The Penguin Book of Exotic Words

Penguin Books, 1996 - 159 páginas
The unusually rich vocabulary of the English language is the result of new words from all over the world being freely assimilated. House, man, bread, and speak, among our most basic words, arrived with the Saxons, while the Vikings added law, egg, sister, and sky. From the 11th century onwards, new vocabulary was introduced from France and from classical Latin, Greek, and Hebrew. Traders, explorers, and settlers enriched the English language further with words like alcohol, sofa, and candy from Arabic, canoe from Arawakan, and curry, shampoo, bungalow, and dungaree from the Indian subcontinent. All these and many other words are collected here. As well as exploring their often exotic source, there are also famous, unusual, or funny examples of their use, with entries arranged thematically. For anyone interested in the extraordinary richness of the English language, this highly original reference work is a must.

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