Edin- James Dick, Esq. of Devonbank. burgh, a daughter.

11. At Blantyre, Mr Robert Caldwell, merchant, 23. Mrs Charles Tawse, Gayfield-square, a son. Glasgow, to Miss Jean Binning, eldest daughter of 26. At Edinburgh, Mrs Stevenson, Albany-street, Mr James Binniog, innkeeper, Blantyre. a daughter.

17. At Spylaw, Mr Mark Turnbull, of ScaithLately-At London, the Countess of Cowper, a muir, farmer, to Miss Barbara Robertson, fourth daughter.

daughter of Mr James Robertson, Spylaw. At the house of her father, Lieutenant-General - At Midmar Castle, G. R. Nuttal, M.D. of Macleod, St James's Park, London, Lady Gardi- London, to Marion, third daughter of James Mans ner, a son.

field, Esq. of Midmar. 65** At Edinburgh, Mrs Johnstone of Alva, a daugh- - At Hampstead, John Loch, Esq. to Rubinia ter.

Marion Cullen, youngest daughter of Archibald
Cullen, Esq. one of his Majesty's Counsel.

- At Kensington church, Anthony Macdonald, MARRIAGES.

Esq. of Lochgarry, to Miss Macdonald of the

Grange, Brompton. Aug. 23, 1819. At Calcutta, Henry Manning, 18. At St John's chapel, Edinburgh, Captain jun. Esq. of the civil service, to Caroline, eldest Charles S. J. Hawtayne, Á.N. to Anne, second daughter of Lieutenant-General Russell, of the daughter of the late Charles Hope, Esq. commisBengal establishment.

sioner of the navy. Dec. 18. Hugh Fraser, Esq. assistant-surgeon in 21. Fred. W. Campbell, Esq. of Barbreck, to his Majesty's 12 regiment, to Mary, second Sophia, daughter of the late Sir Edward Winningdaughter of Patrick O'Hennessy, Esq. Ennis, ton, Bart. of Stanford Court, Worcestershire. county of Clare.

22. At Edinburgh, Robert Hartshorn Barber, of Jan. 1, 1820. At Perth, Mr P. Milne, to Mary, Hayton Castle, in the county of Nottingham, Esq. daughter of John Tainsh, Esq. writer, Crieff. barrister at law, to Sarah, only daughter of Samuel

17. At Closeburn, G. Johnstone, Esq. factor at Wordsworth of Nottingham-place, Esq. Eglinton, to Ann, eldest daughter of Mr William At Pinkston, James Harvey, Esq. writer, Guthrie.

Glasgow, to Mary, second daughter of John Gour. 19. At Fulham, William Wilberforce, jun. Esq. lay, Esq. of Cowlairs.


the deceased John Spottiswoode, Esq, and relict of

John Wauchope, Esq. of Falmouth, county of May 3, 1819. At the island of Banca, Mr Francis Devon. Buchan Fraser, merchant in Calcutta, youngest 17. At No 29, Libberton's Wynd, Edinburgh, son of Mr William Fraser, senior, merchant-tailor, after a lingering illness, James Murray, composiHigh-street, Edinburgh.

tor, aged 38. By his death, a widow and a family 28. At Lodiana, Nepaul country, John Balfour, of eight daughters have been left in a very destitute Esq. surgeon in the service of the Honourable East situation. India Company

In London, Lieut.-General James Campbell, June 6. At Gyah, in Bengal, Major Colin Camp- aged 76. bell, of the 4th regiment of native infantry; and, Mr Philip T. Meyer, the eminent composer on the 8th, two days after, Mrs Campbell, his wi- and professor of the harp, in the 88th year of his dow.

age. 12. At Calcutta, Major Peter Lewis Grant, 12th 18. At Minto, Jane, youngest daughter of the native infantry, Acting Town and Fort Major of Hon. Captain Elliot, R. N. Fort William, Bengal, and on the 20 September James Bruce Dundas, son of Mr Dundas, following, Aune, his wife.

Albany-street, Edinburgh. July 25. At Furrackabad, East Indies, William William Scott, attorney at law, &c. &c. Cal. Rennell, Esq. Collector of Government Customs cutta, aged 32, son of Mr Alexander Scott, Ormisat that station, and youngest son of Major Rennell. ton.

Aug. 8. The Honourable Colonel J. A. Banner. 19. At Carlisle, of apoplexy, Isabella, wife of Mr man, Governor of Prince of Wales Island.

Jeremiah Jollie, printer, in the 36th year of her Sept. 18. Near Aidlebad, on the route from Nag- age. poor to Hyderabad, Major P. G. Blair, of the ar- At Moyhall, Sir Æneas Macintosh of Macintillery. He was cut off by the fatal epidemic. tosh, Bart.

