Martin Van Buren to the End of His Public Career

Harper and Brothers, 1889 - 239 páginas

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Página 81 - The apprehended danger from the experiment of universal suffrage applied to the whole legislative department, is no dream of the imagination. It is too mighty an excitement for the moral constitution of men to endure. The tendency of universal suffrage, is to jeopardize the rights of property, and the principles of liberty.
Página 81 - That extreme democratic principle, when applied to the legislative and executive departments of government, has been regarded with terror by the wise men of every age because in every European republic, ancient and modern, in which it has been tried, it has terminated disastrously and been productive of corruption, injustice, violence, and tyranny.
Página 82 - We are destined to become a great manufacturing as well as commercial state. We have already numerous and prosperous factories of one kind or another, and one master capitalist with his one hundred apprentices, and journeymen, and agents, and dependants, will bear down at the polls an equal number of farmers of small estates in his vicinity, who cannot safely unite for their common defence.
Página 81 - ... it has been tried, it has terminated disastrously and been productive of corruption, injustice, violence, and tyranny. And dare we flatter ourselves that we are a peculiar people who can run the career of history, exempted from the passions which have disturbed and corrupted the rest of mankind? If we are like other races of men, with similar follies and vices, then I greatly fear that our posterity will have reason to deplore, in sackcloth and ashes, the delusion of the day.
Página 150 - The triumph of his talents and patriotism, cannot fail to become monuments of high and enduring fame. We cannot, indeed, but remember, that in our public career, collisions of opinion and action, at once extensive, earnest, and enduring, have arisen between the deceased and many of us. For myself, sir, it gives me a deep-felt, though melancholy satisfaction, to know, and more so, to be conscious, that the deceased also felt and acknowledged, that our political differences have been wholly free from...
Página 170 - Britain to place this trade upon the footing of just reciprocity, she will not be moved from her purpose by mere questions of form. But if, influenced by any change in her views or policy, she is resolved to reject our liberal propositions, no phraseology, however courteous, will produce a different determination. Be this determination what it may, we shall have performed our duty, and may rely upon the support of the American people.
Página 89 - keeping the word of promise to the ear, and breaking it to the hope...
Página 83 - Property, when compared with our essential rights, is insignificant and trifling. Life,, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, not of property, are set forth in the Declaration of Independence as cardinal objects. How was the late war sustained? Who filled the ranks of your armies? Not the priesthood, not the men of wealth, not the1 speculators.
Página 86 - ... them. If a stranger had heard the discussions on this subject, and had been unacquainted with the character of our people, and the character and standing of those, who find it their duty to oppose this measure, he might well have supposed, that we were on the point of prostrating with lawless violence, one of the fairest and firmest pillars of the government...
Página 180 - I could consent to become a candidate for the high office of President of the United States.

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