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No. VI,

An Act to amend the Act, entititled “An Act to establish a Draw
Bridge over the Eastern Branch of Elizabeth River within the
County of Norfolk, and for other purposes.”
(Passed January 20th. 1804–Acts of 1803, ch. 85, pa. 53.)

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An Act to an end tac Act, entituled an Act, to amend the Act, to establish a Draw Bridge across the Eastern Branch of Elizabeth River, within the County of Norfolk, and for other purposes. [Passed January 29th, 1805–Acts of 1804, ch. 29, pa. 29.]

An Act authorising Talbot Godwin, to erect a Toll Bridge from. the Town of Suffolk, over the Eastern Branch cf Nansemond River.

t - [Passed January 9th, 1805–Acts of 1804, ch. 37, pa. 32.] An Act incorporating a Company to Build a Toll Bridge over the South Branch of Potowmac River. (Passed January 2d, 1805–Acts of 1804, ch. 42, pa. 34.)

An Act authorising john Beale, to build a Toll Bridge over james
(Passed January 5th, 1805–Acts of 1804, ch. 49, pa. 38)

An Act encreasing the Tolls at Mason's Bridge, over Occoquan River.

(Passed December 31st 1804—Acts of 1804, ch. 51, pa. 39.) An Act authorising William Bentley and Edward Moseley, to erect

a Toll Bridge over Staunton River.
(Passed December 20th, 1804—Acts of 1804, ch. 79, pa. 49.)

An Act to incorporate a Company to build a Toll Bridge over the
North Fork of Shenandoah River, from the Town of New Haven
to Port Republic, in the County of Rockingham.
(Passed December 18th, i805–Acts of 1805, ch. 9, pa. 8.)

An Act authorising a Toll Bridge over Pagan Creek in the County of
Isle of Wight.
[Passed January 4th, 1806–Acts of 1805, ch. 32, pa. 20.]
An An authorising a sum of Money to be raised by Lottery, for
building a Toll Bridge over Cheat River.
[Passed jnuary 7, 1806–Acts of 1805, ch. 42, pa. 25.]
An Act authorising john Brander to erect a Toll Bridge over Swift
Creek in the County of Chesterfield.
- (Passed January 9th, 1806–Acts of 1805, ch. 45, pa. 26 J

An Act to amend an Act authorising Talbot Godwin, to erect a Toll
Bridge from the Town of Suffolk over the Eastern Branch of
Mansemond River. o,
[Passed January 31st, 1806–Acts of 1805, ch. 79, pa. 46]

An Act authorising john Muzam to build a Toll Bridge over Tyger
Walley River, in the County of Monongalia.
[Passed January 7th, 1807–Acts of 1806, ch. 85, pa. 34.)

An Act Incorporating a Company to build a Toll Bridge over Great
Hunting Creek, in the County of Fairfax. .
[Passca Jauuary 7 to, 1907–Acts of 1807, ch. 86, pa. 34.]


75 No. VII. AGAINST FIRE ON BUILDINGS. ) - . CHAP. I. An Act for establishing a Mutual Assurance Society against Fire -- on Buildings in this State.

[Passed Dccember 22d, 1794—Acts of 1794, ch. 26, pa. 17 ..]

W M 7 HEREAS from the great and frequent losses sustained by Preamble. 1. the ravages of fire, it is advised expedient to adopt some . mode to alleviate the calamities of the unfortunate who may suffer by that destructive element, and William Frederick Ast, of the city of Richmond, having suggested and submitted to the consideration of the general assembly, a plan of mutual assurance, the title whereof is “The mutual assurance society on buildings against fire of the state of Virginia,” which it is conceived will fully answer the above purposes:

2. Be it therefore enacted, That an assurance be established, to Assurance,” be called and known by the name of “The mutual assurance o, * society aginst fire on buildings of the state of Virginia,” the prin-Principles of inciples whereof shall be “that the citizens of this state may insure surance. their buildings against the losses and damages occasioned accidentally by fire, and that the insured pay the losses and expenses, each his share according to the sum insured: And that subscriptions bo opened in the different parts of this state, where it may be thought necessary, under the direction of Thomas Newton, junior, and James Morris, at Norfolk; Archibald Richardson and John Driver, at Yo. . Suffolk; Robert Andrews and Robert Greenhow, at Williams- oo: burg; John Jeffers, Alexander M*Rae, and John Osborne, at scri, tions shall Petersburg; Worlich Westwood and George Hope, at Hampton; be opened. Jo, Harvie, Robert Mitchell, Andrew Dunscomb, and William . Ast, at Richmond; Fontaine Maury and Robert Patton, at

