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Des Sociétés Secrètes en Allemagne, et en Anatomia, Second aopera postuma di Paolo d'autres contrées ; &c. 8vo. 8s.

Mascagni, posta in ordine e publicata a Annuaire Médico-chirurgical des Hopi- spese di una Societa innominata, folio, Fitaux et Hospices civils de Paris, 4to. avec renze 1819, with 20 plates. £8. un Atlas folio. £3, 3s.

Atti dell'Academia della Crusca, Tom. I. Gall and Spurzheim, anatomie et phy. 4to. Firenze 1819. £1, 7. siologie du système nerveux en général, et Monti, Proposta di' alcune correzioni ed du cerveau en particulier, Tom. IV. seconde aggiunte al Vocabolario della Crusca, 3 part. partie, 4to. avec, un Atlas, folio. £4, 4s. 8vo. Milano 1817, 19. 18s.

The work is now completed in 4 vols, tto. Ticozzi, Dizionario dei Pittori dal rinovawith 100 plates in folio. £16, 16s. mento delle belle arti sino al 1800. 2 vols,

Autommarchi, Prodromo della grande 8vo. Milano 1818. 14s.


COMMERCIAL REPORT.-March 13, 1820.


Sugar. There has been some fluctuation in the prices, and demand for this article. At the date of our last report, the market wore a favourable aspect. It afterwards became languid, and prices depressed. Within these few days the demand has, for Muscovadoes, become more animated, and the prices more steady. From the last advices from the Continent, the Refined market is become more languid.Molasses are steady, and in fair request. As we anticipated, the accounts from the islands are by no means favourable. The crops must both be short and unusually late. From this circumstance we may fairly calculate upon the Sugar market remaining steady, and if business in general revives, that the demand and prices will increase.-Cotton. The market for Cotton continues languid and depressed. The importations have of late been considerable, and the quantity of East India Cotton on hand is so great, that it must, for a long time to come, keep the market in a languid state. The quantity expected from America is very considerable. The demand for internal consumpt also cannot be increased.-Coffee. This article continues to fluctuate greatly : every thing concerning it depends upon the advices from the Continent, which must fluctuate greatly, according as the supplies arrive from different parts of the world. These are lately become very great, and a large portion of the Coffee trade is now wrested from our hands. The consumpt on the Continent of Europe continues to increase.

In all the other articles of Commerce it is scarcely possible for us to make a single remark. Every thing continues in the former languid state, nor is there the smallest appearance of any immediate revival, at least to any considerable extent. In the manufacturing districts more work has lately been doing, but at no advance for the price of labour. The accounts from foreign markets continue dull and unsatisfactory, without any cheering rays to dispel the glooin. We stated our opinion on these matters at such length in our last report, that it is unnecessary for us again to enter upon the subject. Every thing since has but tended to confirm what we there said. Some time must yet pass before we see any material revival of trade.

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Bank stock,

221 20 3 per cent. reduced,

去 3 per cent. consols,

67 3, per cent. consols, 76 7 4 per cent. consols, mano 863 5 per cent, navy 1023 Imperial 3 per cent. ann. India stock,

209 bonds, Exchequer bills, 2d. p.d... 3 4. pr. Consols for acc. American 3 per certs.....!

63 French 5 per cents. serocon

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15 13 pr.

[blocks in formation]


66 73 fr. 80cr. 1 72 fr. 90 cr. I


Course of Exchange, March 7.---- Amsterdam, 12: 1. Antwerp, 12 : 3. Ex. Hamburgh, 36 : 5. Frankfort, 152 Ex. Paris, 25 : 20. Bourdeaux, 25: 50. Madrid, 34 effect. Cadiz, 33 effect. Gibraltar, 30. Leghorn, 47. Genoa, 441. Malta, 46. Naples, 381. Palermo, 116s. per oz. Oporto, 51. Rio Janeiro, 554. Dublin, 101. per cent. Cork, 101.

Prices of Gold and Silver, per oz.-Portugal gold, in coin, £0:0:0 Foreign gold, in bars, £3:17:104. New doubloons, £3:15:6. New dollars, 4s. 11ļd. Silver, in bars, stand. 5s. 1£d.

