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Term expires.
Native State. Term expired.
Native State. Term expires.

Native State. 1851..Hopkins L. Turney... Ten. session, $2,496, or $1,992 for his 1851..James M. Mason...... Va. 1853..John Bell.

..Ten. traveling charges during a Cong. 1853..R. M. T. Hunter.... [Mileage, 2 Senators, former Mr. Rusk, $4,694 for 2 sessions. [Mileage, 2 Senators, XXIXth Congress, $1,586 and $1,736.)


Congress, $264 and $358.)
1849.. William Upham.... Ms.

WISCONSIN. 1851.. Thomas J. Rusk.... 1351.. Samuel S. Phelps... ...Con 1849.. Isaac P Walker.. 1853..Samuel Hlouston......Ten. [Mileage, 2 Senators, former 1851..Henry Dodge... la Mileage--Samuel Houston per Congress, $848 and $960.1

[Mileage-not known.}


ROBERT C. WINTHROP of Massachusetts, Speaker. [Whigs in Italics ; Locos in Roman; Natives in SMALL CAPS. After each member's name is placed that of his native state or country. In the XXIXth Congress, every member, eighteen ercepted, received for wages $2,024, during the first session, and $696 for wages, were paid to those present during the second session. Speaker Davis's wages, during both sessions, amounted to $1,918 and $1,392.

Each member of Congress receives $8 for every twenty miles he travels between Washington and his own residence, both coming and going. The mileage paid to a number of the members of the XXIXth Congress is stated below, and those conversant with the routes, can judge whether the compensation is an equitable one.

Speaker Winthrop was elected on the third ballot, thus: Members present 218; for Winthrop
110; Boyd 64; McClelland 14; McClernand 8; others 22.)
ILLINOIS—(Continued )

MAINE-(Continued.) Dist. M-mbers. Native State. Dist. Members. Native State. Dist.

Members. Natire State. 1.John Gayle. Ala. Mileage--Hoge 2 sess. $3,084; 3..Hiram Belcher..

Me. 2.. Henry W. Hilliard.......N.C. Douglass 2 sess. $2,564; Went- 4..Franklin Clark..

Me. 3. .Sampson W. Harris .....Ga. worth, each session. $1,445. MC 5.. Ephraim K. Smart....

Me. 4.. William M. Inge........N.C. Clernand, Wentworth and Rich- 6..James S. Wiley.......... Me. 5.. George S. Houston..... Ten. ardson, reëlected, to XXXIst Con- 7..Hezekiah Williams....... Vt 6..W.R. W. Cobb......... Ten. gress, with-1. Wm. H. Bissell; Mileage each session-Ham7..F. W. Bowdon.. ....S.C. 3. T. 'R. Young; 6. Edward D. lin $575. (Elected to XXXIS

Mileage-Dargin 2 sess. $2,063; Baker ; 7. Thos. L. Harris.] Congress-1. Elbridge Gerry; 2 Chapman 2 do. $2,080.


N. S. Littlefield ; 3. John Olis ; 4. ARKANSAS.

1..Elisha Embree.... .Ky. R. K. Goodenow ; 5. C Sawtelle: 6 Robert W. Johnson...... Ky. 2.. Thomas J. Henley Ta. Charles Stetson; 7. Thos. J. FulMileage--Yell one ses. $1,708. 3..John L. Robinson.. .. la. ler; all new members.] Johnsou is elected to the XXXIst 4.. Caleb B. Smith.


MARYLAND. Congress.

5.. William W. Wick. Pa. 1..John G. Chapman.. Ma CONNECTICUT.

6.. George G. Dunn.... Ky. 2..J. Dixon Roman... Md 1..James Diron....

Con. 7.. Richard W. Thompson....Va. 3..T. Watkins Ligon........ Va 2.. Samuel D. Hubbard.. Con. 8..John Pettit...

N.Y. 4.. Robert M. McLane..

...Del 3. .John A. Rockrocll.. Con. 9..Chas. W. Cathcart..Madeira. 5.. Alexander Evans. 4.. Truman Smith... Con. 10.. William Rockhill. .N.J. 6..John W. Crisfield.. Mileage-Dixon 1 ses. $300. Mileage-Cathcart 1 ses. $1, Mileage each session-Ligos

456 ; Owen, each ses. $893. $36; Perry $184. DELAWARE. John II. Houston...


MASSACHUSETTS. Mileage--ses. $160.

1.. William Thompson., ..Pa. 1. Robert C. Winthrop MS 2.. Shepherd Lettler....

2.. Daniel P. King.

Mileage per session--Dodge 3.. Amos Abbott...

Ms. Edward C. Cabell...... .Va.

Ms. Mileage-Brockenborough per son and Leffler are elected to 5.. Charles Hudsoni.

$1,354; Leffler $1,110. Thomp- 4..John G. Palfrey.. ses. $911.- Cabell is reëlected. XXXIst Congress.

6.. George Ashmun.

7..Julius Rockwell..

Con. 1.. Thomas B. King.

