Indian Epic Poetry: Being the Substance of Lectures Recently Given at Oxford: with a Full Analysis of the Rámáyana and of the Leading Story of the Mahá-bhárata

Williams and Norgate, 1863 - 133 páginas

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Página 28 - Tis a fond thought that to attain the end And object of ambition is to rest; Success doth only mitigate the fever Of anxious expectation; soon the fear Of losing what we have, the constant care Of guarding it doth weary. Ceaseless toil Must be the lot of him who with his hands Supports the canopy that shields his subjects.
Página 29 - Towards the sea of sand, and saw at last the rocky Meru, king Of mountains. As with eager steps they hastened on, their souls intent On union with the Eternal, Draupadi lost hold of her high hope, And faltering fell upon the earth.
Página 13 - I cleave to thee in this life and hereafter. Thou art my king, my guide, my only refuge, my divinity. It is my fixed resolve to follow thee. If thou must wander forth Through thorny trackless forests, I will go before thee, treading down The prickly brambles to make smooth thy path, walking before thee, I Shall feel no weariness ; the forest thorns will seem like silken robes, The bed of leaves, a couch of down.
Página 6 - One day when rains refreshed the earth, and caused my heart to swell with joy, When, after scorching with his rays the parched ground, the summer sun Had passed towards the south; when cooling breezes chased away the heat, And grateful clouds arose; when frogs and pea-fowl sported, and the deer Seemed drunk with glee, and all the winged creation, dripping as if drowned, Plumed their dank feathers on the tops of wind-rocked trees, and falling showers Covered the mountains till they looked like watery...
Página 58 - Mahabharata. _Children are dutiful to their parents and submissive to their superiors; younger brothers are respectful to elder brothers; parents are fondly attached to their children, watchful over their interests and ready to sacrifice themselves for their welfare; wives are loyal, devoted, and obedient to their husbands, yet show much independence of character, and do not hesitate to express their own opinions; husbands are tenderly affectionate towards their wives, and treat them with respect...
Página 136 - Compendious Grammar of the Egyptian Language, as contained in the Coptic, Sahidic, and Bashmuric Dialects, together with Alphabets and Numerals in the Hieroglyphic and Enchorial Characters.
Página 36 - By me, in fish-like shape, have you been saved in dire emergency. From Manu all creation, gods, Asuras, men, must be produced ; By him the world must be created, that which moves and moveth not.
Página 54 - ... (Poetics III. 3.) beings with mixed characters. There is no mirror held up to inconsistent humanity. Duryodhana and his ninety-nine brothers are too uniformly vicious to be types of real men. Lakshmana has perhaps the most natural character among the heroes of the Ramayana, and Bhima among those of the Maha-bharata. In many respects the character of the latter is not unlike that of Achilles ; but in drawing his most human heroes the Indian poet still displays a perpetual tendency to run into...
Página 33 - Know this — the Being that spread this universe is indestructible. Who can destroy the Indestructible? These bodies that enclose the everlasting soul, inscrutable, immortal, have an end ; but he who thinks the soul can be destroyed, and he who deems it a destroyer, are alike mistaken ; it kills not, and is not killed ; it is not born, nor doth it ever die...
Página 39 - ... blind, may recover his sight. Yama consents, and bids her now return home. Still she persists in following. Two other boons are granted in the same way, and still Savitri follows closely on the heels of the king of death. At' last, overcome by her constancy, Yama grants her a boon without exception.

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