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deputies or clerks may be employed, and shall be souvenirs, and all similar articles, of whatever maof a form to be prescribed by the Secretary of the terial composed; carpets, carpeting, hearth-rugs, Treasury.

bedsides, and other portions of carpeting, being Sec. il. And be it farther enacted, That no of- either of Aubusson, Brussels, ingrain, Saxony, ficer or other person connected with the navy of Turkey, Venetian, Wilton, or any other similar the United States, shall under any pretence, im- fabric; carriages and parts of carriages ; cayenne port in any ship or vessel of the United States any pepper ; cheese; cinnamon; clocks and parts of goods, wares, or merchandise liable to the pay-clocks ; clothing, ready made, and wearing apparment of any duty.

el of every description, of whatever material comSec. 12. And be it farther enacted, That all acts posed, made up or manufactured wholly or in part and parts of acts repugnant to the provisions of by the tailor, sempstress, or manufacturer, coach this act be, and the same are hereby repealed. and harness furniture of all kinds; coal; coke and

culm of coal ; combs of all kinds; compositions of SCHEDULE A....(100 Per Cent.)

glass or paste, when set; confectionary of all kinds,

not otherwise provided for ; coral, cut or manufacBrandy and other spirits distilled from grain, or tured; cotton, cords, gimps, and galloons; courtother materials; cordials, absynthe, arrack, cura- plaster; crayons of all kinds; cutlery of all kinds; coa, kirschenwasser, liqueurs, maraschino, ratafia, diamonds, gems, pearls, rubies, and other precious and all other spirituous beverages of a similar char- stones, and imitations of precious stones, when set?

in gold, silver or other metal; dolls and toys of all

kinds ; epaulets, galloons, laces, knots, stars, tasSCHEDULE I....(40 Per Cent.)

sels, tresses, and wings of gold, silver, or other Alabaster and spar ornaments; almonds; ancho-metal ; fans, and fire screens of every description, vies, sardines, and all other tish preserved in oil; of whatever material composed; feathers and flow? camphor refined ; cassia; cloves; composition ers, artificial or ornamental, and parts thereof, of

tops for tables, or other articles of furniture ; com- whatever material composed; frames and sticks fits, sweetmeats, or fruit preserved in sugar, bran- for umbrellas, parasols, and sunshades, finished or dy, or molasses ; currants; dates; figs; ginger unfinished ; furniture, cabinet and household ; ginroot, dried or green; glass cut; mace; manufactu-ger, ground; grapes: gum benzoin or benjamin; res of cedar wood, granadilla, ebony, mahogany, hair pencils; hat bodies of cotton; hemp, unmanrosewood, and satin l; nutmegs; pimento ; ufactured ; y; human hair, cleansed or pre

prepared vegetables, meats, poultry, and game pared for use ; ink and ink powder; iron, in bars, sealed or enclosed in cases, or otherwise; prunes; blooms, bolts, loops, pigs, rods, slabs, or other raisins; scagliola tops for tables, or other articles form, not otherwise provided for; castings of iron

of furniture ; cigars, snuff, paper cigars, and all old or scrap iron, vessels of cast iron ; japanned other manufactures of tobacco ; wines, Burgundy, ware of all kinds, not otherwise provided for; champagne, claret, Madeira, port, sherry, and all jewelry, real or imitation ; jet and manufactures other wines and imitations of wines.

of jet, and imitations thereof ; lead pencils; maccaroni, vermicelli, gelatine, jellies, and all similar

preparations ; manufactures of the bark of the cork SCHEDULE B ....(30 Per Cent.)

tree, except corks ; manufactures of bone, shell, Argentine, alabatta, or German silver, manufac- horn, pearl, ivory, or vegetable ivory; manufactured or unmanufactured ; ale, beer, and porter in tures, articles, vessels, and wares, not otherwise casks or bottles; árticles embroidered with gold, provided for, of brass, copper, gold, iron, lead, silver, or other metal; articles worn by men, wo pewter, platína, silver, tin, or other metal. or of) men, or children, of whatever material composed, which either of those melals or any other metal) made up, or made wholly or in part, by hand ; shall be the component material of chief value asses'skins; balsams, cosmetics, essences, extracts, manufactures of cotton, linen, silk, wool, or worstpastes, perfumes, and tinctures, used either for the ed, if embroidered or tamboured in the loom or toilet, or for medicinal purposes ; baskets, and all otherwise, by machinery, or with the needle, or other articles composed of grass, osier, palm-leaf, other process; manufactures, articles, vessels, and straw, whalebone, or willow, not otherwise provi-wares of glass, or of which glass shall be a comded for; bay rum; beads, of amber, composition, ponent material, not otherwise provided for; color wax, and all other beads; benzoates ; Bologna ored, stained, or painted glass; glass crystals for sausages ; bracelets, braids, chains, curls, or ring-watches ; glasses or pebbles for spectacles; paint

