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nomination ; and every individual who will substitute for stone bridges, (the enormous take the trouble to furnish himself with an expense of which renders the construction of original impression from any one of the test an adequate number impracticable,) bridges dies, may, by comparison, determine whes of wrought iron, which are as strong as ther the note is genuine or not.

stone bridges, and may be built at oneThis invention appears capable of putting fifth of the expense. If, instead of conan entire stop to the forgery of all paper de structing these iron bridges on stone piles, curities, of whatever description.

wood were substituted for the stone, the We understand with pleasure, that the expense would be diminished one-half ; proprietors of this patent have formed a and thus we might have ten wooden connexion with Mr Charles Heath, an emi- bridges for one of stone. The principal nent engraver of this metropolis, and intend advantages of the bridges are : 1. Great to have an extensive and permanent estab- strength ; each arch bearing the weight lishment in London, for the purpose of exe- of a million of killogrammes, (984 tons, cuting work for public or private Banking 7 cwt.), without the necessity of conInstitutions, and also all engravings of structing abutments for the support of which a great number of impressions are the last

arch. 2. The piles may be raised required, which will enable them to furnish at the distance of thirty or forty metres, the work of the best artists at the price paid (98 to 130 feet,) from each other, which for that of a very inferior kind.

must of course diminish expense, and fa. Messrs Perkins and Fairman, it was ge- cilitate navigation. 3. The bridge may nerally expected, would have had the con- be constructed with great expedition, betract with the Bank of England for fur- cause the iron is wrought in the usual way, nishing their new notes. Their plan has and only a slight scaffold is requisite for received the approbation of the most emic raising it. 4. It may be repaired without nent artists of this country, who have signed obstructing the foot.path or carriage-way. a testimonial of its excellence and its capa- 5. It may be raised or lowered at pleasure, bility of answering the end proposed. leaving only the piles standing, which must

The report, however, from the Commis. prove a vast advantage on frontier rivers in sioners appointed by his Majesty, precludes time of war. 6. A portion of the bridge that hope for the present.

may be raised between two piles, sufficient Iron Bridges. A memorial of some in- for the passage of ships.” terest has been presented to the French Shower of Black Dust. - During the night Chamber of Deputies, on the subject of of Tuesday, 16th November, there fell, in wrought-iron bridges, by M. Poyett, the township of Broughton, North America, architect to the Minister of the Interior, on the south shore, so great a quantity of a and to the Chamber, and a member of black powder, as completely to cover the the Institute. “ I propose,” says he,“ to snow which was then on the ground.


the press.

LONDON. THE Memoirs of the late Richard Lovell An Essay on the Evils of Popular Igno. Edgeworth, which will soon appear, are by rance ; by Mr Forster, author of Essays on himself, and continued by Miss Edgeworth the Decision of Character, &c. In a former Number it was erroneously A new edition of Bisset's Reign of George stated, that they were written entirely by III. in seven octavo volumes. that distinguished Female.

In great forwardness, at the Lithographic The Third and fourth Cantos of Don Press, a series of characteristic Portraits of Juan are advertised by Mr Murray as in the Cossacks attached to the Russian army

in 1815 and 1816, with ample details of the Picturesque Illustrations of Buenos Ayres history, manners, and customs of the diffeand Monte Video, with twenty-four colour- rent tribes to which they belonged, in one ed views; by E. E. Vidal, Esq.

volume, imperial octavo. Two additional Books of the Historical Mr Sharon Turner's third edition of the Memoirs of Napoleon, by himself, may be History of the Anglo-Saxons, in three vosoon expected.

lumes octavo, is nearly ready. It will conCoronalia ; or an Historical Account of tain an addition of several observations and Crowns and Coronations ; by Mr Scott, au- dialogues of our King Alfred on the subthor of the Digest of Military Law, &c. jects discussed by Boethius a fuller analy

A new and uniform edition of the Works sis of the heroic poem on Beowulf-a larger of Dr Jeremy Taylor, in fourteen octavo view of the Witena-gemot or Anglo-Saxon volumes, with a life ; by the Rev. Reginald Parliament-and a detail of the population Heber, A. M.

of the Anglo-Saxons.

