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MAY 1, 1863.

Professor Henry Coppée, of the University of Penn- | it, and in one sad case—that of the unfortunate sylvania.

Colenso—an English missionary bishop surrenders Bible Nlustrations : being a Storehouse of Similes, disgracefully on the field of his mission.”

Allegories, and Anecdotes, selected from Spencer's Meditations on Death and Eternity. Translated from Things New and Old,and other Sources. With the German by Frederica Rowan. 12mo, pp. 414. an Introduction by the Rev. Richard Newton, D.D., Ticknor & Fields, Boston. and a copious Index. 12mo, pp. 360. Smith & The meditations contained in this volume form English, Philadelphia.

part of the well-known German devotional work The illustrations in this volume are principally * Stunden der Andacht," published in the beginning taken from a work published in 1658, “collected of the present century and generally ascribed to [as stated on the title) and observed from the writ- Zschokke. That work was a favorite of his late ings and sayings of the learned in all ages to this Royal Highness Prince Albert, and has been transpresent, by John Spencer, a lover of learning and lated at the request of Queen Victoria. Among its learned men.” The volume here introduced to the contents are—Thoughts on Slow Decline and Sudden American public contains a rich treasury of “Bible Death ; Fear of Death; Love of God; Consolation of Illustrations.” Many anecdotes used in the way of the Patient Sufferer; The Sick; Foretaste of Heaillustration in the pulpit are objectionable, on the ven; The World a Mirror of Eternity; The Existence ground of being either trite and commonplace, or of of Angels ; Eternal Destiny; Immortality ; Future wanting in that sobriety and dignity which should Lifo hidden from us ; Thoughts at the Graves of those ever be preserved in treating of sacred things. we Love; Eternity; Memorial Festival of our TriThese objections do not apply to the illustrations umph over Death; The Triumph of Holiness; Con. furnished in the present volume. A copious index nection between Life and Eternity; Glorification connected with this work greatly enhances its value. after Death. The Last Times, and the Great Consummation. An Christian Self-Culture; or, Counsels for the Beginning

Earnest Discussion of Momentous Themes. By and Progress of a Christian Life. By Leonard Joseph A. Seiss, D.D., Author of the “Gospel in Bacon, Pastor of the First Church in New Leviticus,” &c. Revised and enlarged edition. Haven. 12mo, pp. 255. American Tract Society, 12mo, pp. 438. Smith & English, Philadelphia. Boston.

This book treats of the future destiny of the world The beginning and progress of the Christian life and its population, as revealed in the holy pro- are viewed from that point of view to which the phecies. It was first published in 1856, since which author has been brought by his experience in the time several editions and republications of it have ministry of the gospel, as well as by his study of appeared. It was originally designed to bear testi- the Scriptures. It assumes that in the case of every mony against certain erroneous opinions extensively reader, whoever he may be, the beginning of a new afloat in the popular mind, and to awaken attention life is possible by the grace of God in Christ. It to a subject too little appreciated and too much does not offer a psychological explanation of the neglected by modern professors of Christianity. To change which takes place in conversion, nor any appreciate this work as an argument for the system metaphysical disquisition about the will, but only of doctrines concerning the future which it gives, some practical counsels for the beginning and proit will be necessary to read all of it, and in the order gress of a Christian life. in which it is presented.

The Risen Redeemer : the Gospel History from the Mysteries of Life, Death, and Futurity : Illustrated Resurrection to the Day of Pentecost. By F. W. from the Best and Latest Authorities. By Horace Krummacher, D.D., Author of “Elijah the TishWelby, Author of “Predictions Realized," Signs bite.” Translated from the German by John T. before Death,” &c. 12mo, pp. 356. With Ap- Betts, with the Sanction of the Author. 12mo, pendix and Index.