Oct. 11. On board his Majesty's ship Sapphire, At Kilmarnock, Mr J. Thomson, of the Kilin the West Indies, of a malignant fever, in the marnock woollen manufactory, and treasurer of 22d year of his age, Edward Cockburn Ross, Esq.

that town. Lieutenant, R. N. youngest surviving son of John 20. In his 79th year, John Mackenzie of TorriCockburn Ross, Esq. of Shandwick.

don, in the county of Ross, Esq. Nov. 1. At Antigua, Lieutenant-General Ram- 21. At Abernethy Manse, the Rev. John Grant, say, governor of that island ; and on the 18th, minister of Abernethy. Lieutenant-Colonel Kirby, his successor, com- At Arbroath, John Spink, Esq. aged 81. mander-in-chief.

- At Kirkcudbright, in the 86th year of his age, 4. At Belmont, Jamaica, John Jameson, young- and 50th of his ministry, the Rev. Dr Robert Muest son of the late John Jameson, town-clerk of ter, one of the Deans of the Chapel Royal, and Dysart.

Chaplain in Ordinary to his late Majesty. 8. At Up-Park Camp, Jamaica, John Owen, 22. The Rev. Henry Garnock, first minister of Esq. major in the 61st regiment.

Canongate, Edinburgh. He died suddenly and in Dec. 1. At Exeter estate, Vere, Jamaica, of a the prime of life. From the very able and accepfew days' illness, Mr Alexander Ross, fourth son table manner in which he discharged the duties of of Mr William Ross, late tacksman of Knock- a clergyman, his loss is deeply and justly lamented. shorty, Ross-shire.

At Dreghorn Manse, Ayrshire, the Reverend 21. At Kingston, Jamaica, Robert, third son of Andrew Haldan. Robert Bogle, Esq. of Gilmore Hill.

- At Haddington, Mrs Isabella Knox, late of 22. At Kingston, Jamaica, of the yellow fever, Mayshiel, spouse of Thomas Pringle, senior, late Mr Edward Richardson, aged 16, son of the late provost of that burgh. Gabriel Richardson, Esq. of Dumfries.

23. Suddenly, at Kirkaldy, Mrs Cecilia Halker Jan. 1, 1820. At Paisley, aged three years and stone, wife of Mr David Storrar, saddler there. eight months, Agnes, the only daughter--and on - At Househill, Mrs Dunlop, wife of Colonel the 29th of the same month, aged six months, Dunlop of Househill. John, the only son, of the Rev. Mr Burns, one of - At Bathgate, the Rev. Patrick Connel, minthe ministers of Paisley.

ister of the Associate Congregation there, in the 3. At Nice, Mary, youngest daughter of the late 55th year of his age, and 33d of his ministry. William Fairholme, Esq. of Chapel.

- At his seat at Charleton House, in the county 4. At Docraw, in the parish of Beith, Lieutenant of Wilts, John Howard, Earl of Suffolk and BerkWilliam Leavach, of the 21st Royal North British shire, Viscount Andover, and Baron Howard of Fusileers.

Charleton, General in the army, Colonel of the 6. At Merchiston Bank, Edinburgh, Mrs Marion 44th regiment of foot, Governor of Londonderry Knox, wife of Mr John Fletcher.

and Culmore forts in Ireland. His lordship was 11. At Lasswade, Crichton Strachan, Esq. late in the 81st year of his age. He is succeeded by his shipbuilder, Leith.

son Thomas Viscount Andover, born in 1776. - At Greenhill, near Sheffield, aged 88, Mr 24. At Kinning House, Glasgow, Mrs Jane John Fox, who has left children, grandchildren, Harle, relict of John Dixon, Esq. of Knightshood. and great-grandchildren, to the amount of one - At her house, No 6, South St James's-street, hundred!

Miss Rutherford, only daughter of the late Henry 12. Mr Thomas Ayre, aged 86, many years Rutherford, Esq. of Hunthill. keeper of the castle in Newcastle. He was present - On board the Castle Huntly East Indiaman, at the siege of Quebec, and was one of the men at for Bengal, James, eldest son of James Hay, W. S. the gun from which the celebrated General Mont- 25. At Scone, Mrs Brodie, widow of Rev. gomery received his death-wound.

John Brodie, late minister of Kinloch. - At Dumfries, aged 104, Mrs Janet M‘Naught, 26. At Nice, Eliza, the wife of John Stein, Esq. relict of the last of the male line of the Lairds of of Clonmell, Ireland. Kilwhanity.

