The plays of Philip Massinger, adapted for family reading and the use of young persons, Volume 3


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Página 48 - That proverb fits your stomach, Master .Greedy. And let no plate be seen but what's pure gold, Or such whose workmanship exceeds the matter That it is made of ; let my choicest linen Perfume the room, and, when we wash, the water, With precious powders mix'd, so please my lord, That he may with envy wish to bathe so ever. MAR. 'Twill be very chargeable.
Página 30 - And therefore, I'll not have a chambermaid ; That ties her shoes, or any meaner office, But such whose fathers were right worshipful. 'Tis a rich man's pride ! there having ever been More than a feud, a strange antipathy, Between us and true gentry.
Página 85 - Wellborn And the lands ; were he once married to the widow — I have him here — I can scarce contain myself, I am so full of joy, nay, joy all over. \Exit.
Página 100 - Of pikes, lined through with shot, when I am mounted Upon my injuries, shall I fear to charge them ? No : I'll through the battalia, and that routed, [Flourishing his sword sheathed.
Página 57 - Over. Well done, well done, my honourable daughter ! Thou'rt so already : know this gentle youth, And cherish him, my honourable daughter. Marg. I shall, with my best care. [Noise within, as of a coach.
Página 55 - You see, fair lady, your father is solicitous, To have you change the barren name of virgin Into a hopeful wife. MARG. His haste, my lord, Holds no power o'er my will.
Página 39 - Is this all? Amb. My lady Drank to him for fashion sake, or to please Master Wellborn: As I live, he rises, and takes up a dish In which there were some remnants of a boiled capon, And pledges her in white broth!
Página 327 - This beauty, in the blossom of my youth, When my first fire knew no adulterate incense, Nor I no way to flatter, but my fondness, In all the bravery my friends could show me, In all the faith my innocence could give me, In the best language my true tongue could tell me, And all the broken sighs my sick heart lent me, I sued, and served.
Página 25 - Twas I that gave him fashion; mine the sword, That did on all occasions second his ; I brought him on and off with honour, lady; And when in all men's judgments he was sunk, And, in his own hopes, not to be buoy'd up, I stepp'd unto him, took him by the hand, And set him upright.
Página 14 - Money from thee! From a boy ! A stipendiary ! One that lives At the devotion of a stepmother And the uncertain favour of a lord ! I'll eat my arms first. Howsoe'er blind Fortune Hath spent the utmost of her malice on me — Though I am vomited out of an alehouse, And thus accoutred — know not where to eat, Or drink, or sleep, but underneath this canopy" — Although I thank thee, I despise thy offer; And as I in my madness broke my state Without th' assistance of another's brain, In my right wits...

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