pp. 298. Carter & Bros., New York. The writer of this work has presented, in a con- In the present work the author, in his endeavor densed form, the views and opinions of some of to promote edification, aims to assist in strengththe leading writers of the present day on the sub-ening the faith of the conscientious doubter by jects of life, death, and futurity. He has endea-clearing away his difficulties in a sympathetic spirit. vored to place them before bis readers in so popular This work, published in Germany under the title of a form as to adapt them for a larger class than “The Easter Manual," forms, with his two preceding would be likely to consult the authorities them- works,—the book for the season of Advent and that selves whence the substance of this volume has for Passion-Week,-a devotional trilogy for these been derived. The principal contents are- e-Life and three ecclesiastical epochs. Time ; Nature of the Soul; Spiritual Life; Mental Speaking to the Heart ; or, Sermons for the People. Phenomena ; Belief and Skepticism ; Superstition; By Thomas Guthrie, D.D., author of the “

“Gospel Death ; Sin and Punishment; The Crucifixion; End in Ezekiel,” &o. 12mo, pp. 216. Carter & Bros., of the World Foretold ; Man after Death; Christian New York. Comprising 12 Sermons. 1. Neglected Resurrection ; Future States ; Recognition of each Warnings. 2. Fear the Fruit of Divine Forgiveother by the Blessed, &c.

3. The Undecaying Power and Grace of The Gentle Skeptic; or, Essays and Conversations of a God. 4 and 5. The Grace of Faith. 6. The Grace

Country Justice on the Authenticity and Truthfulness of Hope. 7. The Grace of Charity. 8. The Good of the Old Testament Records. Edited by the Rev. Fight. 9. The Trial and Triumph of Faith. Č. Walworth. 12mo, pp. 368. D. Appleton & Co. 10. The True Test. 11. Spiritual Vision. 12. The N.Y.

Apostate. This book is intended as a complete treatise on Patriarchal Shadows of Christ and his Church; ea the authenticity of the Old Testament, which may Exhibited in Passages drawn from the History of be put into the hands of any person who doubts, Joseph and his Brethren. By Octavius Winslow, but is willing to examine thoroughly. It was, how- D.D. 12mo, pp. 402. Carter & Bros., New York. ever, written more expressly for young men. The The substance of this book formed a series of exauthor says, “Surely it is no time to sleep, when, temporary expositions primarily delivered by the to the dismay of all sincere Christians, revelation author in the course of his usual weekday minisis attacked not only by avowed infidels, but uni- trations. The plan of illustration adopted in this versity professors and clergymen manifestly betray work presents the interesting narrative of Joseph


MAY 1, 1863.

and his brethren in different lights from that of any | vision for worship in the Sunday-school. This other work which has preceded it.

work is intended as a sort of primer prayer-book, The Thoughts of God. By the Rev. J. R. Macduff, so closely resembling the original in form and ar

D.D., Author of “Morning and Night Watches,” rangement as to engage the interest and affection
“Words and Mind of Jesus,” &c. 16mo, pp. 144. of children.
To which is appended Altar Stones. By the same Lyra Germanica: Hymns for the Sundays and Chief
Author. Pp. 65. Carter & Bros., New York. Festivals of the Christian Year. Translated froin

The first part of this work—The Thoughts of God the German by Catharine Winkworth. New -embraces devotional readings for every day in the Edition. 12mo, pp. 258. E. P. Dutton & Co., month. The second part-Altar Stones—is a col- Boston. lection of thirty-one original hymns, and is designed The hymns contained in this volume are selected as a sequel to a series of devotional works intended from the Chevalier Bunsen's “Versuch eines allgefor the family altar.

meinen Gesang- und Gebetbuchs,” published in A Morning beside the Lake of Galilee. By James 1833. The selection contains many of those best

Hamilton, D.D., F.L.S. With Notes and Alpha- known and loved in Germany. The translator has betical Index. 16mo, pp. 182. Carters' Fireside retained, as far as practicable, the original form of Library.

these hymns, except that single rhymes are usually The forty days betwixt the resurrection and as- substituted for the double rhymes so common in cension of Christ were a transition-period, during German poetry. which, by occasional manifestations and habitual The Collects for the Several Sundays and Holy Days withdrawment from their sight, he was training throughout the Year; and also in the Occasional his apostles for a life of communion with an unseen Offices prescribed in the Book of Common Prayer. Saviour. Among these manifestations there is 16mo, pp. 32. Dutton, Boston. none more touching nor better fitted to illustrate Three Articles on Modern Spiritualism. By a Bible his own assurance, “Lo, I am with you alway,” Spiritualist. 12mo, pp. 74. Crosby & Nichols, than the interview beside the Sea of Tiberias,-the Boston. Lake of Galilee.

