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Books for Young Teachers.


1. Common School Law for Common School Teachers. A digest of the provisions of statute and common law as to the relations of the Teacher to the Pupil, the Parent, and the District. With 500 references to legal decisions in 28 different States. 14th edition, wholly re-written, with references to the Code of 1888. By C. W. BARDEEN. 16mo, cloth, pp. 120. Price 75 cts.

The reason why the teacher should make this his first purchase is that without a knowledge of his duties and his rights under the law he may fail either in securing a school, in managing it, or in drawing the pay for his services. The statute provisions are remarkably simple and uniform. The decisions of the Courts, except upon two points, here fully discussed, follow certain defined precedents. An hour to each of the eleven chapters of this little book will make the teacher master of any legal difficulties that may arise, while ignorance of it puts him at the mercy of a rebellious pupil, an exacting parent, or a dishonest trustee.

2. Hand-Book for Young Teachers. By H. B. BUCKHAM, late principal of the State Normal School at Buffalo, Cloth, 16mo, pp. 152.' Price 75 cts.

It anticipates all the difficulties likely to be encountered, and gives the beginner the counsel of an older friend.

3. The School Room Guide, embodying the instruction given by the author at Teachers' Institutes in New York and other States, and especially in. tended to assist Public School Teachers in the Practical Work of the SchoolRoom. By E. V. DEGRAFF. Thirteenth edition, with many additions and corrections. 16mo, cloth, pp. 398. Price $1.50.

As distinguished from others of the modern standards, this is a book of Methods instead of theories. It tells the teacher just what to do and how to do it; and it has proved more practically helpful in the school-room than any other book eyer issued.

4. A Quiz-Book on the Theory and Practice of Teaching. By A. P. SOUTHWICK, author of the “Dime Question Books." 12mo, pp. 220. Price $1.00.

This is one of the six books recommended by the State Department for study in preparation for State Certificates. The others are Hoose's Methods ($1.00), Hughes's Mistakes (50 cts.), Fitch's Lectures ($1.00), Page's Theory and Practice ($1.25), and Swett's Methods ($1.25). We will send the six post-paid for $5.00.

5. Mistakes in Teaching. By JAMES L. HUGHES. American edition, with contents and index. Cloth, 16mo, pp. 135. Price 50 cts.

More than 15,000 have been used in the county institutes of Iowa, and elsewhere superintendents often choose this book for their less thoughtful teachers, assured that its pungent style and chatty treatment will arrest attention and produce good results.

6 How to Secure and Retain Attention. By JAMES L. HUGHES. 16mo, cloth, pp. 97. Price 50 cts.

This touches attractively and helpfully upon the first serious difficulty the teacher encounters. No young teacher should neglect these hints.

7. Primary Helps. A Kindergarten Manual for Public School Teachers. By W. N. HAILMANN. 8vo, boards, pp. 58, with 15 full-page plates. Price 75 cts.

In these days, no primary teacher can afford to be ignorant of “The New Education,” and this is perhaps the only yolume that makes kindergarten principles practically available in public schools.

8. Dime Question Book, No. 4, Theory and Practice of Teaching. 16mo, . paper, pp. 40. Price 10 cts. By A. P. SOUTHWICK.

A capital preparation for examination.
C. W. BARDEEN, Publisher, Syracuse, N, Y.

Official Question Books.




1. The New York State Examination Questions from the beginning to the present date. Cloth, 16mo, pp. 274, 50 cts.

These annual examinations, only by which can State Certificates be obtained in New York, have a reputation all over the country for excellence and comprehensiveness. The subjects are as follows:

Arithmetic, Grammar, Physics, Geography,
Book-keeping, Composition, Chemistry,

Civil Government,

Rhetoric, Geology, Astronomy,
Geometry, Literature, Botany, Methods,
Drawing, History, Zoölogy, School Economy,
Penmanship, Latin,

Physiology, School Law.
No answers are published, except in the following special volume.

2. Dime Question Book on Book-Keeping, containing all the questions in that subject given at the first 15 New York Examinations for State Certificates, with full Answers, Solutions, and Forms. Paper, 16mo, pp. 31, 10 cts.

3. The Uniform Examination Questions. By voluntary adoption of the 113 School-Commissioners of the State of New York, certificates are now given only on examinations held under these questions, which are issued sealed from the State Department. Au these Questions from the beginning to March 14th, 1889, are now published as follows, and we commend them as worth the attention of all who have to conduct or undergo examinations. I. Arithmetic,

317 Questions, 10 cts. II. Key, 10 cts. III. Geography, 709

V. Grammar,

VII. U. S. History, 429

VIII. IX. Civil Government, 855

X. XI. Physiology, 345

XII. 4. The Civil Service Question Book. Cloth, 16mo, pp. 282, $1.50,

42,000 places are now filled exclusively by appointments dependent on examinations. No favoritism is possible. You do not need the influence of Congressman or of politician. You have only to learn when the next examination is held, apply for the necessary papers, present yourself, and answer the questions asked. The appointments are made from those who stand highest, and are open to women as well as to men. All the particulars as to these examinations, the places and dates where held, and how to apply, are here given with 943 specimen questions in Arithmetic, 575 specimen questions in Geography, 400 specimen questions in English Syntax, 100 each in American History and Civil Government, with full treatises on Book-Keeping and on Letter-Writing. To prepare for competition for places at $1,000 and higher these subjects and these only are required. Any one who can answer the questions here given, to all of which full and complete answers are added, is ready to enter the next examination.

