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DEAREST, I never lacked from thee a gift,

Nor thou from me, until this Christmas-tide,

When more than Summer's wrecked treasures hide Beneath the stainless, smooth, wind-sculptured drift.

What largess once love's least bestowal brought !

But change has come since thou art wandered hence ;

How can I reach thee in thy affluence ?
Can Earth bestow when Heaven requireth naught?

All blessedness is thine, thou still canst give,

I but receive; and since this must suffice,

Entreat thou of our Lord in Paradise, For me, the gift of patience while I live.

And come thou when the red dawn-fire is blown,

And rocking fir-trees shed the snow's light fleece ;

Come with the Christmas angels, singing peace, They to the wide world, thou to me alone!


Be peace on earth! Clear peace,
That hath its springs in love,



Descend, and flow through earth

As through the courts above;
Let restless mortals feel

The broodings of the Dove.
As night-winds lapse at dawn,

As calms the oiled wave,
Let anger fail of breath,

And hatred find its grave;
For Heaven still waits to give

As Heaven in old-time gave.


Peace in thy heart! Pure peace,

My sorrowing love, be thine! Thy night was deep and dark,

But daybreak brings a sign, -
Amid the angels' song

God lets thee hearken mine.
Thy own in years of time,

Lo, I am still thy own
Where time no measure knows,

Before our Maker's throne;
I am not reft of thee,

Nor bidest thou alone.


Good-will on earth! Good-will

Among well-pleasured men,
Who carve the ways whereby

Their King shall come again,



Who carve and wait, nor ask

How He shall come, or when. The rose shall then spring up,

To conquer waste and wild, And might and frailty be

Forever reconciled; The lion and the lamb

Be guided by a child !


Good-will be in thy heart,

To all who thee surround ! Bear balm to others' hurt

And this shall close thy wound; So thou on earth and I

In heaven be closer bound. For all my life is love,

And love thy life should be ;
Oh, let love's shadow, grief,

Divide not thee and me;
Look where the dawn-rose blooms,

And there my signal see.


heart looked

upon the midnight skies, “God's pity for the soul who feels the eyes

Of all these heavenly censors flash reproof
For sin that keepeth him from Thee aloof!

The foul heart looked upon the midnight skies, But there might see nor heavenly censors' eyes, Nor feel their holy check upon

his ways, Though he all night till morning-tide should gaze.

Behold! guilt's hardihood this guerdon earns,
Silent the monitors where'er it turns !
And therefore pray, pure heart, God's pity be
On him whom dulling sin forbids to see.


What shall I say? He hath both spoken unto me, and Himself hath done it: I shall go softly all my years in the bitterness of my soul. — ISAIAH xxxviii. 15.

WHEN on my soul in nakedness
His swift, avertless hand did press,
Then I stood still, nor cried aloud,
Nor murmured low in ashes bowed ;
And, since my woe is utterless,
To supreme quiet I am vowed ;
Afar from me be moan and tears,
I shall go softly all my years.

Whenso my quick, light-sandaled feet
Bring me where Joys and Pleasures meet,
I mingle with their throng at will ;
They know me not an alien still,
Since neither words nor ways unsweet
Of stored bitterness I spill ;
Youth shuns me not, nor gladness fears, –
For I go softly all my years.

Whenso I come where Griefs convene,
And in my ear their voice is keen,

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