The chief ends sought to be reached in these arCáristian Love and Loyalty ; or, The Rebel Reclaimed. ticles are, to show that there is a true spirituality By A. L. 0. E., Authoress of “ The Claremont underlying the whole subject, to point out and exTales,” &c. 16mo, pp. 288. With Frontispiece. plain certain difficulties in the method of its deCarters Fireside Library.

velopment, and to declare that modern Spiritualism The motto of this work is, “And now abideth has come, not to deny but to confirm the teachings Faith, Hope, and Charity," virtues the practice of of the inspired word of God. which is inculcated throughout its pages.

Thoughts in my Garden. By Mary G. Ware, Author The Sunday Evening Book: Short Papers for Family of Elements of Character,” &c. Second Edition.

Reading. By James Hamilton, D.D.; A. P. Stan- 12mo, pp. 268. Wm. Carter & Brother, Boston. ley, D.D.; John Eadie, D.D.; Rev. W. M. Pun- The object of the author is to explain the corshon; Rev. Thomas Binney; Rev. J. R. Macduff. respondence of things natural with things spirit

16mo, pp. 186. Carter & Bros., New York. ual, as taught in the doctrines of the New Church, Songs in the Night; or, Hymns for the Sick and Suf

founded by Swedenborg. fering. With an Introduction by Rev. A. C. Aids to Prayer. 16mo, pp. 179. With Appendix. Thompson. 8vo, pp. 288. Tilton, Boston.

Anson D. F. Randolph, New York. The previous edition of this volume was the first

In the introduction the author considers briefly of the kind published in this country. That such the nature of prayer, the times for prayer, and the collections are desirable would seem quite obvious. efficacy of prayers, however brief they may be. The sick and suffering are generally unable to listen the contents are—“Our Father;” God's Tender or to read with attention for any length of time Mercy; The Reason of Prayer; The Great Excontinuously. An adaptation, therefore, to their emplar; “ Come Boldly to the Throne ;” The Scope case will be found in the brevity of these lyrical of Prayer; The Aid of the Spirit; Humility before productions,—in poetry which, by its condensed God; The Prayer-Meeting ; The Prayerless Life; and barmonious form of expression, arrests and Appendix. tranquillizes the mind beyond any other mode of A Year with St. Paul; or, Fifty-Two Lessons for the human address.

Sundays of the Year. By Charles E. Knox. With An Exposition of the Church Catechism. By Henry

Maps. 12mo, pp. 349. Randolph, N.Y. J. Camman, late Superintendent of St. Thomas's

The object of the author is to give variety to the Church Sunday-School, New York. 16mo, pp. 62. course of Biblical instruction in the church, the Dutton, Boston.

family, and the school. At the end of each lesson This work has been prepared as an aid to parents,

are questions intended to bring out both the text of Sunday-school teachers, and others engaged in the the Scripture-lesson and the descriptions which religious training of youth.

follow, and to be suggestive to teachers. Lyra Domestica. Translated from the “Psaltery Sunbeams for Human Hearts, from God's own Word. and Harp" of C. J. P. Spitta, by Richard Massie.

Small 4to, pp. 16. Randolph, N.Y. With Additional Selections, by Rev. F. D. Hun

The ejaculations of a penitent and desponding tington, D.D. 12mo, pp. 300. E. P. Dutton & Co., sinner are responded to by words of comfort drawn Boston.

from the sacred text. The lyrical poems of Carl Johann Philipp Spitta, & German Lutheran divine, were first published at Leipsic, under the title of Psalter und Harfe, on

BIOGRAPHY, which his high reputation as a German lyrist prin- Life of Chopin, by F. Liszt. Translated from the cipally rests.