A Picturesque Tour over Mount Sempe history of their manners and fortunes, by lon, from Geneva to Milan, in one volume Martin Dobrishoffer, a German Jesuit, who royal octavo, with thirty six coloured en- devoted the prime of his years to the task of gravings.

converting them, and in old age, after the Cromwell ; or the Adventurer ; by Mr extinction of his order, found consolation in Corry.

recording the knowledge which he had so Sketches from St George's Fields ; by painfully acquired, and the labours which Giorgioni di Castel Chiuso, with twenty vig- had been so miserably frustrated, is, of all nettes.

books relating to savage life, the most curiRemarks on the Church and Clergy ; by ous, and, in every respect, the most interestMr J. E. Shuttleworth.

ing."-SOUTHEY's History of the Brazils. The Christian Family Assistant ; by H. Royal Military Calendar, Army Service L. Popplewell; with An Historical Essay Book, and Military History of the Last on Prayer, by Ingram Cobbin.

Century. Containing the Services of all the A second edition of Dr Aikin's Annals of General and Field Officers of the Army, George III. brought down to the present time. Narratives of all the Battles and Sieges of

The third and fourth volumes of the Rev. the last Century, Biographies of deceased Robert Stevenson's Scripture Portraits, will and retired Officers, &c. &c. By Sir John appear in the Course of the spring.

Philippart, Librarian to H.R.H. the Duke A new edition of Mr Jolliffe's Letters of Kent. Third Edition. 5 vols 8vo. from Palestine, will soon be ready.

In the press, Memoirs of his late Majesty The final volume of Mr Morell's Studies George III. ; by John Brown, Esq. author in History, will be published in April. of the Northern Courts.

The Rev. J. Gibbart of Dublin, will The Orientalist ; or, Electioneering in shortly publish a series of connected Lec- Ireland ; a Novel ; in two volumes.

.; tures on the Holy Bible.

A Treatise on the Nature of Scrofula, in An edition of Cicero's Works, complete which an attempt is made to account for in 11 volumes ; by Dr Carey, Editor of the the Origin of that. Disease, on new prinRegent's Pocket Classics.

ciples, illustrated by various Facts and Ob. The History of the Zodians; a fictitious servations, explanatory of a method for its narrative, designed to illustrate the natural complete Eradication, &c.; by William origin of public institutions ; by the Rev. J. Farr, (Member of the Royal College of SurClark, author of the Wandering Jew.

geons, London) Half Moon Street, PiccaA Series of Portraits of the most eminent dilly. Foreign Musical Composers, with a short Early in the month will be published, Biography, No I. 75. Proof impressions of Chevy Chace, the second edition, with other the plates, 9s. each.

Poems. The personal history of King George III. In the press, and speedily will be pubundertaken with the assistance of persons lished, a Visit to the Province of Upper officially connected with the late King; and Canada, in 1819 ; by James Strachan, dedicated, by permission, to his present bookseller, Aberdeen. Majesty ; by Edward Hawke Locker, Esq. Dr Charles Hastings, physician to the P. R. Š., handsomely printed, with por. Worcester Infirmary, has in the press, traits, fac-similes, &c. in 4to.

in 1 vol. 8vo, a Treatise on Inflammation The Fall of Jerusalem, a Dramatic Poem; of the Mucous Membrane of the Lungs, by H. H. Milman, M. A. author of Fazio, to which is prefixed, an Experimental In8vo.

quiry into the General Nature of InflammaAn account of the Abipones, an eques- tion, and the Contractable Power of the trian people in the interior of South Ameri. Blood Vessels. ca, translated from the original Latin of In the course of the month will be pubMartin Dobrishoffer, one of the Ex-Jesuits, lished, the First Part of a History of Engtwenty-five years a Missionary in Paraguay, land, during the reign of George III. The 2 vols 8vo.

work will be written with the strictest im“ The Abipones have been in one thing partiality, and embellished with numerous fortunate above all otur savages ; for the Portraits and other Engravings.


