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for failure to renew

-fees, how

CHAP. 96 continue in such business after the date set by said board for

said renewal unless he shall have complied with the requirements

of this section. Any registered apothecary or qualified assist-penalty

ant, who shall fail to obtain a renewal of registration as herein registra- provided within three years after the date set by said board for tion.

said renewal, shall forfeit the right thereto. The fees paid to

said board by virtue of this section may be used by said board disposed of.

for the detection and prosecution of violations of this act. No regis

Section jo. No registered apothecary shall suffer or permit tered apath- the use of his name or certificate of registration in the conduct permit another to do

of business of pharmacy when he himself is not actively engaged business in his name.

in such business in the store where his certificate is displayed. Unlawful to

Section 11. It shall not be lawful for any store to be kept keep for

open for the sale of medicines or poisons, or for compounding sale, or to compound

physicians' prescriptions, nor shall drugs or medicines be exphysicians' prons, unless posed or displayed for sale in any store, except as otherwise tered apoth- provided herein, unless the same is placed and kept under the ecary.

personal control and supervision of a registered apothecary or qualified assistant, but such store may be under the charge of a qualified assistant during the temporary absence of such registered apothecary.

Section 12. Penalty for

If any person hereafter engage in or be found falsely in charge or carrying on a business, or displays any drugs, medclaiming to be an apoth- icines, drug store fittings or furnishings, or any sign recognized ecary.

as peculiar to a drug store to give the appearance of an apothecary store, or claim to be or represent himself to be an apothecary, contrary to the provisions of this act, he shall upon indictment and conviction be subject to a penalty of fifty dollars per month for the first offense, and one hundred dollars per month for each and every subsequent offense, whether for continuance in said business or for engaging anew therein in violation of the provisions of this act. The county attorney in each county upon complaint made by any one of said commissioners shall prosecute all violations of the provisions of this act.

Section 13. The provisions of this act shall apply in the apply to

cases of women who shall hereafter enter upon and carry on the -shall not

business of apothecaries. This act shall not apply in the case apply to physicians

of physicians who prepare and dispense their own medicines, nor

to the sale of non-poisonous domestic remedies and patent or icines. proprietary preparations usually sold by grocers and others. Any person Section 14. Any person may enter upon the business of an

apothecary without the certificate required by the foregoing act; business, by employing

provided, he does not personally do the duties of an apothecary, registered apothe

but employs a duly registered apothecary who has sole charge

Act shall


who dispense their own med

may conduct the



of compounding, putting up and dispensing medicines and drugs CHAP. 96 under the provisions of this act. Section 15. If any person engaged in the business of an Penalty for

using drugs apothecary knowingly uses any drugs or ingredients in prepar- not named ing or compounding a written prescription of any physician cians pre

scription. different from those named in the prescription, he shall upon conviction thereof be fined not less than five dollars nor more than one hundred dollars.

Section 16. Whoever fraudulently adulterates, for the pur- Penalty for pose of sale, any drug or medicine, or sells any fraudulently drugs and adulterated drug or medicine, knowing the same to be adulter- same. ated, shall be punished by imprisonment in a jail not exceeding one year, or by fine not exceeding four hundred dollars; and such adulterated drugs and medicine shall be forfeited, and destroyed under the direction of the court.

Section 17. Whoever sells arsenic, arsenious acid, atropia or Sale of any of its salts, chloral hydrate, chloroform, cotton root and its drugs pro

hibited, with fluid extract, Fowler's solution, corrosive sublimate, cyanide of out pre

scription potassium, Donovan's solution, ergot and its fluid extract, lauda- from a

physician. num, McMunn's elixir, morphia or any of its salts, sugar of lead, oil of savin, oil of tansy, opium, Parson's vermin exterminator, phosphorus, prussic acid, rough on rats, strychnia or any of its salts, tartar emetic, tincture of aconite, tincture of belladonna, tincture of digitalis, tincture of nux vomica, tincture of veratrum viride, crystals of carbolic acid or a strong solution of carbolic acid, without the written prescription of a physician, shall keep keep record a record of such sale, the name and quantity of the article sold, sales. and the name and residence of the person or persons to whom it was delivered, which record shall be made before the article is delivered, and shall at all times be open to inspection by the police authorities and officers of cities and towns; but no sale of cocaine or its salts shall be made except to dentists or on the

-penalty prescription of a physician. Whoever neglects to keep or for not refuses to show to said officers such record shall be punished record. by fine not exceeding fifty dollars. Whoever sells any of the -label on poisonous articles named in this section without the written pre- articles, scription of a physician, shall affix to the bottle, box or wrapper scrintion, containing the article sold a label of red paper, upon which shall the word be printed in large letters the word poison,' and also the word and the 'antidote,' and the name and place of business of the vender. The name of an antidote, if there be any, for the poison sold, shall also be upon the label. Every neglect to affix such label to for neglect

-penalty such poisonous article sold before the delivery thereof to the label. purchaser shall be punished by a fine not exceeding fifty dollars. Whoever purchases poisons as aforesaid and gives a false or


of such

without pre

must show


to affix

nor to sale of Paris

CHAP. 97 fictitious name to the vender shall be punished by fine not -act does exceeding fifty dollars. But nothing in this section shall be not apply to wholesale construed to apply to wholesale dealers or to manufacturing dealers, chemists, or

chemists in their sales to retail trade, nor to the general merfirm selling in un- chant, nor to a firm or corporation in trade, who may sell in broken packages, unbroken packages prepared by the manufacturers, Paris green,

London purple or other poisonous preparations or compounds green, London purple,

used for the destruction of bugs, beetles, insects, slugs, grubs,

caterpillars or worms. Upon each and every package so sold -word poi

shall be printed in large letters the word 'poison.' Every neg

lect to affix such label with the word poison thereon to such package.

poisonous article before the delivery thereof to the purchaser -penalty.

shall be punished by fine not exceeding fifty dollars. Inconsis

Section 18. All acts and parts of acts, inconsistent herewith, tent acts, repealed. are hereby repealed.