1.. Linn Boyd.
.Ten.) 8. Horace Mann,

MS 2.. Alfred Iverson.


2..Samuel 0. Peyton.. .Ky..9..Artemas Hale.. 3. John IV. Jones.... .Md. 3.. Beverly L. Clark. Va. 10.. Joseph Grinnell..

Ms. 4..Hugh A. Haralson. ..Ga. 4.. Aylett Buckner... Ky.

Mann succeeded John Qniney 5..John H. Lumpkin.. .Ga. 5..John B. Thompson.

Ky: Adams. Mileage eachi session--6..Howell Cobb.. ..Ga. 6..Green Adams......

.Ky Winthrop $366. 7.. Alerander H. Stephens....Ga. 7..Garnett Duncan. .Ky.

MICHIGAN. 8. Robert Toombs.


8.. Charles S. Morehead. Ky. 1.. Robert McClelland......I's Mileage-Jones 2d ses. $787;

9..Richard French.. Toombs $612.-Members of the 10..John P. Gaines....

Ky. 2..Charles E. Stuart.......NY

3..Kinsley S. Bingham....NY. XXXIst Cong. King, Haralson, Mileage each session-Boyd

Mileage each session-ChiCobb, Stephens, Toombs, reëlected $1,040; Trumbo. $572.

man $963. with--2. M. J. Welborn; 3. Al


MISSISSIPPI. len F. Owen ; 5. Thos. C. Hackett.] 1..Emile La Sere..... La. 1..Jacob Thompson. N.C ILLINOIS. 2..B. G. Thibodeaur... La. 2..W. S. Featherston

Ta 1.. Robert Smith..

.N.H. 3..J.M. Harmanson.. Va. 3. Patrick W. Tompkins.. KY 2..John A. McClernand..... Ill. 4.. Isaac E. Morse... La. 4.. Albert G. Brown.... 3..Orlando B. Ficklin...

Mileage each ses.-Harman-

Mileage each session-Roberts 4..John Wentworth... .NH. son $1,840; Thibodeaux $1,914.

$1,600 : Adams, (21 ses.) $1,10?: 5.. Wm. A. Richardson.... .Ky.

Jefferson Davis, (ea, ses.) $1,20

MAINE. 6. Thomas J. Turner. .Ohio. 1..Dayid Hammons. Me.

MISSOURI. 7.. Abraham 2..Aså W. H. Clapp........Me. 1..James B. Bowlin..... Va.



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Pa. 4..

... Va.


MISSOURI-(Continued.) |


Dist. Members. Native State. Dist. Members. Native State. Dist. Members. Native State.
2..John Jameson...
Ky. 1..James J. Faran..

0. 1.. Robert B. Cranston......R.I.
S..James S. Green..
Va. 2..David Fisher...

.Pa 2..Benjamin B. Thurston...R.I. 4.. Willard P. Hall........ Va. 3.. Robert C. Schenck.


Mileage each session-Cran5..John S. Phelps.. Con. 4.. Richard S. Canby... ..0.

ston $314.
Mileage, 2 sessions-Sims $2,- 5.. William Sawyer.. .O.
804; Relfe $2,443. (Elected to 6..Rodolphus Dickinson.. Ms.

XXXIst Congress-2. Wm. V. 7..Jonathan D. Morris. 0. 1.. Daniel Wallace...
Bay; Bowlin, Green, Hall and 8..John L. Taylor..... Va. 2. . Richard F. Simpson.....S.C.
Phelps, are reëlected.]

9.. Thomas (). Edwards, .....Md. 3..Joseph A. Woodward...S.C.

10.. Daniel Duncan.... NEW HAMPSHIRE.

10. 5. .Armistead Burt......... S.C. 1.. Amos Tuck (Free Spill...Me. 11..John K. Miller.

Mi. 6. Isaac E. Holmes........S.C. 2..Charles H. Peaslee.....N.H. 12..Samuel F. Vinton..

13.. Thomas Richey... N.H.

Pa. 7..R. Barnwell Rhett...... S.C. 3. James IV ilson.....

..0. 4..James H. Johnson.. .N.H. 14.. Nathan Erans...

Mileage each session--Simp15.. William Kemon, Jr..Ireland. sou $650; Rhett $519. Wallace, Mileage each sess.--Moulton $422.

16..Jolin D. Cummins... .Pa. Woodward, Burt and Holmes,

17.. George Fries.... NEW JERSEY.

..Pa. are elected to next Congress, the 1..James G. Hampion.. .N.J.

19..Samuel ium.

Mu. latter as a supporter of General 2.. William d. Newell.. Ohio. 19..John Crowell

.Cou. Tavlor; also, 2. James L. Orr; 3..Joseph E. Edsall.. .V1./20..Joshua R. Giddings. ...Pa. 4. John McQueen; 7. Win. F.

.N.Y. Colcock. 4..John Van Dyke. .N.J. 21..Joseph M. Rvot.. 5.. Dudley S. Gregory.. Con. Mileare each session-Faran

TENNESSEE. Mileage each session-Hamp- $535; Giddings and Sawyer, each 1.. Andrew Johnson. N.C. ton $139. $680.