lets composed of hair, or of which hair is a compoings on glass, porcelain glass ; manufactures and nent part ; braces, suspenders, webbing, or other articles of leather, or of which leather shall be al fabrics, composed' wholly or in part of India rub-component part, not otherwise provided for; manber, not otherwise provided for; brooms and brush- ufactures and articles of marble, marble paving es of all kinds ; cameos, real and imitation, and tiles, and all other marble more advanced in manumosaics, real and imitation, when set in gold, silver, facture than in slabs or blocks in the rough ; manu. or other metal; canes and sticks for walking, fin- factures of paper, or of which paper is a compoished or unfinished ; capers, pickles, and sauces of nent material, not otherwise provided for ; manuall kinds, not otherwise provided for; corks; earth- factures, articles, and wares of papier maché ; en, China, and stoneware, and all other wares com- manufactures of wood, or of which wood is a composed of earthy and mineral substances not other- ponent part, not otherwise provided for ; manufacwise provided for ; fire crackers ; flats, braids, tures of wool, or of which wool shall be the complaits, sparteere, and willow squares, used for ma- ponent material chief value, not otherwise proking hats or bonnets ; glass tuinblers, plain, mouid-vided for; medicinal preparations, not otherwise) ed, or pressed, not cut or printed ; hats and bon- provided for; metallic pens; mineral waters; monets for men, women, and children, composed of lasses ; muskets, rifles, and other fire-arms ; nuls, straw, satin straw, chip grass, palm-leaf. willow, not otherwise provided for; oilcloth of every de or any other vegetable substance, or of hair, whale- scription, of whatever material composed; ochres bone, or other material, not otherwise provided and ochry earths used in the composition of paintfor ; caps, hats, muffs, and tippets of fur, and all er's colors, whether dry or ground in oil, oils, other manufactures of fur, or of which fur shall volatile, essential, or expressed, and not otherwise be a component material; caps, gloves, leggins, provided for; olive oil, in casks, other than salad mits, socks, stockings, wove shirts and drawers, oil; olive salad oil, and all other olive oil, not othand all similar articles made on frames, worn by erwise provided for ; olives; paper, antiquarian, men, women, or children, and not otherwise pro-demy, drawing, elephant, foolscap, imperial, letter, vided for; card cases, pocket books, shell boxes, and all other paper not otherwise provided for

paper boxes, and all other fancy boxes ; paper en-composed wholly of cotton, worn by men, women, velops; parasols and sunshades; parchment; pep- and children ; cassia buds ; castor oil ; castorum

per; plated and gilt ware of all kinds; playing chocolate ;, chromate of lead ; chromate, bichro
cards; plums; potatoes; red chalk pencils; sad- mate, hydriodate, and prussiate of potash ; cobalt
)dlery of all kinds, not otherwise provided for; sal- cocoa nuts ; cocculus indicus ; copperas or green?
mon, preserved ; sewing silk, in the gum or prifi

. vitriol,
or sulphate of iron; copper rods,

bolts, nails, Sed ; 'shoes composed wholly of India rubber; seal- and spikes ; copper bottoms; plaster of Paris) Sing wax; silk twist and twist composed of silk when ground ; quicksilver ; Baffron and saffron (and mohair ; side arms of every description; sil- cake; seppia ; steel, all than otherwise provided ver-plated metal, in sheets or other form; soap, Cas- for; copper in sheeis or plates, called braziers' tile, perfumed, Windsor, and all other kinds ; su- copper, and other sheets of copper not otherwise gar of all kinds ; tobacco, unmanufactured; syrup provided for ; cubebs ; dried pulp ; emery ; ether; Sof sugar ; twines and pack thread, of whatever felspar; fig blue; fish, foreign, whether fresh, material composed; umbrellas ; velíum ; vinegar ; smoked, salted, dried, or pickled, not otherwise

wafers; water colors; fire wood, and wood un- provided for; fish_glue or isinglass; fish skins manufactured, not otherwise provided for; wool, dour of sulphur ; Frankfort black ; French chalk unmanufactured.

