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Lawrence (E. C.) Recreations in Ancient Fields. Cloth, 12mo, pp. 177... 1 00 Lowrie (R. W.) How to obtain Greatest Benefit from a Book. Paper, 8vo, pp.12 25 McKay (John S.) 100 Home-Made Experiments in Natural Science. Paper, 16mo, pp. 50.

15 Marble (A. P.) Powers of School Officers. Paper. 16mo, pp. 27.

15 Marenholz-Buelow (Baroness) School Work-shop8. Paper, 16mo, pp. 27 15

-Child and Child Nature. Contributions to the understanding of Fræbel's
Educational Theories. Cloth, 12mo, pp. 207...

1 50 Maudsley (H.) Sex in Mind and Education. Paper, 16mo, pp. 42

15 Meiklejohn (J, M. D.) The New Education. 16ino, pp. 35

15 Maps* for the Wall. Send for Special Circulars. Dissected Maps. United States sawn into States..

75 -The same, New York State sawn into Counties..

75 Michael (0. S.) Algebra for Beginners. Cloth, 16mo, pp. 120.

75 Miller (Warner.) Education as a Dep't of Government. Paper, 8vo, pp. 12. 15 Mills (C. D. B.) The Tree of Mythology. Cloth, 8vo, Pp. 281.

3 00 Milton (John), A Small Tractate of Education. Paper, 16mo, pp. 26. 15 Mottoes for the School Room. Per set of 24, 12 cards, 7x 14.

1 00 Natural History of the State of New York. 26 volumes 4to. -Reports on the Cabinet of Natural History 35 volumes, 8vo, and 4to.

Write for information as to the above,
New York State Examination Questions. Cloth, 16mo, pp. 256...

50 The Questions in Book-Keeping, with Answers. Paper, 16mo, pp. 31..

10 Northam (Henry C.) Civil Government. Cloth, 10mó, pp. 185.

75 -Fixing the Facts of American History. Cloth, 16mo, pp. 300.

75 -Conversational Lessons Leading to Geography. 16mo, pp. 39.

25 Northend (Chas.) Memory Selections. Three series. Each..

25 Northrop (B. G.) High Schools. Paper,8vo, pp. 28..

25 Northrup (A. J.) Camps and Tramps in the Adirondacks. 16mo, pp. 302. 1 25 Number Lessons. On card-board, 7x11, after the Grube Method..

10 Papers on School Issues of the Day. 8 numbers, each

15 Payne (Joseph.) Lectures on the Art of Education. Cloth, 16mo, pp. 281.. 1 00 Pardon (Emma L.) Ora Instruction in Geography. Paper, 16mo, pp. 29... 15 Payne (W. H.) A Short History of Education. Cloth, 16mo, pp. 105. 50 Pedagogical Biography. Paper, 16mo, each....

15 The Jesuits, Ascham, Montaigne, Ratich, Milton. II. John Amos Comenius. III. John Locke. IV. Jean Jacques Rousseau. V. John Bernard Basedow. VI. Joseph Jacotot.

VII. John Henry Pestalozzi. Pedagogical Primers. Manilla, 16mo, pp. 40, each

25 1. School Management.

2. Letter-Writing. Porez (B.). The First Three Years of Childhood. Cloth, 12mo, pp. 294. 1 50 Periodicals. The School Buletin.' Monthly, 16 pp., 10x14. Per year 1 00 Bound Vols. I-XV. Cloth, 200 pp., each.

2 00 -The School Room. Bound volumes I-V. Each.

1 50 Phillips (Philip.) Song Life. Oblong, boards, pp. 176..

50 Pooler (Chas. T.) Chart of Civil Government. Cloth.

25 -The Same, in sheets 12x18, per hundred..

5 00 -Hints on Teaching Orthoepy. Paper, 16mo, pp. 15.

10 Postage-Stamp Photographs. Taken from photograph of any size. Per 100. 1 50 Quick (R. H.) Essays on Educational Reformers. Cloth, 12mo, pp., 331 1 50 *Regents' Exdmination Paper. Six styles. Per ream, $1.75 to..

2 50 Regents' Examination Record. Cards, per hundred..

50 The same on sheets 5 to page, 72 pages for 720 scholars, bound,

2 50 The same on sheet 5 to page, 144 pages for 1440 scholars, bound.

3 00 Reddall (Henry F.) A Pocket Hand-Book of Biography. Cloth, 16mo, pp. 264 50 Regents' Examination Syllabus, in U. 8. History. Paper, per dozen,.. 50 Regents' Questions. TO June, 1882. (No later are printed). Eleven Editions.

1. Complete with Key. The Regents’ Questions from the first examination in 1866. Cloth, 18mo, pp. 476.

2 00 2. Complete. The same as the abovo but without the answers. Pp. 333. 1 00 3. Arithmetic. The 1,293 questions in Arithmetic. Pp. 93.

25 4. Key to Arithmetic, Answers to the above. Manilla, 18mo, pp. 20. 25 8. Thousand Regents' Questions in Arithmetic. Card-board

1 00 6. Geography, The 1,987 questions in Geography. Pp. 70

25 7. Key to Geography. Answers to the above. Manilla, 16mo, pp. 36. 25 8. Grammar. The 2.976 questions in Grammar. Manilla, 16mo, pp. 109 25 9. Grammar and Key. Cloth, 16mo, pp. 198..