2.. William M. Cocke.. Ten. NEW-YORK.

The present members for Dists. 5..John H. Crozier.... .Ten. 1..Frederick W. Lord..... Con. 3, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12, 14, 19, 20 and 21, 4..H. L. W. Hill.......

.Ten. 2..Henry C. Murphy ...N.Y. are elected to XXXIst Congress. 5..George W. Jones... 3.. Henry Nicoll.... .N.Y. Also, 1. David T. Disney; 2. L. 6..James H. Thomas. .N.C. 4.. William B, Maclay.....N.Y. D. Campbell; 4. Moses B. Corwin ; 7.. Meredith P. Gentry.. .N.C. 5.. Frederick A. Tallmadge..Con. 5. Emery D. Potter; 9. Edson B 8.. Washington Barrow.... Ten. 6.. Horace Greeley

N.H. Olds; 10. Charles Sweetzer; 13. 9..Lucien B. Chase....... Vt. 7.. William Nelson... N.Y.W. A. Whittlesey; 15. IVm. F. 10..Frederick P. Stanton....S.C. 8.. Cornelius Warren... .N.Y. Hunter; 16. Moses Hoagland ; 17. 11. . William T. Haskell...... Ten. 9..Daniel B. St. John... ..Com. Joseph Cable ; 18. David K.

Mileage each session--Gentry 10.. Eliakim Sherrill.. N.Y. Carter.

$812; Brown $1,076; Stanton 11..Peter H. Sylvester.. N.Y.

$1,100. 12.. Gideon 0. Reynolds..


PENNSYLVANIA. 13..John I. Slingerland.. N.Y. 1.. LEWIS C. LEVIN... .S.C.

TEXAS. 14.. Orlando Kellogg. .N.Y.) 2..Joseph R. Ingersoll. ..Pa. 1.. David S. Kaufinan.. 15.. Sidney Lawrence.. Vi. 3..Charles Brown..

Pa. 2.. Timothy Pillsbury. .Ms. 16.. Hugh White....

4.. Charles J. Ingersoll. .Pa.

Mileage each session-Pills17..George Petrie.. ...NY

5. .John Freedly

bury $2,267; Kaufman, 2 sessions, 18. Joseph Mullen... .Ireland.) 6..Samuel A. Bridges,

$2,028 and $2,291. 19.. William Collins..

7.. Abraham R. Mcllvaine....Pa.

.N.Y 20..Timothy Jenkins.. .Ms.

8..John Strohm...


VERMONT. 21..G. A. Starkweather.. .Con. 9.. William Strong.... .Con. 1.. William Henry..

N.II. 22. .Ausburn Birdsall.. .N.Y. 10.. Richard Brodhead.

..Pa. 2..Jacob Collamer. ..N.Y. 23.. William Duer....... N.Y 11.. Chester Butler......... ..Pa. 3.. George P. Marsh..........Vi. 24. .Daniel Gott. Con. 12. .David Wilmot.......... 4.. Lucius B. Peck..

Vt. 25..Harman S. Conger...

13. James Pollock..



Mileage each 26.. William T. Lawrence.

.N.Y. 14.. George N. Eckert.

$432. [Wm. Henry elected to the
27., Esbon Blackmar
15.. Henry Nes.

XXXIst Congress, 1st District; 28..Elias B. Holmes.. Vt. 16..Jasper E. Brady.


3. Marsh, reëlected ; 4. Peck,do. 29.. Robert L. Rose...

N.Y.17..John Blanchard. 30. David Rumscy.. N.Y. 18.. Andrew Stewart..

VIRGINIA. 31..Dudley Marvin. Con, 19..Job Mann...

.Pa. 1. .Archibald Atkinson... Va. 32..Nathan K. Hall.. .N.Y. 20. .John Dickey...

.Pa. 2.. Richard K. Meade..... Va. 33..Harvey Putnam. ...Vt. 21..Moses Hampton. .Pa. 3.. Thomas S. Flournoy.. Va 34.. Washington Hunt. ......N.Y. 22..John W. Farrelly.

..Pa. 4.. Thomas S. Bocock. Va.

23..James Thompson.. VIth Dist.-Horace Greeley 24.. Alexander Irvin......

Pa. 5.. William L. Goggin. Va.
.Pa. 6..John M. Botts....

Va. was elected, vice D. S. Jackson,

Va. declared unduly returned. Mileage each session-Ramsay 7.. Thomas H. Bayly. XXVIIth Dist.-E. Blackmar, $100; Ingersoll $110; Thompson 8.. Robert T. L. Beale Va.

9..John S. Pendleton.. Va. do., vice J. M. Holley, deceased.'|$628; Wilmot $312.

..Va. Mileage--Lawrence $188; King,

10..Henry Bedinger. The present members for Dists.

11..James McDowell... $480 ; Strong $512; Smith $522. 1, 5, 9, 11, 12, 15, 19, 21 and 23,

12.. William B. Preston... Va.
are elected to XXXIst Congress.