fruit, green or ripe, not otherwise provided for

fulminates, or fulminating powders ; furs dressed SCHEDULE C....(25 Per Cent.)

on the skin ; gamboge; glue; gunpowder ; bair,

curled, moss, sea-weed, and all other vegetable Buttons and button moulds, of all kinds ;borax substances used for beds or mattresses; hams; hats or tinctal; Burgundy pitch ; calomel, and all other of wool; hat bodies, made of wool, or of which mercurial preparations ; camphor, crude; feather wool shall be a component material of chief value; beds, feathers for beds, and downs of all kinds; hatters' plush, composed of silk and cotton, but of foss silks ; grass cloth; hair cloth, hair seating, which cotton is the component material of chief and all other manufactures of hair not otherwise value; hempseed or linseed, and rapeseed oil, and

provided for; jute, Sisal grass, coir, and other veg- all other oils used in painting; Indian corn and etable substances unmanufactured, not otherwise corn meal ; ipecacuanha; iridium; iris or orris

provided for ; baizes, bockings, flannels, and floor root; ivory or bone black'; jalap ; juniper berries; cloths, of whatever material composed, not other. lac sulphur; lamp black ; lard; leather, tanned, wise provided for ;. cables and corda tarred or bend, or sole ; er, upper of all kinds; lead, in untarred ; coiton laces, cotton insertinge, cotton pigs, bars, or sheets ; leaden pipes; leaden shot; trimming laces, cotton laces and braids ; manufac- leeches ; linens of all kinds; liquorice pasie, juice, tures composed wholly of cotton, not otherwise or root, litharge; malt; manganese; manufacprovided for; manufactures of goat's hair or mo- tures of 'fax not otherwise provided for; manu(hair, or of which goat's hair or mohair shall be a factures of hemp, not otherwise provided for; macomponent material, not otherwise provided for ;rine coral, unmanufactured; medicinal drugs, roots, matting, Chinese, and other floor matting and mats and leaves, in a crude state, not otherwise provimade of flags, jute, or grass ; manufactures of silk, ded for; metals, unmanufactured, not otherwise or of which

silk shall be a component material, not provided for; mineral and bituminous substances, Sotherwise provided for ; manufactures of worsted, in a crude státe, not otherwise provided for; muSor of which worsted shall be a component materi- sical instruments of all kinds, and strings for mual, not otherwise provided for; roofing, slates, sical instruments of whipgut or catgut, and all othslates, other than roofing slates; woolen and worst- er strings of the same material ; nitrate of lead;

oats and oatmeal ; oils, neatsfoot and other animal

oil, spermaceti, whale, and other fish oil, the proSCHEDULE D....(20 Per Cent.)

duce of foreign fisheries ; opium ; oranges, lem

ons, and limes; orange and lemon peel; patent Acids, acetic, acetous, benzoic, boracic, chromic, mordant; paints, dry or ground in oil, not other(citric, muriatic, white and yellow, nitric, pyrolig- wise provided for ; paper hangings and paper for neous and tartaric, and all other acids of every screens and fireboards ; pearl or hulled barley ; pedescription, used for chemical or medicinal purpo- riodicals and other works in the course of printing ses, or for manufacturing, or in the fine arts, not and republication in the United States ; pine apSotherwise provided for; aloes ; Angora, Thibet, ples ; pitch; plantains; plumbago; pork ; potasSand other goat's hair or mohair unmanutactured ; ce- sium; Prussian blue; pumpkins ; putty ; quills; Sdar wood, ebony, granadilla, mahogany, rosewood, red chalk; rhubarb; rice or paddy; roll brimstone; and satin wood, unmanufactured ; cream of tartar; Roman cement; rye and rye flour; saddlery, comextract of indigo ; extracts and decoctions of log- mon, tinned, or japanned ; sago ;. sal soda, and all wood and other dye-woods not otherwise provi- carbonates of soda, by whatever name designated, ded for ; extracıs of madder ; flax seed; green not otherwise provided for; salts, Epsom, glauber, turtle ; gunny cloth ; alum; amber; ambergris ; Rochelle, and all other salts and preparations of aniseed; animal carbon; antimony, crude and salts, not otherwise provided for; sarsaparilla; regulus of; arrow root; articles, not in a crude shaddocks; sheathing paper; skins, tanned and state, used'in dyeing or tanning, not otherwise pro-dressed, of all kinds ; skins of all kinds, not othervided for ; asafetida ; bacon ; bananas ; barley; wise provided for; slate pencils; smalts ; spermabeef; beeswax ; berries, vegetables, flowers and ceti candles and tapers; spirits of turpentine; barks, not otherwise provided for; bismuth ; bitter sponges; spunk ; squills; starch; stearine candles