Approved March 16, 1899.


son, shall appear on every

Chapter 97.

An Act relating to sums paid by officers and collectors for Internal Revenue

Stamps affixed to deeds of real estate sold by them.

Revenue stamps affixed to deeds by an officer, may be taxed as costs.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in Legislature assembled, as follows:

Section 1. All sums paid by any officer for internal revenue stamps to be affixed to any deed of real estate, or interest therein, sold by him on execution, may be taxed by such officer in his return on the execution, same as other fees and costs are taxed.

Section 2. All sums paid by any collector of taxes, or treasurer, for internal revenue stamps to be affixed to any deed of real estate, or interest therein, sold for non-payment of a tax, shall be deemed a part of the costs and charges for making such sale.

Approved March 16, 1899.

Stamps af-
fixed to
deed of
real estate
for non-
payment of
a tax,
deemed a
part of
the costs.

Chapter 98.

An Act authorizing Women to be admitted as attorneys to practice law in the

Courts of this state.

Sex, no bar to practice as an attorney at law.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in
Legislature assembled, as follows:
Section 1.

No person shall be denied admission or license to practice as an attorney at law on account of sex.

Section 2. This act shall take effect when approved.

Approved March 16, 1899.

survey and

the state.

method of execution and form.

CHAP. 99
Chapter 99.
An Act to authorize a Topographic Survey of the State in co-operation with the

United States Geological Survey.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in
Legislature assembled, as follows:

Section 1. That the governor be and is hereby authorized Appointto appoint a commission, to consist of three citizens of this state, commission

to make toqualified by education and experience for such service, to confer

pographic with the director or the representative of the United States Geo- map of logical Survey and to accept its cooperation with this state in the preparation and completion of a contour topographic survey and map of this state, which is hereby authorized to be made. Said commission shall serve without pay, but all its necessary shall serve expenses shall be approved by the governor and paid out of the pay. state treasury. Said commission shall have power to arrange -may arwith the director or representative of the United States Geologi- United cal Survey concerning this survey and map, its scale, method of logical Surexecution, form and all details of the work, in behalf of this vey, scale state, and may accept or reject the work executed by the United States Geological Survey. And it is hereby provided that said

-shall map shall accurately show the outlines of all townships, counties show outand extensive wooded areas, in this state, as existing on the towns, counground at the time of the execution of these surveys; the loca- wooded tion of all roads, railroads, streams, canals, lakes and rivers, and the location and height of all dams; and shall show by of railroads, contour lines the elevation and depression of the surface of the lakes and

rivers, etc. country.

Section 2. Said commission may expend for the prosecution Amount of this survey a sum equal to that to be expended upon the same expended. work by the United States Geological Survey, not to exceed at the rate of twenty-five hundred dollars annually, for the years eighteen hundred ninety-nine and nineteen hundred and the governor is hereby authorized to draw his orders on the state treasury for such portions thereof as may be required from time to time, from moneys not otherwise appropriated, upon receipt of vouchers signed by not less than two members of the commission. Section 3. For the purpose of making the surveys herein

Authorized before provided for, it shall be lawful for the persons employed to enter in making the same to enter upon all lands within the boundaries of this state, but this act shall not be construed as authorizing any unnecessary interference with private rights.

lines of




that may be

Approved March 16, 1899.

lands in the state.

CHAP, 100

All street
shall have
all the
powers con-
ferred by
the general
laws of
the state.

Chapter 100.
An Act in relation to Street Railroad Corporations.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in
Legislature assembled, as follows:

All street railroad corporations shall, in addition to their chartered rights, have all the rights and powers conferred from time to time by general laws upon street railroad corporations, subject to the conditions, restrictions and limitations thereby imposed.

Approved March 16, 1899.

Chapter 101.
An Act to amend Section eleven, Chapter seventy-eight, of the Revised Statutes,

relating to the Duties of County Commissioners.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in

Legislature assembled, as follows: Section 11, Section eleven, chapter seventy-eight, of the revised statutes, chapter 78, R. S., is hereby amended by inserting after the words "court houses,” amended.

in the second line of said section, the following words: 'with a suitable room in each for the county law library, so that said

section shall read as follows: Provide and

‘Section 11. They shall, in the shire town of their county, keep in repair court provide and keep in repair, court houses, with a suitable room in houses, jails and fire- each for the county law library; jails, with apartments for debtproof rooms for records ors separate from criminals; and fire-proof buildings of brick and papers of county

or stone for the safe keeping of records and papers belonging to officers.

the offices of register of deeds and of probate, and of the clerk of the courts, with separate fire-proof rooms, and suitable alcoves, cases or boxes for each office, and also any other necessary buildings.

Approved March 16, 1899.

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