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Kennebago stream from the foot of the boulders, so called, in CHAP. 42 said stream, to the foot of the falls at the outlet of Kennebago lake; Metalluc and Mill brooks which flow into the Upper Richardson lake; the tributaries to Wilton pond in the town of Wilton; the tributaries of Varnum and North ponds in the towns of Temple and Wilton, and of Clearwater pond in the towns of Farmington and Industry; the tributaries of Long pond and Sandy river pond, lying wholly or in part in Sandy river plantation ; Lufkin pond and its tributaries, in the town of Phillips; the tributaries to Four ponds in townships E and D; the tributaries to Tim and Mud ponds, in township two, range four, west of Bingham's Kennebec Purchase, and Webb's river above Goodwin Brothers' mill dam, in Carthage; the following named lakes, ponds and streams of Hancock county: the trib

-Hancock utaries to Noves' pond in Bluehill; Green lake in the towns of county. Dedham and Ellsworth; Eagle lake in the town of Eden; Bubble pond, sometimes called Turtle lake, on the island of Mt. Desert; Jordan pond; and Long pond; the following named lakes, ponds and streams in Kennebec and Somerset counties: the tributaries to all lakes and ponds lying wholly or partly in the Kennebec towns of Winthrop, Monmouth, Litchfield, Manchester and erset

counties. Wayne; Three Mile pond in China, Windsor and Vassalboro; and McGraw, Ellis, East, North, Great, Long, Little and Snow ponds; the tributaries to Dyer's pond in the town of Jefferson in Lincoln county; the following named lakes, ponds and streams in


county. Oxford county: the tributaries to Anasagunticook lake, or

- Oxford Whitney pond, in Canton and Hartford; Little Bear pond in county. Hartford and Turner; Howard's pond in Hanover; Magalloway river and its tributaries between the mouth of Little Magalloway river and the Berlin Mills Company's dam; Lake Pennesseewassee and Little Pennesseewassee; the tributaries to Roxbury pond and Garland pond; Rapid river from the swing bridge at the Oxford Club House to LakeUmbagog; Songo pond in Albany; Sand and Pickerel ponds in Denmark; and Upper Kezar pond in the towns of Stoneham and Lovell; the following named ponds, lakes, and streams of Piscataquis county: Lake Hebron, otherwise known as Hebron pond; Twin and Doughty Piscataponds, known as Ship pond and Bear pond, in Elliottsville county. township; the brook that is the outlet of Garland pond in Sebec; the tributaries to Lake Onawa; Sebec lake and the tributaries to Moosehead lake, excepting Moose river, and the commissioners shall establish by metes and bounds the mouths of all the tributaries to Moosehead lake; the tributaries to Dexter pond in the town of Dexter, in Penobscot county; the following named -Penobscot ponds, lakes and streams in Somerset county: the tributaries


-Knox county.


CHAP. 42 to Parlin, or Lang pond; Parlin, or Lang streams and their -Somerset tributaries; the tributaries to lake George; Basset brook and its county.

tributaries, in the town of Holden in township six; Beaver brook in the town of Holden; the brooks forming the outlet of Fish pond and Little Fish pond, and of Little Gulf stream and Big Gulf stream; Wood stream in Forsythe plantation, above its entrance into Big Wood pond; the tributaries to Rowell pond in Solon and Smith pond in Cornville; Hayden lake in the town of Madison ; Mosquito stream, so called, connecting Mosquito pond with Moxie pond in township one, range four, Bingham's Kennebec Purchase, east of Kennebec river, known as The Forks plantation ; Great Embden pond; and Moose pond in Hartland and Harmony; and west outlet of Moosehead lake; the following named ponds, lakes and streams in Knox county: the tributaries to Canaan lake; Lermond's and Alford's ponds;

the tributaries to Norton pond; and the tributaries to Crystal -Wash- lake; the tributaries to Lake Narraguagus and Lambert lake in ington county. Washington county, and the tributaries to Bonny Beg pond in

Sanford and North Berwick, in York county. It shall be

unlawful under the same penalty to fish for, catch, or kill any county.

fish in Quimby pond in the town of Rangeley, except in the ordinary way of angling with rod and artificial flies, between sunrise and sunset of each day, from the fifteenth day of May to the first day of October; and no person shall take more than twelve fish in said pond in any one day, nor more than twentyfive fish in any one day in Four ponds in townships E and D, or

fish, except with artificial flies, in South Bog stream and pool, ful to fish in Quimby

so called, waters connected with Rangeley lake, or in Seven pond, except with

ponds, so called, or take, catch, or kill more than twenty-five flies from

trout from Tim and Mud ponds, in township two, range four, May 15 to October 1.

