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every year, at such time and at such place as the directors for the time being shall appoint, of which notice shall be given in one of the newspapers printed in the city of Albany, and in the newspaper printed in the county of Montgomery, at least thirty days before the day of meeting ; that all elections for treasurer and directors shall be by ballot, and such persons who shall at any such election have the greatest number of votes given as treasurer shall be the treasurer, and in like manner such five persons who shall have the greatest number of votes at such election

shall be directors, and shall hold their offices for one year Vacancies of and until others shall be chosen in their places ; that if

any how fapplied vacancies shall happen among the directors by death, re

signation or otherwise, such vacancies shall be filled for the remainder of the year in which they may happen, by the appointment of the other directors for the time being,

or a majority of them, and that the first directors shall be First direc- Barent Roseboom, Jacob Eacker, John Frey, Conrad Gantors and trea furer named. sevoort and Jonas Oothoudt, and that Adam Roof be the

first treasurer, who shall hold their offices until the first Tuesday of June, in the year of our Lord one thousand

eight hundred and two, and until others shall be chosen to Who shall succeed them ; and that the said directors shall at their Choose a pre. first meeting after such election, appoint one of their num

ber president. Number of III. And be it further enacted, That the number of shares fhares and their value. ór subscriptions constituting the stock or fund of the said

corporation, shall not exceed four hundred shares ; that each share shall be twenty-five dollars, and that each stockholder shall be entitled to a number of votes proportioned to the number of shares which he or she shall have or hold

in his or her name, according to the following ratio, that Votes how is to say : Every owner of one or more shares to the numapportioned. ber of four, shall have one vote ; of five shares and under

ten, three votes ; of ten shares and less than twenty, five votes ; of twenty shares, eight votes, and one vote for ev

ery five shares above twenty. Said prefident IV. And be it further enacted, That the president and an habiretters directors for the time being, or a majority of them, shall dispolition of haye the disposition of the funds of the said corporation faid corpora- to and for the uses aforesaid, and shall annually on the first tion.

Tuesday in June, lay before the stockholders of the said corporation a general statement of their accounts and proceedings, which said statement of their accounts and proceedings it shall be the duty of the president and directors to lodge with the treasurer, at least ten days previous to

such annual meetings, for the inspection and examination Power of of the stockholders; and the president and directors for find corporae the time being, or the major part of them, shall have

power to make and prescribe such rules and regulations as to them shall appear needful and proper, touching the

management and disposition of the stock, property and estate of the said corporation, and touching the duties and conduct of their secretary, clerks, agents and servants employed therein, and touching all such matters as appertain to the said corporation, with power to appoint such and so many workmen, clerks and servants for the erecting and building of the said bridge as they may deem necessary.

V. And be it further enacted, That such inhabitants as Privilege to reside within three miles of the said bridge shall not be inhabitants subject to the payment of any toll for passing and repassing in three miles

of said bridge. the said bridge on foot for the term of six years after the passing of this act.

VI. And be it further enacted, That in case the said Corporation bridge shall not be erected, built and completed on or be when to be fore the first day of October', in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and three, then and in such case the corporation by this act created shall be adjudged and considered as dissolved.

VII. And be it further enacted, That as soon as the said Manner in bridge shall be completed, and the judges of the court of said bridge common pleas in and for the said county, or a majority of Malede den them, shall upon inspection certify under their hands pleat. that the said bridge is well and sufficiently constructed and built, and will admit of the passage of loaded teams and other carriages, it shall and may be lawful for the said president and directors to erect a gate at either end of the Tollegate said bridge, and demand, receive and take for the use of the said corporation a toll not exceeding the following rates, to wit : Every four wheel pleasure carriage drawn by Rates of toll two horses, nineteen cents, if drawn by four horses, twenty-five cents ; every two wheel pleasure carriage drawn by one horse, nine cents, and if two horses, twelve änd än half cents ; every waggon and two horses, twelve and an half cents, and if drawn by four horses, nineteen cents ; each sled and horses, six cents ; each ox waggon or cart and two oxen, twelve and one half cents, each additional yoke of oxen, six cents ; every one horse cart, six cents ; every one horse sled, six cents ; every man and horse, six cents ; every foot passenger, two cents.; every horse, jack or mule, three cents ; every cow or other neat cattle, half a cent; every score of sheep or hogs, ten cents, and so in proportion for a greater or less number.

VIII. And be it further enacted, That from and after said bridge the expiration of the said term of forty years the said bridge with its appurtenances shall become the property of, and perty of the be vested in the people of this state.

IX. And be it further enacted, That if the said bridge in what cafe after the same shall be completed, shall at any time during tion to be disthe said term of forty years, be impassable for the term of folved. thirty days, that the said corporation shall be and the

when to be erected.

when to be come the pro


Bridge how to be built

same is hereby declared in such case to be dissolved; Provided nevertheless, That no such dissolution shall take place by reason of the said bridge being carried away by the ice, if the said bridge shall be rebuilt within eighteen months after the same shall have been so carried away.

X. And be it further enacted, That the said bridge shall not be less than twenty feet wide, and shall be well secured with a good and sufficient railing on each side thereof, not less than four feet and six inches high ; and that if the navigation of the said river shall during the said term of forty years, be so improved as to be navigable by boats with fixed standing masts, the said president, directors and company shall construct or cause to be constructed a good and sufficient draw at least ten feet wide, and shall whenever applied to for that purpose by any person or persons ascending or descending the said river in any such boat or boats, raise and open the said draw and permit such boat or boats to pass free of any expense ; Provided always, That nothing in this act contained shall be construed so as to prejudice the corporate rights of the western inland lock navigation company.



Roads and Bridges.