Hon John B. RILEY, Chief Examiner, State of New York, July 10, 1888, says: "I am pleased

with your Civil Service Question Book. It will not only be of service to those intending to try the Civil Service examinations, but teachers or others who are obliged to prepare questions for examinations in the common English branches will find it a great convenience."

The N. E. Journal of Education says, Aug. 23, 1888 : “ It is rarely that any book can be found with so many valuable and so few unimportant questions.

5. 3000 Grammar Questions, with Answers. By HENRY KIDDLE, A. M., formerly Superintendent of Schools, New York City, and now editor of Brown's Grammars. Cloth, 16mo, pp. 220. Price. $1.00. It is a great thing for teachers to be sure they are right, especially on some of the puzzling questions. As an authority Mr. Kiddle is second to no man living, and these answers prepared by him may be regarded as absolutely correct.

C. W. BARDEEN, Publisher, Syracuse, N. Y.

The Regents Questions.

1. The Regents' Questions in Arithmetic, Geography, Grammar and Spell. ing from the first examination in 1866 to June 1882. (No questions of later date will be printed.) Being tho 11,250 Questions for the preliminary examinations for admission to tho University of thc state of New York, prepared by the Regents of the University, and participated in simultaneously by more than 250 academies, forming a basis for the distribution of more than a million of dollars. Complete with Key. Cloth, 16mo, pp. 473. $2.00.

2. Complete. The same as above but without answers. Pp. 340. $1.00.

In the subjects named, no other Question Book can compare with this either in completeness, in excellence, or in popularity. Dy Legislative En. actment no lawyer can be admitted to the bar in the State of New York without passing a Regents' Examination in these subjects.

3. Separately. The same, each subject by itself, all Manilla, 16mo.

Arithmetic, 1293 Questions, pp. 93, 25 cts. Geography, 1987 Questions, pp. 70, 25 cts. Grammar, 2976 Questions, pp. 109, 25 cts. Spelling, 4800 Words, pp. 61, 25 cts. Keys to Arithmetic, Geography, and Grammar, each 25 cts.

4. The Dime Question Books, with full answers, notes, queries, etc. Paper, pp. about 40. By A. P. SOUTHWICK. Each 10 cts. Elemontary Series.

Advanced Series. 3. Physiology.

1. Physics. 4. Theory and Practice.

2. General Literature, 6. U. S. History and Civil Gov't. 5. General History. 10. Algebra.

Astronomy. 13. American Literature.

8. Mythology. 14. Grammar.

9. Rhetoric. 15. Orthography and Etymology. 11. Botany. 18. Arithmetic.

12. Zoology. 19. Physical and Political Geog. 16. Chemistry. 20. Reading and Punctuation. 17. Geology.

These 10 in one book. Cloth, $1.00. These 10 in one book. Cloth, $1.00.

Extra Volumes, 21. Temperance Physiology, 22. Book-Keeping, 23. Letter-Writing, each 10 cts.

The immense sale of the Regents' Questions in Arithmetic, Geography, Grammar, and Spelling has led to frequent inquiry for the questions in the Advanced Examinations. As it is not permitted to reprint these, we have had prepared this series, wy which the teacher need purchase books only on the subjects upon which specia. help is needed. Frequently a $1.50 book is bought for the sake of a few questions in a single study. Here, the studies may be taken up one at: time, a speciç, advantage in New York, since applicants for State Certificates may noro presen! themselves for examination in only part of the subjects, and receive partial Certificates to be exchanged for full Cer. tificates when all the branches have been passei!. The same plan is very generally pursued by county superintendents and commissioners who are encouraging their teachers to prepare themselves for higher certificates.

5. Quizzism. Quirks and Quibbles from Queer Quarters. Being a Mélange of questions in Literature, Science, History, Biography, Mythology, Philology, Geography, etc. By A. P. SOUTHWICK. Cloth, 16mo, pp. 55. 25 cts. The same with Key, $1.00.

A stimulus for home study, and invaluable for school or teachers' gatherings.

6. A Quiz-Book on the Theory and Practice of Teaching. By A. P. SOUTHWICK. Cloth, 12mo, pp. 220. Price $1.00.

This is one of the six books recommended by the State Department for study in preparation for State Certificates.

C. W. BARDEEN, Publisher, Syracuse, N. Y.

Whether this Agency is trustworthy may be judged from the fact that It has filled the following two hundred principalships in New York normal, high, and village schools, and academies, besides several times as many subordinate positions. The numbers in parenthesis show how many times we have filled the place.

