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PAY DEPARTMENT. The following letter from the Adj.-Gen. of the One Paymaster-General; two deputies and 33 U.S.A. was written to show the falsehood of the paymasters; natives of U.Ś. 33; of Europe 3. A impressions conveyed by a very sinister article paymaster receives $60 per month, four rations per recently appearing in the Washington Union, day, and is allowed iwo servants, and in war tíme about Gen. Taylor's pay. Mr. Ritchie has pock-four horses, forage, &c. eted more of the public money, as Executive Nathan Towson, Md., Paymaster-General, $2,Organ, for doing nothing excepting helping to get 500. Benj. F. Larned, Ms. and Daniel Randall, us into some ugly scrapes, utterly disgraceful to Md., Dep. Paym’rs-Gen. the country, than Gen. Taylor received for fight Paymasters.-T. J. Leslie, Eng.; D. S. Towning the country out of them. Again: we are be- send, U.S.; C. H. Smith, Va.; Timothy P. Anlow the mark when we say that Mr. RITCHIE re- drews, Ire., (Brigadier-General by brevet, late ceived treble as much public money for doing Colonel Voltigeurs ;) Edm. Kirby, Con., (Lt. Col. by nothing at all but pocketing the difference be- brevet,) A. D. Stuart, Va.; Christ. Andrews, tween what he charged the people of the United Ireland'; Benjamin Walker, Vt.; Eugene Van States for a single document of the thousands he Ness, N.Y., St. Clair Denny, Pa.; David printed for Congress, and what he paid the poor Hunter, D.C.; L J. Beall, R.I. ; printers for doing it, than Gen. TAYLOR got for Abram Van Buren, N.Y., (Lt. Col. by whipping Santa Anna and other friends of POLK brevet;) R. A. Forsyth, Mn.; A. J. Coffee, Tenn.; and RITCHIE, during the whole Mexican War to S. S. Stacy, Me.; J. c. Pattridge, N.Y., Charles the closing of the account at Buena Vista.

Bodine; W. A. Spark, Va.; B. W. Brice, Va.; WASHINGTON, Oct. 2, 1848.

R. B. Reynolds, La.; P.T. Crutchfield, Va.; Wm. DEAR SIR-I duly received your letter of the Singer, Pa.; Noah Johnston, Va.; V. E. Piollet, 30th ultimo, and having examined the article in Pa.; G. H. Ringgold, Md.; J. R. Wallace; F. A the “Union” of September 28, referred to, have Cunningham, o.; J. Ć. Bergh, N.Y.; A. B. Ragan, no hesitation in saying that all the pay and allow. Ga.;.G. c. Hutter, Va.; R. H. Weightman, D.C. ances specified as having been received by Major: $1,700; six others, $1,000 to $1,400 each. "PayGeneral Taylor, were in strict conformity to law and the Regulations of the War Department made masters' clerks, at various stations, 38, at $700 each. pursuant thereto; and are precisely such as any

Clerks and contingencies, 1846–7, $9,600.
other officer similarly situated, would have been
entitled to receive.

I am Sir, very respectfully, your ob't. serv't. Colonel, Joseph G. Totten, Con., (Brigadier.
R. JONES, Adj. Gen.

General by brevet.)
Hon. R. Johnson, Baltimore, Md.

Lt. Colonels, Sylvanus Thayer, Ms., (Col. by

brevet,) and R. E. De Russy, N.Y. QUARTERMASTER'S DEPARTMENT.

Majors, J. L. Smith, s.c. W. H. Chase, Ms.; Brigadier-General and Quartermaster-General Rich. Delafield, N.Y.; Corn.'A. Ogden, N.J. Thomas S. Jesup, Va., Major-General by brevet. Captains 12; Lieutenants 26; natives, U.S. 37; Col. Henry Stanton, Vt., Assist. Q. M. G. born at sea 1. Clerks, &c., 1847, $6,050. Col. Henry Whitney, Ms., Assist. Q. M. G. Clerks, in office, 5, at $800 to $1,200; 4 agents.

Two deputies, with rank of Lt. Col. ; 8 Quartermasters, rank of Major; 36 Captains and A. Q. CORPS OF TOPOGRAPHICAL ENGINEERS. M., Majors by brevet; 2 military. storekeepers. Colonel, John J. Abert, Ma.

At Washington, 6 clerks at $1,000 to $1,600. Lt. Colonel, James Keamy, Ireland. Clerks and contingencies, 1847, $10,397.

