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pense of repairing such arms as may need repairs, eight thousand dollars; for the expenses of election of President and Vice-Presi. dent of the United States, one thousand two hundred dollars ; for the expenses of the representation to Congress and State Senate, three hundred dollars; for wolf sealps, three hundred dollars; for two hundred and sifteen rifles contracted for by the executive, o exceeding the number directed by law, three thousand two hundred and twenty-five doliars; for distributing public arms, seven thousand five hundred dollars ; for the rent of a house for the Governor, six hundred and fifty dollars ; for the repairs of the public warehouses and allowance to commissioners, three thousand dollars ; and for the contingent expenses of government, sifteen thousand dollars. 2. This act shall commence and be in force from and after the Commencement, passing thereof. . .

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•An Act appropriating a sum of Money to repair the Capitol.
[Passed February 18, 1812.]

F. it enacled by the General .1ssembly, That the auditor of e. 1. - - - - - Fight thousand, public accounts be, and he is hereby authorised and direct- ji. ed to issue his warrant in favor of the commissioners hereinafter lars appropria. named, for the sum of eight thousand five hundred dollars for the ted. purpose of repairing the capitol. 2. And be it further enacted, That Andrew Stevenson, John commiss - - - - r ommissionerg Brokenbrough, Philip N. Nicholas, Thomas Taylor, Peyton ... Randolph, Thomas Wilson and Wiiiiam C. Williams be, and they are hereby appointed commissioners, who, or a majority of whom shall have the power, and they are hereby required to let the said ... . work to the lowest bidder, upon such terms as shall be most bene- . power and ficial to the commonwealth, after giving previous notice thereof * in the public gazette for at least one month. 3. This act shall commence and be in force from and after the

- Commencement, passing thereof.


..on Act appropriating a frther Sum of Money for the completion of the Governor's House and for other purposes.

[Passed February 18, 1812.]

HEREAS it appears by the report of the eommissioners - “ directing: l - 1. Preamble. appointed by an act, “directing the sale of certain publies...risia, property, and for other purposes,” that the sum appropriated is not ch. 6, p. 7–an. sufficient to complete the Governor's house ; te, p. 66. 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly, That the auditor of - - ". - ..” “ Three thousand public accounts be, and he is hereby authorised and directed to is-ài. sue his warrant in favor of the commissioners aforesaid for the ated to complete sum of three thousand dollars, for the purpose of completing the the Governor's Governor's house. house ; 2. And be it further enacted, That the auditor of public aceounts r - - - - - !” And five thoube and he is hereby authorised and directed to issue his warrant in joil. for favor of the commissioners aforesaid for the sum of five thousand out houses and dollars, for the purpose of erecting convenient and necessary out enclosure". houses and enclosures to the Governor's house.

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Commencement. 3. This act shall commence and be in force from and after th: passing thereof.


An Act empowering the Executive to put a Fire-proof Roof on the
Jirmory of this Commonwealth.

[Passed February 19, 1812.]

A. 1 o it enacted by the General Assembly. That the Executive *** *** * * B shall be, and they are hereby authorised and required to contract with any person or persons for the covering of the armory of this commonwealth with slate; and the auditor of public acseven thousand counts is hereby empowered to grant a warrant or warrants on the dollars appropria. treasury for a sum not exceeding seven thousand dollars, for the ted. same, to be paid out of any monies therein.

Commencing 2. This aet shall commence and be in force from the passing slause. thereof.


An Act authorising the Executive to purchase .4mmunition, and jo" other purposes.

[Passed February 18, 1812.]

