The Diplomatic Correspondence of the United States of America: From the Signing of the Definitive Treaty of Peace, 10th September, 1783, to the Adoption of the Constitution, March 4, 1789. Being the Letters of the Presidents of Congress, the Secretary for Foreign Affairs--American Ministers at Foreign Courts, Foreign Ministers Near Congress--reports of Committees of Congress, and Reports of the Secretary for Foreign Affairs on Various Letters and Communications; Together with Letters from Individuals on Public Affairs, Volume 1


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Página 332 - SIR, I have received the letter, which you did me the honor to write to me on the...
Página 72 - ... fame to posterity. You. have persevered, till these United States, aided by a magnanimous King and nation, have been enabled, under a just Providence, to close the war in freedom, safety and independence ; on which happy event, we sincerely join you in congratulations.
Página 316 - France, against emigrations, which shall remain in all their force and vigour; and the United States, on their part, or any of them, shall be at liberty to enact such laws, relative to that matter, as to them shall seem proper.
Página 114 - ... reasonable compensation for the loss such arrest shall occasion to the proprietors; and it shall further be allowed to use in the service of the captors the whole or any part of the military stores so detained, paying the owners the full value of the same, to be ascertained by the current price at the place of its destination.
Página 114 - Nevertheless it shall be lawful to stop such vessels and articles, and to detain them for such length of time as the captors may think necessary to prevent the inconvenience or damage...
Página 320 - Jefferson, the Minister Plenipotentiary of the United States at the Court of Versailles.
Página 244 - To the Secretary of the United States for the Department of Foreign Affairs...
Página 43 - ... seduced by their example), and who are not worthy to be called soldiers, should disgrace themselves and their country as the Pennsylvania mutineers have done, by insulting the sovereign authority of the United States and that of their own, I feel an inexpressible satisfaction, that even this behaviour cannot stain the name of the American soldiery.
Página 72 - ... doubtful war. Called upon by your country to defend its invaded rights, you accepted the sacred charge, before it had formed alliances, and whilst it was without funds or a government to support you. You have conducted the great military contest with wisdom and fortitude, invariably...
Página 72 - I consider it an indispensable duty to close this last act of my official life by commending the interests of our dearest country to the protection of Almighty God, and those who have the superintendence of them to his holy keeping.