EDINBURGH. THE Abbot, by the Author of the Monas- ing its origin and progress--the leading tery, we understand, is already in the press. Doctrines and forms of Ecclesiastical Polity

An Account of the Fishes found in the that have been founded on it, and the effect River Ganges and its Branches, with En. which it has produced upon the moral and gravings, executed in the best manner, from political state of Europe. The work will be original Drawings; by Francis Hamilton, comprised in 3 vols 8vo. M.D. F.R.S. Lon. and Edin. 4to.

The History of the Indian Archipelago. Dr Cook, Laurence Kirk, has for several By John Crawfurd, Esq. F.R.S. Late Briyears been preparing, and has now nearly tish Resident at the Court of the Sultan or ready for the press,

“ A General and His- Java. 3 vols 8vo. With illustrative Map torical View of Christianity,” comprehende and Engravings. VOL. VI.

4 X

An Account of the Arctic Regions, in- Tales of the Sempstresses, 2 vols post cluding the Natural History of Spitzbergen Svo. and the adjacent Islands, the Polar Ice, and The Poems of Alexander Montgomerie, the Greenland Seas; with a History and Author of The Cherrie and the Slae. Description of the Northern Whale Fishery. These Poems will be accurately printed Chiefly derived from Researches made dur- from a MS. presented by the celebrated ing Seventeen Voyages to the Polar Seas. Drummond of Hawthornden, to the Li. By William Scoresby, Jun. F.R.S. E. 2 brary of the University of Edinburgh. As vols 8vo. With numerous Engravings. the impression is to be very limited, gentle

A Journey in Carniola and Italy, in the men wishing to secure copies are requested Years 1817-1818. By W. A. Cadell, Esq. to send their names to the publishers, with. F.R.S. 2 vols 8vo. With numerous En. out delay. The price will not exceed 12s, gravings.

The Rev. William Taylor, Jun. D. D. Preparing for publication, the Theologi- of St Enoch's Church, Glasgow, has in the cal Lectures of the late Rev. Principal Hill press a Sermon, occasioned by the death of of St Andrew's.

his Majesty, King George the III. Dr Cook also intends to submit to the Mr G. A. F. Jehring, a native of Gerpublic, a Biographical Memoir of the late many, residing in Glasgow, has now in the Venerable Principal Hill.

press a German Grammar, on an entirely The Poetical Decameron; or Conversa- new plan. This work presents, in a tabular tions on English Poets and Poetry, particu- arrangement, at one view, the declensions larly of the Reigns of Elizabeth and James and conjugations--the governing and comI. By J. Payne Collier, of the Middle pounding prepositions the transpositive Temple. 2 vols post 8vo. (Nearly ready.) conjunctions, and various orders of con

In the press, and shortly will be publish- structions. The whole is illustrated under ed, Sermons, by Ministers of the General appropriate divisions, by copious examples Associate (Antiburgher) Synod, in 2 vols printed in italic characters, and with the 12mo.

pronunciation marked in a way so simple, Proposals have been issued for publishing as to be easily understood even by the by subscription, by the Rev. W. M. Wade, youngest pupils, and thereby rendering it (Author of “ Walks in Oxford,”) a Second peculiarly adapted for private as well as for and concluding volume to the History of public study. Several literary persons who Renfrewshire. The work will be published have seen the MS. are of opinion, that it is in a 4to volume of 400 pages, with 24 superior to any existing grammar ; and that plates, drawn and engraved by W. H. Liz- it will effectually remove the difficulties ars. Demy quarto, L.1, lls. 6d. Royal, which the English student has had to enL.2, 12s. 6d." or with Proofs on India counter, in acquiring a perfect knowledge of paper, L.3, 13s. 6d.

that language




DRAMA. A New System of Cultivation without The Cenci, a Tragedy, in five acts ; by lime, or dung, or summer fallow; by Ma. Percy B. Shelley, 8vo. "4s. 6d. jor-General Beatson. 8vo.