1.. Thomas M. Clingman....N.C. -Also, 2. Joseph R. Chandler ; 3. 13.. Andrew S. Fulton.......
2.. Nathaniel Boyden.. . Ms. Henry D. Moore ; 4. John Rob: 14.. Robert A. Thompson.....Va.

Va. 3.. Daniel M. Barringer....N.C. bins, Jr (contested;) 6. Thomas 15..

William G. Brown..... 4.. Augustine H. Shepperd..N.C. Ross; 7. Jesse C. Dickey : 8. Thad Mileage each session-Hunter 5. .Abram W. Venable......Ky. dcus Stevens ; 10. M. M.' Dimmick; $80; Brown $264; Hopkins $369. 6..James J. McKay

N.C. 13 Joseph W. Cascy; 14. Charles 7..John R. J. Daniel.. .N.C.W. Pitman; 16. Jas. X. McLana

8.. Richard 8. Donnell. .N.C. ghan ; 17. Samuel Calvin ; 18. An. 1.. William Pitt Lynde...
9..:David Outlaw... ..N.C. drew Jackson Ogle; 20. Robert R. 2..Mason C. Darling

Mileage each session-Boggs Reed; 22. John W. Howe; 24. Al Mileage per session--Martin
$218; Graham $400.
fred Gilmore.

|(20) $1,500.





OFFICERS OF THE SENATE:--Asbury Dickens, cies of Congress : viz. to Ritchie & Co. $26,839 ; to N.C. Secretary, $3,000 ; Lewis H. Machen, Md. others, $11,300; books to members, &c. $141,100. Chief Clerk, $1,800 ; R. Beale, Va. Sergeant-at This statement exhibits an expenditure of $1,Arins and Door-keeper, $1,500; and twelve others. 684,869, per Congress, or $842,434 average, per

OFFICERS, &C. OF THE HOUSE.—Thomas Jeffer: session-being for wages, $758,416; mileage of son Campbell, Tenn. Clerk, $3,000; Daniel Gold, upward of 300 Congressmen, $355,787: salaries N.Y. Chief Clerk of office, $1,800 ; 'eight clerks ał of officers, $40,918; contingencies or casual re. $1,500; Nathan Sargent, 'Sergeant-at-Arms, $1,-) quirements, $529,748. The average charge of 500; John M. Johnson, Post Master, $1,500; Robert Representatives, for expenses on the road, coming E. Hornor, N.J. Door-keeper, $1,500;' and others. to Congress and returning, is, $1,154 50' in two

sessions, beside their wages at $8 a-day. The LIBRARIAN TO Congress-John S. Meehan, postages of the Senate in the year to March 4, NY $1,500. Assist. E. B. Stelle.

1847, were $18,821 ; Representatives, $49,954. CHAPLAINS-Henry Slicer, Senate; R. R. Gur On the 12th of Aug. 1848, Congress reduced the ley, House.

compensation, after that year, to persons bringing EXPENSES OF CONGRESS.-The expenditure to Washington the vote of any State, for Presiduring the XXIXth Congress-Dec. 1845 to March dent, to 12 cents per mile traveled, “ by the most 1847, two sessions--in wages of members, their

usual route." If $2 50 cents per twenty miles mileage and contingencies, salaries of officers, are enough for State Messengers, why do Con&c. was as follows:

gressmen continue to vote themselves $8 for Firot Session.--Wages of Senators, $110,408 ; traveling a like distance ? mileage of Senators, $44,309. Wages of Representatives, $453,738 ; mileage of Representatives, Toward the expenses of the second or short $130,634.

session, XXXth Congress, there was voted, Aug. Second Session.-Wages of Senators, $38,206 ; 12, 1848, compensation and mileage of Members, their mileage, $45,767. Wages of Representa- $388,440 ; Officers and Clerks, $39,557 50; Senate's tives, $156,064; their mileage, $135,077.

contingencies, $75,000; House's contingencies, Services of officers and clerks of the Senate, $117,756 50 ; Librarian and Library, $11,300. $17,706. Services of officers of the House of Also, to T. Jefferson Randolph, executor, $20,Representatives, $23,212. Contingent expenses 000, for all the papers and manuscripts of a public of the Senate, including books, &c. bought for nature, left by President Jefferson, and $6,000 to Senators, $134,129. Contingent expenses of the defray the cost of printing them; and $6,000 for House of Representatives, $216,386. Contingen- printing Alexander Hamilton's manuscripts.

