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SHALL this be a short or a long chapter ?-This is a question in which you, gentle reader, have no vote, however much you may be interested in the consequences ; just as probably you may (like myself) have nothing to do with the imposing a new tax, excepting the trifling circumstance of being obliged to pay it. More happy surely in the present case, since, though it lies within my arbitrary power to extend my materials as I think proper, I cannot call you into Exchequer if you do not think proper to read my narrative. Let' me therefore consider. It is true, that the annals and documents in my hands say but little of this Highland chase; but then I can find copious materials for de. *scription elsewhere. There is old Lindsay of Pitscottie ready at my elbow, with his

Athole hunting, and his “ lofted and joista sed palace of green timber; with all kind

of drink to be had in burgh and land, as , ale, beer, wine, muscadel, malvasie, hip

pocras, and aquavitæ ; with wheat bread, main-bread, ginge-bread, beef, mutton, lamb, veal, venison, goose, grice, capon, co

ney, crane, swan, partridge, plover, duck, ; drake, brissell-cock; pawnies, black-cock,

muir.fowl, and capercaitzies ;' not forget

ting the “ costly bedding, vaiselle, and • "napry," and least of all the "excelling stewcards, cunning baxters, excellent cooks,

and pottingars, with confections and drugs

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