Ivanhoe ; or, The Jew's Daughter; a BIBLIOGRAPHY.

Melo-Drama ; by T. Dibdin, 2s. 6d. A general Catalogue of new and second. The Antiquary ; by D. Terry, 3s. hand Books, by J. Dowding, 3s. 64.


Vine's Key to Keith on the Globes, 12mo. 4s. George the Third, his Court and Family, A Syllabic Guide to the true pronuncia8vo. 2 vols. 28s.

tion of the French Language ; by the Rev. The public and domestic life of his late J. Till. 2s. Majesty, George III. ; by Edward Holt, Poems for Youth ; by a Family Circle, Esq. 8vo.

12mo. 3s. 6d. The Huntingdon Peerage; by Henry An Introduction to French, on the plan Nugent Bell, 4to.

of the Eton Latin Grammar; by W. S. The Life of John Sebastian Buck, by Dr Kenny, 3s. Forkel; translated from the German, 8vo. On Education ; by J. Macnab, 75. 6s.

Taylor's Mother's Journal, 12mo. 4s. BOTANY.

On the present and past Participles of the Galpine's Synoptical Compend. of British French Language ; by M. Maillard, 12mo. Botany, arranged after the Linnæan Sys- 3s. 6d. tem, new edition. 10s. 6d.

Stephens' Greek Thesaurus, No IX. It DOMESTIC ECONOMY.

will be seen by this Number, that the Edi. A Guide to Young Brewers, particularly tors have adopted a new arrangement, calcuadapted for Families, 8vo. 12s.

lated greatly to accelerate the future progress



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of the Work, and insuring its completion History of the Jews, from the Destrucwithin narrower limits.

tion of Jerusalem to the Present Time ; by
The copies which belonged to deceased H. Adams. 12s.
subscribers may be had at L.1, 5s. small,

and L.2, 12s. 6d. large paper. The price
will be soon raised to L.1, 7s. and L 2, 155. of London, vol. iii. part iv. £1:6:6.

Transactions of the Horticultural Society
Subscribers, of course, remain at the price
at which they originally enter. Each part
will contain 200 pages on an average, after Statutes of the United Kingdom, 59. Geo.
this. Nos I. to IX. contain about 9000 III. 8vo. £1:4:6.
words omitted by Stephens. The copies Proceedings in the House of Commons,
printed are strictly limited to the number of anil in the Court of King's Bench, in the
subscriptions. Total subscribers, large and case of Mr Hobhouse. 48. Od.
small, 1085.

A Letter to Sir John Newport, Bart. on The Delphini and Variorum Classics, the Commission appointed to inquire into Nos XI. and XII, Containing the con

the Duties, Salaries, &c. of Officers of the clusion of Cæsar, and the commencement Courts of Justice in England ; with Obser. of Juvenal. The present price is L.1, ls.

vations on the office of Master in Chancery ; small, and L.2, 2s. large paper. The prices by F. P. Stratford, Esq. a Master in Chan will be shortly increased, as very few copies cery. 3s. 6d. remain unsold.

Letters addressed to the Master of the Nos. XIII. and XIV. will appear at the King's Bench, on the Practice of the Office end of March.

of Pleas in the Exchequer ; by Paul DickenCornelius Nepos, with English Notes,

Letter 1. 2s. 6d. and Historical and Geographical Questions.

A Treatise on the Law of the Preroga-
For Schools. By the Rev. C. Bradley. tive of the Crown, and the Relative Du-
Second Edition, i 2mo. 38. 6d. bd. ties and Rights of the Subject; by J. Chit-

Cæsar's Commentaries, from Oberlin's ty, royal 8vo. £1, ls.
Text; with all the Delphin Notes, but Report of Trials in the Courts of Canada,
without the Interpretation. Many plates. relative to the Destruction of the Earl of
Octavo. 10s. 6d.