apples ; blankets of all kinds ; blank books, bound and tapers; stereotype plates; still bottoms; sul-S Sor unbound ; blue or Roman vitriol, or sulphate of phate of barytes, crude or refined ; sulphate of qui->

cupper ; hoards, planks, slaves, lath, scantling, nine; tallow candles; tapioca; tar; thread laces spars, hewn and sawed timber, and timber to be and insertings; type 'metal; types, new or old; (used in building wharves; bronze liquor; iron vanilla beans; verdigris; velvet, in the piece, comliquor ; lac spirits ; manna í marble in the

rough posed wholly' of cotton; velvet, in the piece, comslab or block, unmanufactured ; Dutch and bronze posed of cotton and silk, but of which cotton is the metal in leaf; needles of all kinds for sewing, darn- component material of chief value; vermillion ing or knitting ; osier or willow prepared for bas. wax candles and tapers; whalebone the produces ket-makers' use; paving stones; paving and roof- of foreign fisheries; wheat and wheat flour; white ing tiles and bricks ; boucho leaves; breccia; and red lead; whiting, or Paris white; whito vitbronze powder; butter; cadmium; calamine; can- riol, or sulphate of zinc; window glass, broad, tharides ; caps, gloves, leggins, mits, socks, slock-crown, or cylinder; woolen listings ; yams. ings, wove shirts and drawers, made on frames,

ed yarn.



SCHEDULE A....(100 Per Cent.) Flowers, artificial, Mineral waters,

Kirschenwasser, Spirits and Liquors.

Fur, and all manufac- Mohair, and silk twist,


tures of, Absynthe, Arrack, Maraschino,

all kinds

Furniture, cabinet and Mosaics of Brandy, Liqueurs, Ratafia,


when set,

Muffs, Muskets.
SCHEDULE I....(40 Per Cent.) German silver, crude or Nuts,

Ochre and ochry earths, Alabaster, Almonds, Scagliola Tops, or other wrought,

furniture of,

Gilt and plated ware, Anchovies,

dry or ground in oil

Oil cloth of all kinds Camphor, refined, Segars, tobacco, paper, Gimps and galloons,

Oil volatile

Ginger, ground, Comfits, Cloves, Cassia, &c.

Do essential (Composition tops for ta Snuff, tobacco, all manu- Grapes,

Glass tumblers not cut, Do Olive in cask bles, &c.

factures of, do Currants

Do do salad
Do crystals for watches,


Do cut,
Figs, Furniture, Vegetables, prepared,
Game, sealed or encased, Wines of all kinds, ana Do pebbles for spectacles Pack-thread,
SGinger root, dried or imitations of wines,

Do painted or stained, Painters' colors, dry, or

ground in oil, green, Wines, Burgundy, cham- Do paintings on,

Palm leaf, manufactures Glass, cut, Mace, paigne, claret, Madeira, Do porcelain

of, Meats, Nutmegs, port, sherry, and all oth Gold and silver wings,

manufacOrnaments, spar, er wines and imitations Grass, manufactures of, Paper, and

tures of, Pimento, Poultry,

Hair pencils, of wines,

Paper boxes, Preserves, in sugar, mo Wood, manufactures of Harness, coach,

Do envelops, lasses or brandy.

cedar, granadilla, ebo-Hat bodies of cotton, Prunes, Raisins, ny, rosewood, 'satin. Hats, men's and child- Papier maché, manufacSardines,

wood and mahogany,

ren's composed of straw tures of,
satin, chip, grass, palm Paper of all kinds,

leaf,' hair, whalebone, Parasols, finished or un.
SCHEDULE B....(30 Per Cent.) willow, or other vege- finished,
Alabatta,crude, wrought, Carriages, and parts of table substances, Parchment,
Ale in casks or bottles, do,

Hats of fur, or of which Paste composition
Apparel, made in whole

Cayenne pepper,
fur is a component part, Pearl, manufactures of

Pencils, hair or in part,of all materials Chains, curls, or ringlets Hearth rugs,

Do lead,

of hair, whole or in part, Hemp unmanufactured,

Do red chalk,
Arms, fire and side arms, China ware,
Articles wornby men,wo- Cinnamon, Cheese,