west of Bingham's Kennebec Purchase, or from Tufts and Dut-number of catch, ton ponds in the same township in any one day, or take from the limited to 12 fish.

waters of Varnum or North pond in the towns of Temple and -number Wilton, and Clearwater pond in the towns of Farmington and that may

Industry, more than three trout, togue, and land-locked salmon in certain

in all, in any one day. It shall be unlawful to fish for or catch pickerel in Three Mile pond in China, Windsor, and Vassalboro,

except on Saturdays of each week, for consumption in the fampickerel in

ily of the person taking such fish; or to take any black bass, pond, China, except on pickerel, or any other fish from the lower Kezar pond and its Saturdays.

tributaries, in the county of Oxford, for the purpose of selling and pickerel, protec

the same, but any person may take twenty pounds of fish in one tion of, in day from said lower Kezar pond, but shall not transport the certain

same, except in possession of the owner; or to fish for, take, or county. catch any fish, from Ward's brook, Ward's pond, and Walker's


be taken

other waters.

-unlawful to fish for

Three Mile

-black bass

waters in Oxford

-close time

waters in


for violation of


pond, so called, in Oxford county, except between the first day CHAP. 42 of May and August of each year, or to fish therein except with rod and single line and artificial flies; or to fish for, catch, or kill any fish in Ellis river and its tributaries, situated in Andover, Andover West, North Surplus and Roxbury, in townships C and D, in Oxford and Franklin counties, except on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, during the months of May, June and for certain July, and to the fifteenth day of August; or in Ship Pond Oxford and stream above Buck's falls; or in Little Huston pond, in Katah- counties. din Iron Works township, except with artificial flies; or to fish for, take, catch or kill any blue back trout in any of the waters of the state at any time; or to fish in Grassy pond in the towns

-Hope and of Hope and Rockport at any time within five years from the Rockport approval of this act. Whoever violates any of the provisions county. of this section shall be subject to a penalty of not less than ten

-penalty dollars nor more than thirty dollars for each offense, and one dollar additional for every fish caught, taken or killed in viola- this section. tion of any of the provisions of this section. 'Section 6. Whoever fishes for, takes, catches, kills, or

Taking of destroys any fish, with fish spawn or grapnel, spear, trawl, weir, fish with seine, trap, or set lines, except when fishing through the ice, grapnel, and then with not more than five set lines in the daytime, or seine, trap

, , with any device, or in any other way than by the ordinary mode probib lipas of angling with single baited hooks and lines, artificial flies, fishing artificial minnows, artificial insects, spoon hooks and spinners, the ice,

excepted. so called, shall be fined not less than ten nor more than

-penalty thirty dollars for each offense; and when such prohibited imple- por vioments or devices are found in use or possession, they are forfeit

-prohibited and contraband, and any person finding them in use, may implements destroy them. It shall, however, be lawful to take minnows and forfelted other bait fish, commonly used for live bait, for one's own use stroyed. in fishing, in any of the closed streams in this state, and to take taking of smelts for consumption in the family of the person taking them. for bait

'Section 7. No person shall transport more than twenty- for home five pounds of land-locked salmon, trout, togue, or white perch, tion; perin all, at any one time; nor shall any such be transported except

Transportin the possession of the owner thereof, plainly labeled thereon ing or with the owner's name and residence, except as is provided in possession section twenty-six of this chapter; nor shall any corporation 25 pounds transport more than twenty-five pounds in all, of said fish, at time, or one time, as the property of any one person; nor shall any per- pounds in son take, catch, kill, or have in possession in any one day more

prohibited. than twenty-five pounds in all, of the above named fish. Who- -penalty.

. ever violates any of the provisions of this section shall be pun


and de

and smelts


having in

taking more

one day,

fish of

Chap. 42 ished by a fine of fifty dollars for each offense and one dollar

for every pound of fish 30 taken or being transported, in excess of twenty-five pounds; and all such fish being so trans

ported or taken in violation of this section may be seized and -fish transported in shall be forfeited to the state. Whoever has in his possession violation of this section more than twenty-five pounds in all, of said fish, shall be deemed shall be forfeited. to have taken them in violation of this section; provided, how-having in ever, that the taking of one fish additional having less than possession, deemed a twenty-five pounds, or less than twenty pounds when fishing violation.

through the ice, shall not be regarded as a violation of the law. Use of

'Section 8. No person shall use dynamite or other explosives dynamite prohibited.

or any poisonous or stupefying substance whatever, for the pur

pose of destroying or taking fish, under a penalty of one hun-penalty.