Selkirk's Settlement in the Red River, with
At the suggestion of very many Observations ; by A. Amos, 8vo. 78. 6d.
Schoolmasters, Mr Valpy has published the The Student's Guide to the Inner Temple,
old Delphin School Books on this new plan ; pointing out the Regulations, &c. ; by J.
and should any difficulty occur in procuring Gardner. ls.
them through the regular channel, Mr

Valpy will most readily supply thein on

The Mother's Medical Assistant; by Sir equal terms.

Arthur Clarke, M. D. 12mo. 46. 6d.

A Series of Views of the Abbeys and
Castles in Yorkshire, drawn and engraved by R. Torrens, 8vo. 128.

An Essay on the External Corn Trade ; by Westall and Mackenzie, with Descrip

Address to those who may be moving to tions, by T. D. Whitaker, 4to. No 1.

the United States ; by G. Courtauld.
10s. 6d.
An extraordinary fine Likeness of our late

The Oxford University Calendar' for

1820. 55. 6d. venerable Sovereign ; by J. Agar, 7s. 6d.

Williams' History of Inventions, 8vo.
Picturesque Tour of the Rhine, Part V.

2 vols. £1, 4s.
Portraits of the British Poets from Chau. by Isaac Taylor, 8vo. 5s.

Character Essential to Success in Life ;
cer to Cowper, royal 8vo. 12s. 4to. 16s.
Proofs on India Paper, 4to. 24s

The Quarterly Musical Magazine and

Review, Part VI. 58.
Fac Similes of Drawings, by the Dutch

British Review, No XXIX. 6s.
Masters; by Plools Van Amstel, Part II.
£25, 2s.

The Londsdale Magazine, or Beauties of

the North of England ; being a Description GEOGRAPHY.

of Gentlemen's Seats. Thomson's Cabinet Atlas, Imp. 4to.

The Pamphleteer, No XXX. 6s. 6d. £2, 2s.

This Work comprises the best entire HISTORY,

Pamphlets of the day, on Literary, Political, Memoirs of the Early Campaigns of the Religious, and Miscellaneous Subjects, on Duke of Wellington, in Portugal and Spain. both sides of every question. It is publish8s. 6d.

ed occasionally, at an average of four NumThe History of the Crusades ; by Charles bers annually. This number contains the Mills, 8vo, 2 vols. £1, 4s.

celebrated Pamphlet on Germany and the Aspin's Analysis of Universal History, Revolution, by Professor Goerres, late EdiPart XVII.

tor of the Rhenish Mercury, is just publishHistorical Memoirs of Buonaparte, trans- ed, translated liberally from the German lated from the French; by Barry O'Mcara. Pamphlet, lately suppressed by the Prussi10s. 60.

an government.


The Arcadian, No I. 2s. 6d.

A Reply to the Rev. Mr Todd's vindicaThe Sportsman's Repository, Part II. tion of our authorised translation and tran4to. 10s. 6d.

slators of the Bible ; by Sir James Bland Debrett's Peerage, 13th edition, £1, 4s. Burgess, bart. £1, 1s.

An account of the various modes of shoe- Sermons; by Dr Burfield, 8vo. Vol. II. ing Horses; by J. Goodwin. 8vo. 12s. A recently discovered Ethiopic version

Observations on a Plan for a more fre- of the first, usually called the fourth, or quent delivery of the Gaols : by R. Fel- second apocryphal Book of Ezra; by Richard lowes, Esq. 1s. 6d.

Lawrence, D. D. 12s.

Daily Bread ; or, Meditations for every Domestic Scenes, 3 vols 12mo. £1,1s. day in the year. 8s. 6d.

Coincidence ; or, the Soothsayer ; by Sermons; by the Hon. and Rev. E. J. Paul Seabright, 12mo, 3 vols. 16s. 6d. Turnour, 8vo, 3 vols. £1, 78.

Boccacio's Decameron Translated ; a new The state of the Country, a Sermon ; by edition, 8vo. 16s.