At Dumfries, Gabriel Richardson, Esq. of - At Quebec, William Scott, Esq. younger of Rosebank, late provost of that burgh. Wooll.

Viscountess Gormanston of Gormanston Cas13. In the 82d year of his age, Mr John Thom- tle, county of Meath. son, parish schoolmaster, Muthil.

- At Royston, Herts, in his 76th year, Mr Hen15. At Lockerby, William Martin, Esq. of Black- ry Andrews, the editor of “ Moore's Almanack.” ford, writer.

He was an able astronomer, and was for many At Dundee, Mr A. Pitcairn, jun. wine-mer- years engaged by the Board of Longitude to comchant.

pute “ The Nautical Ephemeris.” - At Jedburgh, at an advanced age, Mrs Elliot, 27. At Tranent, the Rev. Robert Shirreff, in the sen, of Harwood.

66th year of his age, and 42d of his ministry.. 16. At Dumfries, Mr R. Halliday, surgeon.

At Edinburgh, J. H. C. Dallaway, wife of At Nether House, Lesmahagow, Lieutenant- Patrick Dallaway, Esq. Colonel Nasmyth, late of the 7th West India regi- 28. At Edinburgh, Christian, youngest daughter ment.

of Mr Alexander Greig, W. S. 17. At Glasgow, Archibald Campbell, Esq, mer- At his house, Fyfe-place, Donald M‘Laine, chant in Glasgow, late of the island of Jamaica. Esq. merchant, Edinburgh.

- At Gosport, Robert Grierson, Esq. royal At the manse of Cleish, Miss Elizabeth Darnavy, eldest son of Alexander Grierson, Esq. ling. younger of Lag.

At Edinburgh, after a few days' illness, Mrs - At Bath, Mrş Helen Wauchope, daughter of Hathorn of Castlewigg.


29. At his house, George's-square, Edinburgh, 15. At Edinburgh, Mr William Bell, merchant, David Blair, Esq. merchant.

Nicolson-street. - At Sunning Hill, Berks, Miss Grace Camp- At his house in Harcourt-street, Dublin, bell, daughter of the late Robert Campbell of Leonard Macnally, Esq. of the Irish Bar. He was Monzie, Esq.

in the 68th year of his age, and was called to the 30. At Plewlands, near Edinburgh, in the 19th Irish Bar in 1776. year of his age, Alexander, eldest son of Mr Alex. 16. At Leitchestown, near Fochabers, Georgiana, M'Callum, farmer.

youngest daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel George - At Meeting-house Green, Leith, Mrs Christian Gordon. Henderson, spouse of Mr John Sanders, merchant - At her house in Curzon-street, Mayfair, Lonthere.

don, the Right Honourable Lady Mary Henrietta 31. At Edinburgh, Lieutenant-General William Erskine, sister to the Earl of Rosslyn. Robertson of Lude.

17. At Edinburgh, Alex. Scrymgeour, eldest son -At St drews, Mrs Helen Murray, relict of of Henry Scrymgeour Wedderburn, of Wedde burn Mr Andrew Wallace, shipmaster there, in the 83d and Birkhill, Esq., year of her age.

At Kelso, Miss Douglas, eldest daughter of - At Kinross, Miss Christian Stark, youngest the late Dr Christopher Douglas. daughter of the late Rev. Robert Stark, minister 18. At Edinburgh, George Kincaid, Esq. second of the gospel there.

son of the late John Kincaid, Esq. of Kincaid. At Camberwell, on the day he completed his Mr Thomas Ritchie, at his house, Cassels'. 98th year, the Hon. Colonel Peter Frye, Judge of place, Leith. the Superior Court of Massachussetts previous to -At Ellieston, Thomas Tulloh, Esq. youngest the revolution.

son of the late Thomas Tulloh, Esq. of Ellieston. - At Paris, Robert Alexander, second son of - At his house in Chelsea College, London, the the late Lieut.-General Sir James Leith, G.C.B. Right Hon. Sir David Dundas, of Beechwood,

Feb. 1. At Gayfield Square, Mr Robert Hors. K.G.C.B. and Governor of Chelsea Hospital, &c. burgh.

19. At her house, Hill-street, Edinburgh, Mrs At her house, Perth, of an apoplexy, Mrs Joanna Hamilton, relict of Edward M.Cormick, Wilhelmina Moncrieff, relict of Mr John Andrew

Esq. advocate, Sheriff-depute of Ayrshire, and soof Marlefield.

liciior of Teinds for Scotland. 2. At Berwick, James Hogarth, Esq. aged 76.