Eighttons offend 1 E it enacted by the General Assembly, That the Executive of ... * * this commonwealth be, and they are hereby authorised #.h.. and required, forthwith, to procure, or eause to be procured, eight on to make that tons of lead, and two tons of gun powder, or the materials necessaquantity, to be ry to make that quantity of powder, which ever, in the opinion of procured. the executive may be most prudent, to be deposited in the public magazine. Executive . 2. And be it further enacted, That whenever in the opinion of o the Executive the public safety shall require it, they shall be and belonging to the they are hereby authorised to distribute all or any part of the pow

state. der and ball belonging to the state, to such part of the common

wealth as may be most exposed to invasion or invasions. go see acts ". 3. And be it furlher enacted, That the officers and privates com. ;"o. prising the company or companies which may be organized by the 3, p. iio Executive for the defence of the armory, agreeably to the 6th sec. Fines, for neglect tion of an act entitled “an act to amend the several acts concernof o: *... ing the militia of this commonwealth, passed February the fourth, o: of* one thousand eight hundred and six,” shall be liable to the same for defence of the sines and penalties for failing or refusing to perform the duties armory. , which may be required of them in pursuance of the said act, as the officers and privates of the main body of the militia are liable to, for sailing or refusing to comply with the duties imposed on them by law. puty of the offi- 3. Jind be it further enacted, That for the purpose of assessing cers to sit as the fines on such delinquent officers and privates, the officer or of ...; ficers commanding such company or companies shall be and they ..o. are hereby authorised and required to sit as members of the batlinquents. talion courts of enquiry held for the first battalion of the nineteenth regiment of militia, and the regimental courts of enquiry held for the said regiments; and they shall make their return of de; linquents to such courts, and the like proceedings shall be had in every respect, as is required by law, with regard to the main Provise. body of the militia: Provided nevertheless, That nothing here. contained shall be so coustrued as to require of the said com:

pany or companies of artificers to perform any of the duties re-
guired by law as a part of the aforesaid regiment, nor to re-
oire the performance of any duties other than those now requir-
cd by law. -
5. And be it further enacted, That the fines imposed by virtue
of this act shall be collected and accounted for, in the same man-
ner as is prescribed by law in the case of fines imposed on the main
body of militia of this state.

6. And be it further enacted, That any expenses which may be
incurred in complying with the requisitions of this act shall be
o out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropri-
ated. -
7. This act shall commence and be in force from and after the
passing thereof.


.An Act incorporating the “Farmers' Bank of Pirginia.”
[Passed February 13, 1812.]

1 E it enacted by the General Assembly, That a Bank shall be
*- established, in the city of Richmond, to be called “ The
Farmers’ Bank of Virginia,” the capital stock whereof shall be
two millions of dollars, and shall be divided into twenty thousand
shares of one hundred dollars each. -
2. There shall be retained and appropriated to the use of the
state, three thousand three hundred and thirty-four of the said
shares to be paid for in manner herein provided for.
3. The residue of said shares shall be disposed of to subscri-
bers, on the following terms, to wit: for each share the subscri-
her shall pay one hundred dollars in gold or silver coin, one fourth
thereof at the time of subscribing, one other fourth within sixty
days thereafter, one other fourth within sixty days after the Bank
shall have gone into operation, and the remaining fourth within
sixty days thereafter. Each share disposed of to subscribers shall
also be charged with an equal proportion of the value of the shares
retained by the state ; that is, with an equal proportion of three
hundred and thirty-three thousand four hundred dollars, to be paid
into the Bank in sixteen semi-annual instalments after the com-
mencement of its operations. And it shall be the duty of the di-
rectors of the Bank to retain such instalments out of the half year-
ly dividends which shall be declared on the shares subscribed for
as aforesaid. And if such dividend shall be insufficient to pay any
semi-annual instalment, it shall be the duty of the president of
the Bank at Richmond to give notice thereof, by causing the same
to be published, for one month, in one or more newspapers print-
ed in each of the towns in which an office of discount and deposit is
established by this act, and in the city of Richmond. And if any
stockholder shall not, within one month after such deficiency shali
have been so declared and published, pay into the Bank at Rich-
mond, or one of the said offices of discount and deposit, the full a-
mount thereof in gold or silver coin, the share or shares of such
stockholder, on which the said deficiency shall be unpaid, shall be
forfeited to the Bank.
4. If any subscriber or subscribers, his, her or their assignee,
or assignees, or other represensative, shall at any time, be delin-
quent, for the space of ten days, in the payment of any instal-

Fines, how to be collected and accounted for.

