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Guysnes, the highe marshalle, lieutenant of the castell of Calays, vicetreasorer, comptroller, capitayns of Risebank, Hampnes, and Newenhambridge, maister porter, undermarshalle, surveyour of the kinges workes, gentilman porter, bailiffes of Gynes, Marke, Oye, Sandegate and Colume, waterbaillif, custumer, sercheour, and all other officers of this towne and marches of the same, and every other souldiour, burgies, marchaunt, and inhabitaunt within the said towne and marches, whatsoever he or they bee, have doon and observed thier duetie and dueties in all thinges, as unto thier offices and rowmes apperteigneth; and of the defaultes, negligences, extorcions, conceilmentes, oppressions, and exaccions committed or doon by theym or any of theym, within the said town and marches.

Also yf the nombre of the retinue bee replenysshed.
Yf they bee hable men.

Yf the officers, speyres, and souldyours been resiant within the towne of Calays, and whether they and every of theym at all tymes have been fournysshed with horse and harneys accordingly.

Yf the watches and wardes bee kept at howres and tymes accustomed, and with such nombre of hable men as oweth to bee.

Yf there be any allyauntes * dwelling within the said towne and marches [contra]ry to the custume [of the said towne and march ]es, and by whom.

Yf there bee vesselles of water set at every man's dore, and within their houses, for casualties of fyre and clensing the stretes.

Yf any excesse tolles bee taken by any manner of personne or personnes whatsoever.

Yf there bee any forstalling or regrating of grayne, or any other vitailles.

Yf any habitant of the said towne and marches sell any grayne, breyd, bere, or any other vitaille to any personne dwelling without the said towne and marches.

Yf any souldyour bee baker, brewar, or other vitailler or ..... .........................................

........... whose default .................... ............ bee landes or tenementes, goodes or ......... ....... what cause they did soe [exchange the said] forfaites, also to whose handes they did come, and in whose custodie they now bee. And of the yerely extent of the said landes, and the value of the said goods.

* aliens.




Also what rentes, services, and custumes belonging to the king in this towne and marches been withdrawen and conceiled from the king, and by whom, and by what tyme they have been soe withdrawen, and of almanner of intrusions had or made by any personne or personnes upon any of his possessions, whatsoever they bee, within the said towne and marches, by whom and how long.

Yf any tenant or fermour of any of the kinges messuages, landes, or tenements within the towne of Calays, the countie of Guysnes, or elles within the marches of Calays, hath taken to wiff any allyon born, or any woman taken to husband any allyon born, without the kinges speciall licence, under his greate seale of England, or his seale of the exchequer of Calays, to be had upon a bill signed by the king in that behalf.

Also yf all personnes having benefices, or other whatsoever spirituall promocions, bee resident upon the same benefices or spirituall promocions, as hee oweth to bee. And such as been absent, you shall present their names and the yerely value of their benefices, as nighe as you can.

Where this havon of Calays is a greate treasore, comforte, and comoditie, as well unto the realme of England as unto this towne of Calays and the marches of the same ; and for the amendement and mayntenaunce thereof, the king of his great grace and goodnes commaunded and caused a certain grounde of his, called Dikeland, to bee cut up, whereby his grace did lose the profittes of the same, by occasion wherof the same havon was greatly amended, which begynneth now to decaye as it is said, ye shall therfore inquire the occasion therof, whether it bee by making of bankes and draynyng of the watercourse, or otherwise ; and yf any such thing bee, by whom it is doon, and how many acres lande every personne that soo hath doon hath incroched and wonne thereby, and what rentes and fermes they paye unto the kinges highnes for the same.

And finallye, ye shall enquere of all and every thing whatsoever it bee touching and in any wise concerning the prouffit, weale, suretie, ordenaunce, and good governaunce of this towne and marches of the same not truelye observed, perfourmed, executed, and kept, as though the same thing and thinges are specially and [particu]larly rehersed from pointe to pointe to you by name.

MUSTER-ROLL OF THE GARRISON OF CALAIS, 1533. The important document which now follows, is dated on its first leaf, which is fol. 74 of MS. Cotton. Faustina, E. vii. in a more recent hand : thus, “ Calais, 25 Hen. 8.” That date is in some measure confirmed by the name of lord Lisle occurring as deputy, who was so appointed in 24 Hen. VIII. Its early pages contain a muster-roll of the whole garrison, of which an abstract will be sufficient:

[f. 75.] « Le Vynteyne.” The men received at the rate of vjd. a day, from which one-eighteenth part was deducted for victual money, and one day for the king xijd., so there remained (per annum) viijl. xjs. xjd. a man.

[f. 78.] “Summa totalis of the hole vinteyne,* being in theyr owne wages, with ij. persons under the surveyour, and oon under John Sheparde,-Clxiiij. persons, argent M iiijc viijli. vs. viijd. st. t.

[f. 78 b.] “Le CONSTABLERIE.” These were paid in like manner, but at the rate of viijd. a day.

[f. 80 b.] “ Summa totalis of the hole constablerie, with ij. in vjd. in theyr owne wages, and ij. viijd. under the surveyour, with iiij. or vjd. in petie wages, as within the partyclers apperythemiijaix persons, argent Mijli. xijs. iiijd. st.

[f. 81.] “ BANNER Watche.” Summa vj. persons, argent lxli. iijs. iijd. st.

[f. 81 b.] Porters. Summa xij. persons, at viijli. xjs. xjd. per annum, argente ciijli. iijd. st.

- SERGEAUNTES. Summa vj. persons, at xjli. ixs. ijd. per annum, argent lxviijli. xvs. st.

[f. 82.] DAYwAtchis. Summa iiij. persons, at vijli. iijs. vd. per annum, argent xxviijli. xiiijs. st.

- SKEWRERS [scourers]. Summa iiij. persons, at xjli. ixs. ijd. per annum, argente xlvli. xvjs. viijd. st. t.

[f. 82 b.] ARCHERS. Summa xvj. persons, at the same pay, argent cxiij"jijli. vjs. viijd. st. t.

[f. 83.] SPERES. The names of these will be given, as being persons of good family, and many of whom attained afterwards a higher rank.t

* The Vintayne was a regiment divided into companies, each of twenty men, and each commanded by a Vintener. In the present case, the companies were not complete, as each had only from twelve to sixteen men.

+ Even among the “ vinteners” there are several names that look like men of good birth, as Thomas Willoughbie, Thomas Howard, Rowland Stafforde, Sampson Norton, John Calverley, and others. Among the constablerie are Richard Pelham, Thomas Chayney, Philip Tylney, and “ Richarde Turpyn,” whom we have to thank for the Chronicle which forms the early part of the present volume,

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