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CHAP. 37

Chapter 37.

An Act to amend Section one of Chapter one hundred and fifteen of the Revised

Statutes, relating to Salaries of Public Officers.

Section 1, chapter 115, R. Š., as amended.

Salaries of officers of state prison.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in Legislature assembled, as follows:

Section one of chapter one hundred and fifteen of the revised statutes, as heretofore amended, is hereby amended, by inserting before the word "guards” in the twenty-first paragraph, relating to the salaries of prison officials the words, ‘officers of the guard, six hundred dollars' so that said paragraph as amended, shall read as follows:

'Warden of the state prison, eighteen hundred dollars, with the use, without charge, of such part of the keeper's house and buildings of the state, appurtenant to the prison and yard, as the governor and council may direct, and fuel for his own use; which shall be in full for all services, including duty of receiving and paying out money for all purposes; deputy: warden, one thousand dollars; clerk, one thousand dollars; officer of the guard, six hundred dollars; guards, five hundred dollars each; physician, two hundred and fifty dollars; chaplain, two hundred and fifty dollars; gate keeper, five hundred dollars; teacher, three hundred dollars.'

Approved March 3, 1899.

Chapter 38.

Lien for shoring and running logs, established

An Act giving a lien for shoring and running Logs.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in
Legislature assembled, as follows:

Section 1. Whoever both shores and runs logs by himself, his servants or agents, has a lien thereon for the price of such shoring and running, which shall continue for sixty days after the logs arrive at the place of destination for manufacture, and such lien may be enforced by attachment.

Section 2. The provisions of sections forty-two, forty-three, forty-four and forty-five of chapter ninety-one of the revised statutes, shall apply to the lien given by this act.

Provisions of sections 42, 43, 44 and 45, R. S., made applicable.

Approved March 3, 1899.

CHAP. 39

Chapter 39.

An Act for the prevention of certain kinds of Nuisances.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in
Legislature assembled, as follows:
Whoever personally or through the agency of another leaves

Depositing or deposits the carcass of a dead horse, cow, sheep, hog, or of carcasses any other of the larger domestic animals in any place where it animals may cause a nuisance shall, upon receiving a notice to that effect may cause

nuisance, from the local board of health, promptly remove, bury, or other- forbidden. wise dispose of the remains, and if he fails to do so within such time as may be prescribed by the local board of health, and in such manner as may be satisfactory to such board of health, shall -penalty. be guilty of a misdemeanor, and shall be punished by a fine of not less than five nor more than twenty-five dollars, or by imprisonment not exceeding one month.

Approved March 3, 1899.

Chapter 40.
An Act to establish the salary of the Judge of Probate for the County of Hancock.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in
Legislature assembled, as follows:

On and after January one, eighteen hundred and ninety-nine, Salary of the salary of the judge of probate within and for the county of probate, Hancock shall be one thousand dollars per annum instead of the county,

established. sum now fixed by law.

Approved March 7, 1899.

Chapter 41.

An Act to amend Section forty-four of Chapter two of the Revised Statutes, relat.

ing to the distribution of printed copies of the Public Laws. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in Legislature assembled, as follows:

Section 1. Section forty-four of chapter two of the revised Section 44, statutes is hereby amended, by adding after the word "subscrib- chapter 2,

amended. ers," in the fourth line, and the word “distributed,” in the fifth line, the words, 'within the state, so that said section shall read as follows:


of state
shall cause
public laws
to be
printed in

Section 44. He shall cause the public laws passed at each session to be printed within thirty days after the close thereof, on extra sheets, on good paper, by the publishers of each newspaper; and each printer who so publishes and distributes the laws to his subscribers within the state, shall receive ten dollars, besides one dollar for every hundred copies so distributed within the state. He shall also procure the usual number of each volume of Maine reports and distribute them and the acts and resolves when published, to such corporations, officers, and other persons, as the legislature designate.'

Section 2. This act shall take effect when approved.

-Maine reports.

Approved March 7, 1899.

Chapter 42.
An Act to consolidate, simplify, revise, and amend the laws pertaining to Inland

Fisheries and Game, as contained in Chapters thirty and forty of the Revised
Statutes, and in amendments and additions thereto, and to repeal old and obso.
lete, private and special laws pertaining to Fishing in the Public Waters of the

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in

Legislature assembled, as follows: Chapter 30, Section 1. Chapter thirty of the revised statutes is hereby R. S., amended by amended by striking out all of said chapter after section four, striking out all after and inserting in place thereof the following: section 4.

‘Section 5. There shall be an annual close time for landClose time for land- locked salmon, trout,togue, and white perch, as follows: for locked salmon, locked salmon, trout, and togue, from the first day of Octotrout and togue from ber until the ice is out of the pond, lake or river fished in the Oct. 1 till ice is out. following spring of each year, except on the St. Croix river and

its tributaries, and on all the waters in Kennebec county, in -waters excepted, St. Croix

which the close time shall be from the fifteenth day of Septemriver.

ber until the ice is out of the ponds and lakes the following -Kennebec spring, and in Oxford and Franklin counties in which the close county from Sept.

time shall be from the first day of October till May first; but 15 till ice is out. for white perch, the close time shall be from the first day of -Oxford April to the first day of July. No person shall take, catch, kill,

or fish for in any manner, any land-locked salmon, trout, togue, from Oct. 1 to May 1. or white perch in any of the waters of this state in close time,

under a penalty of not less than ten dollars nor more than white perch thirty dollars, and a further fine of one dollar for each fish thus from April 1 to July 1. caught, taken, or killed; provided, however, that any person --penalty lawfully trolling for trout, land-locked salmon, or togue, in for vio

good faith, who shall accidentally hook or catch a white perch

and Franklin counties

--close time for



may lawfully keep the same; and provided, that during Feb- CHAP. 42 ruary, March and April, citizens of this state may fish for and Immunity

for catchtake land-locked salmon, trout and togue, with not more than ing accifive set lines for each family, when fishing through the ice in white perch the day time, and when under the immediate personal superin- ing, law

fully. tendence of the person fishing, and may convey them to their own homes for consumption therein, but not otherwise; but may fish no citizen of the state during this time shall be permitted to catch the ice in