French by Martha Walker Cook. 12mo, pp. 202. The Sunday-School Prayer-Book. By J. Treadwell F. Leypoldt, Phila.

Walden, Rector of Christ Church, Norwich, Con- It is a short, glowing, and generous sketch, from necticut 16mo, pp. 46. Dutton, Boston. the hand of Franz Liszt, of the original and roman. The Book of Common Prayer contains no pro- tic Chopin,-the most ethereal, subtle, and delicate

MAY 1, 1863.

among our modern tone-poets. Short but glowing A Description of the Province and City of New York, sketches of Heine, Meyerbeer, Adolph Nourrit, Hiller, with Plans of the City and several Forts as they Eugène Delacroix, Niemceviez, Mickiewicz, and existed in the Year 1695. By John Miller. A Madame Sand, occur in the book. The description New Edition, with an Introduction and Copious of the last days of poor Chopin's melancholy life, Historical Notes. By John Gilmary Shea, LL.D., with the untiring devotion of those around him, in- Member of the New York Historical Society. cluding the beautiful Countess Delpbine Potocka, 8vo, pp. 127. With Plans. his cherished sister Louise, his devoted friend and This is one of a series of works entitled “Gowans's pupil M. Gutman, with the great Liszt himself, is Bibliotheca Americana.” The books forming this 1ult of tragic interest.

collection will chiefly consist of reprints from old Letters from Italy and Switzerland. By Felix Bar- and scarce works. The volume before us contains

tholdy Mendelssohn. Translated from the German a description of the city and colony of New York by Lady Wallace. With a Biographical Notice by during the time of William III. its author, the Julie de Marguerittes. 16mo, pp. 360. F. Ley- Rev. John Miller, was for a time chaplain to the poldt, Phila.

troops in the fort, and sole Episcopal clergyman in Those who were personally acquainted with Men- the colony. delssohn and who wish once more to realize him as he was when in life, and those also who would be Outlines of English History from the Roman Conglad to acquire a more definite idea of his in- quest to the Present Time. With Observations on dividuality than can be found in the general infer

the Progress of Art, Science, and Civilization, ences deduced from his musical creations, will not

and Questions adapted to each Paragraph. For lay down these Letters dissatisfied.

the Use of Schools. By Amelia B. Edwards. American Edition, Revised and Corrected. 16mo,

pp. 110. Brewer & Tileston, Boston. HISTORY.

All the events in which the histories of Great The Invasion of the Crimea : its origin, and an Account been materially enlarged, and brought down to the

Britain and America are closely connected have of its Progress down to the Death of Lord Raglan. By Alexander William Kinglake. 2 vols. 12mo.

present tinie. Vol. I. pp. 650. With Portrait, Appendix, and The Battle of Waterloo. By Victor Hugo. 12m0., illustrated by Diagrams, Maps, and Plans. Har- pp. 76. Bradburn, New York. per & Bros., New York.

This description of the battle of Waterloo is an The author in bis preface says, “ The papers in- extract from the popular novel “Les Misérables." trusted to me by Lady Raglan contain a part only of the knowledge which, without any energy on my part, I was destined to have cast upon me; for, when it became known that the papers of the Eng

