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named, that was then to be emperowre of Almayne; a and on the next day the kyng of England, and the said kynge of Romaynes, &c. and lady Margaret duches of Savoy, aunt to the seyde kynge of Romayns, and dawghtar to Maximilian late emperowr, whome the Frenche kyngeb shewlde have maried afore he maried the duches of Britayne; with them cam a cardinall and many great lords and ladyes, wherefor all the lords and states of England were sent from theyr lodgings; and [at] theyre comynge ther was made a banqwetynge hows with in the town of Cales, with xvj. principals made of greate mastes, betwixt every maste xxiiij. fote, and all the oute syds closed with borde and canvas ovar it, and with in rownde abowt by the syds were made thre loftes one above anothar for men and women for to stond upon, and they that stode behynd myght see over the hedes that stode before, it was made so highe behynd and low before; and in the mydste of the same bangwetynge house was set upe a great pece of tymbar made of viij. greate mastes, and bownde togethar with great ropes and yron bonds for to hold the mastes to gethar, for it was an hundred and xxxiiij. fote of lengthe, and coste vj li. xiij s. iiij d. to set it up right; and the banqwetynge howse was coveryd ovar with canvas and fastenyd with ropes; and within the sayd howse was payntyd the element of starres, sonne, and mone, and clowdes, with dyvars othar things made above ovar men's heds, and there was greate images of white wykers, like grete men, and they were set hyghe above on the highest lofts and stages, and dyvars reasons writen by them of the contries that they were made lyke unto, and the names of the same contries hanging by them, and many shipps under sayles, and wyndmylls goynge; and undar that was set many armes of dyvars londs, and theyr reasons writen by them; and abowght the highe pece of tymbar that stode up right in the mydste was made stages of tymbar for organs, and othar instruments for to stand in, and men for to play upon them, and for clarks syngenge, and othar pagents for to be playde when the kyngs of England and of Romayns shuld be at theyre banqwete; but on the same morninge the wynd began to ryse, and at nyght blewe of all the canvas, and all the elements with the sterrs, sonn, and mone, and clowds, and the same reyne blewe out above a thowsand torches and tapers that wer ordayned for the same; and all the kyngs seets that was made with great ryches that cowlde be ordaynyd, besyds all othar things, was all dashed and lost.

a See a full programme of this interview in the Rutland Papers, pp. 50, et seq. b Charles VIII. See the memoir of Margaret duchess of Savoy in the Appendix.

The xiiij. of July the kynge of Romayns departyd from Calleys towards Gravelen.

The xviij. of July the kynge of England departyd from Calleys and arrived at Dovar.

1521. The 2. of August the 13. of Henry the Eighth, Thomas archbysshope of Yorke, cardinall,a landed at Caleis, with the bishop of Ely, the bishop of Durham, &c. The same day came to Caleis ambassadors from the emperowrd to mete the cardinall and othar lords of England.

The iiij. of August cam to Caleis the highe chaunselar of Fraunce, with mayny othar,e with the nombar of 400 horse. These lords of England, Burgoyne, Spayne, Flaundars and Fraunce, with the pope's orator, cam to Calleys to make a pece betwixt the emperowr and the Frenche kynge, but they could not agree, for the emperowr wold have no peace, and the Frenche wold have had peace for a tyme; wherfore on the xij. of Awgust the cardinall of Eng

* In the correspondence of Wolsey, published in the State Papers under the authority of the Royal Commission, vol. i. will be found many letters relating to this embassy, commencing with No. xi, and extending to No. lii.

Nicholas West. c Thomas Ruthall.

d The emperor's ambassadors were, the count of Gattinara, his chancellor, monsieur de Berghes, and others. Ibid. p. 27.

e The French ambassadors were, Antoine du Prat chancellor of France, Jean de Selve president of the Parliament of Paris, and Jaques de Chabannes marquis de la Palisse, marshal of France. State Papers, I. i. 29. Voluminous manuscript records of this conference remain in the Royal Library of Paris, reference to which will be found in the Bibliothèque Hist. de la France, fol. 1771, tom. iii. p. 42.

land with the othar lords rod to Bruges to the emperowr, and the Frenche men taried in Caleis tyll they cam bake agayne, with answer from the emperowr.

The xxix. of August the cardinall returned from themperowr to Calleys.

The first of Septembar the cardinall chancelar of England, the chancelar of Fraunce, and the chancelar of Burgayne rode together from Staple inn to our lady churche in Calleys.

The iiij. of September the regent of Naples & cam to Caleis to speke with the great counsell there.

The xxvij. day of Septembar, the chauncellor of Hungarye cam to the town of Caleys to speke to the great counsell there.

The xxij. of Novembar the chauncellar of Fraunce departyd from Calleys into Fraunce.

The chauncellar of Burgon departyd from Cales the xxv. of Novembar.

The xxvij. of Novembar the cardinall and lords of England departyd toward England.

