Bibliotheca Canadensis: Or, A Manual of Canadian Literature

G. E. Desbarats, 1867 - 411 páginas

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Página 289 - Murray (Hugh). Historical Account of Discoveries and Travels in North America; including the United States, Canada, the Shores of the Polar Sea, and the Voyages in Search of a North-west Passage; with Observations on Emigration.
Página 341 - Hudson's Bay Company, and his attempt to establish a colony on the Red River; with a detailed account of His Lordship's military expedition to, and subsequent proceedings at Fort William, in Upper Canada.
Página 407 - The northern invasion of October. 1780. A series of papers relating to the expeditions from Canada under Sir John Johnson and others against the frontiers of New York, which were supposed to have connection with Arnold's treason.
Página 58 - Burgoyne, and verified by Evidence; with a Collection of Authentic Documents, and an Addition of many Circumstances which were prevented from appearing before the House by the Prorogation of Parliament.
Página 48 - A New Edition : To which is added The Gospel according to St. Mark, Translated into the Mohawk Language, by Capt"- Joseph Brant, An Indian of the Mohawk Nation.
Página 203 - An Inquiry into the Merits of the principal Naval Actions between Great Britain and the United States...
Página 181 - ... indubitably one of the most remarkable English poems ever written out of Great Britain.
Página 47 - The Book of Common Prayer and Administration of the Sacraments ' and other rites and ceremonies of the Church according to the use of the Church of England, together with the Psalter or Psalms of David, pointed as they are to be sung or said in churches ; and the form or manner of making, ordaining, and consecrating of bishops, priests, and deacons.
Página 342 - Report of the proceedings connected with the disputes between the Earl of Selkirk and the North West Company at the assizes held at York in Upper Canada, October, 1818.
Página 120 - FAY, HA Collection of the official Accounts, in Detail, of all the Battles fought by Sea and Land, between the Navy and Army of the United States, and the Navy and Army of Great Britain, during the Years 1812, 13, 14, & 15. New York: E. Conrad, 1817. 295 PPContains Capt. Heald's official report of the massacre at Fort Dearborn, August 15, 1812, and Col. Russell's official report of Gov. Edwards' attack on the Indians near Peoria in 1812.

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