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Page. der the act “ concerning Executions, and for other purposes.” 5 6 Regulations in such cases. 5 9 Appeals, from interlocutory Decrees, taken to the Court of Appeals, when to be decided. 65 Regulations relative thereto. After final decree, and a lapse of two months, no re-hearing to be granted. Decrees misi Taking bills for confessed, may be entered at rules in the Clerk’s Office of any Superior Court of Chancery. (ch. 96,)

1í3 I}eeds Heretofore proved, wholly or in part, at quarterly Courts, to be good evidence against the grantor, his heirs or devisees, all purchasers hereafter, and purchasers heretofore with tice. 52 Concurrent jurisdiction, to receive probats of deeds, granted to monthly and quarterly Courts ef Counties and Corporations. Deeds of Trust, Proceedings on, might be stayed, under the act “ concerning Executions, and for other purposes.” Regulations in sueh cases. Bonds taken to stay proceedings upon Deeds of Trust, whither to iye returned, and executions whence to be issued. 48 I)etinue. Superior Courts of law have eoncurrent jurisdiction with the quarterly Courts in actions of, 15 Dismal Swamp Canal Company. New rate of tolls to be established as soon as the consent of

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Page. E Eastern part of the Commonwealth. Resolution relating to the defence of the, JEducation of the Poor. See Literary Fund and Schools. Elections of Members of the General - •lssembly. Manner of directing a writ of election where a county has been divided. 3. Duties of Sheriffs. . . 3 + Election how to be conducted in such case, And in case of a Senatorial vacancy. + Electors of a President and Vice-President of the United States. Act to encrease their compensatiOn. 3 Twenty-five to be chosen, (ch. 97.) By whom, and in what manner. Arrangement of Counties into electoral Districts. 113 isł. Rule, in case any ticket shall contain the names of more than one person residing in any one District; — fili Orin case two or more persons so resident shall be of the twentyfive first upon the poll. . . Commissioners to be appointed to conduct the elections. Oath or affirmation to be taken by such Commissioners. Their duty. Penalty for neglect. Clerk of the County Court to attend with land-list. . . 11 * if:5 Duty of Governor and Council to advertise the names of persons elected. o 115, sec. 3 Power given any one Commissioner, in case the others fail to attend. 115, sec. 3 Sheriffs of Counties, and Serjeants of Corporations to attend such elections. Penalty for neglect. 1í5 #16 Expenses of such elections, how to be defrayed. 116, Provision, in case any of the peosons elected should fail to : at the time and place appointed by law, 116,



ii} 115 116

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1nformation of lands liable to Es

- - . . Page. No competisation to be made the Commissioners. 116, sec. 6 - Elizabeth Ricer. {{F See Marigation (inland, )

And Resolution No. I. p. 143 - Enquiry (Courts of ) , so See. Militia. 30 31

* Error, (Writ of) May be granted by any judge, in vacation, - 46 See vippeals, (Court of) 65 W Escheats, Confiscations, &c., to coinpoise a fund for the encouragement of learning. - 48 cheat, to be in writing, and up... on oath or affirmation. Power given escheator to adjourn his inquest from day to day. Penalty on Jurors failing to attend. * - - Certificate to be transmitted by the Escheator to the Register, And to be published. t Sale of escheated lands to be directed by the Executive. Claim to be made in twelve months after such publication. . Clerks of County, and Circuit

Courts to certify to the Execu

tive. s r Evidence. What shall be evidence of the incorrectness of an official return, in , controversies respecting the titles of lands supposed to be forfeited for non-payment of taxes, . . . ch. 98, sec. 15, p. 120 Rule as to proof of eacportation of female slates. See Witnesses. Eacamining Court. See Criminal Trials. - Executions. Act of January 31st 1809 concerning, 5 9 N. B. That act was continued in force (by the act of February 1st, 1810, post p. 48,) until the 31st of May 1810, but every remedy provided, for the prosecution of securities given, or rights yested under it, was rendered perpe...tual, see p. Conditions on which def’ts might B2


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ligee should think the security insufficicnt. Securities might require countersecurity. - - - - Cases to which the provisions of that act extended. Plaintiff whose judgment was stayed might resort to his originalsecurity, Proviso, - - Sueh original security might move for counter-security. Proceedings in case the principal debtor failed to give such counter security, . . . . . Commissions allowed the sheriff where bond, for staying execution, was not given before execution levied. - Fee to officer for taking bond. Defendant was bound to pay costs before he could avail himself of the provisions of that act. Where def"ts did not avail themselves of the act, their property was directed to be sold on a c{e. dit, taking bond and security of the purchaser, payable at the cKpiration or repeal of that act. Where the property sold sor more than the sum due ; the sheriff or other person making sale was to take bond and security for the surplus, payable to the debtor. The act of I’ebruary 1808, “ concerning the sale of property under executions and incumbran,

ees” was repealed in part.