Expenses incurred in complying with this act, how to be paid.


Bank to be esth-
Amount of capi-
tal; and of each

Number of shares retained by the state.

On what terms shares are to be disposed of to subscribers.

Penalty on delinquent subscribers.

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Commissioners Authorised to re. ceive monies du: on shares.

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ment or instalments, being part of the hundred dollars required at
above to be paid in gold or silver upon any share or shares, such
share or shares, together with any dividend or dividends which
may be then due thereon, shall be forfeited to the Bank.
5. Books of subscription, for disposing of sixteen thousand six
hundred and sixty-six shares of the stock aforesaid, shall be open-
ed on the first Monday in April next, in the following manner, to
wit:—In Richmond, for four thousand one hundred and sixty-six
shares, under the superintendance of Andrew Stevenson, Nathan-
iel Selden, Joseph Selden, Charles Whitlock, Benjamin Hatcher,
John B. Ogg, John G. Gamble, John L. Harris, James Scott, jr.
Robert Pollard, Philip N. Nicholas, John Ambler, Thomas stu.
therfoord, William Marshall, and Colin McRae;—In Norfolk,
for four thousand one hundred and sixty-six shares, under the su-
perintendance of Richard II. Larkin Smith. Littleton Waller
Tazewell, Richard Blow, John E. Holt, Theodoriek Armistead,
Robert B. Taylor, Martin Fisk, Robert E. Steed, William P. Fos.
ter, Andrew J. McConico, Samuel B. Archer, George Newton
and George W. Maupin ;—in Lynchburg, for one thousand six
hundred and sixty-six shares, under the superintendance of An.
selm Lynch, George Reveley, Isaac Otey, William Hopkins,
Thomas Moore, William Mitchell, Thomas Higginbotham, Willi.
am Davis, William Norvell. Samuel Anthony, William Warwick,
Charles Johnston, John Dabney, James Graham, Edward Watts
and Christopher Clarke;—In Winehester, for one thousand six
hundred and sixty-six shares, under the superintendanee of Gerard
Williams, Edward Smith, Charles Magill, Beattie Carson, Ed.
ward McGuire, Daniel Lee, Daniel Gold, Isaac Baker, Joseph
Gamble, Abraham Miller. Peter Lauck, IIenry St. George Tuck.
er, Alfred H. Powell, Lewis Wolfe, and Lemuel Bent;-In Pe.
tersburg, for two thousand and eighty-three shares, under the su.
perintendance of Robert Pegram, John Pegram, Samuel Hinton,
William Wills, John W. Wilcox, John Hinton. Joseph Bragg, Da-
vid Walker, Joseph G. Wilder, Drury Burge, Benjamin H. Hicks,
John F. May, John Allison and Robert Bolling; In Frede-
ricksburg, for one thousand six hundred and sixty-six shares, un-
der the superintendance of Robert Stanard. John Minor, Robert
Patton, John Mundell, Thomas Goodwin, Robert S. Chew, Gar,
rctt Minor, Carter L. Stevenson, John W. Green, John Scott, Ro-
bert Mackey, Hugh Mercer, Dabney Herndon and Alexander
Walker; and in Staunton, for one thousand two hundred and
fifty-three shares, under the superintendanee of Andrew Anderson,
Andrew Fulton, Chapman Johnson, Archibald Stuart, John
Brown. Robert Porterfield. Alexander St. Clair, John Wayt, Samu-
el Clarke, John McI)owell, John C. Sowers and Jacob Swoope.
6. The persons appointed commissioners are hereby authorised
to receive all monies which may become due, previous to the time

* when the Bank shall be organized by the election of directors, on

the shares which shall have been subscribed for in the books res.
pectively committed to their charge. A majority of them respee-
tively shall be sufficient to perform the duties of their appoint.
ment; and they shall keep the subseription open, at least for the
term of ten days; and, if not completed at the expiration of that
period, the same shall be kept open until the number of shares, at :
the places before mentioned respectively, shall be subscribed for,
and no longer; but if the subscription shall be filled at any time
before the expiration of the aforesaid term of ten days, then *
- - § - * , * * - o . . . .