1 00 11. Key to Grammar. Manilla, 16mo, pp. 88..

25 Spening. The 4,800 words given in Spelling. Manilla, 18mo, pp. 61. 28



Richardson (B. W.) Learning and Health. Paper, 16mo, pp. 39.
Roo (Martha.) A Work in Number. Clothi, 16mo, pp. 160.
Roget (P.M.) Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases. Cl., 12mo, pp. 800 2 00
Ryan (G. W.) School Record. 56 blanks on each of 14 sheets..

50 Sanford (H. R.) The Word Method in Number. Per box of 45 cards.. 50 School Room Classics. 11 vols. Paper, 16mo, pp. about 40, each..

15 I. Huntington's Unconscious Tuition. VII. Milton's Tractate of Education. II. Fitch's Art of Questioning:

VIII. Von Buelow's School Workshop. III. Kennedy's Philosophy of School IX. Maudsley's Sex in Mind and in Discipline.

Education. IV. Fitch's Art of Securing Attention. X. Education as Viewed by Thinkers. V. Richardson's Learning and Healt?. XI. Harris's How to Teach Natural VI. Meikeljohn's Ncw Education.

Science in the Public Schools. Schreber (D. G. R.) Home Exercise for Health and Cure. Cloth, 16mo, pp. 91

50 Shaw's Scholar's Register, Paper, 5x7, pp. 16. Per dozen...

50 Sheely (Aaron) Anecdotes and Humors of School Life. Cloth, 12mo, pp. 350 1 50 Sherrill (J. E.) The Normal Question Book. Cloth. 12mo, pp. 405.

1 50 Shirreff (Emily). The Kindergarten System. Cloth, 12mo, pp. 200.

1 00 *Slate Pencil Blackboard Slating. Gallons, covering 600 ft, one coat.. 10 00 Slated Paper, per square yard (if by mail, 60 cts).

50 Smith (C, F., Honorary Degrees as conferred in American Colleges. Paper,

8vo, pp. 9 Song Budget, The. 136th Thousand. Paper, 4to, pp. 76.

15 Song Century, The. One Hundred Standard Songs for School and Home. Paper, 4to, pp. 64. (Companion to the Song Budget)....

15 Sornberger (S. J.) Normal Language Lessons, Boards, 16mo, pp. 75. 50 Southwick (A. P.) Twenty Dime Question Books, with full answers, notes, queries, etc. Paper, 16mo, pp. about 40. Each..

10 Elementary Series.

Advanced Series. 3. Physiology:

1. Physics. 4. Theory and Practice.

2. General Literature. 8. U.S. History and Civil Gov't.

5. General History. 10. Algebra.

7. Astronomy. 13. American Literature.

8. Mythology. 14. Grammar

9. Rhetoric. 15. Orthography and Etymology

11. Botany. 18. Arithmetic.

12. Zoology: 19. Physical and Political Geog.

16. Chemistry. 20. Reading an l Punctuation.

17. Geology. The io in one book, cloth, $1.00.

The 10 in one book, cloth, $1.00. Extra Numbers 21. Temperance Physiology; 22. Book-Keeping; 23. Letter-Writing. Each.

10 -Quizzism. Quirks and Quibbles from Queer Quarters. 16mo, pp. 25.. 25 -:- Quiz Book of Theory and Practice. Cloth, 12mo, pp. 220.

1 00 Stowell (T. B.) Syllabus of Lectures on Physiology. Boards, 8vo, pp. 133.. 1 00 Straight (H. H.) Aspects of Industrial Education. Paper, 8vo, pp. 12. 15 Swett (John) Manual of Elocution. Cloth, 12mo, pp. 300, net...

1 50 Tate (Thos.) The Philosophy of Education. Cloth, 16mo, pp. 330.. 1 50 Taylor (H. F.) Union School Record Cards 5x8 inches. Per hundred. ..2 00 Thomas (Flavel S.) University Degrees. Paper, 16mo, pp. 40

16 Thompson (D'Arcy W.) Day Dreams of a Schoolmaster. 16mo, pp. 328.. 1 25 Thousand Questions in U. 8. History, cloth, 16mo, pp.200..

1 00 Tillinghast (Wm.) The Diadem of School Songs. Boards, 4to, pp. 160. 50 Underwood (L. M.) Systematic Plant Record. Manilla, 7x844 pp. 52. 80 Uniform Examination Questions, New York. All Questions from the beginning to March 1889, are published as follows:

I. Arithmetic, 317 Questions, 10 cents. II. Key, 10 cents.
III. Geography,

V. Grammar,

VII. U.S. History,

IX. Civil Government 354

XI. Physioloo

2 U.S. History. Paper, 16mo, pp. 40 and map 15
Tiate Arithmetic Problems. Cloth, 16mo, pp. 172 75
6mo, pp. 30...

50 tical Methods in Penmanship. Nos. 1-4, Each... 10 in Writing. Paper, 8vo, pp. 32.

25 in American History. Cloth, 16mo, pp. 50. 50 mmar Made Practical. Cloth, 16mo, pp. 112. 78 rred sent post-paid on receipt of the price.




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