The United States' Almanac: Or Complete Ephemeris, for 1843-45


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Página 48 - That in every case where a State is entitled to more than one Representative, the number to which each State shall be entitled under this apportionment shall be elected by districts composed of contiguous territory equal in number to the number of Representatives to which said State may be entitled, no one district electing more than one Representative.
Página 34 - One or more pieces of paper, mailed as a letter, and weighing one ounce, shall be charged with quadruple postage ; and at the same rate, should the weight be greater.
Página 143 - Mills, can furnish Machinery complete for a Mill of 5000 Spindles in four months; and lumber and materials are always at command, with which to build or rebuild a Mill in that time, if required. When building Mills, the Locks and Canals Company employ directly and indirectly from 1000 to 1200 hands.
Página 35 - Senate ; and any individual who shall have been, or may hereafter be, President of the United States ; and each may receive newspapers by post, free of postage. Each member of the Senate, and each member and delegate of the House of Representatives, may send and receive, free of postage, newspapers, letters, and packets, weighing not more than two ounces, (in case of excess of weight, excess alone to be paid for,) and all documents printed by order of either House...
Página 169 - That all freemen of the age of twenty-one years, who have been inhabitants of any one county within the state twelve months immediately preceding the day of any election, and shall have paid public taxes, shall be entitled to vote for members of the house of commons, for the county in which he resides.
Página 193 - The legislative power is vested in a Senate and House of Representatives.
Página 171 - State five years previous to his election. If a resident in the election district...
Página 167 - Courts are elected by a joint vote of both houses of the General Assembly, and hold their offices during good behavior ; or until removed by a concurrent vote of both houses...
Página 147 - The progressive motion of light, combined with the motion of the Earth in its orbit...
Página 171 - Senate consists of 36 members, or 6 for each original State, chosen for 6 years by the electors voting in each State (except Queensland) as one electorate. Every 3 years in the ordinary course the Senate is to be renewed to the extent of one-half...

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