DEPARTMENT OF STATE. Secretary of State -JAMES BUCHANAN, Pa. $6,000. / for a renewal to the “Principal Examiner having Acting Chief Clerk-Wm. S. Derrick, Pa. $2,000. charge of the class of inventions to which said

Diplomatic Bureau-A. H. Derrick, Pa. $1,600; case belongs, who shall make a full report, and W. Hunter, Jr. R.I. $1,500; F. Markoe, Jr. $1,400 particularly whether the invention or improve

Consular Bureau-R. S. Chew, Va. $1,400 : s. ment, secured in the Patent, was new and patent. L. Gouverneur, N. Y. $1,400.

able when patented; and,' thereupon, the said Home Bureau-A. J. Glossbrenner. $1,400; Commissioner shall grant or refuse the extension Lund Washington, Jr. Va. $1,400; and nine other of said Patent, upon the same principles and officers and agents, at $800 to $1,600 each.

rules that have governed" the Board of Officers Clerks and Messengers, 1847, $22,131 ; Contin- in whom the power was vested before. gencies, including the publication of the Laws, This Act provides for the appointment of two $33,849, Postages, $1,763.

additional Principal Examiners, at $2,500 a-year In session of 1848, $2,000 were voted to pay a each, and two additional Assistant-Examiners, at Clerk to examine the claims of American citizens $1,500 a-year each; also, two Copying and Reand foreigners on each other's Governments. cording Clerks, at $1,200 each.

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MINISTERS AND CONSULS ABROAD. Commissioner, Edmund Burke, Vt. $3,000. Chief Great Britain.-George Bancroft, Ms. Envoy, Clerk, H. H. Sylvester, Ms. $1,700. Examiners, London, $9,000. J. R. Brodhead, Pa. Secretary Charles G Page, Ms. $2,500; W. P. N. Fitz- of Legation, $2,000, Thomas Aspinwall, Ms.

, gerald, Vt $2,500. Salaries in office, 1847, $22,643 ; Consul, London, $2,000 and fees. "Robert ArmContingencies, $7,020. Addl. Eramrs., H. B. Ren- strong, Tenn., Consul, Liverpool, fees, H. wick, N. Y.,$2,500 ; L. D. Gale, Ms., $2,500. Assist. Sprague, Gibraltar, fees.' T. B. Livingston, HaliExamrs, J. H Lane, S. Cooper, W. B. Storms, T. fax, N.S., fees. R. Peale, $1,500 each. Machinist, A. B. Stough France.-Richard Rush, Pa. Envoy, Paris, 89,ton, $1,250. Draughtsman, Arthur L. MacIntyre, 000. Secretary of Legation, $2,000. Robert D.C. $1,200. Fifteen other persons employed. Walsh, Md., Consul, Paris, fees. W.J. Staples,

In the first session, 1848, there was voted for the N.Y., Consul, Havre, fees. Patent Office, $1,500 for scientific books; $3,500 Spain.-Romulus M. Saunders, N.C. Envoy, for collecting Agricultural Statistics, &c. ; $1,000 Madrid, $9,000. T. C. Reynolds, S.C, Secretary for Chemical Analyses of vegetables used as food. of Legation, $2,000: Robert B. Campbell, S.C.

Consul, Havana, Cuba, fees. New Law for Regulating the Renewal of Patents, and Increasing the number of officers in the sia, $9,000; Andrew J. Donelson, Tenn. Berlin,

Envoys.- Arthur P. Bagby, St. Petersburg, Rus. Patent Office. Passed May 27, 1848.

Prussia, $9,000; Dabney S. Carr, Md. Minister This statute takes from the Secretary of State, Resident, Constantinople, Turkey, $6,000 ; J. W. Solicitor of the Treasury and Commissioner of Davis, Ia., Commissioner, Canton, China, $5,000; Patents, the power they had jointly to extend Charles Eames. Commissioner, Sandwich Islands, Patents, by authority of Section 18, of the Act of $3,000; David Tod, 0., Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, July 4, 1836, and vests the sole power of extend- $9,000. Nathan Clifford, Me., Mexico, $4,000. ing the duration of all Patents, for not more than Chargés d'Affaires, ($4,500 each.)-G. W. Hopseven years additional, in the Commissioner of kins, Va. Lisbon; T. G. Clemson, U.S. Brussels; Patents ALONE, who is to refer every application Auguste Davezac, W.I., The Hague; R. P. Flen

aikill, Pa., Copenhagen; Henry W. Ellsworth, | posits, Jackson said to him, “My dear Duane, Con.' Stockholm; W. H. Stiles, Ga., Vienna, we must separate as friends. Far from desiring Nathaniel Niles, Vt. Turin; Benj. A. Bid- that you should sustain any injury, you know lack, Pa Bogota; B. J. Shields, 'S.C. Caraccas, have intended to give you the highest appointVenezuela; W.A. Harris, Va. Buenos

Ayres; Seth ment now in my gift. You shall have the Mission Barton, Md. Sant lago, Chili; John R. Clay, Pa., to Russia.President Polk's brother had a pleasLima, Peru; Lewis Cass, Jr., Mich., Rome. ant journey to Paris, Naples, &c. as Minister to

Consuls -T. W. Gilpin, Ireland, Belfast; F. T. the latter place. Buch, N.Y. Hong Kong; G. W. Ellis, Me. Bom

The Consuls at Liverpool, London, Havre, the bay; F. B. Wells, N.H. Bermuda; J. H. Wil Havana, &c. receive very large incomes in the