At Stirling, Mr George Taylor, merchant. - At his house in York-place, London, Joseph 21. At Selkirk, in the 71st year of his age, the Madocks, Esq. of an inflammation in his chest. 49th of his ministry, and the 32d of his professorThis gentleman (who was well known in the gay ship, the Rev. George Lawson, D.D. pastor of the world some years since, as the “ gayest of the Associate Congregation of that town, and Professor he being the life of every circle), died so suddenly of Divinity under the appointment of the Assoas to preclude the last otfices of his nearest friends.

ciate Synod. Mr Madocks was the first amateur actor of his day. 24. Át Kinfauns Castle, Mrs Johnston, widow

3. At York-place, Edinburgh, Gideon Duncan, of the late Major Johnston, 61st regiment of foot, Esq. Assistant Commissary-General.

and mother of the Right Hon. Lady Gray. At Leith, Jessica Elizabeth, youngest daugh- Lately-At Peterhead, John Anderson, a few ter of James Ker, Esq. Judge of the Court of hours after he had completed his 100th year. He King's Bench, &c. Quebec.

was a staunch Jacobite-fought under the banner 4. At Queensferry, William Mackenzie Hender- of Prince Charles at Inverury, where he was son, in the 31st year of his age, son of the Rev. wounded. He took great pleasure in relating his John Henderson, minister of that parish.

adventures, and in singing Jacobite songs. He - At Blithfield, in Staffordshire, Louisa, Lady was not only of a firm, but also of a cheerful temBagot, relict of the late, and mother of the present per-so much so, that he regularly attended a ball, Lord Bagot. 5. At Frederick -street, Magdalene, youngest

at least once every year; at all of which he danced,

even the last, which happened only a few months daughter of the late Mr Andrew Baillie, solicitor before his death. at law, Edinburgh.

- At his porter-house, in Greek-street, Dublin, At Manley, Devonshire, Mrs Manley of Man- in consequence of the bursting of a blood vessel, ley.

Daniel Donnelly, the celebrated Irish pugilist. He 6. At Edinburgh, Mr Robert Alison, bookbinder. was in the 44th year of his age, and had always en

7. At Edinburgh, Mrs Ramage, wife of Captain joyed excellent health. William Ramage, R. N.

At his palace, county Cork, at a very ad8. At his house in Russel-square, London, the vanced age, Þr Barnett, Bíshop of Cloyne, being Right Hon. Sir Vicary Gibbs, late Lord Chief Jus- the senior bishop of Ireland since the death of the tice of the Court of Common Pleas.

late Archbishop of Tuam. 10. At Paxton-house, George Home, Esq. of On board his Majesty's ship, Sapphire, in the Wedderburn.

West Indies, Mr Andrew Hutchison, surgeon, se- At Berlin, her Royal Highness the Princess cond son of Andrew Hutchison, town-clerk of Anne-Elizabeth-Louisa, widow of his Royal High- Burntisland. ness Prince Ferdinand of Prussia, at the advanced At Bombay, on his way to the Persian Gulf, age of 82. She was in good health the day pre- Mr George Miller, chief officer of the country ship vious

Suffinant Rassool, only son of Captain William 11. At St Andrews, David Todd, senior, Esq. Millar, R.N. late of Belmount-place, Kelso.

- At Dalvey, Miss Flora Macleod, daughter of - At Belfast, in the 65th year of his age, Dr A. Macleod, Esq. in her 17th year.

Drennan, the celebrated Irish patriot. 13. At Edinburgh,

Jane, the youngest daughter - At Aird, Isle of Skye, Mrs Isabella Macdoof Colin Mackenzie, Esq. of Portmore, P.C.S. nald, widow of the late Capt. Cs. Macdonald.

At Stirches, Roxburghshire, Gilbert, young- At Jamaica, Mr Alexander Thomson, eldest sest son of Gilbert Chisholm, Esq. of Stirches. son of the late James Thomson, Esq. Oatridge.

14. At St Andrews, the Rev. Dr Henry David At her house, St John-street, Mrs Phillips, Hill, Professor of Greek in that university. widow of Richard Elliston Phillips, Esq. late one

At his house, Albany-street, North Leith, of the Commissioners of the Customs for Scot Charles Gordon, Esq. late Collector of Excise, land. Kelso.

At Drumbuoy, Ireland, Mr Henry Hamilton, -Suddenly, near Kilsyth, on his way from Glas- at the advanced age of 104. Until within these two gow to Edinburgh, Mr John Smith, shipowner, last years he had the use of all his faculties. Leith.

At Bristol Hotwells, the Dowager Countess 15. At Rosehill, Totterige, Herfordshire, in his of Granard. 98th year, General the Hon. Sir Alexander Mait- At London, Lieutenant-Colonel Handfield, land of Clifton, Bart.

formerly of the 22d regiment of foot.

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