Reimbursement of Estate of General Washington: Hearings Before the Special Subcommittee of the Committee on the Public Lands, House of Representatives, on H.R. 6168, a Bill to Reimburse the Estate of General George Washington for Certain Lands in the State of Ohio. Thursday, March 19, 1914

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1914 - 27 páginas

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Página 3 - And Whereas, We are desirous, upon all occasions, to testify our Royal Sense and Approbation of the Conduct and bravery of the Officers and Soldiers of our Armies, and to reward the same...
Página 22 - That our Senators in Congress be instructed, and our Representatives be requested, to use their best exertions to procure the passage of a law of Congress donating...
Página 12 - ... of such deceased person shall, notwithstanding, derive all the benefits of the bequest, in the same manner as if he or she was actually living at the time. And, by way of advice, I recommend it to my executors not to be precipitate in disposing of the landed property, (herein directed to be sold,) if from temporary causes the sale thereof should be dull ; experience having fully evinced, that the price of land, especially above the falls of the river and on the western waters, has been progressively...
Página 15 - The public lands shall be divided by north and south lines run according to the true meridian, and by others crossing them at right angles, so as to form townships of six miles square...
Página 3 - Lands, subject, at the Expiration of Ten Years, to the same Quit-Rents as other Lands are subject to in the Province within which they are granted, as also subject to the same Conditions of Cultivation and Improvement ; viz : To every person having the Rank of a Field Officer . . 5,000 Acres.
Página 5 - River, which have been reserved by law for the Virginia troops upon continental establishment, should, from the North Carolina line bearing in further upon the Cumberland lands than was expected, prove insufficient for their legal bounties, the deficiency should be made up to the said troops in good lands, to be laid off between the rivers Scioto and Little Miami, on the northwest side of the river Ohio, in such proportions as have been engaged to them by the laws of Virginia.
Página 22 - ... for each acre mentioned in the warrant thus surrendered and which remains unsatisfied, which scrip shall be receivable in payment for any lands owned by the United States subject to sale at private entry; and said scrip shall, moreover, be assignable by indorsement attested by two witnesses.
Página 13 - Provided, that no locations as aforesaid within the above-mentioned tract shall, after the passage of this act, be made on tracts of land for which patents had previously issued, or which had been previously surveyed ; and any patent which may nevertheless be obtained for land located contrary to the provisions of this section shall be considered as null and void.
Página 6 - Tennessee at a point in a line to be run northeast, which shall strike the Tennessee at the mouth of Duck River; thence running westerly along the said ridge till it shall strike the Ohio; thence down the southern banks thereof to the Mississippi ; thence down the same to th...
Página 4 - That in case the quantity of good Lands on the South-East side of the Ohio upon the Waters of Cumberland River and between the Green River and Tenessee river which have been reserved by Law for the Virginia Troops upon Continental establishment should from the North Carolina line bearing in further upon the Cumberland Lands than was expected prove insufficient for their legal Bounties...

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