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An ACT granting to Alexander J. Turner and Adoni

jah Skinner an exclusive Right of Running a Stage on the Route therein mentioned.

Passed March 30, 1798. Sess. 21. ch. lxii. (As this act will expire on the ift May, 1803, it was thought unnecessary to re.

print it. . ]



An ACT to authorize Robert Merritt and John Merritt to

build a Bridge over the southwest Arm of Saw-Pit-Creek,
in the Town of Rye, in the County of Westchester.

Passed 30th March, 1801. Robert and

E it enacted by the People of the State of New York, John Merritt authorized to

represented in Senate and Assembly, That Robert build a bridge Merritt and John Merritt, their heirs or assigns, be and they herein delig. or either of them are hereby empowered and authorized,

at their own expense, to build a bridge from the public landing called Saw.pit-point over the southwest arm of Saw-pit-creek to the land of the said Robert Merritt, between the store-house belonging to Silvanus Seaman, and the bake-house belonging to Benjamin Rockwell, and south of the said store-house and not within two rods of the same, agreeable to the dimensions and directions, following, that



is to say : The said bridge shall not be less than fifteen To be con: feet wide, with good and sufficient railings on each side, a draw, &c. and be so constructed that it shall have a good and sufficient draw of not less than twenty feet wide, for the free passage of vessels with their masts standing.

II. And be it further enacted, That if any person shall Persons pall. neglect or refuse to close the said draw within thirty mining the faid utes after they have passed through the same, they shall the same, un

der a penalcy: forfeit and


every such neglect or refusal two dollars, to be recovered by the said Robert Merritt and John Meritt, or their heirs or assigns, in an action to be brought before any justice of the peace in said county, with costs of suit.

III. And be it further enacted, That the said Robert Conditions on Merritt and John Merritt, their heirs and assigns, be and bridge to be they are hereby authorized to build the said bridge on the built. express condition, that the said bridge when completed, shall be a public bridge ; and that they the said Robert Merritt and John Merritt, or their heirs or, assigns, give to the public, land for a good and sufficient road from the said bridge to a place called Negro-point adjoining Byram-river, and a sufficient quantity of land at said point for a public landing, which shall be for no other use, and to be laid out by the commissioners of highways where they shall judge it most convenient for the public.

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An ACT to authorize John Drake, junior, and Samuel Bo-

gardus to erect a Bridge across Wappinger's Creek in
the County of Dutchess.

Passed 2d April, 1801. 1. E it enacted by the People of the State of New-York, John Drake


jun. and Sam

herein meu tioned.

junior, and Samuel Bogardus, their heirs or assigns, shall authorized to be and hereby are authorized, at their own costs and ex- at the place penses, to erect and build a bridge across the mouth of the Wappinger's creek in the county of Dutchess, to extend from or near the wharf of the said John Drake junior, which is on the southeastern side of the said creek to a point of land opposite thereto, known by the name of the Sandy-point distant about one hundred and nineteen feet from the said wharf (the fee of the said land on both sides of the said creek being in the said John Drake junior) said bridge to be built of wood sufficiently strong for the safe passage of loaded carts and waggons, to be supported by To be con piles well driven into the bottom of the said creek ; said a draw,&c. bridge to be built at least fourteen feet wide, and to be and the fame

to be passed well covered with oak or pine plank not less than three in- free.

ches thick, the lower string pieces to lie so high as at com. mon high water to be at least six feet above the water ; the sides of the said bridge to be secured by close substantial railings, and to be so constructed, with a draw to open at least twenty-four feet, so as conveniently to admit masted vessels to pass and repass said bridge, and that the residue of the piles to be so drove as to leave another space of thirty feet clear in the channel of the waters of said creek under the said bridge, both which said passages shall be a free open highway, and shall be freely used with

out toll or reward. Said bridge

II. And be it further enacted, That the said John Drake when er be junior and Samuel Bogardus, shall on or before the first

, &c. day of April, in the year one thousand eight hundred

and two, compleat and finish said bridge, and shall at all times thereafter, as well by night as by day, provide and keep sufficient person or persons to attend and open the said draw bridge during the season of navigation; and such person or persons so attending, on sufficient notice being given to them by the master or owner of any vessel having necessary business or occasion to pass said bridge, by the blowing of a horn or otherwise, such person or persons so attending said bridge shall immediately open or cause the said draw to be opened, and shall permit every such vessel whose mast cannot easily be unstepped, or whose lading will not admit of her passage under the said bridge, to pass through the said draw unmolested and freely as

aforesaid. Penalty on III. And be it further enacted, That when any such vesdetaining any vefsel unne- sel, masted or laden as aforesaid, shall be unnecessarily cessarily at said bridge,

detained from passing through said draw for more than fifteen minutes, by the refusal, neglect or delay of any person or persons so attending the said bridge after such notice given as aforesaid, the said John Drake junior and Samuel Bogardus shall on demand, pay to the master or owner of such vessel so unnecessarily detained, the sum of

four dollars for every half hour such vessel shall be so deAnd on the tained beyond the said fifteen minutes ; and the master or master or owners of owner of any masted vessel as aforesaid, at whose request such vessels in the said draw shall be opened, shall use all due diligence diligence in and expedition in passing such vessel through said draw, passing the same.

under the like forfeiture of four dollars for every half hour of unnecessary delay after the said draw shall so have been

opened to admit such vessel to pass through. Penalty on IV. And be it further enacted, That any master or owperfons wil fully damago

ner of any vessel, or any person or persons whatsoever, ing said who in passing through the said draw bridge, or at any other bridge.

time, shall wilfully injure or damage said bridge, or any part thereof with a vessel or otherwise, such master or owner of such vessel, or other person or persons so offending, shall on demand pay to the said John Drake junior

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