The liams, Ms. Sidney, New South Wales; A. P. Gib- way of fees; the amounts are not known. son, V.y. St. Petersburg; G. Reed, Pa, Malaga; fees, or allow such fees only as would secure the

true policy would be to pay them salaries and no U.S. Santa Cruz; Jolm Cutlibert, Pa. Hamburg services of competent officers. Of the details of W.H Robertson, U.S. Bremen; A. Hammet, Ma! contingent expenses of missions, very little can Naples; P. S Forbes, Ms, Canton, China;'Gor: be known from the public accounts. In 1846-7, ham Parks, Ms. Rio de Janeiro; W. G. Moor our Consuls expended $87,416 for relief and prohead, N.Y. Valparaiso; John Black, Mexico tection of American seamen; of which, only $1,(City); Jas. Cowdin, Glasgow,

086 were repaid. The chief places of expendiThe sum expended in the payment of outfits, ture were, $18,050 by Job Turrell, Society Islands; infits, salaries, clerk-hire, interpreters, traveling $14,604, Abeel, Sandwich Islands ; $6,000, Aspincharges, guards, &c. &c. (over and above ships to wall, London; $6,081, Society Islands. convey them to their missions in certain cases,) for

The votes of 1848 for Foreign intercourse, are Envoys, Plenipotentiaries, Chargés, Consuls,

six Ministers' salaries and one outfit, $63,000; Commissioners, Secretaries, &c. ubroad, was Secretaries, $12,000 ; seventeen Ministers, includ? $304,303 in 1846-7.--Executive Doc. 7, pp. 274-5. ing a Chargé d'Affaires to the Pope, at $4,500, Of this, $64,444 were for Envoys ; $53,713 for $76,500; Turkey, $3,500; Barbary, &c. $12,000; Chargés des Affaires; $14,047 to Secretaries; Contingencies, $60,000; J. Dodge, late Tobacco $56,750 for outfits ; $42,376 for missions to Turkey, Agent to Europe, $4,500; China, $7,500; other Barbary, China and the Sandwich Isles; and Foreign Missions, $33,935. Running a Boundary $53,176 Contingencies of Missions and Foreign

Line with Mexico, $50,000. intercourse.

FOREIGN DIPLOMATIC AGENTS IN UNITED STATES. To countries where there is little diplomatic France, Guillaume Tell Poussin, Envoy; Britain, business to transact, like Russia, Austria and John F. Crampton, Acting Chargé; Russia, AlexNaples, Ambassadors are frequently appointed, ander Bodisco, Envoy; Spain, Calderon de la which enables gentlemen to make the tour of Barca, Envoy, Austria, The Chevalier HülseEurope, as Ministers and Secretaries, at the pub- mann, Acting Chargé; Argentinc Confederation, lic cost. Each Ambassador to Russia gets $18,000 General Carlos Maria de Alvear, Envoy; Chili, the first year, besides contingencies, and $13,500, Manuel Carvallo, Envoy; Peru, Joaquin Jose de if he return the next, which is often done. Since Osma, Envoy; New-Granada, General Pedro AlJackson's entry into office, we have had Ran- cantara Herran, Envoy; Portugal, J. C. de Figadolph, Buchanan, Wilkins, his brother-in-law, niére é Morao, Minister Resident; Prussia, Baron Dallas, Canıbreleng, Dickerson, Ralph Ingersoll, Von Roenne, Min. Res., Belgium, The Chevalier Bayby, and, perhaps, one or two more Russian Beaulieu, Min. Res.; Denmark, Steen de Billé, Ambassadors. Mr. Bagby's position on the Texas Chargé; Netherlands, F. M. W. Testa, Chargé; question, his resignation as Senator, and his Sicily, Chevalier Martuscelli, Chargé; Brazil

, Russian Mission, may be compared. When Felippe Jose Pereira Leal, Chargé; Sweden, A. D. Duane would neither resign nor remove the De-Lövenskiold, Chargé.

TREASURY DEPARTMENT. Secretary of the Treasury-ROBERT, J. WALKER, The salaries or wages of Clerks and MessenPa , $6,000.

gers in the Auditors' Offices for 1847, were-Ist Chief Clerk, McClintock Young, Md., $2,000. Auditor, $17,603 ; 2d Auditor, $23,176; 3d Auditor, Fourteen other Clerks, at $1,000 to $1,800 each, &c. $35,350, 4th Auditor, $20,825; 5th Auditor, $11,

Clerks and Messengers, 1847, $21,850 ; Contin- 800 Post Office Auditor, $82,690. Contingencies, gencies, $16,966; Watchmen, $3,420 ; Contingen- incidentals of the six Auditors, $10,680; Postages cies of S. E. executive building $9,400; Postages, of Auditors, $12,517. $2.960.

Treasurer of the United States.--Wm. Selden, Va. First Controller-James M. McCulloh, Pa. $3,500. Chief Clerk, J. Larned, Ms. $1,700. Eigh-Clerks and Messengers, '1847, $14,707; Contin

$3,000; with fifteen Clerks, at $800 to $1,700 each. teen other Clerks, at $1,000 to $1,400 each.

