Scottish Law Magazine, and Sheriff Court Reporter, Volume 4

T. Murray., 1865

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Página 112 - Every consignee of goods named in a bill of lading, and every indorsee of a bill of lading to whom the property in the goods therein mentioned shall pass, upon or by reason of such consignment or indorsement, shall have transferred to and vested in him all rights of suit, and be subject to the same liabilities in respect of such goods as if the contract contained in the bill of lading had been made with himself.
Página 44 - AN ACT for the more effectual Protection of Mail Contractors, Stage Coach Proprietors, and other Common Carriers for Hire, against the Loss of or Injury to Parcels or Packages delivered to them for Conveyance or Custody, the Value and Contents of which shall not be declared to them by the Owners thereof.
Página 12 - If any person called as a witness, or required or desiring to make an affidavit or deposition, shall refuse or be unwilling from alleged conscientious motives to be sworn, it shall be lawful for the court or judge or other presiding officer, or person qualified to take affidavits or depositions, upon being satisfied of the sincerity of such objection, to permit such person, instead of being sworn, to make his or her solemn affirmation or declaration in the words following; videlicet, " I, AB, do...
Página 49 - But and if she depart, let her remain unmarried, or be reconciled to her husband : and let not the husband put away his wife.
Página 69 - ... for recovering any sum of money or valuable thing alleged to be won upon any wager, or which shall have been deposited in the hands of any person to abide the event on which any wager shall have been made : provided always, that this enactment shall not be deemed to apply to any subscription or contribution, or agreement to subscribe or contribute, for or toward any plate, prize, or sum of money to be awarded to the winner or winners of any lawful game, sport, pastime, or exercise.
Página 40 - Shillings in the Pound, or dying in insolvent Circumstances, the Lender of any such Loan as aforesaid shall not be entitled to recover any Portion of his Principal, or of the Profits or Interest payable in respect of such Loan...
Página 21 - ... shall mean the railway and works, of whatever description, by the special act authorized to be executed. III. The following words and expressions, both in this and the special act, shall have the meanings hereby assigned to them, unless there be something in the subject or context repugnant to such construction...
Página 33 - ... no such company shall make or give any undue or unreasonable preference or advantage to or in favour of any particular person or company, or any particular description of traffic, in any respect whatsoever...
Página 40 - ... a contract in writing with such person that the lender shall receive a rate of interest varying with the profits, or shall receive a share of the profits arising from carrying on such trade or undertaking, shall not, of itself, constitute the lender a partner with the person or the persons carrying on such trade or undertaking, or render him responsible as such.
Página 42 - ... in all that constitutes civilization, as the Old World had never seen equalled, and as even the New World has scarcely seen surpassed.

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