PRICES CURRENT.March 4.-London, March 3, 1820.

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January and the 23d of February 1820, extracted from the London Gazette.


Lipsham, T. St James's-street, confectioner
Lynch, M. Church-street, Spitalfields, silk-manu-

facturer Marks, W. St Michael's, Worcester, carver and

gilder Maund, J. New-street, Covent-Garden, mercer Martin, P. Little Harrowden, baker Medcroft, J. Lamb's Conduit-street, jeweller Merriman, W. H. New Bond-street, master mariMillard, S. Gloucester, linen-draper Millard, J. Minories, bellows-maker Morling, W. Heybridge, Essex, brewer Nappier, T. Potterne, Wilts, mealman Norris, T. Ramsgate, grocer Norris, w. Romsey, Southampton, timber-mer

Amistead, W. Soyland, Halifax, worsted-spinner
Balme, J. Gonwersal, Yorkshire, woolstapler
Bennet, S. A. Worship-street, coach-manufacturer
Beaton, H. West Camel, Somerset, maltster
Beckwith, C. Preston, draper
Blease, R. Altringham, flour-factor
Boustead, M. M. Devonshire-street, dealer
Bolingbroke, H. Great Yarmouth, merchant
Bracewell, J. Bramley, York, innkeeper
Briant, W. Kennington, wine-merchant
Brander, J. & J. Barclay, Size-lane, merchants
Brown, W. A. Wentworth-place, brewer
Brooke, J. Huddersfield, tanner
Bunyer, J. Whetstone, dealer
Buer, W. Church-street, Greenwich, butcher
Buck, J. Arundel-street, Strand, stationer
Carrington, S. Ashborne, Derby, mercer
Carnes, w. Canal-row, Bermondsey, rope maker
Cattell, E. Milverton, Warwickshire, mealman
Chapman, R. Beccles, Suffolk, iron-founder
Chance, J. Worcester, maltster
Clarke, J. P. Drayton, Warwickshire, dealer
Clarke, F. Leicester, boot and shoe maker
Cowell, S. Sutton at Hone, miller
Collier, T. Newport, Salop, liquor-merchant
Davies, w. Caerphilly, Glamorgan, woollen-man-

Davies, T. King-street, tea-dealer
Danro, G. Linton, Kent, butcher
Dipper, F. Worcester, silk-mercer
Dutton, S. & J. Dunn, Liverpool, merchants
Dundas, J. Carlisle, cattle-dealer
Dickens, E. Eynsford, Kent, draper
Dye, S. Norwich, grocer
Dyball, D. White Horse tavern, Fetter-lane
Elliot, H. Chippenham, Wilts, clothier
Endicott, J. sen. Exeter, builder
Farmer, J. Skinner-street, victualler
Ford, E. Lime.street, wine-merchant
Fowle, R. Blandford, draper
Fox, W. Exchange-buildings, stock-broker
Ford, G. Oxford-street, silversmith
Freame, T. Worcester, cabinet-maker
Falljames, A. Greenhithe, baker
Fullarton, J. Manchester, saddler
Gallant, W. Leadenhall market, fishmonger
Gibson, T. Whitehaven, butcher
Giles, D. Syford, Berks, mealman
Gribbell, N. & M. Hellyer, East Stonehouse, De.

Green, T. Liverpool, auctioneer
Green, J. Exeter, wine-merchant
Gregson, T. Ormskirk, Lancashire, vintner
Greenland, E. Old Kent-road, carpenter
Gundry, T. Goldsithney, Cornwall, merchant
Gundry, J. & W. Goldsithney, merchants
Gundry, J. Goldsithney, merchant
Hayzelden, W. Milton-next-Sittingbourne, Kent,

Harper, J. Edgeware-road, cowkeeper
Hayton, J. W. Greenfield, Flintshire, wire and

iron manufacturer
Haffner, M. Cannon-street, St George's, carpenter
Henley, W. Holywell-street, silk-mercer
Hannah, T. Liverpool, builder
Hughes, J. & J. Clare, Liverpool, grocers
Hill, J. Bristol, straw-hat-manufacturer
Holroyd, J. Bradford, Yorkshire, calico-manufac-