I W. Cunningham. 1s. 6d. Olivia ; a Tale ; by a Lady of distinc- A Catechism on the Truth of Christiantion, 12mo, 2 vols. 12s. 6d.

ity, 12mo. 3s. The Mystery ; or, Forty Years ago, 3 The double bereavement ; two Sermons vols. £1, ls.

on the death of H. R. H. the Duke of Earl Osric; or, the Legend of Rosamond; Kent, and of his late Majesty ; by W. B. by Mrs Isaacs, 4 vols 12mo. £1, 4s. Collyer, D. D. 2s.

Country Neighbours, and the Shipwreck ; A Sermon on the Death of the King ; by by Miss Burney, 3 vols. £1, 4s.

J. G. Foyster. ls. 6d.—by Joseph Ivemey. Good Humour ; or, my Uncle the Gene. 1s.-by J. H. B. Mountain, A. M. ls. 6d. ral; by a third Cousin, 12mo, 2 vols. 12s. -by J. W. Cunningham-by Rev. T. POETRY

Gilbank. 1ş. the Rev. J. Hughes, Pope's Essay on Man, Messiah, &c. in A. M. Is. Dr R. Winter. ls. the Portuguese language, with Notes, 4to, 60.-by Rev. A. Bedford. ls. 6d. 3 vols. £6, 6s.

A new Edition of the Enthusiasm of Stray Fancies, or Miscellaneous Poems; Methodists and Papists considered ; by by James Fitzmaurice, 12mo. 6s.

Bishop Lavington. 1 vol 8vo. With Notes, Mazeppa Travestie. 2s. 6d.

and an Introduction, by the Rev. R. PolThe Second Tour of Dr Syntax in search whele. 15s. bds. of the Picturesque, 8vo, No II. 2s. 6d. This is a reprint from the scarce edition,

Retrospection; by Thomas Whitby. 5s. now selling for a very high price. The Emigrant's Return; by J. Bartlett. 5s.6d. Author's principal design is, to draw a come The Sceptic ; by Mrs Hemans. 3s.

parison, by way of caution, to all Protestants, Dr Syntax in Paris ; or, a Search in Tour between the wild and pernicious enthusiasm of the Grotesque. Part II. 2s. 6d. of some of the most eminent Saints of the POLITICS.

Popish communion, and those of the MeA Letter to Sir Robert Gifford, knight. thodists in our own country; which latter 2s. 6d.

he calls a set of pretended reformers, ani. The Loyal Man in the Moon. ls. mated by an enthusiastic and fanatical

The Political Apple-Pie; or, the ex. spirit. traordinary red book versified. ls.

TOPOGRAPHY. The Financial House that Jack Built. A Historical and Statistical Account of 6d.

Wallachia and Moldavia ; by W. WilkinThe Palace of John Bull contrasted with son, 8vo. 9s. the poor House that Jack Built, Is. 6d.

VOYAGES AND TRAVELS. The Political Queen that Jack loves. ls. A Voyage to South America, performed THEOLOGY.

by order of the American government; by Messiah's Kingdom ; or, the Second H. M. Brackenridge, Esq. 8vo, 2 vols. Coming of Christ; by John Bayford, F.S.A. £1, 4s. 8vo. 10s.

Journal of New Voyages and Travels, An examination of the charges made a- No 6, Vol. II. 3s. 6d. gainst Unitarians and Unitarianism ; by Travels in the interior of Africa in 1818; Lant Carpenter, D.D. 8vo. 14s.

by M. G. Mollien, 4to. £2, 2s.


EDINBURGH. The Monastery, a Romance, by the au- Edinburgh Monthly Review, No XVI. thor of “ Waverley,” 3 vols 12mo. for April, 2s. 6d.

Edinburgh Christian Instructor, No Edinburgh Review ; or Critical Journal, No CXVI. for March, 1s. 6d.

No LXV. 6s. Edinburgh Annual Register for 1816, A Catechism of Chemistry ; adapted to 8vo. £1, Is.

those commencing the Study of that Science, Literary and Statistical Magazine for illustrated by wood-cuts designed for the Scotland, No XIII. 2s. 6d.

work, 18mo. 2s. 6d.

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