Horn, manufactures of Pens, metallic,

Household furniture, men, or children, made Clocks, or parts of do,

Pepper, cayenne by hand,

Clothing, ready made in Human hair, ready for Pepper, Perfumes, Asses' skins, whole or in parts, of use,

Pewier, manufactures of
whatever material,

India rubber shoes, in Pickles,
Cloth, oil, of all kinds,

whole or in part, (Beads of all kinds,

Plaster, composition, Beer in cask or bottles, Coach harness and fur- Ink, Ink powders, Plated and gilt ware Benzoates,

Iron in bars,

Plated silver, in sheets
Coal and culm of do,

Do blooms, Benzoin, gum of

or otherwise, Colors, water,

Do bolts, Bologna sausages,

Platina, manufactures of, Composition paste, or

Do castings, Bone, manufactures of

Playing cards,


Do hoops, Bonnets, of all sizes, glass when set,

Do old or scrap,

Pocket-books, whether of straw, satin, Confectionary, chip, grass, palm-leaf, Copper, manufactures of Do pigs, rods, slabs, Porcelain, Coral, cut or manufac

Do vessels cast, or other vegetable sub

Porter in cask or bottles, tured, stances,

Ivory, manufactures of,

Potatoes, Poultry, Books, pocket,

Cork, 'manufactures of, Japanned ware and imi- Precious stones, Boxes of paper,

Imitation do, or set in except corks,

tations of, Boxes, shell,

Corks, Cosmetics,

gold or silver, Bracelets, Braces, Cotton cords,

Jet, manufactures of, Preparations, medicinal,

Do imitations of Prunes, Braids,

Cotton, manufactures of,
Brass, manufactures of, Court plaster,

Jewelry and imitations Red chalk pencils,
Brushes, Crackers, fire,


Brussels carpets,

Knots, lace, &c.

Ringlets of hair,
Cabinet work,

Crockery ware,

Rubies, set,
Cameos of all kinds, Cutlery, Diamonds,

Lead pencils,

Rugs, hearth, Capers,

Drawers, wove, and all Lead, manufactures of, Rum, bay, Caps, of fur, or of which frame stocking work,

Leather, manufactures of Saddlery of all kinds, fur is a component part Earthenware, Leggins,

Salmon, preserved, Embroideries of gold, Linen, manufactures of, Satin hats and bonnets, Cards, playing,

silver, or other metals,

Sausages, Bologna, Carpets, Turkey,

Essences, Epaulettes,

Marble paving tiles and Sauces of all kinds, Do Brussels, Extracts, Fans,

all manufactures of do Saxony carpets, Do Saxony, Feathers, Fire arms,

finished or unfinished Sealing wax, Do Venetian, Fire crackers,

Medicinal preparations, Sewing silk, in the gum, Do Wilton, &c. and Fire screens,

Metallic pens,

or purified, all kinds, Fire wood, Flats, Metallic vessels,

Shell boxes,

Card cases,

Shell, manufactures of Tumblers, glass, not cut Angora,

Dried pulp, Shirts, wove, or printed,

Animal Carbon, Drugs, medicinal, not Shoes of India rubber, Turkey carpets, Aniseed,

otheswise provided for, in whole or in part, Twine,

Antimony, crude and Dutch metal or bronze, Side arms of all kinds, Twist, silk, mohair and regulus,

in leaf, Silk, manufactures of, silk,

Arrow root,

Dyeing articles, not in al Silk twist,

Umbrella frames and Articles for dyeing or crude state, Silver, German, crude sticks,

tanning not in a crude Dye-woods, and wrought, Umbrellas,


Ebony wood, Silver, manufactures of, Vegetables, prepared, Asafetida, Bacon, Emery, Ether, Silver plated metal, in Vellum,

Bananas, Barks, Extracts of indigo, logo sheets or other forms, Venetian carpets,

Barley, pure or hulled, wood, liquorice,
Skins, asses'
Barytes, sulphate of Felspar,

Fig blue,
Soap, Castile,
Vessels all metallic crude or refined, Fish, foreign,

fresh, Do perfumed, substances, and vessels Beef,

Beeswax, smoked, salted, skins, Do Windsor' and all of glass, Benzoic acid,

Fish glue or isinglass, other kinds,


Flax, manufactures of,
Wares ofbrass,iron, cop- Berries, juniper

Flour of wheat, Spartecre,

per, pewter, silver, tin, Bichromate of potash, Flour-sulphur, Spectacles, pebbles and all other metals,