Majors, S. H. Long, N.H.; Hartman Bache, Pa.; Clerks and Agents, Quartermaster's Department J. D. Graham, Va.; Wm. Turnbull, Md. to Dec. 3, 1847.-We have not room for the list. Captains 10; Lieutenants 25; natives of U.S. 34, Some reside at Washington; some with the army; of Spain 1. Pay, same as dragoon regiments. others at Philadelphia, New-York, New Orleans, In Bureau, four clerks, at $1,000 to $1,400; 14 &c. Their incomes are from $40 up to $150 per agents at $10 to $100 per month. Clerks and month, and some have rations. Their number is casual expenses, 1847, $6,250. nearly 200. Also, 52 Masters of Public transports, steamers, propellers, ships, brigs and schooners,

ORDNANCE DEPARTMENT. at $100 to $250, and in some cases at so much for

Colonel, George Talcott, Con. all hands per month, while thus employed in

Lt. Colonel, Henry K. Craig, Pa. 1847–8, in the Gulf of Mexico.

Majors, R. L. Baker, Con.; J. Ripley, Con.; J.

Symington, Md.; W. H. Beli, N.C. SUBSISTENCE DEPARTMENT. Col. George Gibson, Pa., Com. Gen. Sub., U.S. Military storekeepers 15. Storekeepers'

Captains 12; Lieutenants 18; all natives of the Brigadier-Gen. by brevet.

pay $1,250 per annum, Lt. Col. Joseph P. Taylor, Ky., Assist. Com.

In office, eight clerks, at $800 to $1,200. Clerks Gen. Sub.

and casual charges $9,580. Commissaries of Subsistence. Majors, Th. W. Lendrum, D.C.; R. P. Lee, Va.;

First Regiment of Dragoons. G. C. Waggaman, Va.

Colonel, Richard B. Mason, Va. Captains, J. B. Grayson, Ky.; A. B. Eaton,

Lieut. Col., Edwin V. Sumner, Ms., July 13, '48. N.Y. John C. Casey, Eng. Chief Clerk of Department, Rich. Gott, Md., $1,- tives of the United States.

Majors 2; Captains 10; Lieutenants 24-all na600; 5 other clerks, $1,000 to $1,200; 10 clerks elsewhere, $600 to $1,200. Clerks and contingen

Second Regiment of Dragoons. cies, 1847, $7,050.

Colonel, William S. Harney, La., (Brig. Gen. MEDICAL DEPARTMENT.

by brevet.) Surgeon-General, Thos. Lawson, Va., $2,500.

Lieut. Col., T. T. Fauntleroy, Va. Surgeons 22; Assistants do. 55. Natives of U.S. Majors 2, Captains 10; Lieutenants 24-all 1872; born abroad 5.

tives of the United States. Clerks 2; Private Physicians, temporarily em

Third Regiment of Dragoons. ployed, 45, at $20 to $100 per month. “Clerks, &c., Colonel, Edward G. W. Butler. 1847, $2,900.

Lieut. Col., Thomas P. Moore, Va. Income of Surgeons of 10 years, each $2,806 ; Majors 2; Surgeons 2; Captains 11; Lieutenants under 10 years, $2,514.

30—42 natives of U.S.; 2 Ireland; 1 Poland.

SSSSSSS3 | Captains

Colonel of engineers, ordnance, dragoons, Colonels of Artillery or Infantry receive $75 per nounted riflemen, receives per month as pay, month, $36 for rations, (and double rations if com

$36 for rations, forage for 3 to 5 horses, and is manding military departments,) forage for 3 to 4 wed 2 servants, &c. A Lieut. Colonel has $75, horses, and are allowed 2 servants, &c. &c. $30 for rations, also for forage, &c. A Major

Lieutenant Colonels. and for rations $24, &c. A Captain $50, also for rations. A Lieutenant $33 25, and $24 for net Riley. Md., (Brigadier-Gen. by brevet) ; 3.

1. Henry Wilson, Pa., (Col. by brevet); 2. Benons. Sergeant of Dragoons, per month, $13; | Ethan A. Hitchcock, Vt., (Col. by brevet); 4. John poral $13; Private $8. Colonels of Cavalry at $3,476-$13,904; 4 G. Belknap,'N. Y., (Brigadier Gen. by brevet);

Garland, Va., (Brigadier-Gen. by brevet); 5. Wm. it. Colonels, at $2,947—$11,788; 21 Colonels of 6. Gustavus Loomis, Vt. : 7. Joseph Plympton, ntry, &c., at $2,996—$62,916: 21 Lieut. Colonels Ms., (Col. by brevet); 8. Thomas Sianiford, Con.. 2.947—861,887, 8 Majors of Cavalry, at $2,714 (Col.' by brevet); 9. Jeremiah Clemens, Ala. ; 11.712; 40 Captains, do.; at, on an average: 10. Ralph G. Norvell, Ten., Dec. 3, 1847 ; 11. Wm. 00–$92.000 ; 38 Majors, Infantry, &c., at $2,650 M. Graham, Va. ; 12. Thomas H. Seymour, Con., 00,700 ; 218 Captains, 'do., at $856-$176,608; (Col. by brevet); 13. First Lieutenants, at $736—$195.776 ; 308 Sec. 14. Paul O. Hébert, La.; 15. Joshua Howard, Ms., Lieuts., at $676–$208,208.--Total $945,479.