February, more than twenty pounds, or one fish, of any of the above named March and

April, with fish in any one day. The provisions of this section pertaining five set to fishing through the ice shall not apply, however, to any of the home conlakes or ponds lying wholly or in part in the counties of Oxford, only Franklin, Kennebec and Somerset, excepting Moosehead lake, -no citi: Pickerel pond in Flagstaff, Gilman pond in Lexington, and take more Pierce pond in township number two, range four, in said pounds. Somerset county; nor to Allen pond, so called, in the town of Greene, to Lake Auburn in Auburn, or Brettun's pond in from proLivermore, all in Androscoggin county; nor to Sabbath Day this section pond, situated in New Gloucester, nor to Thomas pond, situated to fishing in the towns of Raymond and Casco, in the county of Cumber- the ice. land; nor to Noyes' pond, Green lake, Eagle lake, Bubble –ponds pond, sometimes called Turtle lake, on the island of Mt. in Oxford, Desert, Crocker pond in township thirty-two, Middle Division, Kennebec Jordan pond, Long pond, Pickerel pond, in township thirty- erset. two, Middle Division, all in the county of Hancock; nor to certain Crystal lake, in Washington, in the county of Knox; nor to Androscoglake Hebron, otherwise known as Hebron pond, nor to Twin and Doughty ponds, known as Ship pond and Bear pond, in land Elliottsville township, nor to Garland pond in Foxcroft and Sebec, Lower Wilson pond in Greenville, lake Onawa, Grind- county. stone pond in Willimantic, Horseshoe pond and Indian pond, -Knox all in Piscataquis county; nor to Messabesic pond, called Shaker pond, and its outlet as far down the stream as the mill quis dam of Littlefield Brothers, nor to Middle Branch pond, in the towns of Alfred and Waterboro, nor to Littlefield's pond in county. Sanford, all in the county of York; nor to Lambert lake in the Washcounty of Washington; nor to Dyer's pond in the town of Jefferson, in the county of Lincoln; nor to Dexter pond in the Lincoln town of Dexter, in Penobscot county; in all of which lakes and ponds, it shall be unlawful to fish through the ice for any kind county. of fish at any time except as hereinafter provided, under a penalty of not less than ten dollars nor more than thirty dollars for each offense, and a further penalty of one dollar for each fish thus taken, caught, or killed. Moreover it shall be unlawful under the same penalty to fish for, take, catch, or kill any fish at


and Som

gin county.










the ice un



CHAP. 42 any time, except as hereinafter provided, in the tributaries of -penalty any of the following named ponds, lakes and streams, namely; for fishing through the following named ponds, lakes, and streams of Androscoggin lawfully. county: Lake Auburn, or Wilson's pond, and all that part of -Close time

the waters of said Lake Auburn and Townsend brook, so called, during Sep

that lie north of the road leading from the Turner road, so tember, annually

called, to North Auburn village and crossing said Townsend for ponds and streams as follows.

brook, shall be considered as tributary waters of said Lake

Auburn; Townsend brook within one hundred feet from the -Androscoggin

culvert at the mouth, during September of each year; Taylor

pond in the city of Auburn; Brettun's pond in the town of Liv-Aroostook ermore; and Big Bear pond situated partly in Turner; the folcounty

lowing named ponds, lakes and streams of Aroostook county: -Cumber

the inlet streams of Squaw Pan lake from Thibadeau's landing county.

to the source of said stream, said stream being in township eleven, range four; and the tributaries to Madawaska lake in townships fifteen and sixteen, range four; the following named ponds, lakes and streams of Cumberland county: the tributaries to Sabbath Day pond, in the town of New Gloucester ; the tributaries to Sebago lake, except Crooked and Northwest rivers; the tributaries to Anonymous pond, in the town of Harrison; Royal river from Sabbath Day pond to Jordan's dam; the tributaries to Thomas pond in the towns of Raymond and Casco; Greely brook and tributaries in the towns of Oxford, Norway and Otisfield; and Hancock pond in Sebago and Den

mark, or any of its tributary brooks, for a period of two years; -Franklin county. the following ponds, lakes and streams of Franklin county: the

tributaries to Webb's pond in the town of Weld, except Alder brook down as far as the mill dam at Hildreth's mills; the tributariez to Tufts and Dutton ponds in township two, range four, west of Bingham's Kennebec Purchase; the outlet of the same from Dutton pond to Reid's falls and from Tufts pond to Alder stream; the tributaries to Rangeley lake and Ross pond; Rangeley stream from the lower wharf at the outlet of Rangeley lake down to the dead water at the upper end of the eddy and from the upper end of the eddy to the mouth of Kennebago stream, from July first to May first; Kennebago stream between the foot of the first falls near its mouth to the upper falls at the outlet of the lake, between July first and May first; Cupsuptic stream, tributary to Cupsuptic lake, above the first falls near its mouth, between the first day of July and May; South Bog stream up to the first quick water, from July first to May first; the stream connecting Long pond and Rangeley lake, from July first to May first; Bemis stream, tributary to Mooselucmaguntic lake; Whetstone brook, which flows into

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