Hutchinson, E. Nottingham, confectioner
Jardine, J. C. Sheffield, draper
Johnson, J. Llandaff, shopkeeper
Johnson, R. Francis-street, watchmaker
Jones, W. Eastcheap, wine-merchant
Jones, w. jun. Burscough, innkeeper
Kendall, J. Brigham, Cumberland, miller
Kennard, C. Pett, near Hastings, tailor
Knight, J. Fore-street, cheesemonger
Langworthy, E. Cannon-street, packer
Lawton, T. & S. Roe, Strayley-bridge, Ashton-

under-Line, machine-makers
Le Chevalier, Wotton-under-edge, Gloucestershire,

brewer Lecand, L. R. Great Prescot-street, Goodman's

fields, carrer and gilder
Ledwich, N. R. College-hill, merchant

Nossiter, C. Grimsbury, Northamptonshire, tanner
Oastler, R. Horsforth, Yorkshire, dry-salter
O'Neill, T. Newcastle-street, wine-merchant
Owens, J. Kingston, Herefordshire, ironmonger
Patrick, T. C. Austin-friars, insurance-broker
Pearson, J. Beeston, Roydes, Yorkshire
Peircy, H. Brighthelmstone, grocer
Peach, D. Camberwell, merchant
Parry, T. sen. Boddicott, Oxfordshire, nurseryman
Powles, M. Ross, Herefordshire, mealman
Raine, T. Bear-street, Leicester-fields, perfumer
Richardson, J. Liverpool, merchant
Richmond, T. Nottingham, grocer
Ritson, J. Carlisle, tallow-chandler
Roscoe, W. J. Clarke, and W. S. Roscoe, Liver-

pool, bankers
Rutherford, J. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, woollen.

Rutledge, F. W. Lucas-street, corn-dealer
Sargeant, J. Great Warner-street, brewer
Saville, s. Stayley, Cheshire, cotton-spinner
Shaw, J. Micklehurst, Cheshire, clothier
Shuttleworth, T. Ipswich, linen-draper
Shuttleworth, J. & T. Stevens, Torkington,

Cheshire, dealers
Simpson, A. St Swithin's lane, merchant
Smith, T. L. Ramsdon Cray, butcher
Solomon, G. Leman-street, Goodman's-fields, hard-

Spence, T. Maryland-point, Stratford, dealer
Spencer, S. Cumming-street, Pentonville, brick-

Sperrin, T. Thornbury, Gloucester, tallow.chan.

Stevens, J. Cherryhinton, Cambridgeshire, gar-

Stevenson, J. Broad-street, corn-chandler
Stammers, T. & W. Button, Sudbury, miller
Stewart, C. Hull, spirit-merchant
Swan, W. New-street, Commercial-road, master

Taylor, T. Preston, Lancashire, tea-dealer
Taylor, J. Moreton-in-Marsh, wine-merchant
Thomson, J. Manchester, bookseller
Thomas, B. B. Plymouth-dock, brewer
Tipping, T. Warrington, Lancashire, miller
Tinson,' w. Christ-church, Southampton, inn-

Todd, A. Catherine-court, Tower-hill, merchant
Turner, N. J. Tower-street, merchant
Watson, J. & H. Friday-street, warehouseman
Walton, R. Wood-street, Cheapside, hosier
Walker, J. jun. Axbridge, Somerset, brewer
Weston, J. Tenterden, Kent, printer
Weise, W. P. Tooley-street, hat-manufacturer
Wilkinson, C. Wormwood-street, dealer
Williams, J. Crowland, grocer
Williams, B. Birmingham, chemist
Wilson, R. Birmingham, merchant
Wilson, W.Seven Houses, Rotherhithe, corn-factor
Wilson, R. Bridge-street, Vauxhall, linen-draper
Winterbottom, J. Manchester, druggist
Wire, J. Colchester, grocer
Windeatt, T. Bridgeton, Devon, woollen manufac-

Wood, J. Nottingham, hosier
Worthington, J. Warton, Lancashire, coal-mer-

Wornell, W. Downton, Wilts, linen-draper





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Scotch ...