Clerks and Messengers, 1847, ' $25,050; Contin- gencies, $1,173 ; Postages, $1,286. gencies, $1,900; Postages, $324.

Assistant- Treasurers.--Boston, Henry Hubbard, Second Controller.-Albion K. Parris, Me., $3.000. $2,500; New York, Wm. C. Bouck, N.Y. $4.000; Chief Clerk, J. M. Brodhead, N.H. $1,700. Ten Charleston, Wm. Lavall, $2,500 ; St. Louis, Geo. other Clerks, at $800 to $1,400 each.

Penn, $2,500. Ten Clerks, 1847, $3,974; Repairs, Clerks and Messengers,

247, $12,245; Contin- &c. $5,000. gencies, $1,100.

Register.-Daniel Graham, Tenn. $3,000; with Auditors, [$3,000 each.)-1st, Wm. Collins, Va.; twenty-eight Clerks, at $800 to $1,700 each. 20. John M. McCalla, Ky: ; 3d, Peter Hagner, Pa. ; Clerks and Messengers, 1847, $26.953; Continith, Aaron 0. Dayton, N.J.; 5th, Stephen Pleason- gencies, $7,500; Postages, $2,147. ion, Del.; Anditor for Post Office, Peter G. Solicitor. -Ransom H. Gillet, NY. $3,500; with Washington, D.C.

eight Clerks, average of salaries, $1,180 Clerks In the six Auditors' Offices there are over 160 and Messenger, 1847, $9,651 ; Postages, $340 Clerks employed, at wages from $800 to $2,000; Besides the above public agencies and continprobably $1,350 on an average. The Treasury gencies, the Secretary of the Treasury charges Auditor for the Post Office has 66 Clerks, four at $6,128, and the Register $200, as "Expenses on $1,600; twelve at $1,400; twenty-six at $1,200; and Loans;" $4,341 as expenses in issuing Treasury twenty-four at $1,000.

Notes; Rawdon, Hatch & Co.'s bill, $15 135.

Among the payments are, $9,292 to Amos Ken- there is a charge of “Compensation for depositdall for Counsel fees, &c. in the Stokes suit; a ing Money," of $33,082; also, $112,410 paid to 83 $5,000 draft on Reeside on Post Office protested, persons for receiving money for Land, the income with interest, &c. $:,128 ; another $8,400; J. W. of a number of Registers, and $24,106 of “incidenNewcombe, heir of Gen. Warren,' killed on tals." Bunker Hilí, $8,321 ; Chas. F. Sibbald for injuries, Receivers get $500 a-year, one per cent, on colAc. 826,050; Dr. J. Gray's Administrator, for lections, and et ceteras. Of the 83, we give some dwelling destroyed in the war of 1814, $5,000; E. of the best incomes, for the year, viz. Jolm DeF. Norton, for Tupper's barn burnt, near Butlulo, ment, Dixon, III. $6,912; Thos. Dyer, Chicago, Fame war, $ 150; Boston Custom-house building, $3,682; A J. Irwin, Green Bay, Wis. $6,147; J. in part, $50,000. Postages of the President and A. Helfenstein, Milwaukee, $1,796 ; Paschal BeVice-President, 1846-7, $759.

quette, $3,686 ; S. Langworthy, Dubuque, $1,000;

V.P. Van Antwerp, Fairfield, "Iowa, $3,771 Tue In any really efficient and clearly understood above have also, as “Compensation for and cost system, the hosts of Auditors, Clerks, Account of deputies, &c.Dement, $2,492; Dyer, 8333; ants, and other officers on the roll of the Depart. Irwin, $3,616; Helfenstein, $1,997; Bequette, $i, ments at Washington and elsewhere, might be 497 ; Langworthy, $1,078; Van Antwerp, $1,603 expected to keep the Public Accounts in the most Beside this, $139,225 and $4,749 are charged as perfect order, and to render them promptly to payments to Surveyors and Geologists, for “SurCongress. This, however, is not done, although veying the Public Lands;" of which W. A., J. the additional staff of extra Clerks and Account- and A Burt had $8,833 ; late Douglass Houghton, unts at Washington, far exceeds all precedent in Geologist, Mich. $1367 John Mulleti, Surveyor, the New World.