(Col. by brevet); 16. Regiment of Mounted Riflemen.

The other officers, in the 16 Infantry Regiments. olonel, Persifor F. Smith, Pa., (Major-Gen. by are as follow: ret.) ieut Col., William W. Loring, N. C. ajors 2; Captains 10; Lieutenants 25.-Natives ne United States 37, England 1.


Born in First Regiment of Artillery.

Europe. olonel, Ichabod B. Crane, N. J. ieut. Col., Benjamin K. Pierce, N. H.


2 10 10 11 32 ajors 2; Captains 12; First Lieutenants 24;

Fr. 1.

Second ond Lieutenants 15.-All natives of U. States.

10 12 34 Third..

10 12 33 Ire. 1. Second Regiment of Artillery.



10 12 33 Ire. 1. olonel, James Bankhead, Va., (Brigadier-Gen. Fifth...

10 12 34 revet.)



10 12 33 Fr. 1. ieut. Col., John Irving, Ms.


10 12 34 ajors 2; Captains 12; First Lieutenants 24; Eighth..

10 12 34 ond Lieutenants 15.--Natives of the United Ninth*

10 20 41 Eng. 1. es 50, Scotland 1, England 2.


10 20 42 Eleventh

10 10 20 39 Prus. la Third Regiment of Artillery.


10 10 20

41 Ger. 1 olonel. William Gates, Ms.


10 10 20 42 Feut. Col.,Francis S. Belton, Md. (Col. brevet.) Fourteenth..

10 10 20 42 ajors 2; Captains 12; First Lieutenants 24; Fifteenth...

10 10 20 40 Ger 25 und Lieutenants 16.-Natives of the United Sixteenth..... 2 10 10 20 40

Scot, 1c es 53; born at sea 1. Fourth Regiment of Artillery.

a One Captain, a native of Hanover-One Sec

ond Lieutenant, a native of Ireland. olonel, John B. Walbach, Ger.

b One Second Lieutenant, a native of Ireland. eut. Col., Matthew M. Payne, Va.

c One Captain, a native of Canada ajors 2; Captains 12; First' Lieutenante 24 ; nd Lieutenants 15.-Nat. of U. S. 52, Cuba 1. month. $24 for rations, forage for 3 horses, and

Majors of Artillery or Infantry receive $60 per Regiment of Voltigeurs and Foot Riflemen. are allowed for 2 servants; Captains $40, rations lonel,

$24; Lieutenants $27 to $30 each, and $24 for Eeut. Col.,

rations; Sergeants $13 per month; Corporals $9; ajors 2; Surgeons 3; Captains 10; First | Privates $7. From the pay of each private $1 per tenants 10; Second Lieutenants 20.-All na month is retained until the term of his enlistment s of the United States.

expires, Commandants at fixed posts get double ne pay of Foot Riflemen is the same as that of rations. try.

The 12th and 14th Infantry regiments are being THE SIXTEEN REGIMENTS OF INFANTRY. mustered out of service at New Orleans; 13th do., Colonels.

at Mobile ; 15th do., at Cincinnati William Davenport, Pa., (brevet); 2. Hugh The Statute of Aug. 1848, repeals the act of May iy, Pa., (Brigadier-Gen. by brevet) ; 3. James 13, 1846, authorizing " an increase of the rank and Iany, Del. ; 4. William Whistler, Md.; 5. file of the Army," but provides, that the President

M. Brooke, Va., (Brigadier-Gen. by brevet); may, by transfer from other regiments, increase ewman S. Clarke, Con., (Brigadier-Gen. by the number of privates in five regiments to 100 et); 7. Matthew Arbuckle, Va.. (Brigadier- per company.t . by brevet); 8. William J. Worth, N. Y., Mr. Secretary Marcy, in his Report of Dec. 2, jor-Gen. by brevet); 9. Henry L. Webb, N.Y., 1847, said, that the 25 regular regiments, when full, 23, 1848 ; 10. Robert E. Temple, Vt. ; 11. Al would contain 28,814, exclusive of officers, but C. Ramsay, Pa.; 12. Milledge L. Bonham, that the strength then was only 21,533, although .; 13. John J. Fay, N. Y., Dec. 3, 1847; 14. 22,243 men had been enlisted for the regulars (be. liam C. Trousdale, N. C., (Brigadier-Gen. by side the previous number) within the 12 monihs ret); 15. George W. Morgan, Pa., (Brigadier- | Artillery regiments, when full, contain 1,200 pri

