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tion to improve their properties, no affections for their families or relations, might dispose of their rights for a glass of rum; but I absolutely deny that the colony could loose by such an exchange : I own that such persons were much safer if bound than at liberty ; but where the affections of the parent and the reason of the man die, the person is a fitter inhabitant for moor-field than Georgia. I must notice farther, that not only are parents incapable for want of credit, to provide for themselves, being necessitated to dispose of their servants for want of provisions ; but if they could, only their eldest son could reap the benefit, their younger children, however numerous, are left to be fed by him who feeds the ravens; and if they have no children, their labor and substance descends to strangers : how sir, would you, or indeed any free born spirits, brook such a tenure? are not our younger sons and daughters equally entitled to our bowels and affections ? and does human nature end with our first born, and not ex. tend itself to the rest of our progeny and more distant relations ? and is it not inverting the order of nature, that the eldest son should not only enjoy a double portion, but exclude all the younger children ? and having an interest independent of the parents, how natural is it he should withdraw that obedience and subjection, which proceeds from parental authority and filial dependance ! the trustees are but a channel to convey to us the king's rights, and cannot in law or equi,

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ty, and I dare say, will not abridge those rights. Can we suppose that we are singled out for a state of misery and servitude, and that so many honorable personages are instruments of it? far be the thoughts from us! the genius of the British nation, so remarkably zealous for liberty and the rights of mankind, will never suffer British subjects, who have not fled their country from crimes, but voluntarily proffered their services and resigned their all, upon the confidence of the public faith and the trustees honor, to accomplish a settlement upon the most dangerous point of his majesty's dominions : I say, it will never allow such to be deprived of public promises, or the natural liberties of British subjects; as we are on a frontier, where our lives and fortunes may more frequently come into dispute than other people's, our privileges and supports should be proportionably greater; for who would venture his life to secure no property, or fight to secure to himself poverty and misery ? and no doubt our cunning and vigilant adversaries, the French and Spaniards, would know how to make their own advantage: the king has been very gracious, and your endeavors endeavors generous

generous and useful, in procuring a regiment, and not only the support of the soldiers, but your own honor, glory and reputation, are intermixed with the fate of the colony,

and must stand or fall with it. “ To come closer to the point ; please to consider the consequences of refusing the represen.

tation of the colony, whereof your excellency as one of the honorable board will be furnished with a copy, and how these consequences may affect the colony, the nation, the trustees, the military establishment in the province, the Indians, and your excellency.

As to the colony, the defering hitherto the necessary relief, has already too tragically affected it, by dispersing a great part of the inhabitants ; the remainder in a languishing condition, supported more with faint hopes and a continued reliance on the honor of the nation and trustees, than victuals; while want and meagre famine guard the doors of many, and render them equal. ly incapable to stay or go: the town so beautifully situated to the honor of the contriver, bearing the most visible signs of decay and mortality before it is fully born; and the once cultivated plantations now overgrown with weeds and brush, are so many hic jacets of such and such persons and families ! I wish it were possible to draw a veil over this tragic scene ! but sir, our case is more claimant than a thousand tongues, and will reach the ears and pierce the hearts of every free Britain. If such be the effects of delay, what will the total dissolution of the colony produce ? Such a body of miserable people, orphans and suppliants, will be heard by the justice of the nation; and if it shall appear, that they too, positively adhering to an impracticable scheme, and the refusing those obvious means that would an.

swer the proposed end, or with-holding those just rights which we are entitled to, have been the cause ; we should have a right to recover damages from the authors of our misery : in all places where settlements were attempted by the English, and found untenable, the settlers were taken home upon public charge, their losses were recompensed, and they made otherwise useful to the community ; while we are neither allowed to do for ourselves here or elsewhere. As to the second point, how the nation would be affected by d it : it is first obvious, that all the noble ends and advantages they proposed are lost, and sums of money expended to no purpose, but to inform the French and Spaniards of the importance of a pass which they would not fail to possess. It were impossible to make a second settlement upon

the present plan, and if it is to be altered in favor of others, why not of us, who have risqued and spent our all in the adventure ? How the trustees may be affected by it in all respects, I shall not say ; a parliamentary enquiry into their management, I no ways question but they would entirely satisfy; but all good men will regret, that so honorable a body should lose that glory and fame, which the prosperous success of the colony would have crowned them with. I have formerly asserted, that only the flourishing state of the colony, can support the military; and indeed without a colony, it were easier to maintain a Harrison in Tangier on the coast of Africa, than in

the south of Georgia. One regiment would little suffice to withstand the enemy; and yet so small a handful may be reduced to discontent, straits and want, notwithstanding all the bounty of a king, or prudence of a general. As to the Indians, what could we expect less than being scorned and despised ? that they should immediately fall in with the tempting proffers of the French and Spaniards, and so Great-Britain cut off from that valuable branch of the Indian trade ; for how indeed could they expect execution of treaties or protection from people who, without the force of an enemy, could not preserve their own schemes of government from falling to pieces. How the tragedy must affect your excellency, would be presumption in me to determine : I only know, that to see those you honor with the name of children, in want and misery ; that settlement which should have perpetuated your name to posterity with the greatest honor, become the foil of all your great undertakings, and the expectations of all the world, from your promising endeavors, setting in a cloud and obscurity, must affect your excellency in a way suitable to your humane and generous disposition.

“ Sir, we still love, honor and respect you, whatever low selfish minded persons, the bane of society, may surmise to the contrary ; and will continue to do so, while we can have any hopes of your pursuing measures consistent with our prosperity : but, sir, smiles cannot be expected

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