Water colors,

Bitter apples, glass,

Frankfort black, siars 'silver or gold li. Wearing apparel of all Bituminous substances, French chalk, nings, &c.

kinds and materials, not otherwise enumera- Fruit, green or ripe, Stone ware, finished and unfinished. ted,

Fulminates, Straw hats, caps, and Webbing of India-rub- Blank Books, bound and Fulminating powders, bonnets, ber, in part or whole, unbound,

Furs, dressed on the Straw, manufactures of, Whalebone, manufac- Blankets of all kinds, skin, Sugar of all kinds,

tures of

Blue, fig, black, bone or Gamboge, Sunshades, finished or Willow hats or bonnets, ivory,

Glass, window, broad, unfinished,

Willow, manufactures of Blue or Roman Vitriol, crown or cylinder, Suspenders,

Willow squares,
Blue, Prussian

Gloves, Glue,
Syrup of sugar,

Wood, manufactures of, Boards, Boracic, do Granadilla wood, Table tops, or of which wood is á Boucho Leaves,

Green turtle,

component part,

Green vitriol,
Tin, manufactures of Wood, fire

Bricks,paving or roofing, Gummy cloth,
Wood, unmanufactured Brimstone, roll,

Tippets of fur,

Bronze liquor,

Hair curled, Hams,
Tobacco, unmanulac. Wool, manufactures of Bronze metal, in leaf, Hats, of wool,
Woolen manufactures,

Bronze Powder, Hat bodies of wool, or Tresses, Worsted, manufactr's of Bunks, Butter, composed in part of

Cadmium, Calamine,

wool, SCHEDULE C....(25 Per Cent.) Candles, spermaceti, ste- Hatiers' plush (silk or

arine, tallow, wax, or cotton,) Baizes, Flannels, tapers,

Hemp, manufactures of, Beds, feather,, down, Floor-cloths of all kinds, Cantharides,

hair, or hair cloth,
Floss silks,

Hempseed oil,

Grass cloth,

Carbonate soda, Borax or Tinctal, Grass, Sisal and grass Cassia buds,

Hydriodate of potash,

Indian corn and meal, Burgundy pitch,

Castor oil,

Indicus cocculus.

Indigo, extract of,
Button moulds,
Hair, goat's, manufac- Cedar wood,


tures of
Cement, Roman

Calomel, and all mercu- Hair seating,

Chalk, French

Iris, or orris root, rial preparations, Jute and jute mats, Chalk, red

Iron liquor, Camphor, crude Mats, or matting, 'Chi


Iron, sulphate of Chinese matting and nese, of flags, jute, or Chromate lead,

Isinglass, mals, grass,

potash, Ivory, or bone black, Colonade flags, jute, or Mercurial preparations Chromic acid, Jalap, grass,

Citric do
Cloth, hair
Mohair, manufactures of, Cloth, gunny

Juniper berries,

Lac spirits, Cloth, mohair or of which goat's hair Cobalt,

Lac sulphur, Coir,

or mohair is a compo- Cocculus indicus, Lamp black, Cordage, tarred and un

nent part,
Cocoa nuts,

Lard, Laths, tarred

Silk, manufactures of Copperas, or green vit. Lead'in pigs, bars,sheets, Cotton, manufactures or of which silk shall riol,

pipes, shot. nitrate of, composed wholly of, form a component part, Copper rops, bolts, nails red, white do, not otherwise provided Siks,

Sisal grass,

spikes, bottoms, in Leather, tanned, bend or for, Slates, roofing,

sheets or places, sole leather, and upper Cotton insertings,

Do other than roofing, « called braziers' cop of all kinds,
Cotton laces.
Woolen and worsted


Leaves, medicinal, not) Cotton laces and braids, yarns,

Copper, sulphate of otherwise provided for, Cotton trimming laces, Worsted, manufactures Cural marine, unmanu- Leeches, Leggins, Down beds, of, or of which worsted factured,

Lemon peels, Feather beds, Flag mats, forms a component part Corn, Indian

Lemons, Limes,

meal, Linens of all kinds, SCHEDULE D....(20 Per Cent.) Cream of tartar,

Linseed oil, Acids, Acetic, Acetous, Pyroligneous, Tartar-Cubebs,

Liquor bronze,

Do iron, Nitric, Benzoic, Borac ic, and all other kinds, Curled hair, ic, Chromic, Citric, Mu. Aloes, Alum,

Drawers, wove or made Liquorice paste, juice or riátic, white or yellow, I Amber, Ambergris,

on frames of cotton, root,


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