by brevet); 16, John W. Tibbatts, Ky. vates; cavalry, foot, and voltigeurs, 1,000 each. n Nov. 1844, there were but eight Infantry regiments, with 10 Second Lieutenants each. In Nov. 1847, there sixteen--eight with 12 and eight with 20 Second Lieutenants each. The Secretary of War, in his report of Nov. *44, mentions," that the average number of vacancies, from all casualties in the army, is about thirty; h, therefore, should be the limit of annual promotions from the Academy, or of new appointments in the 1. The 3d and 4th Dragoons, 9th to 16th Infantry, and Voltigeurs, are disbanded

f Companies of Artillery and Infantry are pow allowed 42 privates ; Dragouns 30


hall pay, enjoy it twenty, thirty, or even forty Ten Professors or Teachers.

years, and then sell out to younger men; merit, if Cadets.-First Class 42; Second do. 46; Third unconnected with rank and standing in society, is do. 80; Fourth do. 79. Natives of U.S. 245, of quite apt to be overlooked, though it is not always Turkey ), of Italy 1.

60. Pay of Cadets, in artillery and infantry, per Fuller, a distinguished English author, early in month $24.

the 17th century, wrote a book called "I'he Holy Congress voted $143,472 to uphold the Academy State,” wherein he thus describes “The Good Gejfor 18 18–9, viz.: Pay of officers, teachers, cadets eral:" He shows in what & General “lores and is and musicians, $79,764 ; barracks for cadets; con- beloved by his soldiers.” “1. By, giving them tingencies $30,155, &c., being about $580 per good words.” “2. By partaking with his soldiers annum for instructing each of the 247 military in their painful employments.“3. By sharing scholars. It would be well to inquire what pro- with them in their wants.” “4. By taking notice, portion of the boys thus taught, go into and re- and rewarding of their deserts ; never dišinheriimain in the army.

ing a worthy soldier of his birthright, of the nert Iu 1846-7, the pay of officers, cadets, &c. at W. office due unto him. For a worthy man is wounded P. was #81,740, their subsistence, forage, &c., $8,- more deeply by his own General's neglect, than 013, expenses, barracks, visiters, $41,971. Bar- by his enemies' sword; the latter may kill him, racks for the Cadets are in progress, at a cost of but the former deads his courage, or, what is $130,000, exclusive of out-buildings.

worse, mads it into discontent; who had rather

others should make a ladder of his dead corpse to THE UNITED STATES' ARMY-PROMOTIONS. scale a city by it, than a bridge of him while alive, In the British Army, old deserving non-commis- for his púnics to give him the go-by, and pass sioned osticers do not, as in France, get often over him to preferment. For this reason chiefly, promoted; young lads of the man-milliner (besides some others, a great and valiant English species, are put over the heads of the oldest, General in the days of Queen Elizabeth, was hated steadiest sergeants, over men whose practical of his soldiers, because he deposed officers by his knowledge of discipline, and great military ex- own absolute will, without respect of orderly ailperience, onght to entitle them to promotion. vancing such as deserved it, which made a great Senator Pearce of N.H. thinks that we follow the man once salute him with this letter: "Sir, If you Englislı practice 100 closely. One day he told of will be pleased to bestow a Captain's place on the " it sergeant who performed a service at the bat-bearer hereof, being a worthy gentlenian, he shail tle of the Whitblacoochee, for which, had it been do that for you, which never as yet any soldier under Napoleon, he would have got a baton. But did, namely, pray to God for your health and in ours what did he get? Three times did that happiness."" gallant tellow, with his arm broken and hanging at his side, charge the Indians and drive them from

PAY OF THE ARMY, YEAR 1846-7. their hanımocks, where they were entrenched. The following particulars are taken from Ex. The poor sergeant stayed in the service until liis Doc. 7. Dec. 1817, pp. 123 to 214 and 282 to 295; time expired, and that was all he got for liis gal- what little insight they give us as to the system of luntry and disinterestedness." An opinion gains accountability to Congress and the public, through sirength, that the honors of the Ariny and Navy clearness of statements and a publicity of facts, those ought to be thrown open to free competition. who can may profit by; we really cannot. Very many commissions and promotions are the Pay of the Army, (deducting repayments,) $1,reward of official trimming and truckling in Con- 725,992. Of twenty-tlıree paymasters named, T. P. gress, &c., by the relatives of parties tlius placed Andrews was intrusted with $335,391; T. J. Lesover the heads of more deserving men.

lie with $547,516; G. H. Ringgold 8231,306; and Von Müller tells us in his Universal History, that the others with sums varying from $642 to $116,

