Through the Eyes of the Pack

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This is the real deal nowI am not trying to persuade anyone or change their minds. I am simply telling the truth!

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The inside on the forgotten and taboo cultural history and the forgotten art of respect for one another and the inside views and explanations of people of mixed heritages and their life encounters, how other ethnic groups treat one another, and how they think of other groups in society. The ugly truth about man and prejudice as well as how to love and accept other cultures, what to do with your mixed childs hair and skin care products, as well as important people in each of the main cultures of whites, blacks, Asians, Native Americans, and Hispanics. People you never heard of that made great contributions to our present day world, as well as women who, against the odds of man, contributed greatly to our present-day society. Women who were told not to do so, but they did it with determination and courage! Experience the hidden secret of each culture that can only be shared and protected by that culture as a group. A glossary of the meanings of words in the book, as well as every ethnic derogatory word from A to Z.


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The Ethnic Group of White or Caucasian AngloSaxon
The Undelivered Speech the day he was assassinated
The Ku Klux Klan and NeoNazis Skinheads
General Sherman Uncle Billy
Children of Mixed Ethnic Groups of Black and Whites
The Hispanic Culture
The Asian Culture
Military Campaigns
Political Divisions and Vassals
Asians in America
Native Americans and Outlined Tribes in the South
Great Tribes and Chiefs of the American Indians

The Ethnic Group of African Americans or Blacks
The Blacks or African Americans
Africans in the Americas before Columbus
Chronological Time Line of the Atlantic Slave Trade
Chronology of the Antislavery Movement in the United States
The Underground Railroad
Forty Acres and a Mule and the Subject of Reparation
Introduction to the Lost Colony
Womens Role in the Making of America and the World
Authors Final Thoughts
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Lorenzo Currie Born-March 7th 1965 Born and raised in the southern town of Fairmont North Carolina, raised by his grandparents from infancy to about the age of 5 years old. Worked since the age of 4 of the tobacco fields as his grandparents were sharecroppers. At 16 Lorenzo Currie that time, you couldn’t be left alone at home while everyone else were in the fields and so I had to stay at the tobacco barn, where I would pick up the leaves that fell off the tobacco sticks that were strung in the field. After my mother returned from Newyork, I had sporadic moments of staying with her in the country and then later in the city and going back to my grandmothers in the country. I was the oldest of four children and we later moved to the city after a house fire destroyed everything we had and was relocated to the projects in Fairmont. This was all new to me and exciting and hanging out with the older crowd and being able to do things I could not do in the country. But it also came with many trials and tribulations and I quickly learned that you are a product of your environment but you didn’t have to be as your environment if you resisted yet still fit in. I learned the good and bad side of life and participated in some not so proud moments as a juvenile. But my upbringing from my grandmother and church kept me grounded and I knew that I was not suited nor was I the way people around me were. I did what I had to do to survive and leave a standing reputation for my sisters and brother to live under and be accepted as they grew older. There were many fights and things of that nature that was constant everyday life in that crammed community and you had to make a stand to who you were. I attended and finished at Fairmont High School in 1983. Moved back to the country with my grandmother to get re-rooted and joined the U.S. army in 1984, served in combat arms and held various assignments and stationed at multiple post throught out Europe, and North America. After 9-1/2 years I exited the military and came back to Washington state, where I held various jobs including a temp. postal letter carrier as well on a fishing boat in the Bering Sea for six months. I joined the army reserves in 1999 in the special operations community and moved back to North Carolina where I worked as a deputy sheriff and one police dept. After that, I began missing my children so I moved back to Auburn wa where my estranged wife and children were. In 2004 I was deployed to Iraq in the support of Iraqi freedom. After returning back from deployment, I became a civilian contractor to the U.S. state dept. in the private sector where I worked for several years and later deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom where I worked from 2007 to 2013 as a civilian contractor training their police forces on the academy level where I taught Afghanistan constitutional law and traveled with the military to outline police stations and conducted hands on training on patrol, handcuffing, etc. Work of a police officer. I returned in April 2013 and decided to get seriuous about being a published author and begand finishing this book and several others I had worked on but not finished in the past.

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