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6. The superintendants shall keep books of the receipt and deli- Books to state very of all tobacco stored in their respective warehouses, and note of olero the in the said books the state and condition of each hogshead, and o;" its those marked in good order shall be delivered in the like good order to the proprietors. • *. . . . .

7. The superintendants shall respectively keep sufficient number Superintendants of hands to store and deliver the tobacco received into the ware- o, of houses, and put into good order such hogsheads as are noted in nois. mber of their books to be received in bad order; and for so doing they shall be allowed twenty-five cents for each hogshead, to be paid by the proprietor before or at the delivery thereof; and to prevent disputes respecting the place of delivery,

8. Be it enacted, That the tobacco shall be delivered by the su- when the obno.

Perintendants convenient to the door opening next to the public co shall be deliroad or street. vered.

9. And be it further enacted, That whenever it shall happen that provision for whenever the inspectors of any of the warehouses of Petersburg or the storage of Richmond, shall inspect more tobacco than their warehouses can surplus tobacco. contain, the said surplus tobacco, shall and may be stored in the said store houses, according to the terras of this act,

10. This act shall commence and be in force from and after the passing thereof.

Enacting clause.


An Act to Arm the Militia of certain Towns. [Passed January 21st, 1801.-Acts of 1800, ch. 45, pa. 24 J 1 Bo it enacted by the General Assembly, That the governor, Arms to be issu. with the advice of council, be authorised, and he is hereby ed for the use of

required, to issue, without delay, arms and accoutrements to the certain towns. militia residing in the towns of Richmond, Manchester, Petersburg, Norfolk, Hampton, Portsmouth, Suffolk, York, Williamsburg, Fredericksburg, Falmouth, Port-Royal, Dumfries, and Lynchburg, in such proportions as the executive shall deem expedient, provided that the whole number distributed shall not exceed two thousand, out of any arms and accoutrements not already directed by law to be distributed, under the regulations prescribed by the act, estituled “an act, concerning the militia of this coma

monwealth,” passed the 28th day of January, 1800.

2. This act shall commence and be in force from and after the

- Žnacting clause, passing thereof. E. g

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CHAP. L.V. An Act authorising the Governor of this Commonwealth, to Cede to the United States, the jurisdiction over certain Lands on NewPoint Comfort, and on Smith's Point, for the purpose of Building Light Houses. [Passed January 15th, 1802–Acts of 1801, ch. 6, pa. 9] 1 B* it enacted by the General Assembly, That it shall and may covernor to con - be lawful for the governor of this commonwealth, and he vey lands on is hereby fully authorised, for and in behalf of this commonwealth, New o by proper deeds and instruments of writing, under his hand and so *. the seal of the commonwealth, to convey, transfer, assign and make over to the United States, all the jurisdiction which this commonwealth possesses, over so much of the lands lying on New Point Comfort in the county of Mathews, and on Smith's Point in the county of Northumberland, as may be necessary for the erec

- No. IX.
tion of a light house and the appurtenant buildings thereto, on each
of the said points: Provided that a light house shall be erected,
kept in repair, and supported at the expense of the United States,

on each of the said points.

Lands to revert 2. If a light house shall not be erected on each of the said
to the state in points, within the space of seven years, after the cession aforesaid
certain cases. by this commonwealth, or if at any time thereafter, the said light
house or houses, shall be suffered to fall into decay, or be render-
£d useless as the purposes aforesaid, and so continue for the period
9f seven years, then and in those cases, the jurisdiction over such
territory hereby directed to be vested in the United States, shall
revert to this commonwealth, and be subject to the jurisdiction
of the same, in like manner as if this act had never been made.
Provided, That nothing herein contained, shall be so construed as
to prevent the officers of this state from executing any process
whatever, within the jurisdiction hereby directed to be ceded to
- the United States. " . -
Commence". 3. This act shall commence in force from the passing thereof.
- 3. '' . . CHAP. LVI. —
An Act allowing the additional sum of two and a half per centum to
' William Bishop, Collector of the Taxes in the County of Princess
Anne, for the years 1800 and 1801, and for other purposes.
- [Passed December 28th, 1803–Acts of 1803, ch. 15, pa. 24.]
1 E it enacted by the General Assembly, That William Bishop
- collector of the arrearage of taxes for the county of Princess
*... Anne, for the years one thousand eight hundred, and one thousand
due i300 & 1801, eight hundred and one, shall be, and is hereby allowed, two and
one half per cent. on his collection for the said in addition to the
five per cent. by him already received, and that the auditor of
public accounts shall issue a warrant for that purpose.
All collectors al. 2. And be it further enacted, That all collectors, who now are,
lowed the same or may hereafter be appointed by virtue of the act, entituled “an
who §: the act to provide more effectually for the collection of the public taxes
time limited by : ... * 31 - * .. - - -
law. . . . in certain cases,” and who shall, on or before the time appointed
- by law, pay into the public treasury the full amount of the public
revenue due from the counties in which they now, or hereafter
may act shall be entitled to the additional compensation of two and
an half per centum for the amount thereof, in the same manner as
sheriffs are now entitled. - - -