FICTION. lish head-quarters were in my hands, and that I was Legends of Charlemagne; or, Romance of the Middle really engaged in the task which rumor had prema- Ages. By Thomas Bulfinch, Author of " The Age turely assigned to me, information of the highest of Fable,” “The Age of Chivalry,” &c. 8vo, value was poured in upon me from many quarters. pp. 373. Tilton, Boston. I have received a most courteous, clear, and abun- Besides the education which schools and colleges dant answer to every inquiry which I have ventured impart, there is still another kind necessary to to address to any French commander. . . . I thought completeness. It is that which has for its object it right to apprize the authorities of the French War u knowledge of polite literature. In an age when Department that, if they desired it, the journals of intellectual darkness enveloped Western Europe, a their divisions, and any other unpublished papers constellation of brilliant writers arose in Italy, of in their War-Office which they might be pleased to these, Pulci, Boiardo, and Ariosto took for their show, would be looked over by a gifted friend of subjects the romantic fables which had for many mine, now a member of the House of Commons, ages been transmitted in the lays of bards and the who had kindly offered to undertake this task for legends of monkish chroniclers. These fables they me. The French authorities did not avail them- arranged in order, adorned with the embellishments selves of my offer; but any obscurity which might of fancy, amplified from their own invention, and otherwise have resulted from this concealment has stamped with immortality. The sources whence been effectually dispersed by the information I after these stories are derived are—first, the Italian wards obtained from Russian sources."

poets named above; next, the “ Romans de Cheva. The Resources of California : comprising Agriculture, lerie” of the Comte de Tressan; lastly, certain

Mining, Geography, Climate, Commerce, sc., and German collections of popular tales. Some chapters the Future Development of the State. By John S. have been borrowed from Leigh Hunt's Translations Hittell. 8vo, pp. 464. With Appendix. Roman,

from the Italian Poets. San Francisco.

Madge; or, Night and Morning. By H. B. G. Small This work describes the general surface of the

8vo, pp. 407. D. Appleton & Co., New York. country, its climate, its geology, including its mine

A story which, rather in its subject than its style, ral treasures, its scenery, comprising an account reminds us of “ The Lamplighter,” by Miss Cumof its mammoth tree-groves, geysers, caves, wa- mins. It is a serious rather than a religious tale, terfalls, &c., its botany, embracing a full account in which “ the short and simple annals of the poor" of the peculiar flora of the State, its zoology, its are recorded. The heroine, after many trials, in agriculture and agricultural productions, its mining, which she is sustained by faith, is rewarded by the with an account of gold-mines and placer-mines, domestic happiness she deserves. Domestic service also river, beach, quartz, silver, and quicksilver and factory-life are well delineated here. mining.-its various branches of industry, its commerce, its Constitution and laws, its society, its past Above her Station: The Story of a Young Woman's and future development, &c.

Life. By Mrs. Herman Philip. From the Original The author bas travelled over the greater part of of Maria Nathusius. 12mo, pp. 231. Follett & the State, and has had practical knowledge of its Foster, N.Y. agriculture and mining.

There is no attempt to adorn this life-story. In

MAY 1, 1863.


its simplicity and natural truthfulness it is thought | charge of that noblest of mothers' duties,--the into be more representative of every-day experience, stilling of sentiments of virtue, generosity, benevoand more likely to prove useful, than any narrative lence, and piety into the minds of children. ef more tragic details or fearful results.

Grandmamma's Sunshine, and Other Stories. By the Stories of Frontier Adventure in the South and West. Author of “Kitty's Victory,” “Cosmo's Visit to

By William T. Coggeshall. 12mo, pp. 313. Follett bis Grandparents," &c. 16mo, pp. 345. Carters' & Foster, N.Y.

Fireside Library. The contents of this book are, The Everglade He, The Crown of Success; or, Four Heads to Furnish. A roes; Fleet Foot; Hunter Birty, or The Half-Breed

Tale. By A. L. 0. E., Authoress of “Young PilColony of Illinois; Golden Bird of Menomonee; The

grim," &c. 16mo, pp. 276. Carters' Fireside Counterfeiters of the Cuyahoga, a Buckeye Romance;

Library. The Bright Eye of the Settlement.

