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History divided into, 1. Natural. 2. Civil 75

Natural history is of three sorts, 1. The history of genera-

tions. 2. Of preter-generations. 3. Of arts 76

Civil history divided into, 1. Memoirs. 2. Just history.

3. Antiquities 79

Just history divided into chronicles, lives, and narratives

or relations 80

History divided also into annals and journals 84

History ecclesiastical, divided into the history of the

Church; the history of prophecy; and the history of

providence 86

Appendices to history: speeches, letters, apophthegms .... 87

Poetry divided into, 1. Narrative. 2. Dramatical. 3. Pa-

rabolical 89

Philosophy divided into three branches, 1. Divine.

2. Natural. 3. Human 91

The trunk of all, a primitive or summary philosophy 92

Divine philosophy, or natural theology, relates to the
being and attributes of God; and the nature of angels

or spirits 9^

Natural philosophy, divided into speculative and practical. . 96

Speculative philosophy, or natural science, divided into

physics and metaphysics 97

Physics divided into, 1. The doctrine of the principles of

things. 2. The doctrine of the formation of things, or

the world. 3. The doctrine concerning the variety of

things 100

Metaphysics divided into, 1. The doctrine of forms. 2. The

doctrine of final causes 100

Mathematics divided into, 1. Pure. 2. Mixed 106

Pure mathematics divided into geometry and arithmetic .... 106

Mixed mathematics divided into perspective, music, astro-

nomy, cosmography, architecture, enginery, &c 106

Practical philosophy, or natural prudence, divided into

mechanics and magic 107

Human philosophy has two parts, human and civil 112

Human doctrine divided into, 1. The doctrine of the human

body. 2. The doctrine of the human soul 113

The doctrine of the union of soul and body divided into,

1. The doctrine of notices. 2. The doctrine of impres-

sion 114

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