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- B4. - V1. How, and by whom a gene#al meeting of the stock-holders may be called, p. 65. - - - — VII. Cashier, to give bond with security, p. 65. . — VIII. What lands, tenements and hereditaments may be held by the corporation, p. 65. . . — IX. Amount of notes which may be lawfully emitted by the bank, over and above their deposits—Liability of directors in case of excess; also of the corporation,-How directors who were absentor dissented, may exonerate themselves, p. 65. - – X. What public stock they may purchase; what articles deal in ; what interest take for loans, p. 66. — XI. No loan to be made to a government or state, unless previously aus thorised by law, p. 66.

— XII. Stock transferable, accord=

ing to the rules of the bank, p. 66. – XIII, Bills obligatory and of credit under the seal of the corporation, how assignable, and effect of such assignment<-Bills or notes signed by the president and countersigned by the cashier, tho' not under seal, as obligatory as such thpon private persons; and assignable in like manner; those payable to order, by endorsement; those to bearer, by delivery; notes or bills discounted at bank; placed on the same footing as foreign bills of exchange, except as to damages, - 66. p ~ XIV. Half-yearly dividends to be made; and at the choice of directors; those of the preceding year, to lay be: fore the stock-holders, a general state of the institution. Forfeiture for failing to pay subscription. - XV. Branch bahks, of discount and deposit; to be joke, management to be committed to directors, subject to such regulations as shall be deemed proper, p. 67, XVI. Power of the legislature in relation to the affairs of the bank, p. 67. — XVII. Directors to keep minutes of their Fo any two directors may call for the yeas and nays; those minutes to be produced to the stockholtlers, or the legislature, ondemand, p.67. * XVIII, President and cashier not

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31. Punishment, for forging, coun

terfeiting or passing or tendering notes of, knowing them to be forged, s. 5, p. 80. 82. In prosecutions for the above of. fence, president, cashier, officers, and stockholders, competent witnesses, s. 6, p. 80, 33. Punishment of persons, obtaining money or notes from, or from any of its offices of discount and deposit, by means of forged or counterfeited checks or orders, p. 118. 34. ———---, for forging or counterfeiting, or keeping, or concealing any instrument for the purpose o forging, &c. the seal of, p. 118. 35. ——, for stealing or taking by robbery, any bank or post note, p. 118. 36. Act reviving replevy law not to extend to judgments obtained by any bank established by law, s. 5, p. 157.

BANK NOTES. See Bank of Virginia, No. 28, art, IX, XIII, No. 25, 28, 29.

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BARLEY, stack of 1. Burning or setting fire to, in case bf a free person, how punishable, s. 9, p. 80, 81. 2. ——-—, in case of a slave, how punishable, s. 2, p. 166, 167. BARN. 1. Burning or setting fire to, in the case of a free person, %. punishable, s. 9, p. 80, 81. 2. —————, in the case of a slave, punishable with death, if the amount of the burning be of the value of 10 dollars, s. 1, p. 166, BASTARDS. 1. Reputed father of, to enter into a recognizānce, in a sum not less than 50 hor more than 200 dollars, p. 76. 2. If forfeited, the recovery to be paid to the overseers of the poor, p. 76. 3. Proceedings as to bastards in corporate towns, ch. 66, p. 92,93. BATTALIONS. See MILITIA, No. 2. BATTALION Courts of Enquiry. See MILIT1A; No. 34.

BAY ONETS, , 1. To be provided by the executive for the muskets in the public arsenals, App. No. IX, p. (124.) BILL, in Chancery.

1. To be taken for confesed, if defendant in superior court of chancery does not file his answer within 3 months, after bill filed, and subpana executed, *4, p. 129.

2, May be exhibited in county or cor

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BILLS, on Penal Statutes. 1. Within what time to be exhibited, s. 2, p. 80. - BILLS, for the payment of money. 1. Assignees of, their remedy against remote assignors, See Assi GN FEs. 2. Office judgment entered on, and not set aside, to carry interest till paid, s. 1, p. 82. - - ? BILLS OF EXCHANGE. 1. An action of debt may be prosecuted, on a protested bill of exchange, for principal, damages, interest and charges of protest, against the drawers and indorsers jointly, or against either of them separately, p. 100. 2. How the judgment shall be entered, ibid. 3. Rights of indorsers of, not affected by act of 19th January, 1807, s. 3, p.