Fredericksburg; William Hartshorne and Robert T. Hoe, at . Alexandria; Archibald Magill and Abraham Neille, at Winchester; Alexander St. Clair and Robert Grattan, at Staunton; Henry Bowyer, Thomas Madison, and John Miller, at Fincastle; William Norvell and Sackville King, at Lynchburg; John Caruthers and William Lyle, at Lexington; William Reynolds, William Cary, and Abraham Archer, at York; James Penn and Thomas Read, at New-London; James Muschitt and Alexander Henderson, at Dumfries; Alexander Smyth and John Montgomery, of Wythe ; James Miller and John Hipkins, at Port Royal ; John Quinn and John Otee, of Liberty; Robert Dunbar and Daniel Triplett, Falmouth; William White and Caleb Boush, Kempsville; Thomas Bell and Robert Jouitt, at Charlottesville; and David Hunter and Moses Hunter, at Martinsburg, in the county when a certain of Berkeley. As soon as the sum subscribed for shall amount to sum is subscribthree millions of dollars or upwards, notice shall be given in the ed: o:* Virginia gazettes, and a day fixed upon for the meeting of the sub-...". scribers, who shall then either attend in person or by representa-rules for the sotives in the city of Richmond, to examine the aforesaid system of ciety. a mutual assurance, proposed by the said William Frederick Ast, and conclude upon such rules and regulations as they or a mao jority of them may think best, which shall be signed by any twelve of them chosen for that purpose, and that the same shall then be binding

on all those who shall insure their property in the said assurance society.

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And choose 3. And as soon as they have agreed upon such rules and regur agow".


lations, they shall proceed to elect by a majority of the votes of the subscribers present, agents for the management of the business And thenceforth of the said society, and thenceforth they shali be considered as a took a body Poli: body politic incorporated by this act, under the denomination **C. aforesaid, and by that name shall have succession, and may sue * and be sued, plead and be impleaded, answer and be answered, defend and be defended, in any court of law or equity in this commonwealth or elsewhere, and may buy and sell, do and execute Non- of the sub. every other thing relative to the society. But none of the subscribers of the scribers or their agents, shall-be sued individually for any thing *****.*.*.*u- that relates to the assurance society in general. In case of law ed individually. suits or any other business, application shall be made to the agents, and they shall appear and act for and in behalf of the society.

.." majority of 4. The society, or a majority of them, shall be at liberty from *:::::::: time to time to alter and amend the rules and regulations as they thereof. may judge necessary. Premiums for 5. They shall agree upon certain premiums to be paid by the o persons who shall have their property insured at the time of such * * * * insurance, which shall be deposited and kept as a fund for the purTo be kept as a pose of making immediate reparation to such persons as may susond for paying tain losses or damages by fire after proof that the fire actually hap**** pened, unless it be proved that the proprietor of the buildings insured did wilfully occasion the fire directly or indirectly. Yo. 6. If the funds should not be sufficient, a repartition among the losses to be made whole of the persons insured shall be made, and each shall pay on good by the sub- demand of the cashier, his, her or their share according to the sum o . insured, and the rate of hazard at which the building stands, agree. {ij}.; able to the rate of the premiums, for which purpose it is hereby - ' ' ' declared that the subscribers, as soon as they shall insure their property in the assurance society aforesaid, do mutually for themselves, their heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, engage their property insured (but none other) as security, and subject

the same to be sold, if necessary, for the payment of such quotas.

lo, 7. That these quotas shall always be so rated as to raise and so to be ascer. keep up a fund, so that the interest thereof may be deemed by the tained and col- president and directors (to be elected by the said society) sufficient * to pay the annual losses and expenses. If such quotas are found necessary, the president is to publish in the public newspapers how insured fai much the quota is of each rate of hazard per every hundred dollars, nsured failing - - - - (...” whereupon the insured shall pay the same on application to the his insuranee un- cashier in whose office the property is insured. Whensoever any to he does. person or persons shall neglect to pay such quotas, the assurance to him made shall cease and discontinue from the day on which they became due until paid, Policies to be as- 8. To the end that purchasers or mortgagees of any property tigned to pur- insured by virtue of this act, may not become losers thereby, the o: ** subscribers selling, mortgaging, or otherwise transferring such are: . property, shall at the time apprise the purchaser or mortgagee of the room of the such assurance, and endorse to him or them the policy thereof, . * And in every case of such change the purchaser or mortgagee shall *. be considered as a subscriber in the room of the original, and the - property, so sold, mortgaged, or otherwise transferred, shall still remain liable for payment of the quotas in the same manner as if

the right thereof had remained in the original owner,
* . - - -


9. As an encouragement and compensation to the said William Frederick Ast, for forming, suggesting and publishing the beforementioned useful plan of mutual assurance, Be it further enacted, That he shall be entitled to have and receive annually, one cent for every hundred dollars that are or may be insured as aforesaid, to be paid him at the end of every three months, as the same become due, out of the funds of the said mutual assurance society, as a yearly stipend, and for which, if required by the insured, he is by himself or agent to perform faithfully the duty (which can reasonably be done by one person) of such office of the said society as he may be appointed to by the same, and the emolument hereby allowed shall not in any manner be diminished during his good and faithful behaviour. ...

