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and Samuel Bogardus, or their proper representatives, such sum or sums of money as shall be amply sufficient to repair such damages.

V. And be it further enacted, That whenever any rafts Duty of the of saw logs or other lumber, shall be brought to the said Said John and bridge to be passed up the said Wappinger's creek, and pafling of such raft of saw logs or other lumber shall be so large as that the space under the bridge will not admit the passing thereof without breaking up such raft, then the said John Drake junior and Samuel Bogardus, their heirs and assigns, shall at their own expense within twenty-four hours after due notice given by the owner or conductor of such raft to the person or persons attending said bridge, cause such raft to be passed above or below said bridge, and shall there within twelve hours, deliver such raft to the owner or conductor thereof in as good order and connected together as it was when delivered to them, and shall be answerable to the owner or conductor of such raft for all damages which may have been sustained in separating and again connecting such raft, and in passing the same above said bridge

VI. And be it further enacted, That if the said John in what cafe Drake junior and Samuel Bogardus, their heirs or as

said bridge to signs, shall neglect or refuse to keep the said bridge in proper and sufficient repair within a reasonable time after any injuries shall happeff to the same, or shall neglect or refuse to comply with the terms mentioned in this act, or if the said bridge shall cause material obstructions in the channel of the said creek by sand bars or otherwise, and shall thereby become a public nuisance, and complaint thereof being made to the court of general sessions of the peace held in and for the county of Dutchess, the said court on due proof thereof, shall have power to order the said nuisance or bridge to be removed at their discretion.

VII. And be it further enacted, That this act shall con- This act how tinue in force for the term of seven years from and after long to be the first day of April, one thousand eight hundred and force, &c. two, and no longer ; and that all forfeitures and penalties incurred by virtue of this act shall be recovered, with costs of suit, in any court within this state having cognizance thereof.


be removed.


[Several of the acts under this head relate exclusively to

the private interests of the individuals incorporated, and the community at large are not particularly interested therein or affected by them. In all such cases it has been deemed sufficient to print the titles of the acts only. E.]



All former rights to be enjoyed by the present corporation.

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An ACT to remove Doubts concerning the Corporation of the

Chamber of Commerce, and to confirm the Rights and
Privileges thereof.

Passed 13th April, 1784.
ND be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid,

That the corporation of the chamber of commerce of the state of New York, and their successors, shall and may for ever hereafter peaceably have, hold, use and enjoy all and every the rights, powers, liberties, privileges, franchises, usages, lands, tenements, estates and hereditaments, which have heretofore by virtue of the above recited charter been given or granted unto the said corporation, by the name of the corporation of the chamber of commerce of the city of New-York in America.

[The charter was recited at large in the preamble to this act. E.]

An ACT for the Payment of certain Sums of Money, and

for other Purposes therein mentioned.

Passed 5th May, 1786. Sess. 9, ch. Ixvi. [The 29th sect. of this act and that only related to the N. York marine society. E.)


An ACT to incorporate the Stockholders of the New-York

Manufacturing Society.

Passed 16th March, 1790. HEREAS James Nicholson and others, associated Preamble.

as a company under the style of the New York manufacturing society, for the laudable purposes of establishing manufactories, and furnishing employment for the honest industrious poor, by their petition presented to this legislature have prayed to be incorporated, to enable them more extensively to carry into effect their patriotic inten

tions : Therefore, Stockholders

I. Be it enacted by the People of the State of New-York,

represented in Senate and Assembly, and it is hereby enacted facturing ro ciety incorpo- by the authority of the same, That all such persons who rated, and style of the

now are and hereafter shall be stockholders of the said so. corporation. ciety, shall be and hereby are ordained, constituted and

declared to be one body corporate and politic, in fact and in name, by the name of “ The New-York manufacturing society," and that by that name they and their successors, for twenty-five years hereafter, shall and


have succes. sion; and shall be persons in law capable of suing and being sued, pleading and of being impleaded, answering and being answered unto, defending and being defended in all

of the manu.

courts and places whatsoever, in all manner of actions, suits, complaints, matters and causes whatsoever ; and that they and their successors may have a common seal, and may change and alter the same at their pleasure ; and also that they and their successors, by the name of the New-York manufacturing society, shall be in law capable of purchasing, holding and conveying any estate, real or personal, for the public use of the said corporation ; Pro- Stock not to

exceed 60,000 vided, That the whole of the stock and real estate of the

pounds. said corporation shall never exceed sixty thousand pounds current money of New-York.

II. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, Affairs of said That the stock, property, affairs and concerns of the said corporation corporation shall be managed and conducted by twelve ged by twelve directors, who shall be stockholders ; and shall together who, with a with a treasurer be annually chosen and elected on the trealurer, to

be annually third Wednesday in March in every year, at such time of chol the day, aki at such place in the city of New-York as the directors for the time being, shall ten days at least prior to the day of election appoint, by notice thereof in two of the public newspapers of this state ; that all elections for the treasurer and directors shall be by ballot, and such person who shall at any election have the greatest number of votes given at such election as treasurer, shall be the treasurer, and in like manner such twelve persons who shall have the greatest number of votes at such election, shall be the directors, and shall hold their offices for one year ; that if any vacancies shall happen among the di- Vacancies rectors by death, resignation or removal, such vacancies how filled up. shall be filled for the remainder of the year in which they may happen in the same manner as the annual elections are made, at such times and places as the remainder of the directors for the time being shall appoint ; that the Names of the first directors shall be James Nicholson, James Renwick, firft directors. Henry Tenbrook, William W. Gilbert, John Lawrence, John Murray junior, White Matlack, Jacob Hallet, William Maxwell, James Watson, Nicholas Cruger and Matthew Clarkson ; and the first treasurer, Alexander Robertson, who shall hold their offices until the third Wednesday in March next, and until others shall be chosen in their places.

III. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, Amount of That each share of the stock of the said corporation shall stock, and be ten pounds current lawful money of this state ; and votes how ap.

portioned that each stockholder be entitled to a number of votes proportioned to the number of shares which he or she shall have or hold in his or her name, according to the fol-. lowing ratios, that is to say : Every owner of one or more shares, to the number of four, shall have one vote ; of five shares and less than ten, three votes ; of ten shares and less than twenty, five votes ; of twenty shares, eight votes ; and one vote for every ten shares above twenty.

Directors to IV. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, times a year That the directors for the time being, shall regularly meet and to have the difpofi.

on the fourth Wednesday of March, June, September and tion of the December in every year, and at such other times as they funds, &c.

may judge expedient ; and the said directors for the time being, or a major part of them, shall liave the disposition of the funds of the said corporation ; and shall annually on the third Wednesday in March lay before the stockholders of the said corporation, a general statement of their accounts and proceedings; which same statement of accounts and proceedings, it shall be the duty of the di. rectors to lodge with the treasurer, at least ten days pre

vious to such annual meetings, for the inspection and exaAnd to make mination of the stockholders ; and the directors for the

time being, or the major part of them, shall have power to make and prescribe such bye-laws, rules and regulations as to them shall appear needful and proper, touching the management and disposition of the stock, property, estate and effects of the said corporation, and touching the duties and conduct of their secretary, clerks, agents and servants employed therein ; and touching all such matters as appertain to the said corporation, with powers to appoint such and so many officers, clerks and servants

for carrying on the said business, and with such allowProviso. ances and salaries as shall to them seem ineet; Provided,

That such bye-laws, rules and regulations be not repug. nant to the constitutions and laws of the United States or

of this state. This act de V. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, clared a pub. That this act be and hereby is declared to be a public lic act.

act, and shall be construed benignly and favourably for

every beneficial purpose herein intended. Stockholders VI. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, themselves or That the stockholders entitled to vote agreeable to this agents.

act, may give their respective votes either by themselves

or their agents thereunto specially appointed. Treasurer to VII. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, fubfcribe 100. That the treasurer of this sate be and he is hereby au

thorized and required, in his own name to subscribe, and out of any unappropriated monies in the treasury to pay for one hundred shares in the stock of the said corporation, and to hold and manage the same for the use of the people of this state.



An ACT to incorporate the Society of Mechanics and

Tradesmen of the City of New-York, for charitable

Passed 14th March, 1792. Sess. 15, ch, xxvi.


An ACT to incorporate ihe Society, instituted in the State of

New-York, for the Promotion of Agriculture, Arts and

Passed the 12th of March, 1793.
HEREAS several persons in the state of New-York Preamble.

have by a voluntary agreement associated themselves for the laudable purpose of promoting agriculture, arts and manufactures in this state ; And whereas, The said society have presented a petition to the legislature, setting forth, that the petitioners considering that the wealth and prosperity of a country very much depend upon the flourishing state of its agriculture, arts and manufactures, and observing the benefit which in other countries have accrued from the institution of societies for the purpose of encouraging those great objects, have voluntarily associated themselves, with a view of collecting from different parts of the state, the different modes of agriculture that are in practice, to suggest such improvements as may be found to be beneficial ; to excite among their fellow citizens a spirit of making experiments for the amelioration of lands which have been exhausted, or in their natural state are unproductive or unfit for cultivation ; for encreasing the produce of such articles as are propagated amongst us, and promoting the culture of others which have been found useful in other parts, and for the improvement of field husbandry in general ; and to introduce, as far as circumstanmay

render proper, an emulation for the establishment of useful arts and manufactures in those parts of the state where they can be beneficially carried on ; that the peritioners conceive it would greatly conduce to advance the important ends of their association, if they were authorized to act as a corporate body and possess property to such amount as would enable them to effectuate their purposes more satisfactorily to themselves and more beneficially to the public ; they therefore prayed that the legislature would be pleased by law to incorporate the society for the purpose aforesaid, under such limitations and restrictions as to the legislature shall seem meet : Therefore,

I. Be it enacted by the People of the State of New-York, R. R. Livingrepresented in Senate and Assembly, That Robert R. Liv. lion and othingston, John Sloss Hobart, Samuel L. Mitchel, John body corpiaM*Kesson, Mathew Clarkson, Samuel Bard, John Cantine, Samuel Jones, Thomas Tillotson, Joseph Hasbrouck, James G. Graham, Jacobus Swartwout, Melancton Smith, Abraham Hardenbergh, John Gelston, William W. Gil. bert, David R. Floyd Jones, George Clinton, Aquila Giles, Ezra L'Hommedieu, John Schenck, James Hunter, Egbert Benson, John Blagge, John P. Delancey, Francis Childs, John Watts, Peter Vandervoort, Henry Will,



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