commencement. 3. This act shall commence and be in force from and after thé passing thereof.

Additional allowance to Wm.

- - "CHAP. LVII.

An Act to explain the seventh section of the Act, entituled “an act for

erecting Warehouses on the james River and Appomattox Canals.
[Passed January 2d, 1804.—Acts of 1803, ch. 31, pa. 32.1

Their eempen- E it enacted by the General Assembly, That the seventh secsation for cer. : * tion of the act entituled “an act for erecting warehouses on

** the James river and Appomattox canals,” shall be so construed as to give the superintendants twenty five cents for each hogshead of tobacco they shall receive and deliver out, and for all extra services performed by them in putting into good order such hogsheads as are noted in their books to be received in bad order, they shall, demand and receive seventeen cents also. * Commemeement. 2. This act shall be in force from the passing thereof,

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OF MAY 1779, CH. 12, AND 18, (CH, REV.
PA. 90, 98.)

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(See Chan, Rev. edit. 1785, pa. 111, 122, 132, 139, 142, 143, 149, 157, 169, 179, 206, 217, 219.-See as to original bounties to officers and soldiers, pa. 112.-Allowance increased one third to officers, and an allowance for the first time made to general officers, pa. 135.-Bounties to officers in Virginia line on continental establishment, and regulations for surveying, &c. extended to the state officers.-Cavalry the same advantages as infantry.—Officers and seamen of the navy, the same as in land service, pa. 147-Officer or soldier, serving three years successively to have an absolute title to bounty; and an additional allowance of one sixth part for every year's service after the sixth year, pa. 167.-Bounties to chaplains, surgeons, and surgeons' mates.—October 1779, ch, 9.]


An Act to amend an Act, For establishing a Land Office, and ascertaining the terms and manner of granting Waste and Unappropriated Lands.” [Acts of May 1784, ch. 10, pa. 7.] Note.--This act is published in the appendix to this volume, Page (86.) - - CHAP. II. An Act to revive and amend in part an Act, entituled “An Act for giving further time to enter Certificates for Settlement Rights, and for Locating Warrants upon Pre-emption Rights, and jor other purposes. - [Acts of May 1784, ch. 14, pa. 8.] 1 HEREAS an acti.e. in the May session, one thousand seven hundred and eighty-three, entituled, “an act for giving further time to enter certificates for settlement rights, and to locate warrants upon pre-emption rights, and for other purposes,” expired, in part, on the first day of June in the present year, and it is necessary that the same should be revived :

2. Be it enacted, That the further time of six months, from and

after the said first day of June, be allowed for returning all plats.

and certificates of survey which have not been returned to the register's office within the time limited by law.

3. And be it further enacted, That the register of the land office, or his deputy, shall be obliged to receive such plats and certificates

of survey; and the lands shall not be liable to forfeiture on account ef such failure, -



An Act concerning Entries and Surveys on the Western Waters. LActs of October 1784, ch. 48, pa. 7.]

HEREAS several persons, having early entries and loca1 tions for large tracts of land, in order to procrastinate the charge of surveying and the payment of taxes, refuse or neglect to survey them, while others, who have adjacent entries and locations of later date, are desirous to sue out grants and pay taxes for their lands: In aid therefore of the present means to compel surveys upon the said entries,

2. Be it enacted, That all entries made in the county surveyors books on the western waters, other than the entries made by virtue of officers and soldiers claims for military services, before the passing of this act, shall be surveyed, and the surveys thereof returned as the law directs on or before the first day of February, onc thousand seven hundred and eighty-six; and that all future entries on the 'said waters, shall be in like manner surveyed and returned within one year after the date of every such entry. If any entry shall not be surveyed and returned within the terms. aforesaid, it shall be lawful for any person to enter for and locate the said lands, in like manner as if such prior entry had not been made.