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ALPHABETICAL LIST of Scotch BANKRUPTCIES, announced between 1st and 29th

February 1820, extracted from the Edinburgh Gazette. Bute, William, wright and builder, Glasgow Neilson, J.merchant, Waulk-mill-store, near Airdrie Cowan, William, filesher and horse-dealer, Paisley Plimpton & Co. merchants, Edinburgh, and John Cotton, Stephen, china and earthen-ware mer. Plímpton, sole partner of the firm chant, Glasgow

Robertson, Robt. & Co. spirit-dealers and umbrelDods, J. wright and builder, Greenside-row, Edin. la-manufacturers, Glasgow Douglas, James, merchant, Stirling

Whyte, Alex. merchant and candlemaker, Dundee Ewing, Miller, & Co. merchants, carrying on business as a company in Greenock; and at Newfound

DIVIDENDS. land under the firm of Miller, Fergus, & Co. Brodie, Geo. merchant, Leith; a dividend on the Glen, William, coal-master, merchant, and cattle. 11th March dealer, Armsheugh

Carrie, John, merchant, Arbroath; a final divi. Gordon, James, cooper and fish-curer, Aberdeen dend 31st March Gray, A. cloth-merchant and haberdasher, Irvine Henderson, Thomas and William, & Co. mer Henderson, T. jun. merchant, Anstruther Easter chants, Edinburgh; a dividend 13th March Howie, John & Joseph, merchants, spirit-dealers, Johnston, Dav. the late, manufacturer, Glasgow; shoemakers, and leather-merchants, Irvine

a final dividend 230 March Lang & Cochran, merchants, Glasgow

M‘Alister & Bryson, merchants, Glasgow; a diviLawrie, George & John, & Co. surgeons and drug. dend 15th March gists, Edinburgh

Sim, G. M. & Co. merchants, Glasgow; a divi. M®Kellar, Dugald, merchant, Greenock

dend 13th March Murray & Bonnar, booksellers and stationers, Stewart, John, general agent, Aberdeen; a divi. Glasgow

dend 3d April London, Corn Exchange, March 6.,

Liverpool, Feb. 29.

S. 8
Wheat, s. d. 3. d.

s. d. 8. d. Wheat, red 64 to 68 Boilers

48 to 50 Fine ditto

Pease, grey 42 0 to 46 0

per 70 lbs.
68 to 70 New

white 50 0 to 58 0 Superfine ditto 72 to 76 Small Beans 43 to 16 English, new 10 0 to 10 6 Flour, Eng. pr. 240 lb White 64 to 68 Tick

38 to 41| American.
9 0 to 9 3 Fine

46 0 to 47 0 Fine ditto .. 70 to 74 Foreign 40 to 12 Dantzic

9 6 to 10 4 Irish

45 0 to 45 O Superfine 76 to 80 Feed Oats . 21 to 23| Dutch Red 90 to 9 8 Amer. p. 196 lb. old ditto ... 0 to 0 Fine

23 to 25 Riga - 8 6 to 90 Sweet, U.S. 40 0 to 120 Rye ... 32 to 34 Poland do .. 24 to 26 Archangel .8 6 to 90 Do. in bond 32 0 to 34 0 Barley ... 28 to 31 Fine

27 to 28 Canada .. 9 0 to 9 4 Sour 35 0 to 37 0 34 to 36 Potato do. 25 to 26|Scotch

9 8 to 10 2 Oatmeal, per 240 lb. Superfine 38 to 42 Fine

28 to 30|Irish, new ,
9 0 to 9 3 English

32 0 to 34 O Malt, ... 50 to 60 Flour, p. sack 60 to 65 Barley, per 60 lbs.

28 0 to 31 0 Fine

65 to 72 Seconds 55 to 60 Eng. grind. 5 3 to 5 10 Irish 26 0 to 31 0 Hog Pease . 39 to 42 North Country 50 to 55-Malting 0 0 to 0 0 Bran, p.24 lb. 11 to 12 Maple 43 to 45 Pollard, per qr. 20 to 28 Scotch 5 0 to 5 6 White pease 43 to 461 Bran

12 to 14 Irish.