Mich. $5,196; James Mullett, Mich. $3,029 ; others Among the EXTRA Clerks voted in 1848, for one in Mich. $7,651; Conway, Surveyor-General, Ill. year, in one Department, were seven additional &c. $2,738, Depuy Surveyors in Missouri, $20,io the Second Controller, at $1,200; two addi-000; do. in Mississippi, $5,171 ; do. in Alabama, tional to First Auditor, at $1,150 ; three additional, $15,000; do. in Louisiana, $8,542; Landry, Surat $1,150; and nine more at $1,000 to Second Audi- veyor-General, La. $4,920. [What is this paid tor; thirteen additional Clerks in the Secretary for? His clerks, deputies and contingencies, of the Treasury's Office, to expedite the settle- are charged elsewhere.} Surveyor-General and ment of Puymasters' accounts, accounts of Cap- tifteen Deputies, Arkansas, $15,952; Surveyormains of Companies, &c. $12,000; six additional General, Florida, $2,616; his Deputies, $9,181; Clerks to Third Auditor, $6,400; eight more Surveyor-General, Iowa and Wisconsin, $1,300; Clerks in Land Office, $8,000. Total, $51,750 to his Deputies, 822,112. pay forty-eight new Clerks, who were as much For Lands“ erroneously sold,but in what State wanted, had the old stats been kept at work, as or Territory is not stated, $21,720 and $29,179 the twoʻscore of “ Measurers” in the N.Y. Custom- were paid back to many persons; also $6,976 of House, who get $1,500 a-year each for enabling purchase money of Lands in Louisiana. If an Inspectors to stand idle, or for attending to poli- enormous outlay for clerks, surveyors, receivers, tics now and then. Secretary Forward proposed recorders and overseers, will not prevent mis. to remove all or most of them.

takes by the hundred, why pay them $465,000 The fiscal year, instead of ending at a time as a-year? near to the session of Congress as it would be To Receiver and Register of Lands, Newmans. possible to make up the detailed accounts to, ends ville, Florida, for issuing permits, $2,500; do. St. in June; so that it will be some time in 1849, be- Augustine, Fl. $2,500. To D.D. Owen, Geologist, fore the particulars, up to July, 1848, are printed Wis and C. T. Jackson, Geologist, Mich. $2,000 and before the conntry. Of what use can the each, on Mineral Lands. supervision of such documents be, by the Press, the Public and Congress, in a session ending LAND REVENUES.-Receivers, out of office, over March 3d, every second year?

a year, in arrears for moneys that had been paid Last Winter the Public Accounts were so mys- them-July, 1847. Sam. Finlay, Chilicothe, $21,tified as to battle an able Committee of Congress, 779; J. T. Canby, Crawfordsville, Ia $33,898; W. and everybody else. It is said that very large L. D. Ewing, Vandalia, $16,272; Wm. Linn, do. balances are allowed to accumulate in the hands $55,962; J. W. Stephenson, Galena, $23,808 ; S. of Quartermasters and others, on the pretext that Hammond, St. Louis, $21,574; Samuel Smith, St. Examining Clerks are still scarce!

Stephens, Ala. $33,590; John H Owen, do. $11,

910; W. Taylor, Cahawba, Als. $21,459; H. G. GENERAL LAND OFFICE.

Perry, do. $6,075; U. G. Mitchell, do. $7,410; A. Commissioner-Richard M. Young, Ky. $9.000. T. Perry, do. $28,156; G. B. Dameron, Choctaw, Recorder-Samuel H. Laughlin, Va. $2,000. $22,867; Columbus, W. P. Harris, $100.117; G. D Also, sixty-one Clerks at $1,000 to $1,800 each. Boyd, $50,977. J. A. Girauit, Grenada, $25,493;

Compensation paid in 1847, of Clerks, Messen. R. M Carter, New Orleans. $80,210. Opelousas, gers, Porters, Recorder and “ Agent for paying W. Garrard, $27,231; W. H. Gantt, $21,604; B. Salaries" in General Land Office, $82,421; Con- Lawrents, Natchitoches, 833,128; L. Hawkins, tiugent expenses, $21.331; Postages, $3,291. Helena, Ark $99,059, &c. &c.

Surveyors-General, ($2,000 each.) - Detroit, Lu Commissioner under 4rt. VI. with Great Britain, cius Lyon, Vt. ; St. Louis, F. S. Conway, Tenn.; 1842, Albert Smith, Me., $3,000. Florence, Ala. J. H. Weakley, Va ; Donaleonville, La. Pierre T. Landry, La ; Jackson, Vi. C

COAST SURVEY. A. Bradford, Pa.; Little Rock, Wm. Pelham, Ky. ; Survey of the U. States Coast, 18-16-7, S111.000. St. Augustine, Fl., Robert Butler, Pa.; Dubuque, A. D. Bache, Superintendent, $4,500, (aud Iowa, Caleb H. Booth. With forty-seven other $1.500 as Superintendent of Weights arxi Clerks, Draughtsmen, &c ; and forty Registers, Measures, with an assistant, J. Saxton, at $2008) who get $5 per day at Public Land Sales.

----Edmund Blunt, F, H, Gerder, C. M. Erskine, Paid, in 1947, to Clerks in the above Surveyors. WM. Boyce and John Farley, Assistants, ai General's Offices--in Lyon's office, $6,3001; in $2,500 each; and nine others at $1,000 to $1,500 Bradforl's, $2,369; Conway's, $7,820; Weakley's, each. Samuel Hein, Disburser, $2,000. $2,754 : Landry's, $5,023; Pelliam's, $6,739; Butler's. 3.871: Jorea's $7,040,

OFFICERS OF CUSTOMS REVENUE. The bove expenditures on Land management Maine.--Passamaquoddy, Eastport, Bion Brad. in the year 16:6-7, amount to $171,51. Then, bury, Me., Collector, $3,000; Portland, Rob'ı P.

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