CHAP. IV. An Act appropriating the Fees of the Land Office in aid of the Public Revenue, and placing the Register, his Deputies and Assistants, on the Civil List. - [Acts of October 1784, ch. 51, pa. 8] 1. TH E profits accruing to the register of the land office being much greater than the legislature expected or intended at the appointment of that officer, and greater than the duties of that office require :

2. Be it therefore enacted, That from and after the first day of

February next, all the fees thereafter to be received by the register,

deputy register, or any other person, for services of every nature and kind whatsoever, to be performed in the land office, shall be accounted for with the auditors, and paid regularly into the treasury, at the end of every six months, in the following manner: The deputy register shall account, on oath, with the register of the land office, for all fees by him received from time to time, and the register of the land office shall in like manner account with the auditors of public accounts for the whole profits, making oath that the fees so accounted for are the whole profits accruing from the said office, so far as he knows or believes, up to the date of such account; and moreover his accounts of fees received shall be fairly stated, and compared by an auditor with the books of his office, before the acount shall be passed. If the register of the land office

shall at any time fail to account, according to the directions of this

act, for the space of six months, he shall forfeit and pay the sum of ten thousand pounds, to be recovered in the name of the governor or chief magistrate for the time being, in any court of record, by the solicitor, on thirty days previous notice; and if the deputy


register shall at any time fail to account, according to the directions of this act, for the space of six months, he shall forfeit and pay the

like sum to the register, to be recovered by him, on thirty days

previous notice in like manner; and in both cases the onus prakandi shall lie on the defendant. The deputy register shall enter into bond and sufficient security to the register, and the register to the governor or chief magistrate for the time being, and his successors,

for the due and faithful execution of their respective offices. On

receiving each survey into the register’s office, the fees established by law, that will accrue on the same, including the issuing of the grant thereupon, shall be paid down; and if either the register or deputy register shall credit any person, they shall account for the fees so credited in the same manner as if they had been received. And that provision may be made for the payment of a salary to the register of the land office, adequate to his services,

3. Be it further enacted, That from and after the said first day of Fehruary he shall be considered as one of the civil list, and shall have and receive the sum of eleven hundred pounds annually;* and a deputy to reside on the western waters, to be paid also by the public, at the rate of two hundred pounds per annum : All which allowances shall be paid in the same manner as other salaries of the civil list are payable.

4. And be it further enacted, That in case of vacancy in the said office, during the recess of the general assembly, the governor, with the advice of council, is hereby authorised and required to supply such vacancy, subject to the future confirmation of the legislature. And whereas, in the cases where surveys are returned into the land office, it may happen that caveats will be entered against some of the surveys, and the person in whose favor the surveys are made may lose the benefit of the surveys by the event of the caveat: To remedy which,

5. Be it enacted, That whenever upon a caveat the general court shall determifie in favor of the caveator, all the fees he shall pay into the register's office in consequence of such determination, in order to obtain his patent, shall be by the register paid to the per

son who in the first instance upon the return of the survey hath been compelled to pay the fees.

* Reduced to £800 by act of 1785, ch. 16, pa. 14—To £400 by act of 1791; sh. 22, pa. 12.—By act of 1792, (Rev. Code, vol. 1, ch. 58, pa. 56.) the register And his clerks were allowed 1333 dollars per annum.–1795, (Rev. Code, vol. 1, ch. 187, sect. 5, pa. 344, the register allowed Q. 300 per annum.—1796 (Revo Code, vol. 1, ch. 212,) register allowed 1250 dollars.


An Act to continue an Act, entituled “an Act to revive and amond in part an Act, entituled an Act for giving further time to enter Certificates for Settlement Rights, and for Locating Warrants apon Pre-emption Rights, and for other purposes.” [Acts of October 1784, ch. 66, pa. 15.]

1 IT being represented to this present general assembly, that many people within this commonwealth have not received the benefit of an act of the last session of assembly, entituled “an

§ct to revive and amend in part an act, entituled an act for giving

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