" The degrees in the Roman Army were very 605. Pay of ten regimento $80,000. numerolls. From the last centurion of the last Subsistence of Officers $345,467; of which $122,manipulas of the first line to the primipilatis, &23 passed through the hands of Paymasters Lesthere were sixty steps. The choice of the Gene- lie. Audrews, Townsend and Ringgold. rais did not depend on the number of years of Subsistence Department, $1,763,566 ; of which service; often the leader who had triumphed $900,800 were paid through Commissary Seawell, served under his successor, and the father under $121,009 through Shiras, $400,000 through Grayson ; the command of his son; indolence and want of $120,000 through Lee. ability were the only obstacles to proinotion." Suhsistence, ten Regiments of Regulars, $220,832;

* The Romans did not consider it necessary of which $150,000 paid per Seawell. that the soldiers should be of great stature: large Quartermaster's Department, $1,473,130; of which bodies cannot easily support so much fatigue as per Vinton $140,000. Æ. Mackay $76,000, T. F. those of smaller buik. The Barbarians disdained Hunt $108,234, H. Stanton $100,000, Dusenberry, the small stature of the Roman troops. The love $55,100; Morris S. Miller $32,459; M. M. Clark of their country, and the great interests that were $348,752, D. D. Tompkins $504,508. at stake, gave to the armies of the Romans an im Same Department-Incidentals, (no items or expulse very different from the motives of the Carth- planations given,) $1,025,337; of whichi, per Punt aginian and Asiatic soldiery, who fought only for $251,000, Clark $556,235.

Same DepartmentTransportation and Supplies, Sir James Mackintoshi considered a Standing $971,331 ; of which $1,126,680 in hands of Miciiae) Army dangerous to the institutions of a free M. Clark, $939,500 in hands of David H. Vinton, State ; De Tocqueville thinks that a restless and 8411.000 H. Stanton, $155,550 Æ. Mackay, $798,309, turbulent spirit' is an evil inherent in the very con- T. F. Hunt, $70,000 Dusenberry, $166,920 M. S. stitution of Democratic armies;” and that odd Miller, $117,000 F. R. Loper. compound of monarchy, feudalism and aristocracy, Transportation of the Army, including Officers' Sir Walter Scott, told his son that "a democratical baggage. $3.314,125; per hands of T. F. Hunt $589,soldier is worse than an ordinary traitor by ten 934, D. D. Tompkins $503,956. M.M. Clark $1 479,thousand degrees, as he forgets his military honor, 196, Æ. Mackay $168,200, D. H. Vinton $281.709. and is faithless to the master whose bread he eats." Clothing Department, $597,119; of which $565,

Under the Government which Scott so greatly ad- 975 per H. Stanton. mired, Commissions in the army are bought and Of $ 105,036 on hand for three months' extra pay solit like stocks or acres; officers who have served to privates, sergeants, inusicians, &c., and exper. some two to ten years are allowed to retire on ses of recruiting, $291,858 were paid. $10,294 for


services of private physicians, of which $24,500 St., at Springfield and Harper's Ferry Armories, per Mower." Barracks, Quarters, fr.,” $266,078 ; $151,053 ; Arsenale, $108,915; Bougit Saltpetre, of which per M. M. Clark, Assist. Quartm'r. $116, Brimstone and Gunpowder, $150,000; Laid out in 919. “ Providing for the comfort of Discharged Fortifications and Barracks, $1,363,243---no deSoldiers,” $500,000, through Dy. Quartermaster tails, but a reference to the amount paid the Gen. Hunt-no details. Repairs of Roads and lieutenant, captain, or other military man who Bridges for armies, $39,000.

drew the money. Light-houses, Harbors, River

Improvements, $84,308 ; Removal of Choctaws MEXICAN HOSTILITIES, &C.