10. The subscribers in default of paying the premiums at the times fixed therefor, shall, on request of the cashier, be compelled to pay the same with six per cent. interest thereon to the day of payment, and their property shall be liable to be sold for the same is aforesaid.

11. This act shall commence and be in force, from and after the Passing thereof.


An Act to explain an Act, entituled, An Act for establishing a
Mutual Assurance Society, against Fire on Buildings in this

[Passed December 23d, 1795,-Acts of 1795, ch. 41, pa. 40.]

Wo: it hath been represented to the general assembly, that in conformity with the requisitions of an act passed on the twenty-second day of December, in the year of our lord, one thousand seven hundred and ninety-four, entituled, “An act for establishing a mutual assurance society against fire on buildings in this state;” three millions of dollars and upwards have been subscribed for the purposes in the said act mentioned, and that at a numerous meeting of the subscribers lately held in the city of Richmond, agreeable to a previous motification in the Virginia gazette, doubts had been suggested relative to the meaning and conitruction of the said act, which were likely to prevent the plan thereby contemplated from being carried into effect, and it is thereiore necessary for removing such doubts, so to explain the said act, is that the supposed ambiguities therein may be done away:

1. Be it enacted, and it hereby is enacted, That the said subscria majority of them in person or by deputation, being present, or a majority of the sum subscribed when any meeting shall be held, being there represented, shall have power and authority to proceed and act in all matters and things in the first recited act mentioned, in as full, absolute and unlimited a manner as they might or could do if all and every of the said subscribers were actually present and attending at any such meeting: Provided always, at no meeting subsequent to the one now assembled or to be as

embled next after the passing of this act, (respecting which no

r notification need be given) shall be authorised to proceed in any business whatsoever concerning the said institution, without having given at least three weeks notice in the Virginia gazette, of

[blocks in formation]


the time when, and the place where, such meeting is to be held: But it shall be lawful for any meeting, fifteen members being pre

sent, to adjourn from day to day, until their business shall be finished.

For what premi. 2. And it is hereby farther enacted, and declared, That the preums property li- miums, for the non-payment of which, property agreeable to the able to be "old said first recited act, may be sold, shall be understood to be those

premiums only, which under the regulations to be formed by the

said society, shall recome payable in consequence of any insurance

to be hereafter made, or subscribed for, with the said society.

commencement 3. This act shall be in force and have effect from the Passing of this act. thereof.

CHAP. III. An Act to amend the Act, for establishing a Mutual Assurance Sc. ciety against Fire, on Buildings in this State.

[Passed January 12th, 1799.—Acts of 1798, ch. 30, pa. 16.]

£reamble. Who the general assembly, by an act passed the twenty-second day of December, one thousand seven hundred and ninety-four, have bound the mutual assurance society against fire on buildings in the state of Virginia, to make immediate reparation to those who might meet with a loss by fire; and it is therefore just and expedient that the said society should also be enabled to recover immediately of the delinquent subscribers or members, the premiums and quotas which may be due from them:

subscriptions of 1. Be it therefore enacted, That the said mutual assurance so

delinquent sub- ciety, shall have full power to recover the whole or any part of such scribers may be

...," premiums or quotas, as are or may hereafter become due from any

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motion, saving delinquent subscriber or member, under his subscription or declathe trial by jury ration for insurance made to the said society, on motion of the

if required. cashier of the society, before the court of the county, or the court

of the district wherein such delinquent may reside, ten days notice

of such motion being previously given, and such court shall have

full jurisdiction to hear and determine such motion, and to cause

their judgment to be enforced with costs, by any legal execution, saving to any person against whom a motion shall be made, the

* . right of a trial by jury if he shall desire it.

Same mede of 2. And be it further enacted, That any person or persons, whost

recovery given property has been or may be insured, upon complying with the :*::... rules and regulations of the said society, shall have, the same reciety. medy against them, as they have against their delinquents by

this act. -

construction of 3. And be it further enacted, That this law shall not have a re

this act in cer. trospect to those persons that have subscribed before the organiza

tain cases. tion of the said institution, and have not sent in their declarations for insurance, unless they send them in hereafter.

commencement 4. This act shall be in force, from and after the passing thereof.

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