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1. How punishable, s. 1, p. 70.
1. Houses in a town or setting fire to,
punishalle with death, s. 7, p. 80.
2. Also arson, at common law, s. 8,
p. 80.
3. Burnin: or setting fire to any bara,
stable, corn house, tobacco house, stack
of wheat, barley, oats, corn or other
grain, or any stack of fodder, straw, or
hay, or aiding, &c. in said offences, and
either of them shall actually have been
committed, how punishable, s.9, p. 80,
4. Slave, burning or setting fire to any
barn, stable, corn house, or other house,
or advising, &c. any slave, free negro,
or mulatto, to commit said offences, if
the amount of the burcing be of the va-
lue of ten dollars, punishable with death,
s. 1, p. 166.
5. How a slave punishable for burn-
ing or setting fire to a stack or cock of
wheat, barley, oats, corn or other grain,
or any stack or cock of hay, straw or
fodder, or advising, &c. as above, s. 2,
p. 166, 167.
1. May be ordained by the corporati-
on of the bank of Virginia, s. 3, p. 62.
See MILITIA, No. 26.
1. At musters, or before a court or
board, may be confined, for misconduct,
s. 25, p. 46.

See ExAMINING Courts.

See MILITIA, No. 42.


1. Executive to cause all the cannon
to be mounted on carriages, belonging
to the state, and fit for service, s. 1, P-

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1. And solemnity may be used, and
formulary repeated, instead of oaths, by
those possessing religious scruples, p.


1. To be obtained by a militia man
removing, See MILITIA, No. 12.

2. What certificates receivable for ar-
rearages of taxes prior to 1796, App.
No. 1X, p. 137. -


1. Cause removed from inferior court
to district court by habeas corpus or cer-
tionari, to beplaced in the same situation
in which it stood in the inferior court,
when the writ was delivered, p. 135.

2. District court to proceed to final
judgment without new pleadings, unless
they would have been proper, if the cause
had remained in the inferior court, ibid.

3. Willlie and may be had from judg-
ments of circuit courts in the same man-
ner, and to the same jurisdictions as
from Judgments of district courts as at
present, s. 7, p. 154.

4. To remove proceedings on a for-
cible entry and detainer, or for any cause,
except the removal of a cause from an
inferior court, may be granted by a judge
of the circuit court in vacation, without
motice, s. 12, p. 155.

1. Right of, to be exercised as in case
of felonies, on the trial of an offender
in the county court, where the punish-
ment does not exceed one year's confine-
ment in the penitentiary, s. 4, p. 25.

1. How to proceed when either in-
terested in a cause, p. 107.

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1. May award interest, on final de-
crees, till paid, p. 29.
2. District courts of chancery, to a-
ward damages on affirmance of an appeal,
. .29.
P 3. Injunctions wholly dissolved, when
the bill to be dismissed; and dissolved
wholly or in part, damages to be awar-
ded, p. 29, 30.
4. Clerks of superior courts of, to cer-
tify dissolution of injunctions and time
of granting and dissolving it, p. 30,
July term of Staunton chancery dis-
trict court changed, s, 6, p. 30.
5. Costs of notice in district courts
of, to be taxed, s. 3, p. 82.
6. In injunctions, and bills to foreclose
mortgages, clerks may send subparnas
out of the county or corporation, s. 4, p.
82, 83.

7. Manner of proceeding in chance-

ry district courts, where the chancellors
are interested in a cause, p. 107.

8. How injunctions and writs of ne
exeat may be obtained, pending a vacan-
cy in the office of a judge of a chance-
ry district court, s. 2, p. 107,

9. Judges of the superior courts of,
may direct accounts to be taken in vaca-
tion; and instruct commissioners on
doubtful points, s. 1, p. 128.

10. Not to hear arguments of counsel
on such points, except by consent of par-
ties, ibid.

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S. 3, p. 129.
13. Defendant, in superior court of,
to fle his answer within 3 months, after
bill filed, and subpoena executed, or bill
be taken for confessed, s, 4, p. 129. -
14. May direct publication againstab-
sent defendants, in any newspaper print-
ed in this commonwealth, s. 5, p. 129,
15. Terms of Richmond chancery
district court, in May and September,
changed (s. 6, p. 129.) (of The whole
terms again altered, p. 146.
16. Commissioners’ fees, for copies
of reports; to be taxed in bill of costs;
enalty for exacting fees improperly, s.
7, p. 129, 130.
17. Seals for each of the superior
courts of, to be procured by the execu-
tive, s. 4, p. 146.
18. Clerks of chancery district courts,
allowed the same fees for issuing execus
tions, and taxing damages and costs on
appeals, as clerks of common law district
courts, for similar services, s. 8, p. 130.
19. Commissioners appointed by, to
sell property, not to proceed till it isva-
lued, s. 2, p. 156.
20. Not to sell for less than threer
fourths of the value of the property as
estimated by the valuers, ibid.
21. Valuation, how to be entered, ibid.
22. Allowance to commissioners, ibid.
23. Property to be valued in reference
to 1st December, 1807, s.4, p, 156.
1. Where they have been made, sub-
ject to the direction of vestries; and such
vestries are extinct, the overseers of the
poor to perform the duties and exercise
the powers granted to the vestries, s. 1,
p. 103.
1. Of the bank of Virginia, its limi,
mitation, s. 3, p. 62.
2, Penalty for offering in payment
Bank notes, emitted by a company hayr
ing no charter, p. 79. -

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