from Miseissippi, $11,995 ; • Expenses of Mission In addition to the above, and other expendi- to Wild Indians of ihe Prairie,' $51,723, M. G. tures, we find in page 163 to 168 Executive Docu. Lewis and P. M. Butler, Commissioners--an exments, 7, Dec. 1847, that $16,344,397 were paid in pensive mission this. For carrying into effect 1846-7, under the head of Mexican Hostilities.'-- | Indian Treaties, or payments to Indians in money Reference is made to the act of July 20, 1846, but or in kind, immense sums are charged, but beno details are given of the expenditure. The yond a reference to the statutes and stating who money was expended on .volunteers and other expended the money, little information is given troops;' and appears to have passed through the to the public On the military establisliment bands of-T. F Hunt $3.266,224, A. Mackay, yotes, $8,204,218 appears to have been in the $641 540. H. Stanton $410,000. H Whiting $500,000, hands of public accountants on July 1, 1846, and A. R. Hetzel $249.000, D. D. Tompkins $176 615 $8,365,318 on July 1, 1847. S. B. Dusenbury $159 000, D H. Vinton $782,918, While many pages of the Blue Book are filled M M. Clark $1,336,592, R E. Clary $190,000, w up with such itenis as “New-York Daily Express, Seawell $200,000, Amos B. Eaon $195,000, J. B. for advertising meeting of Army and Medical Grayson $510,000, J. P. Moore $194,0-13, Paymas. Board, $14," the American Reader will look in ter 'î. J. Leslie $1,799,450, B. Walker $200,000, vain for any complete and intelligible account of Timothy P. Andrews (ex-Col. Voltigeurs) $352,- the year's receipis and expenditures; indeed bills 000), Christ. Andrews $122,000, Roger S. Dix $100,- to enforce the payment into the Treasury of all 010. A. D. Sieuart $567,950, Benjamin F. Larned the revenue have met with quite as little favor at $5:6,460, G. H. Ringgold $384,700, H. C. Wayne Washington as at Westminster. $!-16,000

Five or six years since, Mr. Meriwether rePuy of Volunteers, $614.481.-Charged as in the ported, from the committee on public expendihands of B. F. Larned, Deputy Paymaster-Gen. tures, in the House of Representatives, a bill pro$1.100,000, from which said payments were made. viding, “ That no officer of the army or navy

Subsistence of Volunteers," i1 Regts. $257,453, shall receive any other compensation than the of which $200,000 per Comnissaries Lee and pay or emoluments of the office which he holds, Sewell.

notwithstanding he may perform the duties of Preventing, Suppressing and Repressing Indian any other office or appointment.” Also, “ That Hostilities, $51,322; but no act is referred to, nor no payment shall be made to any officer of the is it clear to us who got the money.

army or navy, by way of pay or emoluments, who

may have been or shall be restored to rank, for MILITARY EXPENDITURES.

the time he may have been or shall be out of Armament of certain Fortifications, $203,773.- service.” A majority in Congress, who have No particulars given, but act of May 15, '46, refer Democracy' continually upon their lips, and redio. Ordnance Service,' $93.994. Ordnance, Ord' the public plunder in their eye, would have nance Stores and Supplies,' $560,633 ; Horses lost passed a bill to double the national taxation for or destroyed, $20,252. National Armories,' $369,- the especial benefit of idle and useless officials, 506; of which, per E. Ingereoll, storekeeper, the lumber of the public service, ratlier than $217,000, and Richard Parker $142,475. Repairs, I adopt such real reforms as the above.

THE NAVY. The world has furnished no example of a flourishing

VESSELS OF WAR-Oct. 1848. commerre without a maritime protection; and a moderate In the Pacific.-Ohio, 74 guns; Congress, 44 ; knowledge of man and history will convince any one that Independence, 54; Warren, 20; Fredonia, 4; St no such prodigy ever can arise. A mercantile marine and Mary, 20; Dale, 16; Lexington, (store) 6; a military marine must grow up to..ether one cannot long Southampton, 4. Commodore T. Ap. C. Jones, exist without the other. --Jorn Adams--Message, Nov. 28,

commanding 1797. It were indeed a vain and dangerous illusion to believe,

Mediterranean.-- United States, 44 guns; Marion, that in the present or probable condition of human society,

16; Taney, schooner, 3; Princeton, steamer 9; A c mmerce so extensive and so rich as ours could exist Alleghany, do ; Erie, (store) 4; Supply, (store) 4 and be pur-ued in sa'ety without the continual support of

Commodore W. Bolton, commanding. a military marine ; the only arm by which the power of Brazil Coast.-Brandywine, 41; St. Louis, 20; this contederacy can be estiinated or felt by foreign na. Perry, 10. Commodore G. W. Storer, coinman'g. Lions, and the only standing military force wbich can never African Coust --Portsmouth, 20 guns ; Jamesbe dangerous to our own liberties at home. A permanent town, 20; Decatur, 16 ; Porpoise, 10; Bainbridge, naval peace establisbment, therefore, adapted to our

10. Commodore Ben. Cooper, conimanding present condition, and adaptable to that gigantic growth with which the nation is advancing in its career, is am ng

Home Squadron.-Raritan, 44 guns; Sarath- subjects which have already occupied the foresight of

toga, 20; John Adams, 20; Albany 20; Germanthe last Congress, and which will deserve your serious town, 20; Flirt, 2; Iris and Waterwitch, (steandeliherations ....The rules and regulations by which it is ers) each 1; Electra, (store) 2. Commodore Wilkgoverned urgently call for revision, and the want of a inson, commanding naval school of instruction, corre por ding with the Mili Coast Survey.-Wave, 1; Phenix, 1; Vixen, tary Academy at West Point, for the formation of scientific (steamer) 3. Lake Service-Michigan, (steamer) 1. and acromplisted officers, is felt with daily increasing European Sens-St. Lawrence, 14. East Indies aggravation.-JOHN QUINCY ADAME--Message, Dec. 1825.