A book for youthful reading should neither be too Darrell Markham; or, The Captain of the Vulture. didactic nor too simple. In the Crown of Success"

By Miss M. E. Braddon, Author of “Aurora the author bas endeavored to attain that golden Floyd,” “John Marchmont's Legacy,” “The mean. Study, work, duty, ambition, &c. are perLady Lisle," &c. 8vo, pp. 163. Dick & Fitz- sonified in order to produce a work which would be gerald, N.Y.

interesting and attractive to youth of both sexes. **The story is managed with a vast degree of Fanny Aiken ; or, The Village Home. 16mo, pp. 100. skill: the incidents, though natural enough, come Carters' Fireside Library. in with rather startling effect; and the close of the book, without violating the orthodox ending, has The Faithful Sister. A Sequel to the “Village Home.” more novelty than might have been expected.”

16mo, pp. 138. Carters' Fireside Library. Slaves of the Ring ; or, Before and After. By the My Mother's Chair. 16mo, pp. 99. Carters' FireAuthor of “Grandmother's Money," “Wild

side Library. Flower,” “ Under the Spell,” &c. &c.' 8vo, pp. The Rival Kings; or, Overbearing. By the Author 171. T. 0. H. P. Burnham, Boston.

of “Sidney Grey,” “Mia and Charlie," and A Tangled Skein. By Albany Fonblanque, Jun.

“Blind Man's Holiday.”. 16mo, pp. 328. Illus8vo, pp. 217. T. 0. H. P. Burnham, Boston.

trations. Carters' Fireside Library. Annette ; 07, The Lady of the Pearls. By Alexander The Robbers' Cave. A Story of Italy. By A. L. 0. E. Dumas (the younger), Author of “ La Dame

16mo, pp. 252. Illustrated. Carters' Fireside aux Camelias," or, “Camille, the Camelia Lady.'

Library Translated by Mrs. W. R. A. Johnson.


Sea Kings and Naval Heroes. A Book for Boys. I;, 173. Peterson, Phila.

John G. Edgar, Author of “ History for Boys, The Trapper's Daughter. A Story of the Rocky

“ Boyhood of Great Men,” &c. Illustrated by Mountains. By Gustave Aimard, Author of the

C. Keene and E. K. Johnson. 12mo, pp. 421. * Prairie Flower," “ The Indian Scout,” &c. 8vo,

Harper & Brothers, N.Y. pp. 176. Peterson, Phila.

In a historical point of view, the advantage of

such a book for boys will not be lightly estimated Verner's Pride. A Tale of Domestic Life. By Mrs. by any one capable of comprehending the importHenry Wood, Author of " The Mystery,' · Earl's

ance of History as a branch of education, and able Heirs,” &c. 2 vols. 8vo. Vol. I., pp. 206. Vol.

to appreciate the benefits to be derived by boys in II., pp. 373. Peterson, Phila.

after-life from obtaining, at an early age, adequate The Foggy Night at Offord. By Mrs. Henry Wood, ideas of great events and clear conceptions of re

Author of "East Lynne,” “Verner's Pride,” &c. nowned personages.

8vo, pp. 79. Peterson, Phila. Aurora Floyd.

Lines Left Out ; or, Some of the Histories Left Out in From “Temple Bar.".

By Miss

Line upon Line.” This First Part relates Events M. E. Braddon, Author of "John Marchmont's

in the Times of the Patriarchs and the Judges. Legacy," " Lady Lisle," &c. 8vo, pp. 270. Pe

By the Author of “Line Upon Line,” “Reading terson, Phila.

Without Tears,” &c. 12mo, pp. 339. Illustrated. “Annette" is entirely French in sentiment, cha- Harper & Brothers, N.Y. racters, and plot. The beroine is a sort of “Camille"

This work is designed as a continuation of scripin high life. Gustave Aimard's Indian romance is tural teaching, beginning with the “ Peep of Day," in his usual dashing style. Mrs. Henry Wood's and extending through the series, including “ Line two novels maintain her high reputation. Of Miss upon Line," "Streaks of Light,” &c. Braddon's " Aurora Floyd,” three dramatic versions The Pioneer Boy, and how he became President. By have been produced on the English and two on the

William M. Thayer, Author of “The BobbinAmerican stage.

Boy,” “The Printer-Boy," "The Poor Boy and
Merchant Prince,” “Working and Winning,"

“ Tales from Genesis, in Two Volumes,” &c. JUVENILE.

