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"Gambling Houses," is a reality based journal about the affects of housing on familes and Antoinette's personal journey to create a housing program designed to serve the non-traditional buyer. This eight quarter journey is uniquely designed to inspire interactive assessment of readers who will then become clients of this National HOME Alliance program. The National HOME Alliance is a collaboration of housing investors and business owners, property mangers, manufactured home dealers, and churches all supporting the initiative to provide speacialized support housing programs to a non-traditional syndicate of buyers. The SPECTRUM Network Agency will compile a profile from these buyers. After the purchase of the journal the client will be contacted and begin their personalized housing program. Once the profile is compiled, it will be placed in front of the National HOME Alliance committee who will assess which properties will best suit the profile. The Journal, which, initiates the activation of the program for each family concentrates on two phases: SPECTRUM 2 SPECTRUM......The first phase concentrates on the management of the families housing needs and phase two focuses on the person to property collaboration. The 3/5/7 Family Management Care Coordinator (FMCC) will allow a confidante to walk side by side, escorting the family through their housing transitions into their permanent purchase. This journal series is the first of 8 journeys, all of which are distributed throughout the term of your FMCC-contract. We manage People not Property and we believe that "We're Better Together," and our hope is that the saying, "It takes a Village," will propel a new movement of families working together to raise America's children, to protect family stability, and most importantly to propel housing affordability. We here at the National HOME Alliance, would like to thank you for helping us, "Keep America HOME."

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