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lumbia (see page 73); defines the judicial circuits and districts in the United States (see page xî).

The Legislature organizes counties; defines judicial, congressional, senatorial, and assembly districts in the State; incorporates cities and villages; authorizes the board of supervisors to form new towns, and the school commissioners to organize new school districts and toannul those already formed.

Name some divisions in which the Three Poroers of government seem to exist as in the State and Nation,

The three powers seem to exist in School Districts, Towns, Counties, Cities, and Territories, as will be seen from the following

CHART. NOTE.--Read from left to right in each division. The vertical column leading downward at the left names the Legislative powers in the different divisions. The second column names the Executive, the name placed first being the Chief Executive. The third column names the Judiciary. Figures indicate the number of officials in the office named.


SCHOOL DISTRICT. What are the powers of a School District ?

The Legislative, Executive, and Judicial powers exist in a school district.

NOTE.--Observe that the Legislative is placed in the first vertical column, the Executive in the second vertical column, the Judicial in the third vertical column through all the different divisions.

Horo does it appear that the legal voters in a school district Legislate?

They adopt resolutions appropriating money for the purchase of school house sites: for building a school house: for repairs: for apparatus and other school purposes: hence the voters of a school district are legislators.


Presenting a tabular view of eight divisions of Government in the United States, and of that of England. The figures

at the right indicate the number of officials.

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STATE der a Consti

tution). UN'D STATES (Organized un- (Organized under a Consti.

under Statute


Supreme Court (9).
Circuit Courts (9).
District Courts (69).
Court of Claims (5).
Attorney General.
Court of Impeachment,

(Senate 76).

[blocks in formation]

ENGLAND (Unwritten con


(House of Lords.

Spiritual (30).
Parliament. Temporal (?).

House of Com

mons (638).

KING (or Queen), who rules

through the Cabinet or Min

istry ; namely:
Prime Minister or Premier,
Lord Chancellor,
Lord Privy Seal,
President of the Council,
Home Secretary,
Chancellor of the Exchequer,

and others.

Court of Chancery.
Queen's Bench.
Common Pleas.
High Court of Justiciary.
Circuit Courts in the Rural



Copyright, 1886, by H. C. NORTHAM.

Who is the Chief Executive in a school district ?

The Trustee or Trustees, or Board of Education. See Chart.

NOTE.-The first officer in the Executive column is the CHIEF EXECUTIVE: the others are executive in their own departments.

Who are the Judicial Officers in a school district ?

The School Commissioner, and the Superintendent of Public Instruction. Appeals from school district meetings, and the action of school district officers may be brought before them. See page 44.

When are the Annual school meetings held in this State ? See

page 30.

NOTE.-For the complete study of the school district see pages 27-33.


What are the powers of a Toron?
See Chart.

Who are the Legislators in a town, and Why?

The Legal Voters assembled in a legal town meeting: for they have power by a majority vote to appropriate moneys for the support of the poor; for building bridges in the town; for improvement of the roads, and for various other purposes.

Who is the Chief Executive of a town?
See Chart.
Who are the Judicial Officers of a town?
See Chart and

page 34.
When are the annual Town Meetings held in this State?
See page 39.
NOTE.–For the further study of the Town see pages 34–39.

What are the powers of a County ?
See Chart.
Who are the Legislators in a county, and Why?

The Board of Supervisors: they can appropriate money for various purposes: the Legislature has conferred

upon this board the power to enact certain laws, -among them to form new towns.

How many members in the Board of Supervisors in your county? See pages

34 and 39. Horo many Supervisors in any county except Nero York and Kings ?

See pages 34 and 39.
Horo many Supervisors in New York county?
There are 41. See pages 34 and 39.
Horo many Supervisors has Kings county ?

34 and 39.
Who is the Chief Executive of a county ?
See Chart and


Who are the Judicial Officers of a county ?
See Chart and pages 42, 43, 44, and 45.
NOTE.-For the further study of the County see pages 40-48.

What are the powers of a City ?
See Chart and pages 49, and 50.


What are the powers of a State ?
See Chart.

NOTE.-For the Legislature, see pages 51-60; for the Executive, see lages 61-68; for the Judiciary, see pages 75 ff.

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