Sixth Thousand. 12mo, pp. 310. Illustrated. Ministering Children: A Tale. By Maria Louisa

Walker, Wise & Co., Boston. Charlesworth, Author of " England's Yeoman,"

The chief object of the book is to show how its &c. &c. With Ilustrations by H. G. Andrews, hero won his position: it also brings out incidentBirket Foster, W. Goodall, H. Le Jeune, and Lumb ally the manners and customs of the times and secStocks, A.R.A. 2 vols. 16mo. Vol. I., pp. 294. tion of the country in which he was reared. Its Vol. II., pp. 279. Carters' Fireside Library.

lessons of industry, enterprise, and perseverance are This tale, at once so interesting and instructive, of in the same strain as the counsels of Dr. Franklin, which more than seventy thousand copies have been and tend to confirm the teachings of the American sold in England, is already familiar, in another form, sage. to many American readers. It has been thought Spectacles for Young Eyes. Pekin. By Sarah W. that a volume so useful and interesting would prove Lander. 12mo, pp. 218. With Illustrations. still more so if reprinted entire, in a form adapted Walker, Wise & Co., Busion. to Sabbath-school libraries. It is designed as a This is one of a series of twelve volumes. The guide to mothers who are seeking for aids in the dis- first three only have as yet appeared, -namely,

MAY 1, 1863.

pp. 232.

Boston, St. Petersburg, and Pekin. The remain- | The following juvenile works were received fron ing volumes will appear in rapid succession, and the American Tract Society, Boston. They ar will be fully illustrated, mostly from original draw- handsomely printed and beautifully illustrated ings taken on the spot. They are well-written and and are written in a style which cannot fail to be entertaining books.

attractive to those for whom they were designed. The Thousand and One Nights; or, The Arabian Nights' Hannah's Path. By the Author of the “Blui

Entertainments. New Edition. Illustrated with Flag,” “Cheerily, Cheerily," &c. (Life Illus numerous Wood Engravings, from Original De- trated.) 16mo, pp. 118. American Tract So signs. 12mo, pp. 468. Crosby & Nichols, Boston. ciety, N.Y.

Hannah's Path is but a pilgrim's progress through I Will be a Soldier. A Book for Boys. By Mrs. the common scenes of humble life towards the better

L. C. Tuthill. 16mo, pp. 192. Illustrated. Crosby country. & Nichols, Boston.

Patience; or, The Sunshine of the Heart. 16mo, pp. A very interesting and well-timed book, which

166. American Tract Society, Boston. should have an extensive sale.

The following narrative is one of five interwoven The Ice Maiden, and Other Tales. By Hans Christian in that attractive juvenile entitled “Ministering Andersen. Translated from the German by Fanny Children.” It is designed for Sabbath-school libraFuller. 16mo, pp. 189. F. Leypoldt, Philada. ries, and forms an attractive volume for both boys

The stories are “The Ice Maiden,” « The Butter- and girls. fly,” “The Psyche,” “ The Snail and the Rose-Tree." Buster and Baby Jim. By the Author of the “ Blue

The translation is so admirable that, without Flag,” &c. 16mo, pp. 109. (Life Illustrated.) losing any of the author's literal truth, it reads American Tract Society, N.Y. like an original English book.

He who would see the originals of Buster and From the American Sunday-School Union, Philadel- Baby Jim need but explore the lanes and alleys of phia. The Blue Socks; or, Count the Cost. 18mo, any large city.