Plymouth, 20; Preble, 16; Dolphin, 10. Reason shows, and experience proven, that no commer.

Preparing for Sen.- (At New-York) Relief, cal prosperity can re durable, if it cannot be united in care of need, to naval force. This truth is as well under

store; (at Boston) Constitution, 44; (at Norfolk) stond in th- United States as anywhere.... I annot refrain Columbia, 44 ; Vandalia. 20. from believing that the Anglo Americans will one day be. Receiving_Ships in Commission -- Pennsylvania, come the first maritime power on the globe.- ALEXIS DE 120 guns; Franklin, 74 ; North Carolina, 74 ; OnTOCQUEVILLE.

iario, 18 ; Union, (steamer) 4.

Vessels in Ordinary.-Columbus, 74; Delaware, | Epervier, April 29, 1814,) $3,500; Six Clerks, &c., 74; Potomac, 44; Savannah, 44 ; Cyane, 20; at $700 to $1,200. Constellation, 36; Macedonian, 36; Vincennes, BUREAU OF CONSTRUCTION, EQUIPMENT, &C. 20; Falmouth, 20; Fairfield, 20; Levant, 20; York Chief, Charles W. Skinner, Me., $3,000 ; Ten town, 16 ; Petrel, 1; Mississippi, (steamer) 10; Clerks, &c., at $700 to $1,400. Engineer, Ć. W. Fulton, (steamer) 4 ; Cumberland, 44.

Copeland, Con. (at New-York) $2,500. Tenders.-Steamers Engineer and Gen. Taylor. Chief Naval Constructor, Francis Grice, N.J.,

On the Stocks.-Alabama, 74 guns ; Vermont, 74 ; (Washington) $3,000. Virginia, 74; New-York, 74; New-Orleans, 74, (ai Naval Constructors, $2,300 each-S. M. Pook, Sacket's Harbor, Lake Ontario,); Santee, 44; Ms., (Boston); Benjamin F. Delano, Ms., (PortsSabine, 44 ; Saranac, 14 ; Susquehanna 44; Pow. mouth); Samuel Hartt, Ms., (New-York); Samuel hatan, 44 ; also 4 first-class steamers at Kittery, T. Hartt, (Norfolk; C.G. Selfridge, Ms , (PensaMe., Brooklyn, Philadelphia and Gosport. cola); J. Lenthall, D. C, (Philadelphia.) They

By comparing the abov list of war ships with estimate the expenses of repairs for 1849, and fuel, annexed lists of officers, a pretty correct judg- at $2,500,000; and for the 4 first-class steamers on ment may be obtained as to the proportion they the stocks $1,200,000. They value the stores on bear to each other. In 1842, in Congress, Mr. hand at the Navy Yards, July 1, 1847, at $6,158,858, Fillmore “believed that there was no limitation besides stores, value $1,940,558 under the care on the appointing power with reference to the of the Ordnance Bureau. nurober of officers, or the grade to be given them;

ENGINEER CORPS. of course there was but little responsibility.”There are some limits now.

Engineer-in-Chief, Charles H. Haswell, N.Y., We have been unable to find any official list of $3,000. 7 Chief-Engineers, at $1,200 to $1,573. 49 Bureau of Construction estimates the pay of offi-each-at various stations. the officers, crews, &c. of the several ships. The Assistants, at $350 to $973 each.

Naval Storekeepers, &c., 13 at $1,400 to $1,700 cers and seamen for 1849 at $2,600,000, but says nothing as to the number of men and boys, nor

NAVY AGENTS AND THEIR STATIONS. how many are in each ship.

Prosper M. Wetmore, Con., New-York; Joseph

Hall, Boston; S. D. Patterson, Pa., Philadelphia; Secretary of the Navy-John Y. Mason, Vir. Joseph White, Ire., Baltimore; John M. Beli, ginia, $6,000

Tenn., New Orleans; W. Anderson, Va., PensaChief Clerk, Robert W. Young, $2,000 ; other cola; 0. Cohen, S.C., Savannah; Geo. Loyall, Va., 11 Clerks, at $1,000 to $1,500. Estimate of expenses of the Secretary's office for 1848–9, $24,790. W. B. Scott, Md., Washington; J. S. Watkins,

Va., Memphis.