4 6 to 4 10 Butter, Beef, &c. Seeds, g c.March 7.

Oats, per 45 lb.

Butter, per cwt. s.
English pota. 3 3 to 3 9 Belfast

80 to 82
8. Trish, do.
32 to 3 4 Newry

79 to 80 Must. Brown, 10 to 14 Hempseed 45 to 56 Scotch do. 3 7 to 3 8 Waterford 70 to 71 -White 10 to 14 Linseed, crush. 56 to 64 Rye, per qr. 38 0 to 40 o Cork, pick. 2d 76 to 7? Tares. . 10 to 14 New, for. Seed 76 to 80 Malt, per b.

63 to 65 Turnips . 8 to 16 Ryegrass, 10 to 30 Fine.. 10 3 to 10 9 Beef, p. tierce 100 to 110 -New

O to 0 Clover, Red, . 35 to 95 Middling 8 3 to 8 9 Tongu. p. firk. 75 to 80 -Yellow 0 to 0 - White 50 to 110 Beans, pr er:

Pork, p. brl. 84 to 85 Carraway

65 to Coriander 14 to 17 English 50 0 to 54 0 Bacon, per cwt. Canary O to ol Trefoil, new . 42 to 75| Irish

44 0 to 46 0 Short middles 57 to 58 Rapeseed, £34 to £36.

Rapeseed £32 to £33 Hams, dry, 55 to 58



Pease & Beans.
1st,......38s. Od. Isto......255. 6d. 1st,...... 24s. 6d. 1st....... 20s. Od.

2d, ...... 24s. Od. 2d, .21s. Od. 2d
.32s. Od. 3d,.. .20s. Od. 3d, ......17s. Od. 3d, ......175. Od.
Average of Wheat, £1:15:5 6-12ths.

Tuesday, March 7.
Beef (17} oz. per lb.) Os. 6d. to Os. 8d. Quartern Loaf Os. 9d. to Os. 10d.

Os. 6d. to Os. 8d. Potatoes (28 lb.) Os. 8d. to Os. Od. Lamb, per quarter

10s. Od. to 14s. Od. Butter, per lb. ls. 8d. to Os. Od. Veal Os. 8d. to ls. Od. Salt ditto,

1s. Od. to Os. Od. Pork

Os. 6d. to Os. 8d. Ditto, per stone 16s. Od. to Os. Od. Tallow, per stone 9s. Od. to 9s. 6d. Eggs, per dozen Os. 8d. to Os. Od.



Beans. 1st.......37s. Od. 1st,...... 25s. 6d. 1st,.. .23s. Od. 1st,......18s. Od. 1st,......19s. Od. 2d, ......35s. Od. | 2d,.......23s. Od. | 2d, 20s. Od. | 2d,......158. Od. 2d, ......16s. Od. 3d, ......32s. Od. 3d,

.20s. Od. 3d, ......17s. Od. | 3d,......13s. Od. | 3d, ......14s. Od.

Average of Wheat, £1:14: 6 3-12ths. Average Prices of Corn in England and Wales, to the Week ended 26th Feb. 1820. Wheat, 65s. 10d.-Rye, 58s. 10d.-Barley, 35s. 3d.-Oats, 24s. 1d.-Beans, 448. 11d.-Pease, 48s. Id.

Beer or Big, Os. Od.-Oatmeal, 25s. 11d. Average Prices of British Corn in Scotland,

by the Quarter of Eight Winchester Bushels, and Oatmeal, per Boll of 128 lbs. Scots Troy, or 140 lbs. Avoirdupois, of the Four

Weeks immediately preceding the 15th Feb. 1820. Wh eat, 51s. 98.-Rye, 36s. 5d.—Barley, 27s. 4d.-Oats, 21s. 3d.-Beans, 32s. 2d. - Pease, 31s. 11d.

Beer or Big, 24s. Id.-Oatmeal, 17s. 11d. Vol. VI.

4 Y


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3d dry

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......358. 6d.

