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Washington, D. C., September 8, 1877. SIR: I have the honor to submit the following reports upon education in various foreign countries; some of them were prepared by their authors at my request, while I have had others translated from authentic sources.

The account of the public schools of Finland is by Prof. Felix Heikel, of the University of Finland, at Helsingfors. The visit of Professor Heikel to this country, and his interest in studying American methods of instruction and the public school systems of the different States, will be pleasantly remembered by the many educators who were so fortunate as to make his acquaintance. This Office has been in constant receipt of communications from him since his return to Finland, and I take pleasure in this opportunity of publicly expressing my appreciation of his services in the cause of universal education and of his special courtesies to this Bureau. The papers herewith submitted include

First. A detailed account of the public school system of Finland, by Professor Heikel.

Second. An account of the history, progress, and present condition of education in the Netherlands, together with an abstract of the annual report on the condition of primary, middle class, and higher schools in the Netherlands, for 1875–76, issued by Dr. Heemskerk, minister of the interior, published at The Hague, 1877. This report has just been received and a summary of its contents prepared by Prof. O. H. Pluggé, of the Bureau of Education.

Third. An abstract, showing the present condition of education in the kingdom of Denmark, compiled and translated from official reports and various Danish educational publications received at this Office.

Fourth. An account of the public schools and other educational institutions of the kingdom of Würtemberg, recently prepared by Rev. J. Leonard Corning, at the request of the United States consul, J.S. Potter, esq.

Fifth. A translation of official statements of the condition of public education in the kingdom of Portugal, transmitted through the State Department, for which I am especially indebted to Hon. Benjamin Moran, United States minister to Portugal.

Sixth. A brief statement of the condition of the University of Leipzig in 1876, prepared by Hon. John H. Steuart, United States cónsul, for which I am indebted to the courtesy of the honorable Secretary of State.

As containing matter of interest to educators, I request your approval of the publication of these documents as a Circular of Information, Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Commissioner. The Hon. the SECRETARY OF THE INTERIOR.

Approved, and publication ordered.




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