dred dollars and, in addition thereto, two months' imprisonment

in the county jail for each offense. Introducing

‘Section 9. Whoever introduces fish of any kind into any of

the waters of the state by means of live fish or otherwise, except any kind into waters, except by

upon written permission of the commissioners of inland fisheries permission, prohibited.

and game, shall forfeit not less than fifty dollars nor more than -penalty.

five hundred dollars. The having in possession of any jack

light, spear, trawl, or net, other than a dip net, in any camp, -having in possession jack

lodge, or place of resort for hunters or fishermen, in the inland light, spear, trawl or

territory of the state, shall be prima facie evidence that the same net, deemed evidence of are kept for unlawful use; and they may be seized by any offiunlawful

cer authorized to enforce the inland fish and game laws. Who-penalty ever is convicted of having any of the above named implements for having

in his possession unlawfully as aforesaid, shall be fined fifty dolsession.

lars and costs of prosecution. Permits

‘Section 1o. In closed waters where eels, suckers, cusk, may be granted to pickerel and white fish abound, the commissioners may grant take eels, etc., in

permits to take the same and dispose of them for food purposes; closed

and where an exclusive right is granted to take eels in any river or stream, or part thereof, they may grant such permit upon such terms as they deem reasonable, and such permits shall expire with the calendar year.

‘Section 11. There shall be for game birds an annual close game birds.

time in which it shall be unlawful to hunt, chase, catch, kill or

have them in possession; for wood duck, dusky duck, commonly -duck from May 1 to called black duck, teal, and gray duck, the close time shall be September 1.

from the first day of May to the first day of September of each -partridge and wood- year; for ruffed grouse, commonly called partridge, and woodcock, December 1 cock, from the first day of December to September fifteenth; for to September 15. quail from the first day of December to the first day of October; -quail, De- for plover, snipe and sand pipers, from the first day of May to cember 1 to October 1. the first day of August. Whoever violates any of the above


in pos


Close time for

-nor in
son, unless
open to

named provisions of this section shall be subject to a penalty of Chap. 42 not less than five dollars nor more than ten dollars, for each bird -plover, so killed, caught, chased or had in possession in close time. No May 1 to person shall, in any one day, kill or have in possession more -penalty. than fifteen of each variety of the above named birds, except inhouses plover, snipe and sandpipers, during the respective open season sion in one for each; nor shall any person, at any time, kill or have in pos- birds, prosession any ruffed grouse commonly called partridge, except for hibited.

-exceptions. his own consumption in this state, except as hereinafter pro- --killing or vided, under a penalty of five dollars for each bird so unlawfully possession, killed or had in possession; nor shall any person at any time pacendedor sell, or offer for sale, any ruffed grouse, commonly called par- sumption,

prohibited. tridge, within this state, under the same penalty; nor shall any

-penalty. person or corporation carry or transport from place to place any -selling

of of the birds mentioned in this section, in close season, nor in prohibited. open season unless open to view, tagged, and plainly labeled transportwith the owner's name and residence and accompanied by him, close time,

prohibited. unless tagged in accordance with section twenty-six of this chapter under the same penalty. Any person, not the actual geen sefes owner of such bird, who, to aid another in such transportation, view and falsely represents himself to be the owner thereof, shall be liable tagged, to the same penalty; nor shall any person or corporation carry or transport at any one time more than fifteen of any one variety punished. of the birds above named as the property of one person, under porting the same penalty; and it shall be unlawful for a term of ten 15 birds at years, to hunt for, take, catch, kill or destroy the capercailzie, prohibited. or cock of the woods, so called, black game, so called, or any for caperspecies of the pheasant, except ruffed grouse or partridge, under for 10 years. a penalty of fifty dollars for each offense.

-penalty. 'Section 12.

Whoever kills, or has in his possession, any killing of birds commonly known as larks, robins, swallows, sparrows, sectivorous woodpeckers or orioles, or other insectivorous birds, crows, hibited

-penalty. English sparrows and hawks excepted, forfeits not less than one

-having in dollar, nor more than five dollars, for each such bird killed; and

possession, the possession by any person of such dead bird, is prima facie evidence of evidence that he killed such bird. Whoever at any time wan- -taking or tonly takes or destroys the nest, eggs or unfledged young of any nest, eggs, wild bird, except crows, hawks, herons, loons and owls, or takes of certain any eggs or young from such nests forfeits not less than one prohibited. dollar nor more than ten dollars, for each nest, egg or young so

--penalty. taken or destroyed. Whoever carries or transports from place porting of to place, any of the birds named in this chapter during the close time, 'period in which the killing of such bird is prohibited, forfeits prohibited. five dollars for each bird so carried or transported.

-falsely claiming to be owner,


more than

one time,

-close time




wild birds,


birds in

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