9......18s. 6d.


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61 F.


Army. Lieut. Col. Hon. John Ramsay, of hp, late Clan-Alpine Fen. Inf. Colonel

12 Aug. 1819 3 Dr. G. Ass, Surg. Williamson, from hp. 7 Dr.

G. As. Sur. vice Coleman, exc. 3 Feb. 1820 5

Foster, from hp. Assist. Surg. vice Maginn, exch.

do. 4 Dr. Lieut. Alp to be Captain by purch. vice Wright, ret.

13 Jan. Fendall, Captain by purch. vice Fayer, ret.

3 Feb. Cornet Townshend, Lieut, by pur. 13 Jan.

Hawkins, Lieut. by purch. S Feb. G. T. Hooker, Cornet by purch. 13 Jan.

R. De Lisle, Cornet by purch. 3 Feb. 8

Troop Quar. Mast. M. 1. Donahoo, Reg.

Quar. Mast. vice Masters, dead. do. 10 Lt. Gen. Lord Stewart, G.C.B. Colonel do. 11 Lieut. Gage, from 31 F. Lieut. vice Hamond, exch,

do. Foster, from hp. 25 Dr. Lieut. vice Ormsby, exch.

10 do. 15

Dixon, Captain by purch. vice Bellairs, ret.

do. Cornet Elton, Lieut. by purch. do. Gren.G. Ensign and Lieut. Erskine, Lt. and Capt. by pur. vice Lord C. Fitzroy, 55 F. do.

Glanville, fm, hp. Ens. and Lieut.

do. Cold. G. Captain H. J. W. Bentinck, Adjutant, vice

Ĉ. Bentinck, res. Adjutant only do. 3 F. G. Lt. and Capt. Wigston, Capt, and Lieut. Colonel by purch. vice Stewart, ret.

31 Dec. 1819 Lieut. Anson, Lieut. and Capt. by purch.

20 Jan. 1820 Gent. Cadet Dixon, from Roy. Mil. Coll.

Ensign and Lieut. by purch. do. 1 F. Gen. Marquis of Huntly, Colonel 29 do.

Ensign Stephens, Lieut. vice Vaughan, dead

10 Feb. E. Muller, Ensign

do. 6 J. W. Stuart, Eusign, vice Chambers, dead

do. 8 Ensign Cotter, from hp. Ensign, vice

Wainwright, exch. rec. diff. 27 Jan. 9 Captain Barnwell, from hp. 88 F. Capt. vice Stirling, exch.

10 Feb. 27 Lieut. Maclean, Capt. by purch. vice Molloy, ret.

20 Jan. Ensign Beauclerk, from 62 F. Lieut. by purch. vice M'Lean, prom.

3 Feb. 31 Lieut. Hammond, from 14 Dr. Lieut, vice Gage, exch.

do. 37 Capt. Perry, from hp. 56 F. Captain vice Stephens, exch.

do. 38

Hardman, from hp. 83 F. Captain, vice Gallie, exch. rec. diff.

do. 42 Gen. Earl of Hopetoun, G.C.B. Colonel

29 Jan. 44 Lieut. Gen. Gore Browne, Colonel do. 46 Ensign Campbell, Lieut. by purch. vice Vincent, 89 F.

3 Feb. C. L. Leslie, Ensign

do, 50 Major Poo, from hp. 99 F. Maj. Wemyss, exch.

10 do. Captain Baldwin, from 83 F. Capt. vice Poitier, 61 F.

do. Lieut. Seward, from hp. Lieut. vice Douglas, cancelled

27 Jan. N. Power, Ensign by purch, vice Cappage, cancelled

20 do. 55 Brevet Lieut. Col. Lord C. Fitzroy, from Gren. G. Major by purch. vice Hog, ret.

27 do. 57 Lieut. Dix, Captain, vice Montgomerie, dead

10 Feb. Ensign Montgomerie, Lieut.

do. J. W. Taylor, Ensign

do. 58 Ensign Hebden, from hp. 2 Gar. Bn. Ens. vice Baynes, exch.

