The American Catalogue of Books: 1866-1871 ... with Supplement containing names of learned societies and ... their publications, 1866-1871

J. Wiley & Son, 1871

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Página 203 - Events in Indian History, beginning with an account of the Origin of the American Indians, and Early Settlements in North America, and embracing Concise Biographies of the principal chiefs and...
Página 458 - The Witchcraft Delusion in New England : its Rise, Progress, and Termination, as exhibited by Dr. Cotton Mather, in the Wonders of the Invisible World; and by Mr.
Página 425 - America, from the first settlement thereof until this period; containing the most authentic facts, matters, and transactions therein, together with his Majesty's charter, representations of the people, letters, etc., and a dedication to his Excellency General Oglethorpe.
Página 289 - An act to provide a national currency secured by a pledge of United States bonds, and to provide for the circulation and redemption thereof...
Página 286 - MANUAL OF SIGNALS, for the Use of Signal Officers in the Field, and for Military and Naval Students, Military Schools, etc. A new edition, enlarged and illustrated. By Brig.
Página 479 - Crinoidea from the palaeozoic rocks of Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio, and a description of certain peculiarities in the structure of the columns of Dolatocrinus , and their attachment to the body of the animal.
Página 468 - COPE, ED An addition to the Vertebrate Fauna of the Miocene Period, with a Synopsis of the Extinct Cetacea of the United States.
Página 298 - Indian Atrocities. Narratives of the Perils and Sufferings of Dr. Knight and John Slover. among the Indians, during the Revolutionary War, with short Memoirs of Col. Crawford and John Slover, and a Letter from H.
Página 352 - Colombia, on certain charges made against him by that government. To which is added, an unofficial letter from General Harrison to General Bolivar on the affairs of Colombia; with notes, explanatory of his views of the present state of that country.
Página 212 - Botetourt county, Virginia, who was made prisoner by the Indians, on the river Ohio, in the year 1790; together with an interesting account of the fate of his companions, five in number, one of whom suffered at the stake.

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