Embellished with woodcuts.-Nat's Step by Step; or, Tidy's Way to Freedom. 16mo, Shoes. 16mo, pp. 91. With Frontispiece.-The pp. 192. American Tract Society. Haunted House. 16mo, pp. 82. Embellished with cuts.—Mother's Last Words. A Ballad. 16mo,

TRAVELS. pp. 35. Frontispiece.-Our Father's Care. A Ballad. 16mo, pp. 34. Embellished with Fron- | Three Years in Chili. 12mo, pp. 158. Follett & tispiece.—The Children of Blackberry Hollow Se- Foster, N.Y. ries. 6 vols. 18mo. Red Shoes, pp. 45. White Among its contents are, Departure from New York; Frock, pp. 52. Tom Lane's Cent, pp. 50. The Equipping for Journey; Panama; Bay of Payta; Little Brown House, pp. 51. Little Lights, pp. 69. Chincha Islands ; People and Costumes; Fond Dreams New Bonnet, pp. 54. Each volume embellished dispelled; Landing at Valparaiso; Hotels—Earthwith Frontispiece. The set contained in a neat quakes ; Take Possession of a House; No Fires per

mitted; How Butter is preserved; Glorious Mornings Picture Stories, on Cards (with colored borders). 27 and Gorgeous Sunsets; An Earthquake; Anniver

cards, with pictures and instructive reading-mat- sary Festival; Snowy Mountains; Dresses-Dancing ter on both sides.

-Christmas; City of Santiago; The President at Picture Hymns, on Cards (with colored borders). Church; A Chileno Railroad; Richest Silver-Mine

Illustrated with woodcuts, and printed on both in the World; The Lasso-Early Practice; First sides.

Church for Protestant Worship; Ladies and Servants; Twenty-four Picture Tickets for Rewards. Printed Chileno Women; Weather in Chili; &c. &c. in colors.

Wild Scenes in South America ; or, Life in the Llanos All the above books and cards are printed in good of Venezuela. By Don Ramon Paez. With 34 Illusclear type, rendering them very attractive for chil- trations. 12mo, pp. 502. Scribner, N. Y. dren.

The author, in his preface, says, “It was my lot Received from Presbyterian Board of Publication, describe. Later in life I was sent by my parents

to be born amid the wild scenes which I propose to Philadelphia, the following handsomely gotten-up to England, for the purpose of finishing my educaand carefully arranged juvenile books:

tion. On my return home, I immediately turned my No Work no Wages, and Other Stories. 16mo, pp. steps towards 180. Illustrated.

"Those matted woods .... Little Pearls from the Ocean of Divine Truth. 16mo,

Where crouching tigers wait their hapless prey,' Chromo-lithograph frontispiece, and anxious to study nature in her own sanctuary; but, other illustrations.

owing to the unfortunate state of affairs in the Precious Gleanings from the Field of Truth. 16mo, pp. country, I did not enjoy long my cherished dreams

216. Chromo-lithograph frontispiece, and other of exploring it through all its extent. Sufficient illustrations.

information was, however, obtained in my rambles The Child's Budget. 16mo, pp. 216. Chromo-litho- through the plains to enlarge upon a subject scarcely

graph frontispiece, and other illustrations. touched upon by travellers. Thus from my earliest Aunt Fanny's Home, and her Talks about God's Works. days have I been associated with the scenes forming

By Edward. 16mo, pp. 252. Illustrated. the text of the present narrative.” Pictures of Hindoo Life; or, India without the Gospel African Hunting from Natal to the Zambesi, including

and India with the Gospel. 16mo, pp. 144. Chromo- Lake Ngami, the Kalahari Desert, fc., from 1852 lithograph frontispiece, and other illustrations. to 1860. By William Charles Baldwin, Esq., My Brother Ben. By the Author of “ Mackerel Will," F.R.G.S. Forty-nine Illustrations, including &c. 16mo, pp. 120. Illustrated.

Portrait of the Author, by James Wolf and J. B. Steps up the Ladder; or, The Will and the Way. A Zwecker. 12mo, pp. 397. With Index and Mar. True Story. 16mo, pp. 126. Illustrated.

Harper & Bros., N.Y. Kate Stanley; or, The Power of Perseverance. By Abby This work was written, sometimes in ink, but

Eldredge. author of Ella Graham.” 16mo, pp. often in pencil, gunpowder, &c., in Kaffir kraals of 200. Illustrated.

on wagon-bottoms. One of the many trips which


pp. 216,

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