27 Jan.

Bt. Lieut. Col. Poitier, from 50 F. Major, vice Owen, dead

10 Feb. 62

R. Power, Ensign by purch. vice Beauclerk, 27 F.

3 do. 67 W. M. P. Sweedland, Ensign, vice MacDaniel

20 Jan. 68

Lieut. Stretton, from hp. vice Sloan, exc. rec. dift.

3 Feb. 73

Lloyd, Capt. by purch, vice Coane, ret.

do. Ensign Monck, Lieut. vice Murphy, dead

2 do Williamson, from 45 F. Lieut. by purch. vice Lloyd

3 do. P. Primrose, Ensign, vice Monck 79 Lieut, Cameron, from hp. Lieut. vice

Thomson, exch. rec. diff. 27 Jan. 84

Westby, from hp. Lieut. vice St Clare, exch. rec. diff.

3 Feb. Brockman, from hp. 84 F. Lieut.

vice Bowsar, exch. rec. diff. 10 do. 85

Thomson, from hp. Paym. vice Biggard, cashiered

27 Jan, 90

Capt. Holmes, from hp. 78 F. Capt. vice
Holland, 1 Å. V. Bn.

9 Feb. Lieut. Maclean, from hp. 3 F. G. Lieut.

vice Grant, exch. rec. diff. 27 Jan. 91 Ensign M'Intyre, from hp. 3 W. I. R.

Ens. vice Campbell, exch. 10 Feb. 92 Lieut. Gen. John Hope, formerly of 60 F. Colonel

29 Jan. Lieut. Madden, from 43 F. Captain, vice Innes, dead

10 Feb. Rifle B. Capt. Stewart, from hp. Capt. Beckwood, exch.

27 Jan. Gent. Cadet G. V. Creagh, from R. Mil. Coll. 2d Lieut. vice Peel

6 do. 1W.I.R. Lt. Chads, Captain by purch. vice Isles, ret.

27 do. Ensign Myers, Lieut. by purch.

3 Feb. Hosp. Mate B. O'Brien, Assist. Surg. vice Dunn, Staff

do. Cape C. Lt. Stockenstroom, from hp. of the late

Regt. vice Stockenstroom, exch. 10 do. IR.V.B. Brevet Major Holland, from 90 F. Capt. vice Chapman, cancelled

3 do. Lieut. Dean, from hp. R. Wag. Tr. Lieut. vice Gilbert, cancelled

do. Fothergill, from hp. 97 F. Lieut. vice Fuller, cancelled

do. Ensign Mackenzie, from hp. 8 W. I. R.

Ensign, vice Gordon, 7 v. Bn.

Paym. Briggs, from hp. 58 F. Paym. do. 2 Lieut. Bambrick, from hp. 43 É. Lieut. vice Walker, cancelled

do. Young, 'from hp. 25 F. Lieut. vice Dickenson, cancelled

do. O'Connell, from hp. 82 F. Lieut. vice Green, cancelled

Ensign Ellar, from hp. 35 F. Ensign do. 3

Brevet Maj. Wood, from 90 F. to be Capt. vice Mansfield, cancelled

do. Lieut. Stewart, from hp. 2 G. Bn. Lieut. vice Atkinson, cancelled

do. Lynch, from hp. 99 F. Lieut. vice Challis, cancelled

do. Fleming, from 90 F. Lieut. vice Goslett, cancelled

Black, from hp. 50 F. Lieut. vice Elliott, cancelled

do. M“Caul, from hp. 1 G. Bn. Lieut. vice Bateman, cancelled

do. Qua. Master Buchanan, from hp. 5 G. Bn. Quarter Master

10 do. Lieut. Stobie, hp. Sicilian Regt. Lieut. vice Pigott, cancelled

3 do. Cavendish, from hp. 3 Gar. Br. Lieut. vice Groves, cancelled do. Brevet Major Ross, from hp. 6 W. I. R.

Capt. vice Gordon, cancelled do. Lieut. Warren, from 4 R. V. Bn. Lieut.

vice Perry, cancelled 1 Nov. 1819 Ensign Gordon, from 1 R. V. Bn. Ensign, vice Alexander, cancelled





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