BUREAU OF PROVISIONS AND CLOTHING. Chief, Commodore Joseph Smith, Ms., $3,500. Chicf, Gideon Welles, Con., $3,000. Six clerks, Civil Engineer, W. P. S. Sanger, Ms., $2,000.-&c., $700 to $1,400 each Five Clerks, &c., $700 to $1,400 ; Six Civil Engi Although Secretary Mason states that there are neers, at New York, &c., ai $1,500 to $2,500 each ; but 8,000 men in the Navy, this bureau makes estiSix Agents, for preserving live oak, at $200 tó mates of provisions for 10,000, also for 1,018 otti$2,000 each. They asked å supply of $1,837,155 cers in the sea service, and 1,113 marines,-total, for 1849, including another $350,000 for the Dry 4,427,815 rations at 20 cents, $885,563. Dock at Brooklyn.

BUREAU OF MEDICINE AND SURGERY. BUREAU OF ORDNANCE AND HYDROGRAPHY. Chief, Thomas Harris, Pa., $2,500. Surgeon, Chief, Lewis Warrington, Va., (who took the clerks and messenger, $700 to $1,400 each.


hugh, Va.; W. K. Latimer, Md.; Hiram Paulding, Jas. Barron, Va.; Chas. Stewart, Pa.,,(who N.Y.; U. P. Levy, Pa.; Charles Boarman, and took the Levant, Cyane, &c., 1814.) Jacob Jones, Francis Forrest, Md.; W. Jameson, Va.; Chas. (who took the Frolic, Oct. 18, 1812.) Charles Gauntt, N.J.; W. Ramsay, Va.; Henry Henry, Morris, Con.; Lewis Warrington, Va ; C. G. Md.; S. W. Downing, N.J. Ridgely, Md. John Downes, Ms.; Stephen Cas In Sept. 1847, Captains 68; natives of Va. 14, sin, Pa., (of the Ticonderoga, battle of Lake Md. 11, Pa. 10, N.J. 6, N.Y.6, N.E. 12, S.C. 2, Eng Champlain ;) A. S. Wadsworth, Me.; George C. 2, Ire. 1, La. 1, Ga. 1, Del. 1, Ky. 1. Read, Ire. H. E. Ballard, Md.; Jesse Wilkins of the above, there were, senior Captains, son, Va.; T. Ap Catesby Jones, Va; W. Comp 15 in Sea service, commanding in Navyton Bolton, Eng.; W. B. Shubrick, S. C.; yards or other duty, at $4,500..

$67,500 Chas. W. Morgan, Va.; Lawrence Kearny, Nineteen on leave or waiting orders, (that N.J.; F. A. Parker, Va.; E. R. McCall, S.C.; is, doing nothing,) at $3,500..

66,500 Dan. Turner, N.Y.,' (who commanr'ed the Cale- Five Captains of Squadrons, at $4,073. 20,365 donia on Lake Erie, 1813;) *Davic. Conner, Pa.; Nine other Capts. at sea, &c., $3,500. 31,500 *W. M. Hunter, Pa.; *J. D. Sloat, N.Y.; *Mat. C. Twenty other Capts. on leave, &c., (that is, Perry, R.I.; *C. W. Skinner, Me.; *John Thos. unemployed,) at $2,500.....

50,000 Newton, Va.; *Joseph Sinith, Ms. ; *Lawrence Rousseau, La.; *George W. Storer, N.H.; F. H.

$235,865 Gregory, N.H.; Philip F. Voorhees, N.J.; Ben.

NINETY-SEVEN COMMANDERS. Cooper, do.; David Geisinger, Md.; R. F. Stock Of whom ninety-six are natives of the U.S., and ton, NJ.; Isaac McKeaver, Pa.; J. P. Zantzinger, one of Ireland. do. ; W. 'D. Salter, N.Y.; C. S. Macauley, Pa. Twenty-nine in Sea service, at $2,573......$74,617 Th. M. Newell, Ga.; E. A. F. Lavalette, and T. Twenty-three in Navy-yards, &c., at $2,100 48,500 T. Webb, Va.; John Perceval, M6.; J. H. Aulick, Forty-three waiting orders, or absent on Va.; W.'v. Taylor, R.I.; B. Dulany, Va.; S. H. leave (on shore, doing nothing,) at $1,800 77,400 Stringham. N.Y.; Isaac Mayo, M.; W. Mervine, Pa.; Thomas Crabb, Md ; Thomas Paine,

$200,317 R.I.; James Armstrong, Ky.; Jos. Smoot, Md.;

327 LIEUTENANTS-Oct. 1847. S. L. Breese, N.Y.; Ben. Page, Eng.; John Of whom 320 are natives of the U.S., three of Gwinn, Md.; T. W. Wyman, M8.; Andrew Fitz- the W.I., two of Ireland, one of Eng., one of Spain.

† Was appointed Lieut. in March, 1798, and Capt. May 22,1799. * Were appointed Lieutenants, July 24, 1813.

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