Adams, Alexander, Altona, Amenia Sem., Amsterdam AC., Andes, Andover, Apulia, Auburn [2, $1,200 and $2,000), Ausable Forks, Baldwinsville [2], Bayville, Belfast, Brasher Falls, Brookfield, Cambridge, Canandaigua, (Union School, $1,700, Academy, $2,000), Canastota, Canoga, Castile, Cayuga, Champlain, Chatham, Chenango Forks, Chittenango (2), Cicero, Cincinnatus Ac. (2), Clayville, Coeymans, Collins Centre [3], Colton, Community Ac., Cooper's Plains (2), Crown Point, De Ruyter, Dolgeville (2), Dresden, Deposit, Dundee, Dunkirk, East Bloomfield, East Springfield Ac. [4], East Syracuse, Easton, Elmira [3], Elmont, Fairfield Sem., Fair Haven, Fayetteville, Friendship Ac., Geddes, Ghent, Gilbertsville Ac., Granville, Great Neck, Greenville Ac., Hammondsport, Henrietta [2], Heuvelton, Homer, Hudson, Ilion, Islip, Ives Sem. [2], Jamesville, Jasper, Keeseville, Kyserike, Lafay. ette, Lawrenceville Ac. (2), Little Falls, Little Neck, Locke, Lockport, Lodi, Lysander [?], MrGrawville, Manlius, Manlius Station, Mannsville, Margaretville, Maryland, Mayville [?], Middletown, Mohawk, Mooers [3], Moravia, Morrisville, Naples, Newark (2), New Berlin, New Paltz, Nichols, Northport [2], Ogdensburgh, Onondaga Valley, Ovid, Owego, Painted Post [2], Palmer Falls, Palmyra, Phoenix, Pompey Ac. (2), Port Jervis [2], Port Henry, Potsdam Normal ($2,800), Poughkeepsie [2], Pulaski [2, Union and Academy), Rensselaerville Ac. [2], Richfield Springs [2], Rome [2], St. Johnsville (2), Salamanca, Salem, Sandy Creek [2], Saratoga Springs [5, 3 at $1,000 and 2 at $1,300], Sauquoit Ac., Savannah, Sidney, Silver Creek, Smithville, So. Edmeston, So. New Berlin, Spencertown, Stamford, Syracuse (3), Ticonderoga [2], Tonawanda, Trumansburgh, Tully, Unadilla, Union [2], Waddington, Walden, Walworth AC., Warrensburgh, Warsaw, Washingtonville, Waterford [2), Watertown [High), Wellsburgh [2], West Troy, Westbury Station [2], Westfield, Westport, Whitehall, Whitestown, Whitney's Point [2], Williamstown, Yates Ac. To anyone acquainted with them the rank of these schools is even more significant than the number of them.

Among positions in other States may be mentioned :

FOR MEN : Vt.; Supt. Norwich University ; Principals at Fairfax and Poultney; Ct., Principal at Rowaytown; N. J., Supt. [$3500], and Principal ($2500] High School, Jersey City, Principals at Weehawken, New Provi. dence and Paterson, Assistant at East Orange; Pa., Principals at Oil City [2], Halstead, Hawley, Youngsville, Tobyhanna Mills [2], Sciences at Mansfield Normal; N. C., Assistant, Niles City, Fla., Principal, Appalachicola; Ala., Methods, Florence State Normal ($1500); La., 2 Assistants at New Orleans; Ark., Assistant at Searcy; II., Principal Tuscola, Modern Languages at Lake Forest; Ind., President and Music at Coats College, Classics at Princeton; Mich., Principal, Michigamme; Ks., Principal, Leavenworth ($2000); Sup't, Abilene; Neb., Math. Peru Normal, High School, Lincoln; Dak., Supt., Yankton [$1500); Colo., Principal,Ouray;Wash., Mathematics at Spokane Falls, etc. FOR WOMEN: R. I., Providence Normal ($600]; Ct., South Norwalk ($650 and $700), Rowayton, Stamford, Hartford, Thomsonville ; N. J., East Orange [2 at $600), Paterson; Pa., Youngsville, Hawley, Oil 'City, ($630), Tidioute; N. C., Charlotte, Henderson; s. C., Laurens, Pickens; Ala., Florence Normal ($900), College ($600), Marion Normal, Eufaula, Birmingham [$800] ; Texas, Rockdale; Ky., Hardinsburg, Shelbyville ; 0., Youngstown ($700) ; Mich., Ishpenning [$700], Iron Mountain (4), Pequamming; Ia., Des Moines ($1500], Marshalltown ($600 and $1000] ; Mo., Bolivar; Colo., Fort Collins ($700), Ouray [2 at $750), Colorado Springs [$810); Minn., Moorhead Normal ($1200), St. Peter ($600 and $750); Dak., Great Forks ($850); Cal., Napa [$900), San Jose; Wash., Tacoma [$700), etc.

Ifiyou want a better position, why not apply to this Agency?

C. W. BARDEEN, Manager, Syracuse, N. Y.

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