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How executions were to be awarded, where forthcoming bonds had been taken on judgments rendered in the district courts, and the establishment of the circuit courts took place, And, in like case, on replevy and 12 months’ bonds. All executions awarded on judgments rendered by any justice of the peace, to be levied by some constable of the county. Act of January 31st, 1809, continued in force to May 31st 1810. 48 Bonds taken to stay proceedings upon deeds of trust, were to be returned to the clerks’ offices of the respective courts in which the deeds were recorded. §heriff or other officer, liable to the same fine for not returning a stay-bond, as for not returning a replevy bond. By whom, and at what time, executions might be awarded on bonds entered into, by virtue of of the act of January 31st 1809, o to judgments rendered y a justice of the peace. Bonds taken by virtue of the execution law, passed the 1st of February 1808, to have the force of judgments. 5% Executions to be issued thereon after the 3ist of May 1810. On all executions issued on honds taken under that law, or the act of January 31st, 1809, the clerk to endorse, “no security to be taken.” Repeal of Part of the 1st section of the act concerning Executions, passed January 24th, 1799. Executions from the superior courts of law, returnable in 15 days. Executive. Duties and power of, relative to the armory. 25 Authorised to purchase one ton of powder and four tons of lead for the exigencies of the state. To cause the militia, when called into actual service, on requisition of the President of the U. States

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To direct sale of escheated lands. To appoint three commissioners to act with an equal number on the part of the United States, to run a line between the lands eeded, and the lands reserved, by Virginia, in the state of Ohio. To appoint a Surveyor to assist them. To appoint an inspector of boats on James River, Who shall at all times be amenaable to the Executive. Ammunition or materials to make it, to be purchased by the Executive, in 1812, (ch. 86,) p. And distributed to such part of the state as may be most exposed to invasion. Governor and Council appointed eommissioners to appoint certain directors of the Farmers' Bank of Virginia, (ch. 88,) p. Authorised to make an eartra-allowance to collectors of arrears of taxes due prior to January ist 1812, (ch. 94.) Duty of, relative to the election of Electors of a President and Vice-President of the U. States, p. 114, sect. 2, 115 To purchase and distributéeopies of the 1st and 2d volumes of the Revised CodeTo send by mail certain copies of the sessions acts as soon as pub

lished, annually,

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Page. Page. Eaccutors and sldministrators. tend the collection of fines, &c. s In what ease and under what re- for the literary fund, 68 gulations, a coroner shall ilave But sheriffs to collect, as heretothe powers and perform the du- fore.

ties of an administrator. 28 29 Fairfaac County, Superior court for, to sit twelve juridical days, if business require it. 58 Fees Of Clerks or other officers, for taking bonds under the act “can, cerning Executions and for o

ther purposes.” 7 8 Øf the Register of the Land Office. 19 Felonies. Wilsully destroying or concealing a will or codieil, with intent to de fraud, declared felony. 29 30

Proceedings to be had when a

grand jury in a superior court presents for felony. 39

Felony, in a free waterman, to embezzle property received on

board his boat. 97 Person injured not to lese his right of aetion, — - Ferries.

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All fines, &c. (except militia sines,) appropriated to the literary fund. 69 Proviso, -Arrears of muster fines (not now -by law otherwise applied) appropriated to the same fund. ** Fines and penalties given to the informer, &c. may (before prosecution commenced and duly prosecuted) be sued for by the

commonwealth, o -*. And appropriated to the same fund. - **

Fines to be imposed for neglect of duty, on companies organized for defence of the Armory, (ch. 86, sect. 3,) p. Penalty on the President or Cashier of the Farmers’ Bank of Virginia for trading in any public stock, (ch. 87,) p. And on the eashier for carrying on any other business than that of the Bank. Qn clerks of courts and magistrates failing to return lists of fines, &c. appropriated to the literary fund, (ch. 90,) p. See Sheriffs, And Gaming sunlawful. ) Fines incurred by magistrates, for failing to appoint processioners o remitted, (ch. 102, sect. 22) p. Penalties and forfeitures incurred by breach of the act of January 25th, 1806, relative to slaves, remitted on certain conditions. Flour (Inspection of ) Proceedings to be had when owner is dissatisfied with inspector's judgment as to the degree of fineoness of his flour, 40 41 If inspector's judgment be reversed, three cents per barrel to be paid by him, 41 If confirmed, three cents per barrel to be paid by the owner. Penalty on person, appointed to * re-view flour, who shall refuse to act. ****





Page. {}ne inspector only to be in Petersburg, 41

Flucanna county. Superior Courts for, when to he held. 57 Farfeitures—-so"See Lands. Also see Lilerary Fund. Forfeited lant's to remain the property of the commonwealth, 76 No such forfeiture to accrue if taxes he paid, with ten per cent. interest, on or before the 1st Novenuber. 1811. - : Forfeiture occasioned by neglect of tenant for life, to operate on his estate only, if sufficient to pay the taxes. Proviso in favor of infants, &c. Forfeitures, in case of suicide, a , bolished, (j- See Slares. Fortifications. Resolution relative to fortificati‘ons or defence of the eastern part of this eommonwealth. - Frederick county. Superior courts for, when to be held... - 57 To sit ten juridical days, Free.Megroes and Jiuluttoes, Not to carry fire arms on board boats in James river above the



falls. - 95 Uther regulations concerniag watermen of colour. 95 97 . . 1 * G

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To F. Govt. RN or to be one of the tommissioners of the literary fund and president of the board. 67 Money appropriated to complete his house, (ch. 84.) Also for out-houses, &c. •Commissioners appointed to rent a house for his temporary residence, and to purchase suitable furniture, (ch. 93.) ... 109 * Goternor and Council. i (To See Earecutive. - Grayson county. Superior courts for, when to be held, . . . 5Y and . . 124 Greenscille county. Records of the superior court where to be kept, - - 72 H. Habeas Corpus. In what court a suit was to be tried, when a writ of liabeas Cor pus had been granted to remove it from an inferior to a district court, and the establishment of circuit courts intervened before its decision. 13 Humpshire county. Superior courts for, when to be held. - 57 . Hardy county. Superior courts for, when to be

held. " 133. I. . Impressments. so P. See Criminal Trials. . Indictments. {{To See Criminal Trials. - Informution.

1 (EP See Criminal Trials,

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