1522. The 1. of July in the xiiij. of Henry the Eighth, the erle of Surrey lord amyrall of England, lord Edmond Howard his brother, lord Fitzwater, the baron Curson, with many othar, landyd in Britayne on the west syde of Morleys, and cam before the sayd towne, wan it, toke what they wold, and set fire on the rest, and there the erle of Surrey made dyvars knights, whose names folow : ser Richard Cornewaill, ser Frauncis Brien, ser Anthony Browne, ser Frauncis Browne, ser Gilles Hussey, ser Thomas More, ser John Cobham, ser Edward Rengeley, ser John Russell, ser John Raynforth; and then went to the se agayne.

The xxx. of August Thomas Howard erle of Surrey lorde admyrall of England, ser Edmond Howard his brother, the lord Fitzwater, lord Leonard Grey, the baron Curson master of the kyng's ordinaunce, ser Richard Wyngfilde, ser Anthony Wyngfilde, ser Richard Gerningham, ser Nicholas Carrewe, ser Francis Bryan, ser George Cobham, ser Edward Rengeley, ser Adrian Foscwe, ser William Pirton, ser Edmond Braye, ser Henry Owen, ser Giles Hussie, ser Edward Braye, ser Thomas More, ser Richard Cornewaill, ser John Wyseman, ser John Cornewalle, ser Edward Deen, ser Thomas Lovell, ser John Raynforthe, ser Anthony Poynes, ser Jasper Owen, ser Edward Chambarleyne, ser John Wallope, ser Henry Shereborne, ser William Barington, ser John Vellers, ser Wylliam Poundar, ser Giles Strangwise, ser John Russell, ser Anthony Browne, ser William Fitzwilliam, ser John Sutton, ser Morreys Barkeley, ser William Sands, ser Edward Gilforthe, ser Richard Whetell, ser Gye Dohell, and dyvars othar knyghts, esquiers, gentlemen, and ij. c. yemen of the kyngs garde, and othar sowldiars to the nombar of xiiij. M. besydes adventurars iij. or iiij. c.; all thes departyd from Calleis and went into Picardye, brenynge many townes, castles, and villages, as Longyngham, Coolis, Brewnbridge, Burneville, Hamever, Caakis, Daverne, Wast, Samerde, Boys, Huckelers, Prewere, Campaigne, Mounterelle, and many othar townes, castles and villages tyll they cam to Hedyng, and that towne they brenyd and leyd sege to the castle, but wan it not; from thens they went to the watar of Sum, brennynge and destroyenge, for to seke Frenchemen, but they durst not abyde them; and then our Englyshemen turned homewarde, and brenyd Duras and the castle, from thens they cam to Durlamis, a fayre towne, and brenyd it and the castle, and brenninge and distroyinge homewarde that hilda of the Frenche kynge, and they cam homewarde by S. Omers, and so to the towne of Calleis the xiiij. of Octobar in anno 1522. The amyrall and other landyd at Dovar on the xxiiij. of October.

* Charles de Lannoy.

1523. In the monith of Aprell a parliament beinge holden at Westmynstar, ser Arthur Plantagenet was made vicounte Lile, and ser Morreis Barkley, lyvetenaunte of Calleis, was made lorde Barkley, ser William Sands was made Lorde Sands, ser Nicholas Vauxe was made lorde Vauxe.

* i. e. all that held.

The xxij. of Auguste landyd at Caleis i c. men to go into Fraunce with the lorde Sands.

The xxiiij. of August landyd ser Charles Brandon, duke of Suffolke, to be generall into Fraunce.b

The xxvij. of August landyd at Calleis ser Richard Weston, ser John Wyllowby the lorde Willowby's brother, ser John Veere, and ser Anthony Wyngfilde, &c.

The xxviij. of Awgust landyd at Caleis i c. soldiars, sent to the lord Barkley.

The xxix. of August landyd ser Richard Wyngfild, chauncelar of the duchye of Lancaster, ser Robart his brother, ser William Sydney, with many othar.

The xxx. of Awgust landyd ser William Kyngston, ser Griffithe Don, with othar.

The 1. of Septembar ther landyd at Caleis lord Leonard Grey the lord marqwes Grey's brother, and ser Richard Cornewall, &c.

The 2. of Septembar ther landyd the lord Ferrers and othar, &c.

The xix. of Septembar, the duke of Suffolke, chefe generall of the kyng's army, with the lord Leonard Grey, the lord Ferres, the lord Herbert, the lord Sands, the lord Curson, ser Richard Wingfild, sir Robart Wingfild, ser Anthony Wingfild, ser John Willowby, ser John Vere, ser Richard Weston, ser William Sidney, ser William Kingston, ser Griffithe Don, ser Edward Nevell, ser Richard Cornewalle, ser William Fitzwilliam, ser Andrew Wyndsore, ser Thomas Cheny, ser Jasper Owen, ser Giles Strangwishe, ser William Corteney, ser Edward Gilforthe, ser John Walloppe, and othar knights and sowldiars xv M. set forward into Fraunce, and shortly after they bet downe Bell Castle, and sent them that remayned there alyve prisoners to Caleys.

The xiiij. of Decembar the duke of Suffolke with the othar returnyd to Calleis; they had lost their ordinaunce at a towne

• See Wolsey Correspondence, State Papers, i. 123. CAMD. SOC.

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