1N THE THIRTY-sixTH YEAR or THF, commonweal.TH. ( 10.4 x immediately after the same shall be so filled, no person or copart- ease the obscripmership, or body politie, shall, during the remainder of the term !. ... lil aforesaid, be permitted to subscribe for more than two shares. , i.js. 7. and be it further enacted, That all the subscriptions, and the subscriptions to shares obtained in consequence thereof, shall be deemed, and held be for the excluto be for the sole and exclusive use and benefit of the persons, co-sions to he partnerships or bodies politic respectively subscribing, or in whose . .* behalf the subscriptions respectively shall be declared to be made, are declared to at the time of making the same: and all bargains, contracts, pro- he made. mises and engagements, in any wise contravening this provision, *.*. o: shall be void; and the persons, co-partnerships or bodies politic, o.o.o. respectively, so subscribing, or for whose use the subscriptions shall be declared to be made as aforesaid, shall have, enjoy and reeeive the share or shares respectively obtained in consequeneo thereof, and all the interest and emoluments thence arising, as freely, fully and absolutely, as if they had, respectively, paid the consideration therefor; any such bargains, contracts, promises or engagements to the contrary notwithstanding. 8. Turing the first ten days appointed for receiving subscripti. o'." ons as above, no subscription whatever shall be received in the :::::... on name, or for the use of any inhabitant, or inhabitants, of any one subscribing elseof the towns of Richmond, Norfolk, Lynchburg, Petersburg, Fre- where, doing the dericksburg, Winchester or Staunton, unless it be made in the ****** books of the town within which the person or persons for whose benefit the subscription shall be made, shall at that time reside. 9. Jiul be it further enacted, That the subscribers to the said . bank, their successors and assigns, shall be, and are hereby crea- incorporate ted and made a corporation and body politic, in law and in fact, by the name and style of the President, Directors and Company of the Fariners' Bank of Virginia, and shall so continue until the Name and style, first day of June, one thousand eight hundred and twenty-seven, How long to conand no longer; and by the name and style aforesaid, they shall be, * and are hereby made able and capable in law, to have, purchase, May own properreceive, possess, enjoy and retain, to themselves and their succes; i. ...” o a; sors, lands, rents, tenements, hereditaments, goods, chattels and mount : effects, to an amount, not exceeding in the whole four millions six hundred and sixty-six thousand six hundred and sixty-six dollars and two thirds of a dollar, including the aunount of the capital stock aforesaid; and the same to sell, grant, demise, alien or disse of ; to sue and be sued, implead and be impleaded ; answer invested with au and be answered ; defend and be defended in courts of record or the powers of a any other place whatsoever; and also to make, have and use a com- corporation or mon seal ; and the same to break, alter or renew at their plea- i. politic in sure; and also to ordain, establish and put in czecution such bye- aw ; laws, ordinances and regulations, as shall seem necessary and convenient for the government of the said eorporation ; not being: eantrary to the constitution or laws of this state or of the United States; and for the making whereof, general meetings of the stockholders may be called by the directors in the manner herein after specified; and generally to do and execute all acts, matters and things, which a corporation, or a body politic in law may or Subject to cer. can lawfully do and execute; subject to the rules, regulations, tain regulations. restrictions, limitations, and provisions herein after prescribed and declared. 10. And be it further enacted, That it shall be lawsul for any i. number of person, copartnership or body politic, in person or by attorney, to ...".

- - .* ceeding thirty, subscribe for a share, or any number of shares, not exceeding thir- my o: by

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