The Mercantile marine magazine and nautical record, Volume 1


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Página 334 - And regulations as to conduct on board, and as to fines, short allowance of provisions, or other lawful punishments for misconduct, which have been sanctioned by the Board of Trade as regulations proper to be adopted, and which the parties agree to adopt.
Página 337 - Whenever any ship, whether a steamer or sailing ship, proceeding in one direction, meets another ship, whether a steamer or sailing ship, proceeding in another direction, so that if both ships were to continue their respective courses they would pass so near as to involve the risk of a collision, the helms of both ships must be put to port so as to pass on the port side of each other...
Página 333 - Trade, and shall be dated at the Time of the first Signature thereof, and shall be signed by the Master before any Seaman signs the same, and shall contain the following Particulars as Terms thereof ; (that is to say,) (1.) The Nature, and, as far as practicable, the Duration of the intended Voyage or Engagement...
Página 348 - That the High Court of Admiralty shall have Jurisdiction to decide all Claims and Demands whatsoever in the Nature of Salvage for Services rendered to or Damage received by any Ship or Sea-going Vessel...
Página 469 - For combining with any other or others of the crew to disobey lawful commands, or to neglect duty, or to impede the navigation of the ship or the progress of the voyage...
Página 337 - In narrow channels every steam vessel shall, when it is safe and practicable, keep to that side of the fairway or mid-channel which lies on the starboard side of such vessel.
Página 299 - The attention of your committee has been called to the fact that from their very nature such patterns can quickly and easily be duplicated, so that temporary free importation is equivalent to relieving patterns from the payment of duty entirely. They are, therefore, omitted from the list in this bill.
Página 324 - To the Right Honourable the Lords Spiritual and Temporal of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland m Parliament assembled.
Página 337 - ... the circumstances of the case are such as to render a departure from the rule necessary in order to avoid immediate danger, and subject also to the proviso that due regard shall be had to the dangers of navigation, and, as regards sailing ships on the starboard tack close-hauled, to the keeping such ships under command.
Página 278 - Majesty shall judge capable of being converted into, or made useful in increasing the quantity of, military or naval stores...

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